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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner monday december 27, 1905 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont today and tomorrow new York state politic the presidents two visitors editorials fire department Compromise the unification study committee reached a sensible Compromise with local fire department chiefs last week on the sections of a proposed charter dealing with the organization and administration of a single fire department in a unified town. On the advice of the fire chiefs the committee decided to abandon its proposals for a full time paid chief to supervise the activities of the single department. The uni fers also decided to turn the administration of the department Over to a selectmen a fire committee which would meet with the chiefs to work out the budget and decide on equipment purchases and other matters. This in effect will leave the three existing fire departments intact each with its own chief As companies within the larger department. This arrangement recognizes the High degree of unification already achieved by the fire departments through their Mutual Aid system. Each department will also retain much of its Independence its tradition and we Hope its Volunteer status but will still be part of a larger and More effective Tow wide firefighting Force. The firefighters themselves will certainly find unification More palatable under these conditions. The full time chief idea should not be a debate is better than name ailing in a continuing series of letters printed on this Page some of Bennington county a most outspoken and controversial citizens have been speculating with great imagination about the political beliefs of their ideological adversaries. In the final analysis this Exchange of letters has been neither fruitful nor revealing. The accusations that Are flying Back and Forth Are the same ones we have heard on dozens of previous occasions. We wonder if our correspondents do better to debate their areas of disagreement in a reasonable Way instead of hinting without any justification that their opponents have mysterious dealings with subversive groups or secret and rather vague plans to undermine the american Way of life. A number of letters have pointed out that or. Irving Adler the favorite whipping boy of the conservatives is a former communist party member. Endlessly repeating this charge is like beating a dead horse. The whole Issue was put to rest More than two years ago when or. Adler revealed his background at a Public meeting in Bennington. He said at that time that he had once belonged to the party but had disassociated himself from it some years before. None of his critics has yet produced any Concrete evidence to the contrary even though some have gone to great lengths to try and prove that he follows the communist line. Why they insist on a a exposing Over and Over again the Well established fact of his former affiliation with the party we done to know. Or. Adler has been a frequent critic of american foreign policy and has advocated social reforms at Home. He has never hesitated to express his opinions even though some of them Are quite unpopular. This is his right and obligation As an american citizen and we feel certain that his critics As Good americans would not dream of denying him that right. Only the most twisted logic could Lead to the conclusion that because discarded altogether however. As the town grows the need for a single chief to coordinate the work of the various departments will become greater. As we see it a full time chief would not Only be responsible for directing firefighting efforts but would have numerous fire prevention duties. These would include inspection of Public buildings for fire hazards enforcement of still to be enacted safety codes organizing safety education programs in local schools and training programs for the firemen. These Are responsibilities that the present chiefs have added to their heavy workloads. Since they All have full time jobs however they can not devote As much time to fire prevention As they would like. A glance at a list of serious fires in Bennington during the past ten years makes it Clear that a demand for greater emphasis on fire prevention is not unreasonable. Bennington fire chief Richard Hollister a proposal for a full time dispatcher in a unified town also deserves serious consideration. Bennington police areal ready overburdened with dispatching duties. A single town dispatcher could not Only serve the fire departments but the police Rescue squad and civil defense organization As Well. He was once a communist he does not have the right to express his opinions now. Nonetheless this has been the underlying message of some of the letters. The Rev. Lawrence Larrowe of Bennington recently came to or. Adlers defense even though he made it Clear that he and or. Adler done to necessarily see Eye to Eye on Many matters. It was nonsense to ascribe to or. Larrowe As one writer did hidden anxieties or sinister motives. The target of the Liberal barbs has been or. Clifford Harwood of Manchester. Even before the current series of letters began we never had any doubts that or. Harwood is conservative in his viewpoint or that communism in any form is repugnant to him. It does not follow from this that he is a member of the John Birch society Hov Ever or that he uses Bircher methods to discredit those who disagree with him. We feel it is unfortunate that or. Harwoods name was connected in a letter with the Bircher and we fully accept his denial of any affiliation with that extreme right Wing group. We Are also satisfied that both or. Adler and or. Harwood have Fine records of service to humanity and we think it is Fine that these have been reviewed for our Benefit. The Point is though that party labels and political backgrounds Are irrelevant to a reasonable discussion of vital issues and this is what we Haven to had so far. It is a Fine thing that so Many citizens Are concerned enough about their country state and Community to speak out frequently in Public and space for them to express their opinions