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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 4, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Fair colder fair and colder tonight with Low temperatures in the teens. Wednesday fair in the South portions and partly Cloudy in the North portions and warmer. Yesterdays High 38 Low 23. Today at 7 ., 24. Total precipitation .09 Inch. Sunset 4 28 . Sunrise 7 26 Bennington Bennington Vermont tuesday january 4, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,957 to cents indecision Marks gop As legislature opens Montpelier up a this states reapportionment baby takes its first step wednesday. And nobody knows How the court ordered realignment peace silence worries Pope Vatican City up a Pope Paul i is worried by the Lack of response to his messages urging world Powers to negotiate a peace in Viet Nam Vatican sources said today. So far there has been an almost total silence at least publicly a to the pontiffs new years messages to soviet president Nikolai v. Podgorny chinese communist party Leader Mao tse Tung and the North and South vietnamese presidents. In the diplomatic messages Pope Paul urged the soviets and chinese to Quot intervene in the cause of peace and urged the vietnamese not to take any actions that would escalate the War or Force new bombings. Quot the holy father is worried by the silence a these sources said. Quot he has shown his willingness to do everything possible in the cause of will affect the legislative ambitions of gov Philip h. Hoff. The face of the 30-member state Senate remains virtually unchanged. But there Are 96 fewer chairs in the House and More than half of the 150 members that will gather at 9 30 a.rn., for the opening session of the special legislature will sit in the House for the first time. Only 67 Veteran lawmakers will be on hand. The republicans have solid control of both branches. Still the gop is apprehensive about the situation. It is widely Felt that gov. Hoff May be Able to pull More votes from a liberally oriented delegation of newcomers than were available a year ago. Many people feel the gop might Lack the kind of administrative leadership that could get the party together to set up some reasonable alternatives to Hoff a legislative package. The republicans to Date have held no meetings to discuss possible stands and a Day before the session opens the gop appears to have too Many wings trying to Fly off in too Many different directions. Rep. Emory Hebard a Glover for example will propose a state sales tax that would impose a 2 per cent Levy on everything from a loaf of bread to a Johnson cuts budget to i rider s115 billion Washington up a the White House said today that president Johnson had Cut the proposed Federal budget for fiscal 1967 to Quot slightly under $115 billion and was still cutting. Press Secretary Bill d Moyers said he thought the new budget would be ready for submission to Congress within 15 Days after the House and Senate Convene on Jan. To. This is within the statutory time limit for submission of the budget. The White House previously had thought it might have to ask for an Extension. In Mew \ Ark City Moyers said estimates of Federal spending for the current fiscal year which ends june 30, of Between $105 and $107 billion still held. He also said the Revenue estimate of $96.5 billion this year still looked Good and was on the conservative Side. The press Secretary said the president would deliver his state of the Union message to Congress next week although no definite Day had been selected. Moyers doubted whether Johnson would ask for a joint night session to receive the message As he did last year. $500-plus funeral. Byron c. Hathorn a Hartford said he has Quot opposed a sales tax Ever since in be been in the legislature and in a still opposed to other republicans appear to be undecided. Rep. Richard Mallary a Fairlee seems to have wrapped up the Job of House speaker. But Mallary a failure to initiate gop policy sessions has some of his former backers wondering of they Are making the right Choice. One Republican who asked that his name be left out of print said Mallary Quot is not showing us the kind of leadership wed expect from a speaker. If a Good Man stepped into the picture i might very Well be tempted to forget about other members of the gop delegation have said they were Quot disappointed and Quot expected More from the Fairlee representative. Royal b. Cutts a Townshend is the Only other Man currently in the ring with Mallary. Few republicans expect the conservative Cutts to count More than 15 or 20 votes of that Many. As for the governors legislative Hopes his personal popularity and the fact that 1966 is an election year in Vermont seems to offer this package a better Chance of surviving Republican Butcher knives. Hoff has listed four items he especially Hopes to get through the legislature education prison Reform Highway improvement and a constitutional convention. If these four go Hoff said he would consider his program a Quot monumental achievement. Mallary has said he likes the idea of a constitutional convention but he does not agree with the governors april i starting Date. Mallary and Hathorn both say they would prefer to hold off until next year. Hebard said last week he would go for gov. Hoff a accelerated Highway construction program and some $40 million in bonding if his own sales tax proposal is passed. Quot i just want to be Able to see see legislature Page to. Col. 8 steel hike action near reports to chief vice president Hubert Humphrey reports monday to president Johnson on his five Day diplomatic Mission to the far East. Previously he told newsmen he was a feeling Good about the area i visited a but brushed aside questions about the trips effect on peace in Viet Nam. Up lbs pushes peace offensive As bombing Lull continues Washington up a president Johnson is expected to continue the suspension of air attacks on North Viet