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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 30, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Cold partly Cloudy with a few Snow flurries occurring mainly in the higher terrain today. Turning colder with High 15 to 20 and Northwest winds 20 to 30 Miles an hour. Low tonight near Zero. Tuesday fair and cold. Yesterday s High 24 Low 6. Today at 7 ., 7. Sunset 4 23 . Sunrise 7 26 Bennington Bennington Vermont monday december 30, 1963 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,370 7 cents hotel fire worst tragedy in Jacksonville a history Jacksonville Fla. Apr ashes and blackened debris in the hotel Roosevelt a once grand ballroom held the secret today to the cause of a fire which left 21 dead and 66 injured. Flames burst out sunday morning in or around the main floor ballroom spewing heavy smoke and deadly gases upward through the 12-Story, 300-room hotel packed with nearly 500 Gator bowl weekend guests. Nineteen victims were asphyxiated by smoke and fumes. Sudden disaster struck on a brisk Calm sunday morning handing Jacksonville its worst tragedy in history. One woman died in a plunge from an upper Story window. An assistant fire chief died of a heart attack. Only the Cool efficiency of firemen and dramatic rescues by Navy helicopters of guests who fled to the roof averted a worse tragedy. The fashionable hotel on Adams Street near main Street was packed with 472 guests Many Here for Gator bowl week festivities which ended saturday night. Most deaths occurred above the eighth floor agonizingly out of reach of the City a two 100-foot Aerial ladder trucks. Among those rescued were miss America of 1964, Donna axum of Al Dorado Ark. The 21-year-old Beauty and her chaperone Lucile Previti were hospitalized overnight suffering with smoke inhalation. Miss axum smiling prettily from a Hospital bed said All she took with her when she fled in pyjamas slippers and a Beaver coat were a two pocketbooks and my business executives were among the dead. They included James Jackson Swick 59, owner president of Copeland sausage co. His wife Lorena Eaker Rena Swick 47, also was killed. The Swicks of Alachua Fla., had stayed in town after attending the Gator bowl football game. Another executive among the dead was Wade Hildinger of Buffalo n.y., vice president for sales of National Gypsum co. Mayor Haydon Burns commissioner of the police and fire departments said City fire marshals inspected the hotel within the past to Days and found it complied with All fire safety rules. A there is no negligence involved in this fire in any Way a the mayor said. A we know that the origin was in the ceiling of the ballroom but the cause has not yet been William h. Johnson who bought the Roosevelt in 1960 from the Meyer hotel Chain and spent $1 million renovating the 37-year-old Structure said a the hotel was As fireproof As you Flint-robbins9 inc. To close Down soon flirt and Robbins inc. Will cease operations when present orders Are completed Early in january according to an announcement made today to the company a employees by e. Ford Robbins vice president and general manager. Loss of one of the company a principal customers earlier this year and the highly competitive conditions now prevailing in the Needle trades Industry was the basis for the company decision to close according to Robbins. The firm located on Ben Mont Avenue first began operations Here la years ago it has produced infants Wear. Its work Force which has fluctuated Over the years at times reached a High of about 125 persons but currently is about 50 people. Although no official word was forthcoming from company officials it was understood on reliable authority that the plants equipment will be sold and the building will be made available for lease about feb. I. In making the announcement Robbins thanked the company a employees for their a splendid loyalty and he said that the decision to close had been reached a with great reluctance and became final Only after business which the company expected to receive Early in Jai uary failed to materialize. Sculptor a ifs Simon Moselsio of old Bennington who died dec. 21, is shown in front of his a kinetic sculpture 1954 exhibited on the Lawn of the Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester in 1961. Simon Moselsio sculptor formerly of College Dies old Bennington a Simon Moselsio 73, sculptor Painter and retired member of the Bennington College faculty has died at his Home Here. Although or. Moselsio died dec. 21, and a private interment was held in Albany n.y., his wife Herta withheld word of his death until this weekend because she did not wish to spoil the Christmas Holiday of their friends. At her request his death was known Only to the family doctor and a few close friends. Or. Moselsio