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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 3, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington manner monday january 3, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the new year begins the new year had hardly begun before the signs were multiplying that 1966 May not be As Happy As some of us would like it to be. The National safety Council has gloomily reported that the number of Highway fatalities on the first Holiday weekend of the year will surpass the previous record. A Motorist has already died on Vermont a roads. Bad weather deprived the ski areas of Good skiing Over the weekend after a record december and thousands of Snow bunnies went Home disappointed. In Southeast Asia the brutal ground War Between americans and communists continues unabated. In the first hours Days and weeks of the new year our local state National and world leaders will have to face real moments of truth and their responses will affect our lives and our futures. John v. Lindsay new York City a new mayor had hardly been inaugurated before he found himself fact to face with a crippling transport workers strike. His Success in dealing with it will show whether he can in fact govern the Quot ungovernable the envoys of president Johnson Are jetting to capital cities throughout the world in an Effort to open negotiations in the Viet Nam conflict. Despite his foolish Public utterances to Chi Minh we wish All the Best to our affable l Oge an Era came to an end last Friday when Toge Theberge who has presided Over the care and construction of Bennington Village s streets for 26 years formally retired from his Post As Highway superintendent. The excellent condition and cleanliness of the villages Street system which has almost doubled in length since Toge took Over Back in 1939, attest to his Energy and efficiency. The characteristic that has endeared him to nearly everyone however is the Good humor with which he endur the four curses of his Job complaints from the chronically dissatisfied the vandalism of mischievous youngsters who Delight in writing their initials in new sidewalks and upsetting warning lanterns along the edges of construction jobs motorists who Park their cars on main Street during Snow removal operations and a limited Highway budget that permits Only a cer editor s notes North Shire Folk who shared pot Luck and a film tuesday night with 30 visiting foreign students have told us about a special moment Quot you could have heard a pin in the classic movie Quot Ruggles of red Gap Quot Charles Laughton As the stiff British Valet suddenly finds himself in the american Quot wild West Quot circa 1908 a the Only one in the cast who knew what Lincoln said at Gettysburg. During the address recited with typical Laughton majesty in the Silver Dollar Saloon it was not Only celluloid cowboys who listened with Awe. Tuesday night in Dorset it was also a vietnamese coed and a diplomatic student from Malta. Is reported to be privately not Adverse to the idea of peace. In any Case the two men will have As their first critical task of the year the Job of finding a Way to silence their guns or else risk an even bigger bloodier asian War. In Tashkent indians prime minister Shastri and pakistanis president Khan will have a unique Opportunity to sit Down at the same table and Settle their dispute Over Kashmir which threatened last fall to erupt into world War. Here in Vermont gov. Hoff will be submitting his legislative program to a Republican legislature that is less than enthusiastic about the Hoff reforms. Yet the passage of the Hoff program in theory at least is important if Vermont is to continue to Progress. In Bennington town selectmen have set Jan. I As the deadline for junkyard operators to comply with the state Law or else clean up their properties. We Are anxiously waiting to hear How things work out. Despite its inauspicious Start then 1966 could turn out to be the year in which peace was declared in Asia the problems of our cities were successfully attacked and Vermont took another leap Forward. Much will depend on the Wisdom and skill of our leaders. Tain amount of Street repair and sidewalk construction each year. Wait a minute. There a a fifth disadvantage to being Street superintendent. Those Pesky Banner reporters Are always coming around and pointing cameras at you. Through the years the photographers have found Toge courteous informative and Friendly but steadfast in his determination to keep his face out of the Public press. We re glad that he finally agreed to let a picture of himself appear in fridays Banner. Well Toge can rest up now from those Long Winter Days that often Start before Dawn when the Snow plows set out to Clear the streets before the rest of us Are even stirring and done tend until late in the afternoon a if the Snow has stopped falling that is a when All the equipment is safely Back in the Village