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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Not so cold Cloudy and not so cold tonight with Low temperatures to to 15. Tuesday partly Cloudy with Brief Snow flurries Likely and somewhat warmer. Yesterday s High 25 Low 2. Today at 7 a.m., 4. Total precipitation Over weekend .93 Inch. The Moon is at apogee greatest distance in its orbit from the Earth a 252,100 Miles. Bennington Bennington Vermont monday december 27, 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,951 to cents peace Popes a major t Vatican City up a Public remarks on the situation Pope Paul i has made it his within coming Days. A number of people within the Vatican a major task to bring peace to Viet Nam before the situation explodes into a world War Vatican sources said today. A the holy father is very disappointed that the Christmas were were surprised that he did not take the Opportunity of his Benediction sunday to deplore the resumption of combat. Although Pope Paul has four fatalities in Vermont Over weekend Montpelier up a fighting resumes As Viet truce ends Saigon up a two heavily military Security prevented outnumbered . Marine a the release of specific casualty trois battled entrenched Viet figures among the undisclosed observing the 30-hour yuletide ceasefire. . Spokesmen declined Cong near Danang today and number of recruits caught in comment on the Lull or when or killed 56 of the communists a the explosion As they slept military spokesman reported. There were no reports of the fighting near Quang a casualties among . Army need. Village erupted As the leather advisers in a nearby compound necks resumed full scale at Sade. Operations for the first time a Christmas pause in the air of High explosive second was set and the to Send since the Christmas cease fire War against communist North first exploded about 50 pounds by sending three full battalions Viet Nam continued today into the Field. A Marine there has been no reported air battalion runs from 1,200 to activity Over the North since thousands of lethal steel pellets 1,500 men. Christmas eve when . And ripping into survivors and the two Marine patrols were South vietnamese forces began rescuers assisting the wounded operating about seven Miles South Southwest of the major u. S. At Danang 375 Miles Northeast of Saigon. U. S. And vietnamese planes also have resumed attacks on Viet Cong positions in South Viet Nam. But there have been no reports of bombings in North Viet Nam since the cease fire. Cease fire was not extended Quot closely followed the Viet Nam the sources said. A but he will situation Over a period of continue to do everything months a and has mentioned possible in the cause of peace it Many times during Pic Lac it has become his major task speeches a he made a special major Fie plea dec. 9 for Christmas the pontiffs preoccupation cease fire. With the situation in Viet Nam he called on the United marked his Public speeches and states to accept Hanoi s offer private hours Over the Christ of a cessation of shooting Over Mas Holiday. Christmas. He said the War there is no indication what Dally grows Quot Graver and More his next step will be although bloody Quot and threatened to he is expected to make so in touch off Quot vaster he also expressed Hope that a Brief cease fire might Lead to the conference table and Negola Tion towards peace. The pontiffs plea at least in the Vatican is credited with helping president Johnson decide to agree to the cease fire. A major portion of Pope Paul s annual Christmas Mes four Holiday fatalities two on Sage Given on dec. 23, also the highways and two in a plane was devoted to the cause of crash were recorded in ver peace. He mentioned no specs Mont Over the Christmas week a Peoples nor nations a but his end. Remarks obviously were aimed two Vermont air National at Viet Nam the communists guardsmen were killed thurs and the americans Day night when their t33 Jet Quot Stop and think Quot he urged Trainer crashed on Landing at world leaders Quot Check the Way the Burlington municipal air things Are going. It is possible port. Authorities identified the that you Are on the wrong dead men As maj. John j. Us track to All out War. Quot no one Rich 41, and John a. Harrell ought to shirk just and sincere 31, both of South Burlington. Negotiations to restore order a two car crash in Chester on and Christmas morning killed Rob he said flatly that the Quot first Ert Martell 31, of Procter and task Quot of the roman Catholic ________9 v _ Eimm _. Paul Stoetzner la of Tolland Church is Quot her role As has fortified its Borders with by Well informed sources said acts of aggression had been fan by division later in the statements and