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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 10, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Is Spring Here Cloudy and not so cold tonight with a few showers in the North portions. Lowest temperatures will be 35 to 40. Friday Cloudy and mild with showers. Yesterdays High 38 Low 22. Today at 7 . 32. Sunset 5 14 p.m., Sunrise 6 57 . Benning Bennington Vermont thursday february to 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,988 to cents Cable to under acc scrutiny Washington up a Community Antenna television cat a television by product that has snowballed into a National controversy came under the critical scrutiny of the Federal communications commission acc today. The acc planned a closed meeting on the Issue. Commission chairman e. William Henry was undecided when he would have a statement on the proceedings. Today s session was not a hearing and be witnesses were scheduled. The pc cd a study of Caty was undertaken with a wary Eye on Capitol Hill where pressure has mounted for and against proposed controls of the system. Cat picks up commercial television shows and relays them by Cable or microwave units to subscribers who pay an average of $5 a month for the service. Some aspects of the system have already been ruled on by the commission. It said in april 1958, that cat did not fall under a common Carrier classification of acc regulations. The Agency ruled More recently however that it had jurisdiction Over Cable systems see Cable to Page 16, col 5 Bennington a shortchanged in Road Compromise Deal by Philip Savory on lilt to Saigon in Honolulu South Viet names chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu . Vice president Hubert Humphrey South Viet Premier Nguyen Cao by and mrs. By pose wednesday for photo just prior to boarding a plane for Saigon to wage a War and up differs from the Hoff Bill which the appropriations committee is Striction on . 7. Humphrey arrives in Viet Nam As great society representative anti american molts riot in Santo Domingo Santo Domingo up a renewed violence and gunfire swept Santo Domingo today. A policeman was shot to death by snipers the third officer to be killed Here in 24 hours. The renewed terrorism came in the Wake of wednesday s Street fighting in which at least seven persons were killed and 45 wounded. One policeman was drenched with gasoline and burned to death by the infuriated mobs. Residents in the downtown area this morning reported gunfire erupting from different sectors of the City. They said the Only movement in the streets was that of crouched figures scurrying from doorway to doorway. Leftist labor unions called a general strike but there was no apparent indication of its effectiveness. Leftist students proclaimed three Days of mourning for the civilians killed wednesday. The government meanwhile promised an official investigation. Saigon up a vice pres War against social and econ Dent Hubert h. Humphrey Omic ills in Viet Nam. He was arrived in Saigon today with a shielded by thousands of troops pledge to wage Quot a vigorous and police protecting him from communist terrorists. The vice presidents White House jetliner touched Down at suburban Tan son Nhut Airport at 4 ., est after a flight across the Pacific from Honolulu. Arriving with Humphrey were South vietnamese Premier Nguyen Cao by chief of state Hguyen Van Thieu . Secretary of agriculture Orville Freeman and others who attended the Honolulu conference with president Johnson earlier this week. Humphrey received the most elaborate Welcome to Saigon in the memory of longtime Western residents including a 21-gun Salute from four 155mm howitzers. A my Mission is not military a he told reporters during a 3,800-mile flight from Honolulu. A a in a Here As a representative of the a great society a a Multi service vietnamese those circumstances included the Dee pending . Involvement in South Viet Nam in the past year the changing military situation political upheavals in Saigon the peace offensive that failed and president resignation from the Council. The governor was not apprised Montpelier a gov. Philip of the Council s moves until h. Hoff and Bennington county thursday morning legislators were hopping mad said Hoff of the Compromise thursday Over a Compromise a a a had hoped Bennington county Deal cooked up late thursday would remain a part of Vermont evening that was described by but it won t under the substitute rep. Joseph j. Caracciola of Bennington As Quot shortchanging Quot Hoff said he does t think any Bennington county in a proposed administration a backed Bill can accelerated Highway improve now get fair treatment in a hut ment program. Land newspaper that has con Hoff said the Compromise plan tinally pressed for regional cooked up by officials of the re Highway development in its area Vional Highway Council and rep. He pledged to continue to fight currently considering in that it h. Ward Bedford of Cornwall for the program when it comes does not specify four Lane con chairman of the appropriations to the House for action committee late thursday evening was a Quot political expediency package Quot that Quot relegates Bennington to another angered by the new proposal which reduces the governors $34 million bonding program to a $23.8 million package rep. Caracciola characterized the Man Euver As Quot nothing but the same proposal we successfully fought two weeks ago Only this one has More sugar in ident Johnson proposed to one of those briefed on the Quot i won t buy it Quot Caracciola Congress today a world wide program last week said that if said. Quot it does t list specific a War on hunger a keyed to it lived up to expectations it construction projects for the maximum use of . Farm would county and eliminates the pro capacity and self help by posed reconstruction of . 