garage. Toge will continue to serve the Village for awhile As an advisor but he will now have far More time to spend with his family and his various hobbies than Ever before. We wish him All the Best. The Wilmington it. Snow area is constantly adding to the attractions it offers its visitors both summer and Winter. Just this week a group of players announced plans for a professional resident theater in Wilmington next summer. Pretty soon visitors will find everything they need for a Complete vacation within a few Miles of our rapidly growing Windham county neighbors. The Man at the next desk says he does no to really enjoy the football games on television unless the weather is bad enough so that the $7 ticket holders in the stadium Are being snowed on. A new Haven Register. Fischetti these Days Winner in perspective it s lunacy to speculate about candidates in 1972 by Eric Severeid new York . Any Man who attempts to guess the Fate of any american politician seven Long years in Advance is obviously underemployed and might usefully be put to work in the head Start program. Because both sen. Robert Kennedy and vice president Humphrey have been foraging abroad a Kennedy southward Humphrey eastward a and opinion polls have contrasted the popularity of each Kennedy stands Well ahead speculative arguments have already sprung up about the 1972 democratic nomination for president. By that time of course the senator May have vanished while doing a hand stand on a space capsule at 20,000 Miles Altitude. The vice president May be wasting away with Beri Berl and the two favored sons of the nation May be the Gogolak Brothers. Any attempt to guess now what will happen in 1972 is lunacy. What is Worth a passing glance however on the very Safe premise that both men want to be president Are their current conditions and problems. A a a a a As things stand it is something of a mystery Why the senator Ever wanted to be the vice president. As senator he is far More free to Man Euver in accordance with his own sniffing of the political winds. His Fate is not tied to that of or. Johnson save in the extremely unlikely Case that the president makes such a botch of things that democratic officeholders go Down in regiments and a new Republican Era begins. The senator can make his own running to a great degree. He can run alongside the president if he chooses or behind him or ahead of him or in the opposite direction. Not Overly Given to self denigrating second thoughts the senator Felt free to barnstorm South America during the difficult Rio conference and to say when asked that the presidents dominican Republic intervention was wrong. He feels free to warn the president that Viet Nam spending must not undercut the great society programs of social Reform. No the senators chief hazards and opportunities lie within himself in the meaning of the ancient greek who said that a Many a character is his Fate. It is quite different with vice president Humphrey. His Backbone could be fashioned of tempered steel his Tongue of Silver and his kindliness worthy of beatification yet All this will Avail eth him nothing unless president Johnson and his policies continue to command the majority allegiance of the people for seven Long years to come. This is at Best an even Money bet and this major conjecture includes the not so minor Assumption that or. Johnson will be re elected three Short years from now. Indeed the Adverse hand of the president could strike Down the vice president even before then. If on any Day of any month of any year or. Johnson concludes that or. Humphrey is too Forward or too backward or too unpopular or too popular too Busy or too Idle too Humble or too uppity a on any such Day the president could begin the quiet process that would eliminate or. Humphrey from in 1968, let alone the leadership in 1972. Not that this is Likely. Or. Humphrey is too Strong a right Arm for or. Johnson his sense of place and propriety too exquisite. The Point is that or. Humphrey occupies the one position in which the moods of another could destroy his future no matter if uncounted millions adored him. Two human characters determine his Fate his own and the presidents. In any Case the vice pres Johnson faces a bitter year ident would be less than human if he did not read those comparative popularity statistics and Ponder a with a smile one Hopes a the ironies of Public life. When in 1948, he was breaking the dangerous ground that eventually led to the civil rights accomplishments of presidents Kennedy and Johnson the senator was a Schoolboy. When he was opposing the horrors of mccarthyism albeit too circumspectly Robert Kennedy was assisting Mccarthy at his ghoulish work. He must wonder about the Folk lore Virtues of an impoverished beginning compared with inherited wealth. And a most Faith disturbing cold dawning of All a he must wonder of the Public Mantle that a Man weaves by his own painful efforts Over the Many