writings Nimi uniform whether attacks against the Hanoi regime would be re both bombs planted in the Sade Barracks were of the Claymore mine variety. The Conn. Five other persons were messenger of peace and that Iraq and alerted air and ground hospitalized in the Accident that he would do everything he forces to Deal with any new occurred on route 103. Could to help bring it about. Attempt by iraqi regulars or vice president leaves today on diplomatic Mission to Asia freed prisoners face possible court martial Naha Okinawa up a two join peace movements when . Army sergeants freed by they returned to America. A military spokesman said the communist Viet Cong last the refused to Elanor Quot we have received no instruct month and who later were ate on the statement or say tons to Lay off bombings of the critical of american involve whether Smith and Mcclure North a but by the same ment in Viet Nam have been Are in confinement on Okinawa Token we have received no charged with aiding the enemy it is known Only that they were orders to commence bomb the . Military command brought to Naha from Korat disclosed today. In the Mekong Delta a the two Are sgt. George e. Viet Cong terrorist posing As a Smith of Chester, and recruit smuggled two bombs spec. 5 Claude Mcclure of into a Barracks filled with Chattanooga Tenn. They were trainees and exploded one freed nov. 28 at the cambodian causing heavy loss of life. The Border after two years in second bomb designed to kill Captivity. Rescue Crews failed to go off. A terse statement issued by for the Ryukyu islands said a military Security prevented military authorities on Okinawa two week investigation was publication of the exact number said charges would be brought conducted into the conducted of of dead and wounded. Against the men for Quot preparing the two sergeants which a 2v2 ton truck carrying furnishing and delivering to a he Quot warrants the preferring of Tehran Iran up a Iran irregulars to violate its Territo counter protest. He said iraqi is s 1st Viet Cong certain documents charges in violation of the a Quot 4-4 Quot a a code of military Bridge Landing police assisted by a Tow truck prepare to move a Light plane off the George Washington Bridge connecting fort Lee . And new York City after a forced Landing sunday on an upper deck Lane not being used for traffic. Story on Page 2. Up Iran fortifies Borders against iraqi violation Thailand after leaving Cambodia which does not maintain diplomatic relations with the United states. The australian embassy in pm Nam penh handled their return to . Army officials. The . Army Headquarters Washington up a vice president Hubert h. Humphrey embarks today on his first major extended diplomatic Mission abroad for president Marcos of the today. News reports from the Northwest areas recently reported under attack by Iraq Mig planes and artillery said iranian troop reinforcements have been rushed to the Border and jets received from the United states have taken up stations ready to answer any incursion. Foreign minister Alba Saram president would not visit South said Iran had strongly taking place for the Oast seven a struck a mine in bin amp Cal to the interest of the United Justice article 104&Quot aiding the years and that henceforth any a a a about 30 Mues enemy. Aggressive move against his in a a a Saigon. The statement indicated charges were preferred dec. Country would be suppressed. Details were sketchy but a u. Smith and Mcclure were being 21 and further investigation is s. Military spokesman said held for alleged dealings with being conducted to determine news reports from the Quot heavy Quot casualties were their communist captors and Northwest Border state said feared. Not for statements attributed to iraqi forces Are present in the Barracks blast occurred them in a nov. 30 news solved in bitter fighting with at the Headquarters of the conference in phenom penh their own rebels there and governments 9th infantry Divi Cambodia. Casualties Are reported heavy Sion in Sade about 70 Miles they told the news Confer on both sides. Southwest of Saigon Ferdinand Philippines. Viet Nam and that such a Stop protested against the iraqi iraqi attacks against his plane was scheduled to Over never been Conte artillery and air attacks but the rebellious kurd could have there was speculation that come Delta. In the ence Quot the United states has Mekong nothing to gain from the War in Viet Nam Quot and said they would leave at 2 . Est. T after the Manila Stop Johnson the schemed stops ,0 p John in four major far East nations. Sons to the ets Humphrey leaves from an state in Formosa Korea and Drews air Force base md., for Japan. Manila arriving dec. 29 to in announcing Humphrey s attend