7 developing nations from Pownal to Rutland As a in a special a food for four Lane Freedom message to the it was also apparent the wild instead it Calls for Accel Era Seward a Bedford Deal was Tion on All 657 Miles of ver dished up without the knowledge months arterial roads a the of the Council s official lobbyist worst half to be done by 1972. Robert Eldredge of Montpelier members of the regional High who testified earlier in the Day Way Council of Western Vermont for the governor s $34 million who have been arguing for some program other persons in sort of drastic acceleration said eluding former gov. F. Ray wednesday night it was obvious Keyser or. Had testified yester the a a worst half was inthe West Day in favor of the Hoff program pm part of the state. As it was originally written. The substitute which Bedford in essence the Compromise will bring thursday morning flu lbs starts world a War on hunger Washington up pres rep. Mark Andrews r-n.d., help prevent such conflicts As the Viet Nam War in the future. Andrews said the program a is aimed at developing Agricula the Compromise proposal House and Senate Johnson said Tural industries and there is allow the following according to wild 1. Two lanes on route 7 from pierces Corner in Clarendon to Manchester. 2. Two lanes on a four Lane right of Way from Manchester to Bennington. 3.four lanes on route 7 from Rutland to Clarendon. 4. Four lanes on route 4 from Rutland to the new York state line. 5. Enough for some unspecified improvement North of Rutland. 6. A $6.8 million undertaking see Road Page 16, col. 5 two survive project Delta american peace Force who was wounded when a terrorist threw a hand grenade into his jeep. The rioters severely damaged an unmarked . Automobile after beating up its Driver. They tried to set fire to two Canadian embassy cars but were driven off by a . Patrol. U i photographer Julio Pimental was manhandled but not seriously Hurt by rioters when he tried to take pictures of the mob attack on the policeman who was burned to death. Two neg television cars were hit by gunfire during the Day but the occupants escape injury. The trouble started Early wednesday when about 800 teenagers gathered outside the dominican a White House a ostensibly to protest alleged government coolness toward the leftist a dominated University Council. The demonstration quickly which apparently has the bless he was ordering a to per cent ing of House speaker Richard increase in the 1966 Rice Johnson a interest in fighting Mallary came at a meeting be acreage allotment government disease ignorance and poverty tween Bedford and Seargent p. Purchase of limited amounts of at Home and abroad. Wild editorial writer of the rut Dairy products and actions to Humphreys immediate goal land Herald and Roland q. Increase soy bean production in is to hold talks in Viet Nam Seward of Wallingford former 1966. Between now and sunday on gop state chairman. Both Are the president proposed a ways to implement the social officials in the regional High number of Steps to broaden and and economic programs an Way Council. According to Carac revise the old a food for peace bounced during the vietnamese Ciola also a member of the program by changing its very leaders meeting with president Council he was kept in the dark nature from one which had Johnson in Honolulu Early this regarding the plans until the Deal been based on shipments of week. Had been made. He threatened . Crop surpluses instead Johnson said the new a food for Freedom concept must drive at helping hungry nations to feed themselves. At the same time the president said he wanted the new program overseas Cash american farm products. In his budget for the 1967 where trouble under the old ways always Mission poll tax hit flawed Iii Texas filibuster gag fails in 14-b repeal attempt Austin Tex. Up a Texas poll tax does not a a seriously discriminate against negroes but it is still unconstitutional a three judge Federal court ruled wednesday. Saigon up a at least 22 me milers of the elite . Special forces May have been killed or captured during an Advance patrol in the an lao Valley Region this week it was Learned today. The communist stronghold later was occupied by Allied troops without a fight. There were Only two known survivors from among three teams of the hand picked Green the poll tax is an a invalid Beret troops attached to the top Washington up a the military guard stood in two Senate closed the lid today on ranks stretching More than too Yards from the vice presidents plane to the airports vip lounge. The ramp also was decorated with four highly polished tanks. About 1,000 vietnamese schoolgirls Clad in traditional White tunics and translucent pantaloons stood nearby waving tiny . And vietnamese flags. The coffin of president Johnson s Bill to nullify state Quot right to work Quot Laws. The action came on a Roll Call vote which fell Short of the two thirds majority needed to Cut off a filibuster against a motion to consider the Bill. