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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 28, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner saturday december 28, 1963 Rod and gun the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials educational antiquities hardly a Day goes by that we done to read something about what educators describe As the a a crisis in education. It seems everyone is concerned not Only in Bennington but throughout the nation with the inadequacies of our educational system. The talk flows without end and from the talk some measure of Progress is achieved. While the town of Bennington a problems in education Are Well known Little has been made of educational problems in the North Shire deficiencies in the educational system exist there As much perhaps As anywhere else in Vermont. Two weeks ago Robert b. Vail referred to inadequacies in the schools he supervises in the North Shire. He told the state Board of education that inequities in educational opportunities in his District Are a a fantastic and he added a i fear they grow worse each even the Best educational program in his supervisory District he said was years away from being As Good As that of a top notch school system. These Are the words of a Man to speak out against what he believes is a crisis in his own educational Back Yard. Elsewhere in the Banner today Are photographs of one of the one room school systems or. Vail supervises. The Sunderland schools were not picked As bad examples but ones that typify the average one room schools in Vermont. The schools Are no disgrace. They Are clean warm and children do get taught there. The question is Are the children being exposed to sufficient education to enable them to graduate and either gain Entrance to College or find a suitable Job in this space age society the question also is does the one room school system give the children All the opportunities they deserve and need to equip them for life in the 1980s? or. Vail thinks not and we agree. The number of one room schools in Vermont has been declining at an encouraging rate but enough of them Are still left to give some concern. There Are those Here in Bennington county and in Vermont who stubbornly oppose elimination of the one room schoolhouses. They refer to these institutions As the Backbone of our nation a place where firm moral character has been and can be developed a place where a Good education can be had even better than in larger consolidated schools. These arguments reflect a nostalgia for the Good old Days times when there was no cold War no Jet planes rockets and even no cars or automatic washers. Times have changed and the one room school must change with the times. What once was perfectly suitable for educational needs in the 1880s just wont suffice for educational needs in the 1980s. Why not there Are More things that need to be taught must be taught and taught at an earlier age. This Means that children today have to be exposed to much much More in education than was even dreamed about 30 years ago or even to years ago. It Means that one room schools just Arentt equipped with available teaching staff the libraries the visual aids laboratories and equipment that Are the tools in providing excellence in education. The newer schools with their ther Opane expanses their pastel coloured Walls do not in themselves guarantee Good education but they Are one of the tools that Lead to Good education. Construction of new schools wisely planned and geared to future needs have proved to be Worth the Public investment in other areas. The same holds True for schools in Sunderland Manchester and in Bennington. The trend toward larger consolidated schools May be deplored but they Are the Only Type of educational facility devised that can be staffed and equipped to meet modern educational needs. Experience in new York state has demonstrated that regional school districts Are workable and a Large step toward providing excellence in education. Or. Vail suggests the most frightening aspect of the educational problems in Vermont is that in spite of the places where Progress has been made we in Vermont Are falling further behind other places in the nation. Even where there is evidence of improvement he says the rate of this improvement is not keeping up with advances made elsewhere. A frankly we Are failing behind not Only in comparison with other areas but More important in respect to the growing need of our this is the Way or. Vail sums up the situation in his Home District and his words apply equally to other areas of Vermont. We Are going to have to take some giant Steps soon in improving educational opportunities if Vermont is o keep Pace with educational developments throughout the nation. Vermonters should awaken and recognize the deficiencies in our educational system. There is no other area that needs More attention and attention right now. There has been Progress but conditions in general Are deplorable. We agree with or. Vail that vermonters need to be shocked into meeting their responsibilities for the youth of this