retired from Bennington College in 1960 after serving on the Art faculty since 1933, a year after the College was founded. Since his retirement he has devoted his time to painting. A realist in sculpture or. Moselsio was a Semi modernist in painting placing chief emphasis on the use of color in his non representational canvases. Simon Moselsio was born in Russia and educated in Europe. At an Early age he became a sculptors apprentice and was trained in Art at the Royal Academy of the Fine arts and the Kunst Gewere Schule in Berlin. He was a master scholar of prof. Janensch and gained practical knowledge in the carving of Stone by studying with Arbeny. He also studied Anatomy with prof. Hans Virchow. In Berlin he exhibited at the Grosse Berliner Kunst Austel lung and at the secession and in other German cities. Or. Moselsio was known for his versatility with different mediums of sculpture. He liked to select the material that would see Moselsio Page to col. 5 can get a building. It is a sad thing that those people did t stay in their rooms. A the smoke just built up and people panicked a Johnson said. He said he was not at the moment concerned about damage and had no accurate estimate. There is insurance he said but that he did no to know the extent of coverage. A woman who plunged to death when an improvised rope o sheets and blankets broke was identified As mrs. Marian f. Curry 43, of Santiago Chile and formerly of Greensboro . A medical examiner said she died of multiple fractures. Chief fire marshal e. C. Mcd e r in o n said asphyxiation caused most of the deaths. He said evidence indicated the Blaze began in or near the Emerald room a few Steps up see hotel fire Page to col. 5 Spencer seen not seeking re election Montpelier apr informed sources said today that John m. Spencer of c Cuttingsville will not seek re election As democratic state chairman. The election will be held sunday when the state committee meets Here. Spencer could not be reached for comment. On thursday a new candidate is expected to enter the race against t. Wesley Grady of Underhill gov. Hoff a former Secretary of civil and military affairs. Party sources would not identify the new candidate. George Shea of North Bennington and Kenneth Beckwith of Middlebury had previously expressed interest in the p o s t. Beckwith said today he no longer is an Active candidate. Shes was unavailable for comment. In Underhill Grady said h e would meet with party leaders tonight presumably t o discuss the new candidate. Greeks and turks agree on Cyprus Neutral zone an a news analysis 5 years with Castro leaves Mark on Cuba by William l. Ryan Fidel Castro a regime is 5 years old new years Day. His communist dictatorship in Cuba seems Messier than Ever. Judging from the regimes own accounts it combines the worst features of a 1948-style communist satellite with a superabundance of confusion. It has food shortages rationing High prices Low wages economic chaos and something looking like the beginning of a forced labor movement. Castro remains a menace in the eyes of most of the Ameri total eclipse of Moon seen in new England Boston apr the Earth moved Between the Sun and the Moon today and gave americans their second celestial show in six months a total eclipse of the Moon. The phenomenon started at 4 25 As the Moon entered the Umbra dark Shadow of the Earth and completely blanked out the Moon at 5 28 Clear skies Over new England gave astronomers and the curious an excellent View of the eclipse. Residents of Many other areas of North America and the West coast of South America were Able to see part of the 3v2 hour show although Cloud cover obscured the View in some regions. The Moon being full was very Bright providing a Sharp contrast Between the dark and lighted portions As the eclipse progressed through its stages. Cas. He is a source of satisfaction for the red chinese a necessary nuisance for the russians and a heavy Burden for Cuba. A military Parade a mass demonstration and a Long Castro speech will celebrate events of new years eve of 1958, when dictator Fulgencio Batista fled the Island leaving it to Castro a 26th of july guerrillas. So chaotic is the Economy that a recently promulgated Law of compulsory military service seemed an economic rather than a military measure. Floods in Early summer and Hurricane Flora later on left the Economy in an even More bewildering tangle than communism had produced by itself. There Are shortages of everything. Prices Are High wages Low and at that government taxes eat up 20 per cent of even the lowest wages. There Are constant campaigns against stealing embezzlement and similar crimes but even death sentences fail to Stem them. Castro leans toward the red chinese idea of violent revolution regardless of possible consequences As opposed to the Moscow idea of avoiding