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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 19, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Banner Friday july 19, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont a of sorry we thought it was a Coldwater rally editorials Quaddy Power for new England if the claims made for the Passamaquoddy tidal Power project Are soundly based it could be one of the Best things that has happened to new England since the pilgrims hit Plymouth. According to president Kennedy and his advisers the $1 billion plan for harnessing the outgoing tides in Passamaquoddy Bay would produce a billion kilowatts of electricity for one hour every Day a or enough Power to Supply the daily needs of a City the size of the District of Columbia. This a massive Block Quot of electricity would be expected to lower Power rates in new England which has some of the highest charges in the country. This in turn might Well help to attract Industry and provide jobs for a Region now deep in the economic doldrums. It would do this moreover without serious damage to the wild scenery of the Northern Maine coast. The Complex of dams and generating plants would result in no flooding of present Forest land since they would simply collect the sea water in an existing tidal Basin. Indeed the Quaddy project is welcomed by conservationists because it eliminates the need for flooding the historic Allagash River tract in the Northwestern end of the state. The Hope now is that the Allagash can be made part of the National Park system under the name of the Allagash National rive Way. What objections have been voiced so far to the project Are based on its admittedly enormous initial Cost of Midsummer madness has us in its spell the Midsummer madness that a been going around has got us in its spell. We re driven compulsively to admit that we be been influenced by rep. Fred Westphal of Elmore chairman of the Lamoille county conservative committee. Yes its True we re for Macbride for governor in �?T64. With Roger As governor we could get far More accomplished than just abolishing that silly state horse farm those needless scholarships the recreation department and socialistic Vermont life Magazine. Those would just be the appetizers. We could get rid of the Vermont income tax altogether As Well As passing the Liberty amendment to kill the Federal income tax. A state lottery that soaks the poor could Supply any Revenue that might be necessary. Under gov. Roger there would be no dissection Over details of a new formula for state Aid to education for there would be no More state Aid. And with Herb Ogden As commissioner of education Vermont would go Back a go Back Quot what Sweet words to a system of thousands of one room schoolhouses saving taxpayers Money by the barrel. What about the dropouts you ask done to worry. be put to work on the mimeograph machines cranking out copies of a Home Rule Quot and a american and because they went to one room schools get into the very Best colleges anyway. No problem. Under the new commissioner the existing a consolidated schools and we shudder with Midsummer madness at the phrase could be converted to detention centers for ail known or suspected liberals fickle molders of opinion read the russians Are not always wrong. It is difficult not to sympathize with them when they criticize some of the modern music we Export to them on those cultural Exchange Tours. A Decatur iii., Herald. Mathew Brady covered the entire civil War with fewer photographs than the average Church wedding requires today. A Harrodsburg by Herald. Fischetti sssss4s3. Usa Vii i k Kew of $1,025,000,000 and doubts whether it can Supply electric Power More cheaply than investor owned utilities under the same conditions. On that score one can Only heed the judgment of the Interior department expert study panel which found it economically feasible a at least until evidence to the contrary is presented by the projects critics. It is possible that atomic Power plants such As the one at Rowe Massachusetts will be Able to compete in Price with tidal plants within the next decade or so but with atomic Power now costing More than twice the estimate for Power at Quaddy it does not seem probable. Furthermore anyone computing comparative initial costs and Power rates should Crank in the subsidiary economic recreational and conservation benefits of a giant project like Quaddy. The benefits of the somewhat parallel Tennessee Valley authority for instance cannot All be listed on a bookkeeper s balance Sheet. They May be intangibles like better schooling and new Hope for the future but they Are real blessings nonetheless. The weakest argument for Quaddy has been saved to the last the thesis that with All the Federal Money spent on big dams in the South and West new England should seize the Chance to grab its share. That is an unworthy justification of course. But cautious Yankees who mistrust Federal Power projects might consider the fact that other regions that have some already always seem to want More. Ers of books writers of fantasy debates and other troublemakers. Thus no need for a new medium Security institution. More tax Money saved. The old arguments Over alleged abuses of unemployment compensation would grind to a halt. There would be no unemployment compensation. If they can to find a Job they re probably in american anyway. Let Mem eat cake. Reapportionment absolutely. But what we need is More not fewer representatives from the Small towns All in the interest of guaranteeing solid Home Rule of course. We could have a House of representatives bigger than new Hampshire a say 600 members with at least two representatives