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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 28, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Achievement awards soviet cosmonaut among to a Young women of 1963�?T just poking around by Agnes Rockwood new York a Valentina Teres Kova 26 year old cosmonaut from Moscow has been selected by Mademoiselle Magazine As one of its to Merit award winners for 1963 As a Young women of the miss Teres Kova was cited for her 71 hour Orbital flight last june a flight that earned for her the title a first woman in space and received world wide recognition. She had been a textile Weaver since the age of 18, graduating in 1960 from a soviet Trade school As a a Cotton spinning technologist and was by 1961, an accomplished parachutist. It was not until after she entered the . Spaceflight training program that she received instruction As a Pilot. Miss Teresh Kovar a participation in the training program has been described As a conscientious and vigorous one her determination the envy of male co trainees. An annual event since 1944, the Silver medallion awards were Given this year to Young women who Range in age from 21 to 30. According to Betsy Talbot Black Well editor in chief of Mademoiselle the awards were based on outstanding achievements in a Cross Section of Fields that include entertainment the arts business and politics. In addition to miss Teres Kova Young women singled out for this recognition include singing comedienne barbra Streisand at 21 the youngest member of the award winning group who since her first appearance on Broadway less than two years ago has also acquired Fame in nightclubs on television and As a recording Star fashion designer Deanna Litten at 24 the creative inspiration behind the nearly overnight Success of Harold Goldstein a sportswear firm French Indian movie actress Leela Naidu 23, whose very first film won an award at the Berlin film festival 30-year-old opera Singer Reri grist who debuted within three months last year at three major opera houses a la Scala the Vienna state and covent Garden a and received critical acclaim in All writer Susan son tag who at 30, produced one of 1963�?Ts most extraordinary chronicles of imagination a the Benefactor a athlete Muriel Grossfeld a 23-year-old gymnast expected to be an outstanding olympic representative in Tokyo in 1964 Competition politician Nancy Brown a 23-yera-old Law school student who when a senior two years ago at the University of Maryland won a democratic seat in the Maryland legislature and became the youngest woman legislator in the nation educator Janet Newton 27, who recently began a private project to coach tenement children and has since formed an informal a Homework help plan that provides tutors for the children and actuary Anna Maria Rappaport at 23 the youngest woman Ever to become a fellow of the society of actuaries. National housekeeping Job in cleaning up Rivers the american homemaker is a Standard bearer of cleanliness. Daily she marches through her Home leading an army of appliances and products who obey her command to wipe out dirt. On a National scale there a another a a housekeeping Job awaiting her attention to clean up the effluent that a polluting this country a lakes Rivers streams and underground sources of water. To give her an idea of what the municipal and Industrial a House cleaning habits Are like that cause water pollution the National water Institute cites some examples new York which claims to be the most cosmopolitan City in the world dumps 500 million Gallons of raw sewage daily into its surrounding Rivers. Cities in general use an average of 22 billion Gallons of water a Day and about 56 per cent of Theta done to have adequate sewage facilities and waste treatment plants. Yet without regard for their neighbors they track their refuse into Rivers which in turn Supply the next Community downstream with water. In severed communities Are springing up rapidly across the nation and these a septic tank suburbs ask threaten to contaminate underground water supplies with their seepage. Industry which consumes about 160 billion Gallons of water a Day frequently discharges its Complex of wastes into Waterways without knowing what degree of Hazard it contains. Add to this the wastes from agriculture which uses 141 billion Gallons of water daily for irrigation and the result is a mess too big for any one a a Miracle cleaning product to handle. But a clean we must a warns the organization or the cities of tomorrow wont have enough usable water to survive. The Job entails getting rid of the backlog of water and sewage treatment needs As Well As planning