state. Once the Public is aware of the needs in our educational system the resistance to change will dissolve and the giant step toward the consolidation of our school districts can be accomplished. We Salute or. Vail for his courage in speaking out at a time when courageous talk is required and demanded. Cars can be had nowadays that will do almost anything by pushing a Button except Knock off the gunk that collects under the fenders in wintertime. A Rutland size smaller but it s popular just Mote visiting editor the reasons Why sen. Coldwater has plummeted in popularity by Ralph Mcgill Atlanta a. For some of americans politicians the Post effect of the dreadful historical event of the assassination of president John Kennedy has been almost cruel. The Public image of the Ross Barnetts and George wallaces has shrunk and they Are seen More plainly for what they were and Are in american life. The political fortunes of sen. Barry Coldwater have taken a precipitate drop. We see quite clearly that the senators strength did not derive from himself. A of various groups had selected or. Coldwater As More representative of their hostilities. Now president Kennedy is gone. And the senators strength plummets. The nonexistent entity that so glibly is called a the South a which was supposed to fall like a Ripe Georgia peach into the senators Lap will not now do so a or so say various prophets who recently were declaring that Coldwater would capture a a the Why he is the same senator. He is one May presume still in favor of integration and states rights which meant allowing the Barnetts and wallaces to do just As they pleased about the rights of citizens. He is still a emr. he still is the favorite of the extreme right. Why. The answer plainly is that those who have quit in such numbers were never for him. They were against Kennedy. And we have Nowa new measure of the late president. A of John f. Kennedy did inspire the american people. Millions did react a some so unconsciously that they did not know it until his death a to his style his restraint and most of All his steel like strength. This was precisely what made those who done to really Trust the american Promise or dream and the nations constitutional guarantees so afraid of him. This was what made some hate him. It was what made the More extreme right Wing hate groups for example put out pamphlets Reading a impeach the traitor John f. Kennedy for giving Aid and Comfort to the enemies of the at the top of the pamphlet was the drawing of a Hangman a noose. When the russian ships turned around in the Atlantic and or. Khrushchev moved to take his missiles out of Cuba we had another example of that strength. Out of this came the test ban treaty and a Chance for nuclear peace. A of by no Means All those who opposed president Kennedy were of the extreme right. They were against him for Many reasons. Some curiously enough hated him because of taxes. It is one of the Phenomena of our times that men who grew wealthy during the Roosevelt years and since somehow feel that Only their own Genius has made their Success possible. They take it As a per Sonal matter and hate the government that takes part of their earnings in taxes. That some of the More successful men in professions and business feel that their country is against them because it taxes them is one of the More revealing facts of our present society a paradoxical though the facts Are. Mostly of course the opposition to president Kennedy grew out of his defense of civil rights. His speech of last june was unanswerable. He said a if an american because his skin is dark cannot eat lunch in a restaurant open to the Public of he cannot Send his children to the Best Public school available of he cannot vote for Public officials who represent him if in Short he cannot enjoy the full and free life which All of us want then who among us would be Content to have the color of his skin changed and stand in his place who among us would then be Content with counsels of patience and delay a the measure of John f. Kennedy is spotlighted by those who have lost stature merely because he a their target a is the borderline Effie gets a Bobcat by Roy Marsden there is a lingering effect of last Falls extreme dry weather to be found in this years crop of Christmas Trees. Last sunday afternoon my son Doug and i went to Camp at Peru to Cut our tree and after looking Over several we decided pm a Nice Balsam. When we got it Home and placed in the living room we noticed it was shedding Needles which is uncommon for a tree of this species. Closer examination showed that the Needles were Brittle and if we Hadnot Cut our own tree i would have bet that it had been Cut for a month or More. Balsams Arentt the Only Trees to show the effects of Lack of water during their growing season. Spruce Trees show Small Brown knobs in places where new growth started and then died for Lack of sufficient water. This is probably an indication that All Trees made very Little new growth last season. In looking for our tree Doug and i went Over some of the country we travelled last Deer season and we saw