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said earlier that the Bill would be Laid aside fiscal year beginning next july there was no indication i Johnson has programmed Senate leaders would try to $1.6 billion for the food climb Hill 14-b again this allotment arrangements less session. Than in the current year but charge on one of our most precious rights the right to vote a the judges said in a to build new unanimous opinion markets Quot for the United political organization a predominantly negro group hailed the decision. A i done to know if there will be More voting a said t. D. Armo Strong of Galveston vice president of the Upo Quot but there will certainly be More the vote was 50-49 in favor of according to the president a qualified to vote. You would be ending the filibuster 16 votes More effective Way of solving Short of the number needed. The worlds hunger problems. Surprised How much that $1.50 keeps people from streets throughout Saigon itself for the remainder of this although wednesday s mobs took on a pro communist anti shouted repeatedly a kill All american tone. At one Point Yankees a almost All of the the youths called for a moment casualties were dominican. The of silence in mourning for one known exception was a communists killed in Viet brazilian officer of the inter Nam. Were decked with banners proclaiming vietnamese determination to resist communism. Much history and Many changing circumstances brought Humphrey to Saigon with by and Thieu. High school students involved in . State narcotics Case the schools were boys school authorities reported and on week medium Security institution Southern Vermont lawmakers predict passage of legislation session if he failed in today s Effort to get it moving. It was Mansfield s second unsuccessful attempt this week Colonie . A two Shak on the a near critical list in to Cut off the filibuster which or High school students and an an area Hospital had snarled the Bill for 15 Days. Albany druggist were arrested state narcotics agents Identa his gag motion received a 51 to wednesday and 20 other students fled the drugs As being the Type 48 vote tuesday 15 votes Short of the schools Junior and sen commonly found in pharmacies of the required two thirds for High school division have and that when taken excessively the students was addicted but margin to close off debate. Been suspended a a indefinitely cause the user to have Galluci that some would require treat secret project Delta group. A special forces team has eight to 12 members and sometimes 15 to 20. Disclosure of the incident was made at an lao 310 Miles Northeast of Saigon where almost 20,000 Allied troops this week chased three communist regiments without Success. Hundreds of Viet Cong and North vietnamese regulars were killed earlier in the fighting to the South. . Officials declined to discuss the special forces disaster in detail because project Delta is classified. It was Learned that one of the survivors seriously wounded and hospitalized in the Philippines with 16 Bullet and shrapnel wounds was maj. Charles Beckwith of Atlanta a. Beckwith performed heroically last november when the ends they would hitch hike out of communists tried to overrun town to make their purchases the pie me special forces officials said that none of outpost in the Central High lands. The Camp withstood Viet Cong and North vietnamese by Jerry Fenn Brattleboro reformer Montpelier to 27-year-Olds at Issue. For found it too prison like. For sought to emphasize in once the sub Stead rehabilitation with Correl Jet of heated controversy the tonal Short term Camps and Bill asking $1.25 million for con diagnostic treatment facilities Striction of a medium Security among other things. Institution for Youthful offenders is ruffling few feathers now there Are five key provisions in the Bill As changed which that it has been altered by com is expected by Whitaker to come Muttee tailors a and its passage out of the appropriations Corn in the House probably next week is expected by the lower chamber s majority Leader rep. Law Mittee today or Friday. A construction of a Youthful offenders facility now Amend lied with the for group and who described herself As the Quot Beach healer Quot in carrying on Liaison Between the opposing factions said she Hopes the measure will not come to the House floor for action next week. Her reasoning she said was that she would like to see it come to a head together with two other correctional Bills a neither very far into committee consideration. One provides funds for work counselling centers the other for the administration also