on this Page has never been denied them. But now that our most outspoken correspondents have All been praised and denounced and have All made it Clear once again just where they stand we feel it is about time they and their various supporters and allies started sharpening their wits by debating the issues that Divide them such As . Foreign policy or the governments expanding role in social welfare rather than hacking away pointlessly at each other. By Walter Lippmann Washington. While neither of the two official visits to Washington this week that of the British prime minister and of the German Chancellor resulted in any important decision or agreement they opened up at least a glimpse of the shape of things to come. A Rcv Quot this was most Plain in what or. Wilson had to say about the conclusions arrived at in London after their careful review of great Britain s military capacity which they have been carrying on since the labor government took office. In substance or. Wilson informed us As or. Henry Brandon put it in a dispatch from Washington to the London sunday times that Quot Britain is no longer prepared to maintain a self contained Force with its own weapons bases and command Structure East of Suez. Instead the prime minister has proposed a new collective Force to which Britain America Australia and new zealand would i think we Are justified in crossing the to a and dotting the is in this obviously informed report. The president was told that great Britain feels compelled to withdraw from Aden and Singapore on the asian Mainland and to fall Back upon a joint base for sea and air Power in Australia. A a of Chancellor Erhard s visit to Washington raised More questions than it answered. It is the unanswered perhaps the unanswerable question which is the most interesting. It is obvious from the official communique that the president and the Chancellor intended to be ambiguous when they agreed that Germany Quot should have an appropriate part in nuclear for some of the chancellors advisers and some of his party believe that Germany will not have an Quot appropriate Quot part unless it actually owns a piece of the nuclear Force. There Are other people in the Bonn government and in Germany by All indications a great Many More who will Settle for participation in the strategic planning of the United states nuclear deterrent. The real unanswered question is Why the German Chancellor and the foreign minister thought it desirable to argue that Germany should own a share of some kind of nuclear Force. In the communique they reaffirmed the German undertaking Given in 1954 not to produce or acquire nuclear weapons. Moreover they affirmed that the United states should have the ultimate veto in the use of any nuclear Force in which the Federal Republic owns a share. Why then erne is bound to ask does it matter whether or not the Federal Republic is the Legal owner of a share of a nuclear deterrent which it can never use without the approval of the United states Warmke she pm i Feu anything now Burlington. Ethan Allen in his Book Quot reason the Only Oracle of Man Quot set Forth his thoughts on the whole of Mankind Quot deduced Quot he said Quot from the exalted ideas we Are Able to form of the divine and human character and from the universe in i aspire to no such profound revelations. I shall not presume to explore the essential nature of Man. This being the time when the old year goes and the new year comes i oily presume to make a few predictions about Vermont in 1966. I will however take a piece of Gen. Allen s advice. Quot an apology Quot he said Quot appears to me to be impertinent in writers who venture their works for Public inspection for this obvious reason that of they need it they should have been stifled at a of so without apology i proceed to predict for the new year. After All my guess is As Good As yours. There Are innumerable events and ideas which will affect Vermont a future. I shall limit my prognostications to four of them reapportionment regional planning the Economy and the War in Viet Nam. Reapportionment the reap portioned legislature will work no miracles. In its Hall we shall not hear As Many bad speeches and unfounded arguments As we have in the past but this will be Only because it will have fewer members. However though its Impact will not be clearly visible to us in 1966, reapportionment will bring a change for the better. Bobby can prove his Appeal in �?T66 elections a fume to it at it l Cut rather do it Why indeed for my own part i have never heard the question answered by any German or american supporter of any of the schemes. And it is obvious that without some rational explanation of what is apparently an irrational demand the whole affair kicks up a Cloud of anti German suspicion. The germans it seems cannot be asking to be allowed to buy shares in a project which they write off As an instrument of no military value to the germans. The most common explanation is that the Federal Republic would be buying status would feel that it was recognized As a first class Power would feel that its Pride was satisfied. I cannot believe that the germans Are capable of deceiving themselves to such an extent that they think the world will regard them As a nuclear Power because they own the Legal shares and yet will not be afraid of them because they cannot use the nuclear weapons. A of failing an intelligible explanation one has to examine the theory that the German politicians who have pushed the nuclear business Hope to get something different. It May Well be that the germans feel somewhat As does Gen. De Gaulle that the United states interest in Europe is bound to decline. They Are pressing president Johnson to let them buy into nuclear hardware at the risk of an irreconcilable quarrel with the soviet Union and France. Are they perhaps hoping that he will extricate himself from the pressure of the the passing scene demands by committing himself again and again to treating the Federal Republic As the favorite super special ally of the United states there May be something in this theory especially when the politicians in Bonn hear too often from those