Nam for at least another two weeks barring any new communist military move of major proportions. Officials said today the president wants to give Hanoi ample Opportunity to accept his offer of peace talks or at least to lower the level of its military operations before taking the a other hard Steps he warned of in a speech dec. 9. They indicated that the Lull now in its 12th Day would last beyond mid january and might extend further if the reds give some sign by word or action that they want to step Back from the Brink of disaster. Administration officials Clung to the Hope that Johnson s far Flung peace offensive would generate enough pressure by Quill jailed for refuses to halt contempt transit strike new York up a defiant transit Union chief Michael j. Quill and eight other Union officers were arrested today in the fourth Day of an unprecedented subway bus strike Here that has caused chaotic traffic jams and Trade losses in the millions. The Union leaders were jailed shortly after their arrest in new York civil prison. A i have been imprisoned before and we Are going to win this fight a quills last words As he disappeared into the jail where he will presumably have to Wield a mop along with other prisoners. Quill chose not to Appeal his conviction for contempt of a court show cause order thus condemning himself and the other labor leaders to imprisonment. He ordered a second string of Union officials to carry on contract negotiations Quot so the people wont quills arrest following a threat filled news conference at the americana hotel came five Days after he Tore up a state order to explain not Call off the Shanks Mare making the Best of a bad situation some Brooklyn residents head for work monday in Manhattan across Brooklyn Bridge As millions were affected by the transit strike that put All new York City subways and buses on the inactive list. Up supreme court Why he should walkout. On monday a judge gave him the Chance to avoid imprisonment by calling off the strike of 36,000 transit workers but again this morning Quill refused. While Quill predicted Quot a shambles in this City a tens of thousands of workers moved at a snails Pace if at All on Auto jammed arteries into Manhattan in the Hope of reaching work by noon est. Hundreds of thousands of earlier starters already had reached their jobs during the morning in the knowledge that the evening Rush hour might bring them even greater hardship. City transit commissioner Henry a. Barnes mapped a plan to Divide Manhattan below 59th Street into sectors for staggering departures of workers beginning at 3 . Est. All who could were urged to spend a night on the town in order to make As late an exit from Manhattan As possible. Watching these developments was president Johnson. He was reported by his press Secretary Bill Moyers to be keeping close tabs on the walkout. Moyers said Johnson Quot is hopeful there will be a speedy return to services provided to new Quill who was obviously anxious to go to jail predicted that his incarceration would delay settlement of the dispute Over the unions demands estimated to total $144 million. A just As we promised you the judge can drop dead in his Black Robes a said the hot tempered labor Leader. Quot personally i done to care if i rot in hundreds of thousands of see transit strike Page to col. 4 other countries on North Viet Nam and red China to persuade the communists they Are losing ground in International opinion. They admitted that so far there has been no acknowledgement a Public or private a of the bombing Lull from either Hanoi or peking. Nor has behind the scenes diplomatic activity through various channels disclosed any softening of the hard line taken publicly by leaders in the two red capitals. Meantime the administration disclosed the package of diplomatic ammunition the president s special envoys have been employing in visits to Allied communist and Neutral capitals to Muster support for Johnson s plea for a unconditional Quot peace discussions. Vice president Hubert h. Dominican leaders to into exile Santo Domingo up a thirty military leaders being forced into exile Quot for the Good of the country left the dominican Republic in the Early hours today unofficial reports said. The reports said the men left by aircraft for Haina a naval station on the outskirts of Santo Domingo. This strife torn City was tensely quiet with reinforced patrols of . Paratroopers and dominican policemen on guard in the streets. Informed sources said publication of the names of the men who Are being forced into exile might touch off a new storm of violence later today. There were unconfirmed reports that the list included both regular officers and army men who deserted to the rebels in the april revolt. Provisional president Hector Garcia Godoy announced in a 20-minute broadcast monday night that the men were being exiled because of the part they played in the fighting dec. 19 in Santiago where at least 28 persons were killed in a clash Between airmen and rebel leaders. Garcia said some of the exiles Quot have been invited to Israel to others he said Quot will be assigned to diplomatic posts Garcia said the Santiago clash could not be blamed exclusively on either Side. He added however that the government Felt itself obliged to prevent any similar incident in future. on the inside Fayette refuses to resign from Highway Board a Page 3. Editorial on new legislature a Page 4. Humphrey gave newsmen monday copies of a a talking paper Quot he and other envoys have used As the basis of discussions of . Peace policy in various world capitals. In it the United states offered if necessary to a put everything into the Basket of peace except the surrender of South Viet Nam Quot to end the War. Washington up the Johnson administration appeared today to be gearing up for a major showdown Over steel Price hikes though officials still held out Hope for voluntary Rollback of the increases. . Steel corp., the nations no. I producer held the key. If it decided to follow the Lead of Bethlehem and Inland steel and raise the Price of structural steel $5 a ton the Battle would be Cwi. If not a Rollback appeared Likely. . Steel was saying nothing other than that it was a carefully Quot considering the matter Quot and it will be some time before a conclusion is steel Industry sources in Pittsburgh believed the giant company would raise its prices however. Quot i just cannot see . Steel not going along with Bethlehem a a leading steel distributor said monday. Quot in a surprised they have not acted before an announcement by Colorado fuel amp Iron corp., a relative midget among producers that it would boost structural steel prices by $3 a ton�?