from each Small town. Those Urban areas Are Only hotbeds of new ideas they done to deserve too much representation. With All that tax Money that would be saved Roger might put de Romney in charge of a program of compulsory fallout shelters and required readings of the works of j. Edgar Hoover. The state could even distribute rations of ant radiation Salve to smear on ourselves when the bomb is dropped so wed be fully protected against fallout. A Midsummer madness. It casts a powerful spell. Yes lets go All the Way a a ticket of Roger for governor and Barry for president. What a team Ger a part in Ivy f herbicide in the Albany Knicke Brooker news today and tomorrow sino soviet rancor at least shows that or. K. Understands the nuclear dangers by Walter Lippmann Washington. The letter of the soviet Central committee of the communist party about the dispute with China is Long about three pages of newspaper print. Anyone who drives himself to read it All will do Well to remind himself that the sino soviet conflict in Central and Eastern Asia existed Long before either country became communist. The conflict exiled when the romanovs and the manchus were in Power. For Russia and China have Long had conflicting vital interests. The russian Empire pushed eastward to the Pacific the chinese Empire pushed northward into Manchuria and toward Siberia. This conflict is still unresolved. Unless we Bear this in mind we must wonder Why the soviet letter says that the communist states began to quarrel a in april 1960�?o when a the chinese comrades openly disclosed their differences with the world i.e., soviet communist movement Quot Why 1960? by then the soviet Union had Given China massive Aid in the task of industrialization. What caused the soviets to pull away thereby infuriating the red chinese at Bottom it seems it was because or. Khrushchev recognized that the old and Basic conflict was manifesting itself in China As a willingness perhaps even As a will to precipitate a War Between the soviet Union and the United states. The letter quotes a horrifyingly reckless statement approved by the Central committee of the chinese communist party which welcomes a thermonuclear War a on the ruins of destroyed imperialism the victorious Peoples will create with tremendous Speed a civilization a thousand times higher than under the capitalist the soviet letter which at this Point is surely straight Khrushchev remarks a it is permissible to ask the chinese comrades if they realize what sort of ruins a world nuclear rocket War would leave Here is the crucial Issue Between peking and Moscow. The Issue is whether a War would be acceptable or intolerable. Indeed desirable or disastrous. The red chinese who profess to regard nuclear War As so tolerable that ii need not be avoided so desirable that it might profitably be provoked have not yet been Able to understand the actual nature and the revolutionary consequences of nuclear weapons. The most important thing in the soviet letter is the elaborate demonstration of How Well Khrushchev realizes that the existence of nuclear weapons has changed radically the problem of War and peace and the problem of revolution and Reform. An understanding of the intolerable nature of nuclear War a which could be catastrophic alike for capitalism and communism a is what impels Kennedy and Khrushchev to seek an understanding. The two governments which make and own nuclear weapons know better than anyone else the internal character of nuclear weapons. It is ignorance of the True nature of nuclear War which creates the opposition in both alliances. About Cuba for example Khrushchev a argument with the chinese is substantially the same As Kennedy a with sen. Barry Coldwater. Both Kennedy and Khrushchev Are accused of cowardly caution. They were wrong say their respective critics to be cautious when says Coldwater the soviets would never have fought a nuclear War when say the chinese the americans Are a paper Tiger. The soviet letter goes on to spell out in general terms what has happened to the communist doctrine of revolutionary wars. This has been a prime cause of friction Between president Kennedy and chairman Khrushchev and the focus of the friction is Southeast Asia. The soviets do not of course Promise to abandon support of revolutionary movements. That is no More to be letter to the editor quote tvs could amp the amp Stoos a / Mav not by Abic to gov my by Movius again it will be a hollow Victory if we get the a Whites Only signs Down Only to find a no vacancies signs behind them. The problem of minority group unemployment will not be met until the whole unemployment problem is solved. A w. Willard Wirtz . Secretary of labor in congressional testimony. A afro exploitation to the editor of the Banner a it has been a pleasure to receive so Many replies to my recent letter in your column july la. Some sought general information about the racial situation in the South some had specific questions and a few took my bitterly to task. Many asked about the schools. Here Are some facts and statistics on the schools in my Home county of Dallas. Our population including the City of Selma is 50,000. One half is coloured. There Are 2,697 White children and 4,218 coloured in the City system and in the county Rural there Are 2,136 White and 6,684 coloured. The coloured people have Large families. The county system Rural has 7 White schools and 19 coloured. Buses Are provided for All children. In the last six years the county has spent $260,890.34 on White school buildings and $500,-388.83 on the coloured. The average teachers salary in Alabama is $3,895 for White teachers. Yes the teachers salaries Are among the lowest in the