a ready now a a this creation called a persian room by Don Loper combines embroidered organdy with handkerchief Linen. A tiered Sheath ifs from the a ready now collection. Many colors offered. Expensive yes. Only $90. Home dem unit hears new ideas for daily meals the december meeting of the roaring Branch Home demonstration group was held at the Home of mrs. Lorena Mcintire. The topic was a new ideas for daily meals with county agent mrs. Marion Harris As speaker. In the Dally menu it used to be the a Basic seven and mrs. Harris explained that by using More Dairy products and the new Basic four food guide one will get All the 13 nutrients. Supper was served with Salmon loaf with Curry sauce by mrs. Lorena Mcintire gourmet baked spinach by mrs. Lula Sweet sunday night cheese dish by mrs. Ruth Dorman Cranberry Waldorf salad by mrs. C. Charlestream and molasses fruit bars by Dorothy Dupee. The attractively decorated table and the supper won compliment from the county agent. A Christmas party was held dec. 18 at the Home of mrs. Marion Colvin in North Bennington with a decorated tree and covered dish supper. Gifts were exchanged carols Sung and games played with prizes awarded. No hand shakes new York apr former president Harry s. Truman refused monday night to repeat for news photographers his Impromptu handshake with former vice president Richard m. Nixon. A the hell with it a Truman said As he walked away. However Democrat Truman finally posed for photographs with Nixon the 1960 Republican presidential candidate. An associated press photographer had recorded the handshake. As a raconteur the late John h. Cushman was unexcelled whet or it was a Story his father had told him or one drawn from his own experiences. And in his travels Over the country Selling Cushman furniture sales personnel and Industrial executives alike always anticipated his Story telling even though Many had heard the stories Many times previously. A few years ago his sister mrs. Caroline Wellington and a few friends suggested that he compile some of the stories in a notebook. And shortly afterwards he did just that. Some of the stories were told him by his father and the others collected from friends and the musical comedy theater of his time. Some Are True happenings others Are not. The collection in the notebook is a valued Keepsake of mrs. Wellington and the family. But nobody can recount these stories As John h. Cushman did. For future requirements. The homemaker can help in the a water washing task by joining the ranks of an informed and responsible Public. Her support is the Best leverage any project for controlling water pollution can have. To Young women of year a from top to Bottom Politi clan Nancy Brown movie actress Leela Naidu opera Singer Reri grist athlete Murial Grossfield cosmonaut Valentina Teres Kova Singer comedienne barbra Streisand writer Susan Sontag actuary Anna Maria Rappa port fashion designer Deanna Litten educator Janet Newton. Awards were based on outstanding achievements in their Fields and were presented by Mademoiselle Magazine. During this. A a inventory Sale at Henry Ike Manney of county Street has just received the new Issue of Harry Oliver so desert rat scrap Book a the Only newspaper in America you can open in the wind it says. At present the a a editor of the Sheet is on a crusade to a keep the desert and he suggests that Beer cans be edible and asks subscribers to the a scrap books to Send this suggestion to a favorite brewery right away. There a also an editorial a of sorts in which Harry harps a bit More on the subject. He says the idea he a sure will do away with All Beer cans and recommends a cheese Sandwich flavor. A feature a the Only one entitled a King of the desert rats a reports that a Harry is a Newspaperman. That is he started As a printers Devil at the turn of the Century took 35 years off to become famous As a Hollywood Art director for such outstanding pictures As a the Good Earth a a Viva Villa and will Rogers a a lightning a and then returned to journalism at thousand Palms calif., where he launched his desert rat scrap Book in 1946, at the age of 58, with this classic of southwestern americana a your editors prayer a dear lord i Only want you to go 50-50 with me. If you will keep me from getting greedy i will cry to give my 60,000 readers lord i stretched it a Little clean Good fun and fan their interests in the Many wonderful things you have put out Here in your desert. Here is my deals the lord to do. You re to keep me from making this paper a monthly or adding More pages to it. You re to keep from getting ambitious. I done to want to make Money. I Only want to make these five