americans who regularly have been More German than the germans themselves. But i do not take the theory too seriously. For i am convinced that Post Hitler Germany is profoundly peaceable and a adventurous and that the True line of German policy does not have to do with nuclear weapons and special relationships but with the conciliation of Eastern Europe As the Way to the reunification of Germany and of Europe As a whole. In perspective by Kirtland i. King United press International Albany . Next years state elections give sen. Robert Kennedy a Golden Opportunity. The senator his followers Point out has a Chance to prove to doubting democrats his personal Appeal to voters. And he can make the move without too much personal risk. In addition to a governor and other state officers the voters will pick delegates to the 1967 state constitutional convention. There will be three delegates from each state senatorial District and 15 at Large. At present plans Call for electing the at Large convention delegates in the same Way that presidential electors Are chosen. One vote for the bloc. A of the pro Kennedy groups would like to see the senator run As a Delegate at Large. They feel that with Kennedy heading the list of delegates democrats would have a better Chance of winning. Quot with Bobby among the 15 Dele Gates at Large we would have a Strong slate going for us and i bet you would not find it difficult to get Strong run Ning mates Quot an upstate Democrat said. He talked of the democratic slate including mayor Robert f. Wagner Franklin d. Roosevelt jr., rep. Leo w. Of Brien rep. Samuel Stratton and prominent democrats in Buffalo Rochester Syracuse and Binghamton. A of of course the most prominent race in 1966 will be the contest for governor. Some democrats believe an attractive convention slate will help the party a nominee unseat gov. Rockefeller. And it could work in reverse the gubernatorial nominee might help the delegates. Kennedy won a seat in the . Senate two years ago before he became a voting pres ident of the state. He beat the incumbent Kenneth b. Keating by a substantial margin but some of his foes said he Rode president Johnson a coattails. He can remove any doubt by running As a convention Delegate next year. By heading the list of delegates a if elected a Kennedy would become a moving Force at the convention and would take a personal hand in shaping the future Constitution for his adopted state. A of a few democratic leaders believe Kennedy must take this step if he is to gain undisputed control of the party a state organization in preparation for the 1968 presidential convention. And he especially needs top recognition if he has White House ambitions for 1972. The Young senator has been somewhat handicapped in his efforts to gain control. He lacks the patronage so important to the county leaders and his vote getting Appeal has been a Little overshadowed by Johnson a unprecedented run. A of it would not be new for a . Senator to be a constitutional convention Delegate. Back in 1938, the late sen. Robert f. Wagner was a Delegate and he found convention debates a Good sounding Board to press new Deal programs. There is a ruling on the books from the states attorney general holding that any Public officer excepting a sheriff is eligible to be a Delegate As Long As he is 21 and a Legal resident of the state. Kennedy qualifies. One thing that could hamper Kennedy from running is the fact that congressional sessions Are much longer nowadays than they were in 1938. The last constitutional convention began in april and did not adjourn until August. Delegates however were not required to stay in Albany every Day of the week. Instead the format was for the delegates to break up into committees and sub committees to study various problems and then meet in a body for discussions. Preferable path in Viet Nam by Eric Sevareid Washington. We have come to the end of 1965, the moment when the Viet Nam War was to have been won and finished according to the estimates announced with Confidence some two years ago of our leading officials. Now the country confronts the new year in a state of general confusion As to Why we Are in the War How we Are to end it and what we will have achieved if we win it. There seems no parallel in our history for this state of affairs. Predictions for the new year by Al a n d. So ii Rin it will not be in what the legislature does but in How it thinks. The legislature will begin to lose what students of Mal apportionment Call Quot the Rural cast of mind Quot a Way of thinking deeply rooted in the Way a Farmer makes his living. I Call this a change for the better because this old cast of mind is already in conflict with the realities of a state which is losing farms and gaining industries. Regional planning the Progress of this method of development in 1966 May be uneven but there can be Little question a there will be Progress. Too much is happening too fast in Vermont to simply let things alone. No one seriously questions that Vermont will become less unspoiled More crowded and much Richer. Whether we become a Rich ugly congested and unhappy state or a Rich Beautiful and Well planned Corner of the . Depends on How quickly and effectively we embrace regional planning. We cannot deny the urgency of regional planning. This urgency becomes Clear when we see editorials approving regional planning in some Vermont newspapers which up to now have been editorially Adamant in opposing the Advent of the 20th Century Ani have been up to now unshakable in their conviction that any government planning is an instrument of the Devil. Their conversion is powerful evidence of the great need. The Economy for most of the state things Are booming in the private and the Public sector i Caw a Burlington area firms advertisement in the help wanted columns of the Washington Post. The Vermont development department has ads out of state beckoning vermonters Home again. The Vermont state personnel division has hired a Recruiter. In 1966 we can Hope to do something we had lost Hope of Ever doing keep our Bright Young people. I Call this the major Benefit of a healthy and