risk of International conflict. But Castro has Little Choice but to remain quiet in the dispute. His Moscow ties Are All that bolster his regime. He is in no position to give overt support to the red chinese. Little shavers Catania Sicily apr Marla Costa 16, wife of a Barber gave birth thursday to three girls her first children. Conference West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard left and president Lyndon Johnson meet for the third time in two Days at the presidents . Ranch near Johnson City Tex. Hermann Kusterer Counselor in the German foreign office Center acts As interpreter. Men in the background Are not identified. A photo a a full agreement reached at Johnson Erhard meeting 3 injured i critically in White Creek Accident a 32-year-old Bennington Man was reported in a a critical condition this morning at Albany medical Center where he was transferred sunday following an automobile Accident at 5 45 On the White Creek Road just Over the Vermont state line. Being treated for severe face lacerations and internal injuries is Edgar Hall 32, of main Street who was a passenger in a car with two other Bennington men which went off the Road Are struck a tree. According to new York police the cards operator Charles Knapp 32, of 710 main St., would be summoned for a later court appearance for driving without a License. Police also said that the third Man William Livingston 36, of the same address was the owner of the car and would be summoned for permitting an unlicensed Driver to operate the car. Knapp received a Cut nose and knee Livingston received a knee injury. Hall was taken to Putnam memorial Hospital by the Hoosick Rescue squad and later transferred to the Albany Hospital. Bennington Village police reported two accidents on saturday both involving relatively minor damage and no personal injuries. The first occurred about 2p.m. On main Street. Involved were James Pettus of Chapel Road driving a 1954 Ford and James of Cummings of Williamstown mass., who was driving a 1961 Chevrolet station Wagon. Pettus according to police was turning East onto main Street from school Street when he was in collision with Cummings who was proceeding West on main Street. The second Accident occurred about the same time at the Southwest end of the Brooklyn Bridge. Kathleen m. Hollister of Chapel Road driving a 1962 Plymouth was coming off the Bridge when the collision occurred with a 1950 Chevrolet driven by Emeline Jane Williams of Lyons District who was turning onto the Bridge off of county Street. on the inside Vermont far in labor Council to assess the states Progress Over last 25 years Page 3. An editorial discusses the proposal for regional tax assessment districts Page 4. Photo of this years teenage entourage at Greenwood Lodge in Woodford students of de Shear so Page 5. State police have Busy weekend coping with Auto accidents a Page to. Johnson City Tex. Apr president Johnson a first venture into the deep water of personal diplomacy was a Success according to German and american informants who had a part in his two Day meeting with West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. If nothing else the two new leaders in the West a struggle with the East got to know each other and reached a full agreement and the phrase is a Stock one in the copy Book of diplomats. But this time said Erhard a it is not a diplomatic statement. It is just the a communique issued sunday after their meetings declared that Johnson and Erhard were agreed a that it is highly important to continue to explore All opportunities for the improvement of East West relations the easing of tensions and the enlargement of the prospects of a peace that can be stable because it is this was qualified though with a declaration that there a should be no arrangements that would perpetuate a divided Germany. Erhard holding a news conference at austins Bergstrom air Force base just before his Jet transport left for Bonn emphasized a willingness to explore a new alleys that might leak Sank Thresher Lead to agreements with the soviet Union. The rotund Chancellor described his meeting of minds with Johnson on this subject As a a step Forward in View of the readiness to take new initiatives and to open discussions on possibilities that might some question about Erhard s enthusiasm toward East West talks was raised saturday night after his press Secretary Karl Gunther von Hase said the German Leader found soviet responses to conciliatory Western moves a not very it was said later however that Erhard had the Berlin and German problems uppermost in his mind in making the assessment. The Central issues at the conference were Trade and related economic questions rather than East West problems. German observers noted that Erhard was aware that French president Charles de Gaulle will not Likely be too