pages better Reading. You re to help me remember that the flattering mail comes because of your colourful desert not because of what i write about it. A me to do i will keep people interested in the plants animals and the Beauty of your desert. I will say Nice things about the folks that love the desert and just not talk at All about those that done to understand it. I will Only Tell authentic lies. I will be the Best Gol Dern publicity agent for your desert you Ever the advertisements include a ghost town a a Scot Tyr a castles showplace of death Valley and a the Pony there a something new in the fashion world every Day. Now of you wish shoes to match your velveteen at Home skirts or trousers your velveteen daytime jumper or velveteen cocktail suit you can match the color and the texture which Shu make ups new a velveteen so which come in 18 designer colors. And this is available right Here at the sewing shop. You just squeeze Shu Mak up a velveteen so from the plastic squeeze bottle onto the second coat of color while it is still wet. A velveteen so adhere to the wet color and when they dry Are weatherproof. If later you wish to remove the covering or change the color just apply the conditioner to take off the a a velveteen and the color. Some of the fabulous colors include Princess Pink Golden radiance persian Blue Spanish red desert Orange Camel hot Pink. And one can do stripes and patterns with this new product. It can be blended to match an exact Shade a a thousand hues possible the company claims. A new system for selecting judges on a National basis As contestants have been in the past has been instituted in the Sterling bowl tournament the Only National Flower arranging Competition. Co sponsored by the Jackson amp Perkins company of Newark n.y., and the Sterling Silversmith Guild of America the tournament now entering its ninth year has brought together the nations most outstanding Flower arrangers in a Competition which is a major feature of the Rose festival. Next years Competition will be held june 24 during the Middle of the festival june 20-28. Requests have been sent for nominations of the 14 contestants to presidents of each state Garden club federation. From the names submitted a total of 14 will be selected one from each of the eight federation regions and the balance representing the Best Talent available from throughout the country. In addition the state presidents Are being asked for the first time to nominate three Topflight judges. The individuals who receive the most votes on a National basis will be invited to judge the 1964 tournament. All those nominated must be nationally accredited life judges. A new englander mrs. Roger k. Richardson of Attleboro mass., won the 1963 tournament. Forty of grandma Moses paintings Are at present on exhibition in Europe. Or. Otto Kal lir reports that amerika Haus in Berlin where the paintings were on exhibit was visited by More than 25,000. The exhibit has been shown in nine German cities including the Frankfurt museum. Before being returned to new York the exhibit will be in the scandinavian countries and also in Finland. Or. Kallir added that the artist has been compared to Frances great primitive Painter Henry Rousseau and the reviews in Europe have ranged from a appreciative to wildly the exhibition was arranged on the second anniversary of the world famous artists death. A of there were two new englander who won in the mrs. Thrift Wise contest conducted by the american mothers committee mrs. Thomas w. Oakes of Woodbridge conn., and Emily Ziem la of three Rivers mass. Mrs. Morris d. Jennings of Olney 111., was Winner of the first prize of 500,000 plaid Stamps. The new englander were among six who received 12,000 plaid Stamps. Competition included the writing of essays describing the Thrift practices and techniques employed in daily lives. A of the submarine Sandwich is becoming More and More popular these Days. Now there a the super sub too. One of the newest combos is the flip top Sublich which is said to be a real Start with a Long loaf of crusty French bread. Cut Lengthwise reserving one half for another sub. Slice the half loaf into two layers. Spread Bottom layer with softened butter or Margarine add lettuce or curly endive and top with the second bread layer. Spread this one generously with Peanut butter and Edge with a Fluffy Wreath of Cream cheese blended with a Little milk. Cut a red skinned Apple into quarters Core and slice. Zigzag Apple slices the length of the Peanut butter and decorated with Peanut halves for extra goodness. To serve Cut off sections with carving set. For neat eating shift the Bottom Section up top flipped Over