growing Economy. The War in Viet Nam what happens in Viet Nam is a Shadow Over everything. It can make All predictions irrelevant. Should the War in Viet Nam get completely out of hand it will make Vermont irrelevant. I predict that in 1966 the people of Vermont like the people of All the United states will become profoundly concerned with this wars Many unanswered questions. This concern will be reflected on the floor of the . Senate and on the floor of the . House. There will be in 1966, real debate on Viet Nam in Congress. I Hope this is a real prediction not just Wishful thinking. This debate will result in a change in ouf Viet Nam policy. We can Only live in Hope it will be a change toward peace and not toward a bigger War. Quote i have no patience with All those ladles who get orgiastic about fashion. Fashion is not an Art. It is amusing. It is theatrical. It no Akes women feel Good. But there s nothing permanent or sacred about it. Ifs like a Good meal. A John b. Fairchild editor in chief women Wear Dpi. Viet Nam is by no Means another Korea. There the aggression was starkly Clear ordered or permitted by a great hostile Power Russia. Americans resistance to the aggression had the Sanction of the United nations and very considerable popular support in other countries. The South korean people were not wearied and dangerously divided. Since the land was a True Peninsula there was always an obvious military strategy to push the enemy Back and Seal off the Peninsula. None of these factors is present in the Viet Nam War. The people of this country Are not even Clear about the moment when it was decided that America would use her own combat units to fight this land War in Asia. The phrase Quot one Damn thing leads to another Quot is about As accurate a description of our process of involvement As any statement that can be made. The philosophy of Micawber that something is bound to turn up is As Good a description of future plans As anything else. Whatever the polls May suggest about the percentage of americans who support the government in pursuing this War the administration is treading on very thin ice. The american people because of the haziness surrounding our involvement Are not emotionally prepared for heavy casualties among the youth of this generation in the Rice paddies of that far away land. Because they Are not prepared the two current contrary pressures Are bound to become intense the pressure for bombing and smashing in the Blind Hope that this will vanquish the enemy and the pressure to get peace negotiations going anyhow anywhere. It is going to be of the most vital importance that president Johnson retain All possible personal prestige and Trust if he is to be Able to Man Euver with Freedom. A Strong Case does not require an exceptionally Strong Leader. A weak Case does. And none but the most passionately committed Quot Hawk Quot can seriously deny that the Case for accepting wholesale american deaths in Viet Nam is much weaker than should Ever be True when a great and peaceable country goes to War. The historical justification the geopolitical concept As increasingly enunciated by Secretary Rusk is that if we do not Stop this aggression in its Early stages we shall surely confront it in a later massive stage. He argues that what we Are doing is stamping out the first flickering flames of what will otherwise become a general holocaust. He argues in effect that China and her friends Are today a equivalent of the Germany and Japan of the to Kirtles. If that is really so then perhaps this country should think about ordering full mobilization and the full Range of Domestic controls. We should demand the Active support of the . And our democratic allies and try to rally the world to face Down and discourage China now. If it is truly world War in that we Are trying to prevent then nothing else in our lives in this world is important in comparison with this fight in Viet Nam. The future May prove the Secretary to be the Prophet the far seeing Churchill of this Era. But up to now at least Only an indeterminate number of americans and Only a Small number of foreign governments appear to believe in this analysis. The rest either done to want to think about it or do not believe China is comparable in Power or intent with hitlers Germany or Tojo a Japan. They Are not convinced that Between impoverished if belligerent China and the communist parties and guerrillas scattered about Asia there is the makings of a Monolith or even a truly Allied Force. They feel Many of them that the danger of world War growing out of an american failure in Viet Nam is on balance probably less than the danger of world War growing out of a confrontation Between America and China which they fear is going to happen if North Viet Nam through our air attacks and chinese reaction becomes the direct Pawn Between the two big Powers. It is not possible to be sure which hypothesis is closer to the truth. Life is ful1 of surprises and grand theories of How history will unravel must always be suspect. Most of those who incline toward the second View Grant that the United states cannot simply turn around and withdraw from South Viet Nam. This would not necessarily set in motion the events that would Lead to world War Iii but it would surely drive some Aslan governments to seek terms from China or whatever Price they could get. There is at this stage of affairs a and it is a stage when the logic of War itself seems More in charge of events than the win of individual men no certain path northing clearly preferable to the path the president is trying to follow. We have to resist on the ground. We have to be exceedingly cautious about the bombing and think seriously about suspending it. We must go to very great lengths to encourage negotiations. This business of Viet Nam is not hopeless. But it is hopeless enough in terms of the possible Price in blood when equated with the possible fruits of Victory so that one is tempted to say Quot stand not upon the order of your talking but what seems vital is to get talks started whatever a heir Are conditions

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