pleased with the communiques urging greater economic integration of Europe and approving the . Position that both agricultural and Industrial products must be included in forthcoming Tariff cutting negotiations. The Trade talks Are scheduled for next Spring Between the United states and the european common Market Williamston negroes plan Rutland rally Rutland apr More than 40 negro youths from Williamston ., who have been involved in the integration Battle will hold a new years eve a Freedom rally Here. The two hour session at the mount St. Joseph auditorium will include speeches and songs. Many of the s nos were composed in Williamston a Martin county jail. Some of the negroes have been jailed up to six times for participating in civil rights demonstrations. The trip to Rutland is in re turn for a local ministers participation in a nov. 14 a Freedom March in Williamston. The Rev. Roger a. Macdonald of Rutland a Baptist Church was one of 14 new England ministers who were arrested during the demonstration. The Rev. Or. Macdonald said yesterday a the people of Rutland Are being provided with an Opportunity to get a close up View of one of the most crucial issues of the he said the tuesday evening rally a will give them a Chance to experience first hand just what t h e movement is All Rickover Washington apr vice . Hyman g. Rickover has told Congress he believes the nuclear submarine Thresher Sank last april to because a a leak developed inside the ship that admitted water faster than the ship could Cope Rickover generally credited As the naval officer who led the fight for nuclear submarines gave his opinion last May 23 in a closed session of a House appropriations subcommittee a transcript of his testimony was released today. The Thresher Sank with 129 men aboard during a test dive in the Atlantic 220 Miles off Bolton. Since Rickover testified a naval court of inquiry has reported that the destruction most Likely resulted from the rupture of an engine pipe under heavy sea pressure. Rickover said would like to look on the Thresher As a providential warning rather than a Means of assigning blame to anyone. Everyone concerned was Well intentioned. If we look at it As a Means for learning How to do better then the loss of the Thresher will have served a useful purpose. I Only Hope we do learn the True also agrees on British patrols Nicosia Cyprus apr greek and turkish cypriot leaders agreed today to a proposal by British Commonwealth Secretary Duncan Sandys to set up a Neutral zone Between their fighting forces in Nicosia. The factions also agreed to allow British troops to patrol All areas of the capital of Cyprus at the discretion of the British commander. Sandys told newmen the agreement accepting his proposals was signed by archbishop Makarios the islands greek cypriot president and the turkish cypriot vice president or. Fazil Kutchuk. Sandys said leaders of both sides would meet daily under British chairmanship in an Effort to resolve differences that pushed the Eastern Meriter Rean Island to the Brink of civil War and heightened International tension last week. Meanwhile Kutchuk indicated he believes peace can be assured on Cyprus Only if it is portioned Between the greek cypriot majority and the turkish cypriot minority. Kutchuk said there is a no possibility that the two communities can live together after the past week of violence. A each country must be master of its own House a he said. The turkish cypriots demanded partition of Cyprus during the greek cypriot underground Campaign that culminated in Independence from Britian in 1960. The greek cypriots rejected the idea of partition. The present shooting that began dec. 21 subsided Over the weekend. Greek Kin Quot r orders new Fleet ions Athens Greece apr King Paul today ordered election of a new parliament on feb. 16 in an Effort to solve the political crisis plaguing Greece at the same time it faces trouble on Cyprus. The King decided to dissolve the parliament elected nov. 3 after leaders of the nations two major political parties form a government and refused to work together in a coalition. The Palace announced the King had asked Ioannis Paraskevopoulos 63-year-old Deputy governor of the Bank of Greece to head a caretaker Cabinet and hold the elections. Trawler sinks Provincetown mass. Apr a 70 foot trawler which struck a submerged object Sank in 270 feet of water today More than four hours after its six Man Crew was rescued. International Coffee hour among the events planned for a group of foreign students visiting Bennington Homes was this Coffee hour sunday at the Home of or. And mrs. Arthur Dewey of Monument Road. Dewey second from right and his son Philip a student at the University of Kansas Chat with students from Iran Turkey and Spain. Reach

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