Deer tracks in the Snow where no signs were visible in november. There is a Well beaten Deer path Between our Camp and the Spring some 20 feet away. There Are Deer tracks All around Camp and Down the path from our parking lot to the Camp. If there had been As Many Deer that close to Camp during the season we would have been Able to shoot ours from the porch. What has happened is that the Deer have moved into the area in search of food. There Are several Apple Trees nearby around which the Snow has been pawed away Down to the Earth by Deer searching for apples hidden under the Snow. Lack of a Supply of food in the deep Woods will make it difficult for Deer to find sufficient sustenance this Winter and i m afraid they Are facing a Winter when starvation will take a larger than usual toll. A v a a week ago Cecil Greene stopped at my House to show me a Bobcat his brother Donald had shot that Day. This was the third cat to fall before done a dogs and gun this season and it was an a old smokers As Cecil so aptly put it. This cat weighed about thirty pounds and must have been nearly four feet Long when held at arms length. I was told that when the cat was jumped from ifs nest there were two red Squirrel tails and the remains of a White Rabbit left behind. Don Hunts cats with the same j dogs he uses for Coon Hunting. One of his dogs Effie will gnaw at the base of a tree Coon was up she does the same thing when she Trees a cat but in a bigger Way. She will bite off the Small limbs within reach of her jump As Well As biting savagely at the bark on the trunk. Effie is a Hunter from the tip of her nose to the end of her Tail As Well As being a All Wool and a Yard wide to Boot. I have seen pictures of red foxes up a tree but it was generally a tree like the Apple tree with Low branches within easy reach of a foxes jumping Range. However until this week i have never heard of a Fox being shot some 30 feet from the ground. The first one was shot by Arite Greene. It was a Woods Grey and was in a tall Pine tree with no Low branches. The other one was shot by one of his sons. This one was also a Woods Grey and was shot from an Ash tree. A of As the year comes to a close a backward glance at the world of the Hunter and Fisherman might be appropriate. Trout fishing held up Well during the summer in spite of the Low water that plagued most streams along toward the latter part of the season. I did no to hear about any record breaking Trout taken this year in the world famous Batten kill River but those fishermen who know this Stream had fairly consistent Luck. The fall season on Birds and squirrels was shortened due to the closing of the Woods in october. There seemed to be a Good Supply of these species to Hunt but Mother nature stepped in and protected them by bringing on dry weather so that closing of the Woods was necessary. Next year there should be an abundant number of partridges and squirrels unless we get a wet Spring which can be just As detrimental to the Birds As their natural enemies and unless the Grey squirrels decide to forsake this area by mass migration which sometimes happens. The Deer Hunters were plagued by warm wet weather in the regular season which was reflected in the reduced kill. The Bow Hunters were delayed by dry weather and then beset with Snow and cold weather when their season came along. Happy new year. Borderline booze business bubbles Williamstown mass. This is the season of Wassail. Although the old English word has Many meanings the most popular picture it paints is of an Iron pot simmering in a Crane Over an open Christmas fire. A retired architect a student of elizabethan drinking songs tried several times to make it a this bubbling brew in which Rosy Cral it apples bobbed. During prohibition he found Many takers. He substituted Karo syrup for Mead Home brew for ale and ens Ilage juice for liquor. Only the Cinnam Mon Sticks and crab apples were Bona fide. It was horrible. Today the assailing habit prevails at this season of the year but the Means Are not Only More available but More potable. A situation is created Here on the borderline however where less than a half mile separates two liquor stores operating under entirely different setups a and Price Scales. Williamstown a Massachusetts town Sells its liquor Beer and wine through a system of privately operated liquor stores. Prices adhere to a monthly posted set of fair Trade figures set by the state Board of alcohol control. Vermont peddles its booze through state stores and its Beer and wine via Gro very stores. Newest addition to the Vermont system is a state store in Pownal. On . 