the inauguration trip the White House last week ceremonies of president elect emphasized that the vice . General arrives in Thailand for talks Bangkok up a Amerl communist subversion in the cars top general monday called northeastern part of the coun feeding this propaganda to their training for the Quot poor it was on Thailand a Premier Thanom try bordering communist Threa people and when we press for announced sunday. Kottl Fachorn amid reports of an tend Laos has reportedly has peace talks it has a Way of plated discussed or intended. However As part of his Mission Humphrey was expected to re emphasize american policy in Viet Nam and . Objectives in the War and to reiterate . Willingness to seek in honorable peace in the conflict. During a weekend radio interview Humphrey said the United states was seeking peace despite communist attempts to discredit the Effort. Iraqis had replied by protesting resulted in violations of iranian Quot iranian attacks Quot on iraqi soil Terri Roty in the rugged Border Aram refuted the iraqi area Core director Heads new program military court orders rebel leaders execution Plesku South Viet Nam up a a military tribunal today ordered four leaders of a bloody Central Highlands rebel soldiers goes on trial tuesday but none face the death penalty. A military spokesman said whether they should be dismissed or Smith and Mcclure be brought a court martial a spokesman said. Smith and Mcclure were captured nov. 24, 1963, when the Viet Cong overran the Hiep Hoa . Special forces Camp 27 Miles Northeast of Saigon. They were the second and third americans known to have come out of a Viet Cong prisoner of War Camp. The first was sgt. Isaac Camacho Afel paso tex., who is now stationed in West Germany. Both Smith and Mcclure have been provided with Legal counsel the said. The Viet Cong said at the time of their release they were being lion to Days ago to be executed the four condemned men would freed in Honor of anti Viet Nam Washington up a funds will be known As the by James Farmer a National Center for Community actions it lure a Hanoi and peking Are director of the Congress of education inc., Core spokes the rebel leaders were a tin i a 2k>j racial Equality Core will Man Greg Harris said. Harris among the 20 montagnard by a a i in resign March i to head a new said a new Core director will Mountaineer soldiers who were on trial today for their a firing squad in a Public not be shot immediately. He demonstrations in the United said they have the right to ask states and they crossed the for executive clemency a1 Border the same Day pacifists though there is no Appeal from staged their Quot March on Wash the tribunal verdict. Heflin att Iri a Jinn $5� million program designed to be elected next month prey said. And they keep provide education and Job increasing . Military buildup in this Southeast asian country. Gen. Earle g. Wheeler chairman of the . Joint chiefs of staff arrived Here saturday from Saigon after a four Day visit to South Viet Nam. His arrival coincided with a marked increase in . Military Ald to Thailand and the building of More american military installations in various parts of the country. Following his talks with increased during recent months. Undermining their. A designs and desire of the non profit Center will be based in Washington and will include on its Board of directors the new organization to be or. Martin Luther King or or. Financed by Federal and private John Morsell association direct China charges 6h collaboration by . And Russia role in the uprising against vietnamese troops which spread through four provinces in Central Viet Nam. Of the other 16 montagnard Tor of the National association the tribunal sentenced one to for the advancement of coloured life imprisonment another to to people and John Lewis years hard labor followed by to chairman of the student years exile and 13 soldiers to nonviolent coordinating com years hard labor and 5 years Mittee. Banishment. One Soldier was acquitted. Tokyo up a communist China today accused the United states and the soviet Union of collaborating to make the Thanom Wheeler also met with. Thailand s air Force chief it Una nations general. I Assembly session an Quot anti marshal Dawes Chu asap con currently Deputy defense minister and chief of staff of the thai supreme command. Wheelers talks entered on the military situation in Thailand which sources described As Quot growing More China an editorial in the official peking Peoples daily said Quot the hearts of the soviet and american leaders were beating As one Quot Over some of the issues raised at the Assembly. The . Again turned Down red chinese membership. The editorial broadcast by the new China news Agency said both