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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 11, 1966, Bennington, Vermont School and you Nixon urges blockade Bennington Banner Friday february la 1966-3 keep them in school of North Viet Nam by George a. Sleeman guidance director Bennington High school High school graduates usually find More Job openings a and better jobs than those who Don t graduate. Most employers today insist on hiring High school graduates. A diploma is some proof that your child has the ability to learn and stick to a task. Today machines Are doing much of the work which unskilled workers used to do. In the future there will be still fewer unskilled jobs available. However Many new jobs Are opening up As a result of television radar space exploration rockets Etc. Therefore in this scientific age skills Are More important than Ever. The Best Way for a youngster to prepare for a Job is to stay in school and get a Basic High school education. Most jobs in the future will be available in professional Ana technical skills such As druggist teacher Engineer proprietor Al and managerial skills such As store owner office supervisor clerical and sales skills such As Secretary clerk skilled work such As electrician plumber Semi skilled work such As Assembly line worker and service work such As waitress or bus Driver. Remember these jobs usually require at least a High school education and diploma for both boys and girls. The diploma is equally important for girls today for nine out of to women will be working at some time in their lives. A of every additional year of school gives your child a better Chance to earn More pay. If he gets a High school diploma his chances for More pay Are even better. For example 1958 High school graduates earned an average of $35 More a week than did those with Only an 8th Grade education. When jobs Are scarce the worker who never finished High school will often be the first to be Laid off and the last to be re hired. When an employer must Cut his labor Force he will try to keep the High school graduate who is usually More flexible and can learn other jobs. With the Many technological changes and new ways to do a Job workers must have a Good foundation and be prepared to acquire new knowledge and skills quickly. A of your child needs to learn to adapt to new situations to be flexible and to solve new problems. Experience in studying and learning in school constantly meeting new situations subjects and problems will help your child throughout his life. Your child a education helps to determine the goals social attitudes and ambitions he will have which will make him a better individual a better neighbor a better Parent and a responsible citizen. Mem of if your child feels that you consider his education important he will be More Likely to stay in school. The interest you As a Parent show in your child will have a great Deal of influence on his future decisions. If your child is having trouble with his studies and seems uninterested in school speak to the school Counselor or teacher about getting extra help for him. Remember a Lack of Success in school and getting behind in school work Are two important reasons Why students drop out of High school. Many churches and civic groups have set aside special places where students May come to study without interruptions. Often volunteers will be there to help students. If your Community does not have such a place perhaps the it a or another group can set up a place. Encourage your child to join after school clubs if possible. Here he can make new friends and develop new interests. Often his schoolwork will improve if he feels that he is part of the school and really belongs. Sometimes a change to courses or programs which Are better suited to your child a needs interests and abilities will help him stay in school and graduate. In school work programs your child in addition to his regular academic subjects can take courses in Trade skills such As woodworking printing Home economics Auto mechanics and secretarial training. This provides Good experience and training for future jobs. Valentines when you care enough to Send the very Hest Bennington bookshop inc. 416 main St. Tel. 25136 24 hour service we ofter 24 hour service on Black amp White film developing and fast service on developing color film. Free film Black amp White or Koda color in sizes 126 127-620 120 with each Roll developed and printed you receive a free Roll of film. We develop All sizes of films Bennington photo service 106 North St. Dial 442-5349 daily 9 30 5 30 Fri. 9 30 8 30 after school weekends or summer jobs will give your child work experience which May help him to get a better Job. When he graduates. He also can earn extra spending Money and help pay school expenses. To find these jobs the student can go to the school Counselor local state employment office help wanted ads or the employer himself. There Are Many groups who will give assistance in meeting school costs in order to keep your child in school until he graduates. For More information pm this and other kinds of Ald you can speak to the pastor of your Church your child a school Counselor or members of other civic social or religious organizations. A of a a final word. Better jobs everywhere require at least a High school education. To a great extent the soundness of your education will determine the Success of your future. This fact is becoming More and More evident in the higher per cent of people who finish High school in 1952, 59 per cent of our Young people were graduated from High school. In 1962, 65 per cent were graduated and the trend is upward. Tens of thousands of adults who dropped out of High school have found the value of education the hard Way and now Are enrolled in night schools or Are taking Home study courses to earn their diplomas. You too must finish High school to compete. Do not let yourself go through life with a Handicap that can be avoided with a bit of careful planning and systematic work in school now. Washington Ipi a former vice president Richard m. Nixon is tipping the gop off on the use of three issues Viet Nam the Cost of living and the War on poverty for current