nation. This is Why. The Whites pay 87 per cent of the taxes while the negro pays Only 13 per cent. The negroes do not carry their proportionate share of the tax Burden. You ask have we always spent this much on negro schools. No we have not. In 1865 we were Laid waste by War and not Only was there no Marshall plan but the . Congress passed discriminatory freight rates which prevented Industrial growth. Consequently there was Little Money for any schools. It took 80 years to repeal these Laws. When i was Tom Brown to Holden Caulfield expected than an american Promise to abandon our clients in Korea and Taiwan and Viet Nam. But if i read the soviet letter correctly it does say that the prevention of nuclear War is the Paramount necessity and has the highest priority. Therefore revolutionary movements must not be supported to a Point where they engage directly the great nuclear Powers. There is no reason to think that there will not be continuing friction arising from the revolutionary conditions of so Many of the backward countries. But it is not i believe too optimistic to say that the friction can continue without easy resort to the use or to the threat of nuclear War. An impressive part of the soviet letter is the Confidence it shows in the Superior attraction of communism in time of peace. It insists that without military aggression the backward part of the world will follow the soviet example. We have reason i believe to feel no less confident that despite All our faults the magnetic attraction of Western civilization will increase As the threat of War diminishes. If we have the courage to look Forward we can be reasonably sure that if the two systems coexist peacefully for several generations they will both be very different systems than they Are today. By Samuel r. Ogden Landgrove. I have just finished Reading a Book which i had last read so Long ago that i had forgotten every word of it. I was prompted to reread Hughes a Tom Browne a school Days by the Hope that it might prove to be an antidote for Sanger a so the Catcher in the Rye a which indeed it was. As such i recommend it to anyone who has discovered that the latter Book leaves a taste in the spirit similar to that left in the Mouth by a Rotten egg. But i suspect that there will not be Many people nowadays who will find Rugby in 1845 an enchanting a place As is Pencey prep in 1945, nor Tom Brown As sympathetic a character As is Holden Caulfield. The Span of that Century embraced More changes in the lives of human beings than any other too years in history and the Impact of these changes has been to so alter our Point of View that it is hard for us to believe that such a society Ever existed or that such people As Tom Brown or or. Arnold Ever Drew the breath of life. While on a vacation from Oxford in 1842, Tom Brown with two College friends found himself in Scotland on a fishing trip and As he stood in the Stream casting to a rising Trout he Learned of his old headmasters death. This is what then took place a a Tom a hand stopped half Way in his cast and his line and flies went All tangling round and round his Rod you might have knocked him Over with a then he said a i shall go for a walk done to you and Herbert wait for and so he left Scotland and headed for Rugby and the description of this return to the scenes of his eight Schoolboy years includes some of the most moving passages of the Boc. A then the grief which he began to share with others became gentle and hold. And he Rose up once More and walked to the Steps of the altar and while the tears flowed freely Down his Cheeks Knelt Down humbly and hopefully to Lay Down there his share of a Burden which had proved itself too heavy for him to Bear under his own thus the Book ends. A of what a contrast a the Catcher in the Rye offers there is Little told of Holden Caulfield a feelings toward a old Thurmer a the headmaster at Pencey prep but before leaving school upon request Caulfield is called in by a old Spencer a a master who is apparently kindly disposed toward the boy. A the minute i went in i was sorry id come. It was pretty depressing. In a not too crazy about sick people anyway. I done to much like to see old Guys in their pyjamas and bathrobes anyway. Their bumpy old chests Are always showing. And their legs. Old Guys legs at beaches and places always look so White and then As Caulfield sits on the Edge of the hard bed they begin to talk and old Spencer nods his head. A you never knew if he was nodding a lot because he was thinking and All or just because he was a Nice old Guy that did no to know his ass from his then old Spencer asks him about his interview with or. Thurmer and Caulfield says that he was told that life was a game. This is what our hero thinks of it All a game my ass. Some game. If you get on the Side where All the hot shots Are then ifs a game All right a ill admit that. But if you get on the other Side where there Arentt any hot shots then what a a game about it nothing. No at any rate there can hardly be found in All literature a contrast More extreme than that Between Holden Caulfield the Schoolboy of the 1940s, and Tom Brown his counterpart some too years earlier. Where Tom Brown ended up we Are not told but Holden Caulfield ended up in the bughouse having been unable to a play Down his share of a Burden which had proved itself too heavy for him to Bear in his own a of the spread of time elapsing Between the appearance of these two books is split not too far from the Middle by the books of Owen Johnson which Tell of schoolboys in the first decade of the present Century and of these my favorite is a the prodigious though separated by nearly 60 years William Hicks of Lawrenceville could