years is really As weatherproof in All seasons As the Mantle borrowed ready made from another. But the Laws of human nature and history will intervene and take charge at some Point along the Road ahead. The timing will be All important to both men but history wont care about that. The vice pres ident by circumstances can do no More than he has already to prove that he fits his self made Mantle. The senator will have to prove sooner or later that he fits his borrowed Mantle. If he does he will deserve As much As any Man to Wear it. By John Chamberlain new York . Lyndon Johnson seems More preoccupied than usual when he faces the to camera these Days. Small wonder. A profoundly political animal he has always been Able to find the secret lever of control inside his own country. But his tax and Money troubles and his demo cratic party troubles Are now dependent on the course of a Distant War and to Chi Minh is sitting on the lever. The tax and Money troubles Are particularly aggravating because they will almost certainly Force a retraction of a great Promise. After the income tax Cut it was generally understood that there would be a new instalment on tax remission each year. The excise tax Cut followed and automobile buyers in 1966 will still be getting the Benefit of a progressive provision in the excise allowance but what else will be coming in 1966, which is an election year a of the Small businessmen of America who account for the employment of More than 30 million people Are already complaining that welfare taxes Are going to make business expansion difficult for them in 1966. In january the social Security bite on payrolls goes up. The crunch will be Felt in february when the first instalment of the increased tax becomes payable. If the tax could be passed along to the consumer that would be one thing. But Small business is competitive business and the Market controls its prices. The consumer is also bound to feel the effect of his own share of the increased social Security bite on his purchasing Power. This past year Johnson has been supporting his freshmen congressmen with rather lavish patronage gifts. Okie particular democratic freshman from Illinois boasts that he got la new Post offices for his District where his Republican predecessor Only managed to win four in a Long career. Others among the 48 democratic freshmen have been doing almost As Well. But with the Viet Nam War threatening to Force a Pentagon budget of $60 billion this sort of munificence can hardly continue. The freshmen congressmen Are having other troubles. A Long Island representative inviting his constituents to meet with him for a talk found himself in the Middle of a hectic argument about the War with shouts going up that Johnson had taken Over the Coldwater policy. The republicans in the District who had seen their own candidate beaten Chi the Coldwater Issue Are keeping their peace and smiling. So the efforts of the democratic National committee to hold what ised to be called Normal Republican districts May be negated by the War and the attendant Money troubles that Are giving Lyndon Johnson that preoccupied look. A of Johnson a efforts to control the outflow of dollars Are hitting some unanticipated snags. The disparity Between european and . Interest rates has continued to pull american capital abroad despite the interest equalization tax. The a a voluntary restraints on foreign investment of american Money Are about to be strengthened which Means that actually they will be less voluntary. Johnson a heart is in the great society. But the sort of defeat in South Viet Nam that is implicit in to Chi minho so a offers of a peace that would put the Viet Cong in control of the sensitive departments of government could very Well kill his control of Congress to say nothing of losing him the 1968 election. The question is How can he pay for concluding the War on acceptable terms and still manage to satisfy the demands of the great society. Between the needs of Secretary of defense Mcnamara and the begging cup of Sargent Shriver Johnson has no Way out Short of new taxes or a Rebuff to the expectations of the office of economic Opportunity and similar engines of welfare. In either Case it spells trouble in 1966 at the polls. Letters to the editor the True Patriot to the editor of Tho Banner a pleasant interesting and worthwhile definition of a Patriot appears in the a Celebration of life a the hymnal used in the North Adams unitarian universalist Church. The hymn is called a the new Patriot a words written by Frederick Lawrence Knowles in 1904, a poet son of a methodist minister. He taught at Tilton Academy in new Hampshire and later was a member of the editorial staff of the Atlantic monthly. A the new Patriot a who is the Patriot he who lights the Torch of War from Hill to Hill or he who kindles on the Heights the be seem of a worlds Good will a who is the Patriot it is he who knows no Boundary race or