use against the Johnson administration. He talked about those issues thursday night in the fourth of six speeches he is making during the annual round of Republican dinners observing Lincoln a birthday. He Speaks tonight at Atlanta ga., and saturday at Louisville by. While describing democratic critics of administration strategy in Viet Nam As a appeasers Quot Nixon advocated greater use of air and sea Power to convince the communist regime that it cannot win the War. He said strategy should be aimed at shortening the War to Lessen the Chance of a future big War with communist China which he called Only a a fourth rate military Power Quot at this time. Nixon also urged insisting that us allies join in an economic blockade of North Viet Nam which a Cut off of foreign Aid and exclusion of ships of nations aiding or trading with the communist regime from . Ports. Speaking of Domestic politics Nixon said a the most profitable Issue Quot for the gop is rising prices resulting from the a dishonest budget Quot submitted by president Johnson. He said the president was playing a Johnson Roulette with a Texas six shooter that is going to go off and hit the family Nixon charged the administration with playing politics with both the budget and the poverty nuclear War possibility seen by sen. Wayne Morse Boston up a sen. Wayne Morse d-ore., charged thursday night that president Johnson so secret diplomacy Quot has the . Headed toward a nuclear War with the soviet Union and communist China. Speaking at Boston University Morse said the . Has a a sordid record Quot in Viet Nam and accused the president of misleading the american people committee approves tax plan Washington up a president Johnson a tax plan to raise $6 billion for the War in Viet Nam and at the same time help Ward off inflation was expected today to sail through the House in about two weeks. The House ways amp Means committee thursday took the biggest step toward getting tire program to a floor vote by approving it with Only minor changes. The final step before debate will be clearance by the House rules committee. Chairman Howard w. Smith d-va., said he planned a hearing on the plan next thursday. In a nutshell the Johnson plan would raise excise taxes on new cars from 6 to 7 per cent and on Telephone Calls from 3 to to per cent for two years. Install a graduated withholding system for income taxes so that More Money would come into the Treasury during the year. As a result fewer persons would wind up owing Uncle Sam Money on april 15. Speed up the collection of corporate taxes so companies would pay tax on income in the same year it is earned. Only the excise tax adjustments represent tax increases boosting the Levels Back to where they were before being Cut Jan. I. The withholding and corporate tax provisions would merely bring in Money that ordinarily would not come in until the following year. The plan would result in an extra $1.2 billion in Revenue for the current fiscal year which ends june 30. For fiscal 1967, which starts july i the gain would be $4.8 billion. In addition to bringing in extra Money for the stepped up War Effort the program is aimed at stemming threats of inflation by reducing consumer buying and thus taking some Money out of circulation. About administration peace efforts. A it is the ugly reality that the . People Are not being informed of the direction of the government policy Quot Morse said. A we Are headed toward a nuclear War with red China and Russia from which none of us will the senator was sharply critical of the top level weekend conference in Honolulu and said commitments made by the . A should have been brought Back for ratification by Congress. A the president must be held to an accounting for his evasion of constitutional responsibility Quot Morse said. The Oregon senator said americans would never support a land War in Asia of they knew All of the facts. A simply stated we Are fighting a unilateral War in Viet Nam that is militarily impractical politically foolish and morally Morse also bitterly attacked South vietnamese Premier by and said a a Here a one senator who a not going to let that Little tyrant decide How Many american boys died in a the american people Are sitting on a razors Edge Quot Morse said. A the policy of our government is bound to Lead us into War with China if escalation in Viet Nam continues. He said if China enters the War a commitment of 3 million american troops would be needed within two years. A we done to have the resources to fight such a War Quot Morse said. Morse also said the . Has been As guilty As the communists in violating the Geneva treaty which ended the fighting Between the vietnamese and the French in 1954. A every gun every bit of ammunition in Viet Nam is a violation of that treaty Quot Morse said. A the treaty guaranteed free election in Viet Nam in 1956 and we stopped the elections. A we were afraid that to Chi Minh would win. What a Black Day. The world knows it but too Many americans done to. It was one of the blackest Days in american Morse said the . Should a Stop the escalation work for a cease fire get other countries to help keep the peace and exhaust the procedures of the United nations. A now that you be been to Honolulu or. President you ought to go to new York City Quot he said. A sets the male Ostrich incubates the eggs not the female. Program which he described As a a program of the politicians by the politicians and for the he said the United states still has too much poverty but that it has far less than any other country because of the Success of private Enterprise. Bond Appeal rejected by . Court Many Vermont residents protest proposed Cable to restrictions portable to 149.95 wry a e. T. Williams opposite Vermont soldiers Home phone 2-6858 Atlanta up a a Federal appeals tribunal ruled thursday that the Georgia legislature had a Legal right to reject negro rep elect Julian Bond because of his opposition to the draft and the War in Viet Nam. Bond criticized the three judge panel for being a unwilling or unable to protect the democratic process Quot and said he would Appeal to the supreme court where he was confident of Victory. The special court in a 2 to i decision dismissed As a without Merit Quot Bonds argument that the Section of the Georgia Constitution giving the legislature authority to judge the qualifications of its members was illegal. During Oral arguments on the Case earlier this month the court eliminated race As a major Factor in Bonds rejection by the Georgia House by a 185-12 vote. The court noted that nine other negroes had been seated by the legislature. Judges Griffin Bell of the . 