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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner thursday december 2s, 1985 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials sen. Aiken on Viet Nam it would be hard for even the most wild eyed of War Hawks to picture Republican sen. George d. Aiken of Vermont As a soft headed appeaser. So perhaps his Blunt observations on the mess in Viet Nam will be listened to by some of those hard nosed self styled a realists Quot who have closed their ears to criticism from less manifestly unimpeachable sources. The senators comments were made in Washington monday upon his return from a five week fact finding tour that included visits to the capitals of Southeast Asia. The sum of his observations is that thus far the Only Winner in the vietnamese War is communist China our supposed Arch enemy. A communist China is forcing us into a War against her ancient enemy a the senator said. A for a thousand years the vietnamese fought against China to prevent her overrunning Southeast Asia. While we re seeking to eliminate China sold enemy we re at the same time exhausting our own sen. Aikens observations tend to confirm the opinions Long held by Many Well informed americans who have had first hand experience in Southeast Asia. The Point they have tried to make a Point that has been studiously ignored by . Policy makers from John Foster Dulles on a is that it is absurd and self defeating for us to As a editors notes a number of people have asked us where they should Send contributions for the family of Clarence Briggs who was killed in an Accident monday afternoon. Contributions can be sent to his family at 1032 main St. Otherwise they can be brought to the Banner office and we will see that they Are passed along to mrs. Briggs and her two daughters. The replies to a question on the a Little red schoolhouse a to quiz program wednesday evening must have been a profound Shock to officials of the Vermont development department. The question asked of two competing teams of new York state High school students was a which state is the Green Mountain state a the replies were West Virginia Ohio and Vermont in that order. Arlington taxpayers according to an item in tuesdays Banner will be in the Odd position next March of voting on a proposal for a new town office building that the selectmen themselves comment warning Wall strict journal attention anybody who has any thought of raising prices of Antimony Asbestos amorite and Chrysolite Bauxite Beryl Bismuth cadmium pastor Oil Celestite chromite Cobalt co Yonut Oil Cole Manite Colu Meium Cordage fibres Abaca and Sisa Cryolite diamonds feathers and Down fluorspar Graphite Hyos Olne Kyanite Mullite Lead magnesium manganese Mercury Mia molybdenum sume As we have that the vietnamese if left to their own devices would have become merely an Extension of chinese communism. As sen. Aiken Points out the vietnamese have historically distrusted the chinese and resisted chinese pressures in Southeast Asia. Had the . Let the vietnamese revolutionaries form their own government in a unified Viet Nam after the French were chased out and had we followed up this enlightened policy of self determination by establishing close diplomatic and economic ties with a unified Viet Nam a we could almost certainly have steered them into a course that would have made them a Buffer against communist China rather than a Pawn. Perhaps it is too late now to think in these constructive terms. Perhaps by pushing the North vietnamese into the arms of the chinese and by transforming the Issue into a War Between Whites and asians we have lost the Opportunity entirely. But the Blunt fact remains that communist China As sen. Aiken has reminded us has had the profound satisfaction watching americans and vietnamese Battle each other while she herself has remained aloof. It is a measure of How badly the facts of life in Southeast Asia has been misunderstood. Hope will be rejected. The reason apparently is that after plans for the building were drawn up contractors submitted bids that were far higher than had been anticipated. The voters Are to be Given a Chance to express their opinion about the project nevertheless. It would seem far More logical to us for the selectmen to have a building designed that meets the towns space needs find a contractor who will build it for a Price the town can afford give the project their solid endorsement and then put it before the voters. There was a time when Small boys disturbed their classes in school by pulling the pigtails of the girl in front of them or by hurling a spitball across the room. Today Rural school officials Learned monday boys disrupt the learning process by wearing beatle haircuts boots and tight pants. Girls who Wear skirts that Are too tight or too Short also tend to disturb their classmates efforts to Advance in the academic world. We re relieved that the Board has decided to regulate teen age dress before the situation gets out of hand. Opium Palm Oil pyrethrum Quartz crystals quinine rare earths rhodium rubber ruthenium shellac Silicon Carbide silk oils and waste sperm Oil talc tantalum thorium tin titanium sponge Tungsten Vanadium vegetable Tannin extract Zino zirconium Ore machine tools engine generators pumps Chlorinator purifiers pipe fittings packaged disaster hospitals and helium. In its various stockpiles the Federal government has a lot of the above stuff in addition to aluminium and Copper. Next More fishermen than there Are fish Quot we it Okay As lows As the pump Holm these Days More spikes in the coffin of the Dirksen amendment by John Chamberlain new York . Pity the poor Republican Senate Leader Everett Dirksen. He May have High Hopes for getting Congress to accept his constitutional amendment which would permit geographical As against a one Man one vote a representation in one House of our state Legislatures. But if and when his own . Senate acts to pass the Dirksen amendment it will be just one More Case of Locking the barn door after the horse has been stolen. Connecticut is the latest state to drive a big Spike into the lid of the coffin that contains dark sen s Hopes for overthrowing the supreme court s a one Man one vote Quot edict. In a referendum vote that was something of a scandal inasmuch As Only 20 per cent of the eligible voters turned out express their opinion Connecticut has presented itself with a Brand new Constitution. This new