Creed whose nation is humanity whose country men All souls that need. A the soil that bred the Pio neers he loves and guards yet loves the More that larger land without frontiers those wider seas without a Shore. A who is the Patriot Only he whose business is the general Good. Whose keenest sword is sympathy whose Dearest Flag is this is the finest description i have Ever read of a Patriot. I wonder if any Banner readers could come up a with malice towards none with a better definition of a Patriot Spencer a. Haynes. North Bennington. Smear Campaign to the editor of the Banner a we Are much perturbed by the news that big Bromley ski area appears to be the victim of a mischievous smear series of campaigns. Bromley Long time. The passing scene advantages of private Power by Alan d. Sophr1n has been around a she was the grand Dame of ski slopes in these parts. As hosts to a foreign student this week we vouch for big bus generosity. These students Are each year offered free lessons equipment and use of All tows. Local kids have Long taken advantage of big bus special rates and classes for them. We do not look upon big b As a ski resort we consider her our Friend and neighbor and we raise our voice at the cheap attempt of somebody or some group to slander her. Or. And mrs. Arlington. Horst Rodies. Quote sorry i m Lak but i was up Hakius a medicare loyalty oath we seem to be convinced that we a and Only we a have the right answer to a problem. The frustrations we experience seem to cause us not to be More flexible but More rigid not to seek new solutions but to insist even More firmly on old and in Many cases obsolete ones. What i am pleading for is a More flexible and tolerant attitude. A sen. John Sparkman d-ala., in an address in los Angeles commenting on . Foreign policy goals. Burlington. Philip Hoff governor and Albert Cree Public Utility executive Are politely discussing their differences of opinion Chi How Vermont should be furnished Public Power. They Are each avoiding any direct confrontation Over the Basic question of whether Public Power should be privately or publicly owned. In discussing their differences they talk Only of such things As Cost service my efficiency. The fact they do not discuss the question of who should own Public Power does not make the question vanish. I for one cannot understand Why or. Cree has not faced it and clearly stated the three most obvious advantages of private ownership of Public utilities. Maybe he believes they Are so obvious they need no discussion. I would suggest to him that he should not assume that everybody sees the obvious. I shall therefore state the three obvious advantages of private ownership of Public Power 1. Salaries there is no question that executives in privately owned Public utilities receive higher salaries bonuses and other compensation that managers of publicly owned Public utilities. 2. Dividends shareholders in privately owned Public utilities receive a return on their investment in the for in of dividends paid on their shares. 3. Profit privately owned Public utilities make a profit. Publicly owned Public utilities do not. As a resident of Burlington a our Light Plant is owned by the City of Burlington a i pay the lowest electric rate in Vermont but this is a Small Consolation for having to live with the realization that nobody makes a profit on what i pay. While i enjoy the Low rate i find myself feeling just a Little guilty when i observe other ver Monters contributing to the profits of the privately owned Public utilities. If i could pay More for my electricity and contribute to a company a profit i am sure i would feel better. A a of i Hope or. Cree appreciates my stating these advantages. Certainly they Are advantages which publicly owned Public utilities cannot claim. It is impossible for publicly owned Public utilities to do other than admit that they pay their managers less than the private Power companies pay their executives that they can pay no shareholder dividends they even must admit they have no shareholder Sand that they go on year after year not making a cent of profit. As i say i enjoy the Good service and Low rates of the Burlington electric Light department but i must live with the certainty that it will never be Able to match these three advantages of privately owned Public Power. Letters to this column Are Welcome. Those of More than �00 words Are subject to condensation. Signatures and addresses Are required. All letters will be printed providing no question of taste is involved. Libel or humor medicare less my Young Nephew was with me when i stopped by my doctors office. After a Brief consultation the doctor wrote out a prescription and observed that my trouble was hereditary. When his Secretary handed the Bill to me my Nephew blurted out a Elf the trouble is hereditary Why done to they give the Bill to grandpa a w All Street journal. \

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