5th circuit court of appeals and Lewis r. Morgan of the . District court said the Central Issue of the controversy was whether Bonds statements a were so repugnant to and inconsistent with his oath As to make it apparent he could not honestly take the oath Quot As a legislator. Chief judge Elbert Tuttle of the circuit court said a i am convinced that Bond was illegally deprived of his seat. And that this court should so Bond is unopposed in a special election feb. 23, five Days after adjournment of the legislature to fill the House he was overwhelmingly elected from a predominantly negro District in Atlanta during a reapportionment election last year. Bond had backed a statement by the student nonviolent a acc which was highly critical of . Policy in Viet Nam and called upon youths to evade the draft. Bond information director of a acc later said he a admired the courage Quot of persons who burned their draft cards. The appeals court noted this in its decision and added that Bond a stated that As a pacifist he was eager and anxious to encourage people not to participate in the War in Viet Nam or in any other War for any reason that they choose a a the Congress has the obligation under the Federal Constitution for providing for the common defense of this nation. The selective service system is a part of that defense. We Are committed in Viet Nam Quot the court $50,000 for mrs. Kennedy s . Office Washington up a president Johnson has included in his budget requests $50,000 to operate the new York office of mrs. John f. Kennedy for one More year. Congress is not required to maintain an office for the widow of the late president but presumably will continue to vote funds for her As Long As she and Johnson desire. The former first lady found it necessary to maintain an office with three secretaries to handle the heavy volume of mall she receives. North Bennington Road Quot a Bennington. It. Del Monte peas 17 of. Can Washington up a expected restrictions on Community Antenna television service by the Federal communications commission acc has touched off a National letter writing Campaign of protest. As a result the acc has postponed imposition of the restrictions for reconsideration. New proposals presumably for somewhat less stringent restrictions were expected to be presented to rep Hailey o. Staggers, chairman of the House interstate and foreign Commerce committee before going into effect. Congressmen have received As Many As 7,000 to 8,000 letters protesting the proposed restrictions. Even Vermont with a population of Only about 400,000 dumped 3,300 letters on rep. Robert t. Stafford a it. At the same time he received Only 63 letters about Viet Nam. Most of the letters had been mimeographed and apparently delivered to subscribers of the 17 Community Antenna television companies in Vermont Complete with envelopes addressed to their Lone congressman. At the same time the various firms ran newspaper ads urging people to Quot write your congressman Quot until finally better to inc in Bennington took advertising space in the Banner to give a a report to Cable television users Quot and noted that congressman Stafford had received a Quot flood Quot of letters Quot in fact had received so Many that he now finds it impossible to answer each one on an individual basis no More Are required Quot rep. William d. Hathaway a Maine received More than 4,000 letters Many mimeographed and stating they were from subscribers to the Community Antenna service. All but suicide verdict doubted new York up a an autopsy by american experts on the body of Newcomb Mott a casts serious doubt Quot Ai the soviet explanation that Mott killed himself a lawyer for the Mott family said thursday. Mott 27, died last month while he was on a train in route to a soviet prison. He had been convicted of illegally entering the country from Norway. The russians said Mott slashed his Throat. The body was returned to the United states and a group of distinguished pathologists from Massachusetts and Rhode Island concluded an autopsy report a few Days ago. Francis w. H. Adams a former new York City police commissioner who is acting As attorney for the Mott family said a the pathologists concluded that while the wounds were the Type compatible with self infliction they also were consistent with infliction by other persons. Quot they the pathologists were greatly hampered by the failure of the soviet government to provide any authentic information. Concerning the events surrounding the Adams said the relationship Between the pathological findings and the temperament and background of the Sheffield mass., Man a casts serious doubt on the claim of the soviet officials that or. Motto a death was a Sale Glen Raven Panti legs us pm seamless Micro Clear Reg. S3 or. $039 or. Hosiery dept. Lost in the flood of mail were most television stations is less than 30 letters on \ Iet through Cable television com Nam panties. Fees for the service Maine s population is just in i Jey and be resulted Der i million. For Many re i in go efforts to get state dents of both \ Ermont and regulations imposed on the com Maine their Only Access to panels weekend special baked Swiss Steak $ 1.95 seafood plaster $ 1.95 both Complete Dise ers ver Mont rest a rant North Street Bennington it. Save Money with the combination Purchase of the a special a package Price $ 98 Hagerty Silver duster Silver foam 7 of. Jar tarnish preventative 8 of regular $4.96 value Noveck Shultz 411 main or. Oziri 2-6926 lovers husbands grandsons granddaughters nephews pieces not necessarily in that order o4 la Entine Day Story for you a a done to be caught if you give her just one More Box of Candy she a going co wind up this Valentines Day. 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