$2 less than Inland and Bethlehem raised yet another possibility. If . Steel were to follow Colorado a Lead would the administration consider the raise a Compromise figure a White House spokesman refused to comment on the Colorado action monday night. As . Steel was considering its future course the administration acted to crack Down on the Price hikes first announced by Bethlehem last Friday and by Inland on monday. It was defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara said government orders of structural steel accounting for an estimated 25 per cent of the Industry a output would be shifted from companies which raise prices against president Johnson a wishes. \. V. Speeders of ill receive radar pamphlet Troy . A members of the Rensselaer county magistrates association Are preparing to cooperate with the state association and state police in distributing a new pamphlet a radar it could save your life Quot distribution will be by local justices when defendants appear in their courts to answer speeding charges based on police radar checks. The four Page pamphlet has been prepared by the state police in cooperation with the new York state association of magistrates Aud explains briefly How a radar unit operates in singling out High Speed Drivers. State police report 101,279 arrests As a result of radar installations in the first to months of 1965, compared with 74,401 such arrests in the same period of 1964, an increase of 36.1 per cent. Copies of the pamphlet Are being distributed to town and Village magistrates to be handed on to speeding defendants according to state police supt. Arthur Corneliusjr. Gis Cli ase Viet Cong battalions toward the cambodian Frontier Saigon up a . Paratroopers chasing two battalions of communist troops toward the cambodian Frontier in Waist deep mud and water of the Mekong Delta today discovered the body of what appeared to be a chinese communist adviser to the Viet Cong. A vietnamese intelligence agent assigned to the . Army s 173rd airborne brigade said the slain communist wore a tailored uniform of much higher Quality than that issued to the Viet Cong. The Allied operation in the Delta about 35 Miles West of Saigon was in its fifth Day and had accounted for at least 236 Viet Cong killed. The number of americans killed was not disclosed but it was Learned the 173rd suffered an unknown number of casualties when hit by artillery from their own lines. A . Military spokesman in Saigon said Only that some of the paratroopers were killed when caught in an artillery barrage from Quot Friendly Quot forces. He said the Accident apparently was the result of a a Lack of coordination Quot Between the paratroopers and the rear guard. The pause in air attacks against communist North Viet Nam completed its Lith Day and sources in Washington said the Lull might continue for another two weeks. There have been no air raids in the North since 6 ., Christmas eve. There were reports that the Allied Force in the Mekong Delta americans South vietnamese australians and new new ski a Page 7. Column starts Quick trim in Viet Nam an american i has his hair Cut on top of a Small tank in the Shade of a huge eight Inch gun As another Waits his turn and two buddies rest during a Lull in the fighting. Up zealand Erst were being authorized to Chase the Viet Cong across the Plain of Reeds into Cambodia if necessary. American commanders declined to discuss the reports. In another continuing operation South korean marines and vietnamese paratroopers late today ran into a Force of Viet Cong about 12 Miles South of Tuy Hoa 225 Miles North of Saigon. Initial reports said at least 38 communist troops were killed. The operation begun four Days ago has accounted for at least 218 Viet Cong killed and to captured. It was disclosed that non lethal tear Gas was used by the Allied forces in the Delta and in the Tuy Hoa Battle. Communist troops attacked a vietnamese outpost in Quang Ngai province 325 Miles North of Saigon for five hours in the Early morning darkness today but were driven Back with the help of air strikes by government planes. It was the second consecutive Day the Viet Cong had attacked the Cong Hoa Garrison whose defenders were outnumbered at least 4 to i. Several surrounding outposts fell to the communists last week and Cong Hoa is the last remaining obstacle to a key Bridge leading to the Quang Ngai provincial capital. Two companies of the 173 re today attacked a three hut Complex on an Island in a sea of Rice paddies in the Mekong Delta operation after sighting at least eight Viet Cong on the strip of dry land. When the paratroopers moved into the Village after firing 2,500 rounds from automatic weapons they found they had destroyed a hut belonging to be Van Gia a 70-year-old Farmer and his wife. The Viet Cong were gone. A Tell them we re sorry we shot at them Quot said sgt. James Allen of Pomona calif., to a vietnamese interpreter. A we thought they were Viet Cong. We re sorry we shot at the paratroopers scratching at red ants picked up in the swamps moved out. Earlier catholics in the outfit Knelt in the mud As a chaplain father John Mccullagh of Brooklyn ., stood on a Rice Paddy Dike and said

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