easily accept Tom Brown of Rugby As his hero while Holden Caulfield could not possibly speak of either Brown or Hicks with anything but contemptuous sarcasm. And thus is illustrated the Ever in creasing Speed with which our values have been changing for a the Catcher in the Rye is acclaimed on All sides As a literary sensation and what is More disturbing school kids of today some of them very close to me think that it is great stuff. They have been taught to think thus by their teachers at school. I am aware that in general the opinion will be that All the changes have been for the better that social classes and distinctions have been broken Down and that there has taken place a great unc Haining of the masses of humanity. But what i am afraid of is that we Are being led in the name of social and material Progress to accept As Good changes which in fact have debased the condition it Man not improved it. World today . Explains his attitude on rights demonstrations a boy there was at least a one room school for everyone White or Black but it was often three to five Miles away and you had to walk. White parents required their children to attend but coloured attendance was poor. This is one reason for the literacy difference in the two races. Hasni to the South exploited the negroes yes it has. He was first exploited by his Brothers in Africa who sold him into slavery. Then by the Yankee ship owners who sold him at a profit. Next he was exploited economically by the Southern planters. Today he is being exploited politically by a few Northern politicians who have no interest in the welfare of the negro. He is being used As a Pawn to change the political Structure of our nation. To change us from a self governing free people to a people governed from the top. To encourage the negro to go where he is not wanted will make the negro a hated Man. We All know that the negro must have the Friendship and guidance of the White Man of he is to succeed and make Progress. Done to blame the negroes for what is happening today. Blame the White men who Are using him for their own purposes. The demonstrations Are not locally inspired. Many demonstrators Are paid $5 to $20 per demonstration. According to or. Martin Luther King the Birmingham demonstration Cost $350,000. Write a relative or Friend in the South and get the truth. If you have no one to write please write me. It will be a pleasure to hear from you. R. L. Simonton. Marlon Junction Ala. By James Marlow a hews analyst Washington apr president Kennedy has eliminated any doubt about his approval of a massive negro led demonstration in Washington aug. 28 while Congress considers a civil rights bul. He a for it. But at this Point in the civil rights fight there Are four developing questions so deeply rooted in uncertainty that none of them can be answered now 1. Negro demonstrations Are increasing around the country outside Washington. 2. The August demonstration by perhaps 100,000 people will show negroes Earnest demand for equal treatment. But the big question is who it remain peaceful with 100,000 people taking part and perhaps As Many or More negroes and Whites watching a few bad incidents could snowball into disaster. 3. Will Congress finally produce a civil rights Law that has any real meaning for negroes 4. If not what form will negroes resentment take then no one seems to be thinking about this question at the moment. Kennedy Hasni to said anything if Only because he Wasny to asked. A of last june 19, when he sent his civil rights message to Congress there was talk the August demonstrators might converge on Congress to apply the maximum pressure for action. He seemed then although he did no to say so explicitly to be against such tactics. That would be not a March in Washington but a March on Congress. Some members of Congress reacted strongly against any such . This is what Kennedy said then in his message a this problem is now before Congress. Unruly tactics or pressures will not help and May hinder effective consideration of these measures. A while the Congress is completing its work i urge All com unit leaders negro and White to do their utmost to Lessen tensions and exercise self restraint. The Congress should have an Opportunity to freely work its in his message he severely condemned racial violence. But Between june 19, the Date of the message and today there is no longer talk of a March on the Capitol. Now the intention seems to be to have a massive demonstration elsewhere in Washington. So when Kennedy was asked wednesday if he thought the planned demonstration might Handicap his efforts in the civil rights Field he answered a no i think that the Way the Washington March is now developed which is a peaceful Assembly Callig for a redress of grievances the cooperation with the police every evidence that it is going to be peaceful they Are going to the Washington Monument they Are going to express their Strong views i think that is in the great tradition. A i look Forward to being Here. I am sure members of Congress will be Here. We want citizens to come to Washington if they feel they Are not having their rights expressed. A but of course arrangements have been made to make this responsible and peaceful. This is not a March on the a of he cautioned again against demonstrations which get out of control and end in violence. But he also hit at those who protest against demonstrations but done to do anything to eliminate the grievances which cause negroes to demonstrate. A i would Hope a he said a that along with a secession of the kind of demonstrations that would Lead to rioting people would also do something about the

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