so the lettuce becomes part of the filling. A of and a Happy new year to one and All. No Down payment charge it your Way take 30 Days or months to pay 210north Bennington Byad d0nuam& furniture inc. 320 Elm St. Dial 2-5131 Wilson scorn King boiled Ham 5 la. Can 399 Barb a chickens lg.3lb.avg. Ea.l29 seamless mesh nylons 2 79c Bennington Banner saturday december 28, 1963-3 woman a world Happy new year by Jean Wassick it s thursday night As i aim these weary fingers at the typewriter keys. Even with my glasses on the old eyes done to seem to be focusing. The Day after Christmas is rather like taking off a Girdle in t it you feel so let Down and let out. This afternoon the editor called. Him a Chi. Did you have a Nice Christmas a me a yes. him me a i m just sitting around in the mess that s him a Well you re not me a i guess him a i seem to have forgotten Why i me a a groan a him a what s the matter a me a i know Why you called. Groan a him a ooh you do a me a yes you want to know where the column is that was supposed to be Down there this him a Well As a matter of fact. A me a i Haven t written it him me a i will and ill sent it Down tomorrow morning him a wok. I just had to know so that if you weren t going to write one i could find something to fill up the me a yeah. Well Happy new him a Happy new How about that the Christmas spirit must have gone to his head. In All the stories in be read the editor yells when people Don t write things on time. For six years in be been meeting a deadline figuring i d get canned if i did no to. So i Don t produce and what happens nothing. More than Likely it s not that he s got heart no offence but he s not supposed to but that he a just Plain pooped after the Holiday like the rest of us. Yelling in t Worth the expenditure of Energy. At the moment i can t figure out Why i did t say a go ahead and fill up my saturday i must have been out of my mind. I d kick myself but in a parked on the most logical spot to aim at. For eight Little words i d be sacked out Between the Percale right now. Of course if he Hadnot called me id be fit to be tied. Ifs flattering to be missed. Actually every single week i. Complain about my stint with the typewriter and at least every other week i threaten to quit this Racket and take up something like tiddlywinks. But in a not sure that it would be so easy to throw off the Yoke. Through this column i be met Many of you and heard from others of you. And As this year bows out to make Way for another i am grateful for your loyalty and Friendship. Don Marquis once wrote a prayer of the columnist and it seems appropriate to repeat it As we look ahead to the new year i Pray thee make my column read and give me thus my daily bread. Endow me if thou Grant me wit likewise with sense to Mellow it. Save me from feeling so much hate my food will not assimilate. Open my eyes that i May see the world with More of Charity and lesson me in Good intents and make me Friend of innocence. Make me sometimes at least discreet help me to hide my self conceit and give me courage now and then to be As Dull As Are most men and give me readers Quick to see when i am satirizing me. This weeks hint Toast one to me on new year s eve a and make it the last one of the night a Good Strong cup of Coffee. Id hate to lose any of you. From the Wassick clan our very Good wishes for a Bright new year. recipe Corner Good Squash pie 2 Large eggs 2v2 cups Well drained mashed cooked yellow Winter Squash % cup sugar i Teaspoon Salt v2 Teaspoon Ginger 3a Teaspoon each Ginger and Nutmeg i cup milk scalded 9-Inch unbaked pie Shell with upstanding rim in a medium sized mixing bowl beat eggs enough to Combine Yolks and Whites. Stir in the Squash sugar and spices then the scalded milk. Turn into pie Shell. Bake in a very hot 450 degrees oven on Middle shelf for 15 minutes continue baking in a moderate 350 degrees oven 30 minutes or until a Silver knife inserted in Center comes out clean. Place on wire rack to Cool. Serve at once. In the new year spirit this publicity photo promoting Frozen foods gets right into the a Happy new year Quot spirit. Shown Are the fixings of a romantic candlelight dinner for two with Frozen devised crabs As the main dish along with Frozen French Fried onion rings and Southern style a hoppin John which is a combination of Blackeye peas and Rice. A Nichols Sale Cotton flair pants sizes 6, 7, 8 Munsinger Cotton snuggles so a Reg. $1.00 lems super Market use our convenient Union St. Customer harking lot amp Entrance i Ake food crusade j dog first att. New York y \. I Hiu i or your nearest Cark Oiler j Here is s name _

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