nations were pleased with the Assembly s work Quot for Quot when All is said and done Quot the Peoples daily continued Quot the United nations is still a tool in the hands of the United states. And is becoming More and More a place where the soviet Union and the United the Center will Start operating in March. Another group of rebel advisory Council submits by. Redistricting plan soviet Union working hand in Glove with each other this session of the Assembly has thing after another Albany . A a "non-20th session of the partisan Quot redistricting plan made Public sunday provides Tor which the democrats control but would not predict its Fate in the Senate which is under gasoline rationing in Rhodesia follows Britain soil embargo nations peace Force the Brooklyn who states he expects Salisbury up a Rhode town dwellers use automobiles Tlle continued operation in nuclear proliferation Issue the to get it through the Assembly Slans wound up their first Independent Christmas celebrations today and prepared for gasoline rationing expected to be announced before the end of the week. Rebel Premier Ian Smith has already said the government would introduce rationing but assured rhodesian there will be plenty for everyone within reason. The ration is expected to be much More than the monthly four Gallons imposed by neighbouring Zambia. Most out of Back to work tuesday whirl Over the cancellation of registration in Rhodesia of Quot this is obviously most Lloyds of London insurances desirable from the Point of one leading insurance broker View of rhodesian National said it was like Quot contemplating interest Quot he said. Deals. Quot the Assembly was a conference for _ _ _ added to is record one evil opposing the revolutionary re apportioning 150 Assembly and Glt Rule _. Movements of the oppressed Senate seats to meet require the new legislature which nations and oppressed Peoples. Ments set by the supreme is office next week win con the editorial alleged there court. Sist of 165 assemblymen and 65 was open or behind the scenes Joje pm was submitted by an senators under a plan passed by .-soviet bargaining Over the advisory Council named last year the 1964 Republican controlled Viet Nam question . By democratic leaders of the legislature. The plan was voted intervention in the dominican legislature and it has already in december after the november Republic the indo pakistani by endorsed by Assembly elections gave the democrats War. Rhodesia a United speaker Anthony j Travola d control of both House for the first time in 30 years. The new plan submitted by the advisory committee provides for Senate districts varying in population of no More than 8.79 per cent and Assembly districts varying by no More than 5.34 per cent. Rensselaer Washington and Saratoga counties would form a single senatorial District my Rensselaer county excepting the City of Troy and towns of Brunswick and Schaghticoke would be joined to Columbia county to form an Assembly District. The balance of Rensselaer county plus Waterford in Albany county would form another Assembly District. For transport since the White England of a banking system seating of communist China ruled country a Public transport without the Bank of and various other questions. System is primarily for afro b t Brok Desmond 11 Lebed th1 while soviet cans. Foreign minister Andrei Oro was making a few but broker a. H. Desmond Smith has said rationing is to undoubtedly Litho a s l she Myko be introduced so the govern. A he l is a we my. Perfunctory Tern Aries of censure ment can keep a firm hold on j ice flatly a Alft to the . Position in Viet the nations fuel consumption a a a a Nam Quot other dealings were following the Oil embargo Ussen a in 00 in the room imposed by Britain. St a a a it a rhodesian businessmen go Dir Ted Many the premiums a previously exported to England. What they were up remains secret to the outside world. But the United press International has revealed that the United states and the soviet Union a had an unwritten agreement not to whip up any new crisis in Europe. Quot on the inside an editorial suggests that correspondents in the Quot letters to the editor Quot columns should debate the issues a Page 4. Foreign students arrive in Vermont a Page 6. A Corn crop in neighbouring Stephentown . Originated the world famous Golden Bantam Strain a a Page 6. Luci Luci Baines Johnson proudly displays her engagement ring after she and her Fiance Patrick Nugent attended sunday services at St. Bartholomew Cath a. Olic Church in Waukegan 111., where in Gage 8he was visiting Nugent s parents following the Christmas eve announcement of the engagement at the Texas White House. Up

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