failed from classes As the result of a nations become belligerent and ment of one form or another be artillery and suicide squad last october to halt a similar state police investigation with in some cases dangerous. The fore they would be re admitted attacks for More than a week filibuster. The vote on mans the assistance of school author drugs can cause death they re to school. . Air Power inflicted heavy Field s motion then was even cities into the use of narcotics ported if taken in excessive state police said their invest losses on the communists and Short of a majority�?45 to 47. By the students. Doses or too frequently. Tig Atlon in the Case is still cot Beckwith and a handful of the earlier votes made arrested on charges of Forg All of those suspended from to suing americans and vietnamese today a action a foregone ing prescriptions for obtaining held the Camp. Conclusion. But the Advance drugs were Michael Oliver 19, notice did not Lessen the of Latham and William t. Leon magnitude of the defeat suf Ard 17, of Loudonville. Also feed by president Johnson arrested was Henry Dargan 35, and More especially organized owner of a pharmacy at 55 North labor. Swan Street Albany. Further darkening the pros Oliver was arrested at his pets of the measure Long a Home while Dargan and Leon major goal of organized labor Ard were arrested in the phar was the fact that All the debate Macy As the student was making rence e. Franklin r-66, of Gull de to be built rather then Stanford. Quot there s no question passage ing that a seem to be to Date has been merely on Mansfield s motion that the Senate consider the Bill. More unfettered talk would ensue on the Bill itself even if cloture were applied. The Bill would repeal Section 14-b of the Taft Hartley act. Under that provision 19 states have enacted Laws however named prohibiting labor Man de. No location is specified about a authority to establish and Quot said Franklin observe operate Short term residential the opposing forces or non residential treatment Cen added Quot it s something required this has been general knowledge for some rep. Harold Whitaker r-59, of Newfane vice chairman of the House institutions committee which gave the Bill a unanimously favourable report before it went to the appropriations committee agrees it will pass the House. The friends of rehabilitation for fought the original administration Bill which a As Whit Aker says a Quot envisioned Large facility at Windsor Quot for the 16 he ter for Youthful offenders under a Pilot program that would see minimal custody. A an accent on added diagnostic treatment. A a setting up of machinery to assure that Youthful offenders will be sent to the appropriate facility. In a sampling of attitudes on the Bill six Southern Vermont House members were questioned yesterday. Most thought the Bill will pass. Most said they favor it. But rep. Kenalene Collins r-32, of Readsboro closely Al an Independent institutions Board gement Quot Union shop Quot agree to work on rehabilitation. Ments which require that mrs. Collins who skirted a employees join a Union within a question on How she would vote specified period usually on the medium Security Bill Days. Agreed the two factions Are pretty much together now but said 12 More probation officers should. A a i in the inside be added not six. And she scored the institutions department on this matter for Quot inadequate the Readsboro Republican said that a joint Resolution going now to the judiciary committee of the House will be asked that proposes use of funds from the department of Justice under the Law enforcement assistance act see institution Page 16, col. 6 Dorset May be the envy of the county a tax rate Down a Page 8. Manchester school budget goes up a Page 8. North Village youngsters enjoy a concert a Page 9. Ifs charter night for Shaftsbury scouts a Page to. A Purchase with a forged prescription. Upon arraignment in Albany police court Dargan pleaded guilty to dispensing an exempt narcotic cough Medicine to a person under 21 years of age. His arrest is the first in the state under a Law passed last year by the legislature at the instigation of gov. Nelson Rockefeller and which became effective Jan. I. State police say the Inves-30 ligation was begun More than a week ago when an Alert Mother called the troopers and reported her suspicions that students were a getting looped with the use of narcotics. State police with the cooperation of school officials and the state narcotics control Bureau Learned that the students involved were purchasing exempt narcotic cough syrups and taking Quot healthy swigs to feel High. Forged prescriptions were used police said to obtain Tranquili Zers depressants and sleeping pills. At least two of the students became seriously ill and one was tear Gas Advance a . Army 1st cavalry division trooper wearing a Gas mask moves warily through a tear Gas filled Village in the an Loa Valley of South Viet Nam wednesday in a sweep of the area which has been a longtime stronghold of the communists but which found Only Friendly villagers old men women and children. Up

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