7 near Green Mountain Park it was established As a convenience to the racing crowd and according to the Vermont liquor control commission is proving successful As a year round venture. A spokesman unquote the position of the labor movement has got to be that there must be a Job for every american whether he is White or Black or Brown or yellow because there is no other answer. A Walter Heather to the a Al Cio convention. Montpelier said the stores Gross sales for the five months from july i to dec. I totalled $155,-923 a about a $30,000 a month average he added. The store at Pownal differed from the one in Bennington which is a full fledged state Agency manned by state employees. In Pownal the building is owned by the Tornabene and the entire liquor inventory belongs to the state. Mrs. Vera Tornabene the proprietor receives 31/2percent on All sales. In the five months of the stores operation she has netted about $900 a month. In addition she Sells Beer and wine on which the profit is considerably More. Just who spent that $155,923 in Pownal in the five month period is cause of concern in certain circles. The state store in Bennington is hewing closely to its established level of $1 million a year in receipts of which it estimates about $800,000 comes from new York and Massar Chusett. It reports it has Felt no effects from the Pownal venture. This reporter is inclined to go along with the stores belief that the bulk of its out of state sales go to new York. On the rare occasions he has stopped by to pick up the cats milk he has nearly been run Down by portly prosperous people lugging out expensive booze by the Case and planking it in cars with new York plates. New York like Massachusetts has privately operated stores which sell spirits at fixed prices a and the prices Are High even by Massachusetts standards. Package stores in Williamstown and North Adams say they have not Felt the Impact of the Competition from across the Border. Although the proprietors stoutly affirm that they abide by the fair Trade practices on pricing dealer has accused dealer in North Berkshire of cutting the Tariff. The Williamstown Board of selectmen which acts As the by Sumner Kean liquor Board recently bumped 1964 liquor License fees in the College town. This year common Victualler As Well As package stores paid $1,000 each. Because of the threat implied by the Vermont state store on the borderline the selectmen in their biennial rate boosts jumped the eating places to $1,200 but Laid off the stores. The retailers were grateful the restaurants resentful when one of the selectmen dropped into a bar recently for his usual 50-cent tipple he handed Over a rare $2 Bill and the bartender rang it All up remarking that the Price was Abuck a shot for him. Another move made by the Williamstown Board which has not endeared it to its licensees is the boost Given the newly established Taconic package store on . 7, just North of the settled areas of town and just South of the race track. This store has Only a seasonal liquor License april i to dec. I but has an All year Beer and wine ticket. This License was boosted from $250 to $400 and Drew a Roar from the proprietor most exposed of any Williamstown dealer to the ravages of North of the Border Competition. Undoubtedly some of the liquor sold at the state store goes South even when there is no race meet on. Although the Williamstown and North Adams store deny that they Are losing their business it is Likely that much of the state line booze is trickling into hearer. At the ver Mont state line store mrs. Vera Tornabene was something less than cooperative in answering questions about the business so this reporter had to copy Down the posted prices at the fully state owned and operated Bennington outlet for the purposes of this Story. The fact that dealers of All kinds paid the town of Williamstown an aggregate of More than $15,000 for the privilege of peddling booze is an indication of just what they consider the privilege Worth. Old Henry f. Long a one time Massachusetts tax commissioner tried not Only to protect the dealers but also i courage tax ducking citizens by taking the License numbers of cars whose owners bought North of the line in Vermont and More particularly new Hampshire. He then tried to Bill these buyers for the amount of the state liquor tax. He got nowhere and his deputies were pinched. Just what is the difference in Price in the first place there is no difference in the Price of Beer and wine North or South of the Border. Hard liquor such As sold in state stores and Bay state package stores shows these variations Massachusetts prices Are listed first scotch $6.75�? $5.45 Bourbon $4.50 a $3.85 cheap blend Rye $3.75 a $3.35 Gin $3.75 a $3.35. It adds up to about a Buck a bottle Price differential in the better brands but far less As you come Down the scale. Maybe vermonters will quit drinking when they realize How Little better off they Are than their brother Swiller South of the m or Apt calling a report from the English department of a High school in Brooklyn May offer some proof that students Are gaining an understanding of educational practice if not necessarily of the aesthetics of the literary classics. Having assigned the Reading of the concluding chapters of a tile Scarlet letter wherein Hester prynne devotes her efforts to saving others from the Low Road to Sinthe teacher asked one of the youngsters to provide a summary. A Chester prynne became a guidance Counselor a was the students succinct one sentence digest. A new York times

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