Constitution changes the basis for state legislative lower House representation from a town a unit a a system to a straight out Assembly District representation based on population. It transfers the political Power in the state from the Rural regions to the big cities and the suburbs. Although there is a theoretical a escape Hatch Quot that would permit the state to return to the a unit Quot system should the Dirksen amendment Ever be accepted it passes he a wretched episode Man belief that a re apportioned legislature would Ever willingly help do away with itself. So Connecticut is for All practical purposes lost to Everett Dirksen. What has happened in Connecticut is also happening elsewhere. Some 30 states have already bowed to the supreme court s edict and at least fifteen More will have complied before next year s elections have come and gone. Assuming that Dirksen has a Chance of pushing his amendment through the next session of Congress it would then be left for ratification to the mercy of a huge majority of state Legislatures with a vested interest in turning it Down. It could be premature to argue that the net effect of the haste which the various states have made to Bow to the supreme court s passion for total egalitarianism is to Seal the final doom of the Republican party. But it will certainly add to the roadblocks that Are standing in the Way of a Republican comeback. The Rural areas and Small towns have been a stronghold of republicanism. From Here on the fight for Power in the United states will be Between Urban and suburban Man. The farm bloc once a a third Force Quot in our legislative struggles has been effectively deprived of its ancient leverage. Whether the new a two Force Quot stand off in our Legislatures will make for greater Harmony or less depends entirely on the willingness of the suburban communities to submit to the blurring of the political lines Between the cities and the outly Long residential areas. As this column has observed before the wealth is in the suburbs while the tax needs Are in the decaying downtown areas. Economic transfusions Are needed if cities Are to be preserved. The county of Westchester in effect will be called upon to pay for cleaning up the Harlem and Bedford Stuyvesant slums of greater new York City and by the same Token the towns of Winnetka and Evanston will be asked to pitch in to take mayor Daley off the Hook with the negroes of Chicago. The suburbs must decide where to be magnanimous and where to keep from being mulched. The democrats now hold most of our cities and despite the Success of John Lindsay in new York it is doubtful that the republicans can Hope to become the big Urban party in the . So the Battle in the coming years will be for control of the suburban vote. The big political questions will revolve around the alms and Tempo of regional planning. The republicans will have to keep or wrest control of the suburbs for themselves if they Are not to be reduced to an impotent minority by a Washington big City Alliance presumably with its Headquarters in the new department of housing and Urban affairs. Hints that Adlai opposed Viet War show danger of quoting dead men by William s. White Washington. From beyond the grave Adlai e. Stevenson has Given the lie to busily fostered innuendoes that he was privately opposed to the american policy of honest military resistance to the communist invasion of South Viet Nam. Adlai Stevenson 3rd, son of the late american ambassador to the United nations who also was twice democratic presidential candidate has now published documentary proof that such suggestions Are As without foundation in fact As they Are irresponsible in effect. It is proof so decisive As to be quite beyond further Challenge from the two very different groups which have acted knowingly and unknowingly to discredit the position of the United states in Viet Nam. One of these sets has moved in simple malice on the notion that any stick is Good enough to beat a dog with in this Case the dog of an american policy they detest. The other set involves a few Earnest and gun Lune friends of the late ambassador who honestly supposed that he was preparing to run out in private on the very policy he had Long defended in Public. As is usual in such wretched episodes however the record is being put right too late. It is too late to save the legitimate interests of the United states from wholly unjustified damage. It is too late to save the memory of Adlai Stevenson himself from implications a Well meant and unintended in some cases harshly uncaring in other cases that he was not really Loyal to Public positions he himself had repeatedly taken. Perhaps however it is not too late to draw a lesson from this experience. It Points a Guntly warning Finger to the danger and the dreadful wrongness of attempting to quote dead men in the service conscious or not of designs to discredit in so Petty subterranean a Way any National policy whatever. All this is starkly so in the Case of a policy such As that toward Viet Nam which is demonstrably not partisan and which is surely entitled to be seen As big in purpose if nothing else. Many of those who oppose our actions in Viet Nam indeed Are making it More and More difficult to conduct an adult and civilized debate. Endlessly they clamor for a the right to dissent a As though they were not already exercising that right to its screeching howling full. Endlessly they suggest that they the dissidents Are being oppressed suppressed repressed by some crushing conspiracy of endlessly too they imply that those who support the War Are insensitive to human suffering and crude apologists for the called fist at Home and abroad. The Plain truth is that never in the history of this or any other country whose men were being killed by a brutal enemy have the opponents of a War of resistance been Given such License As they Are being Given today. The Plain truth moreover is that the language being used by Many of these protestors who so proclaim their tender monopoly of concern for human feelings is indefinitely harsher than is any hardliner s language against them. For one Small example this columnist s mail brings letters declaring him to be a an animal Quot or sometimes some More specifically defined beast of prey for backing the War in Viet Nam. Now no one is asking in consequence for a purple heart or crying out for the instant services of the medic and the chaplain. But those who believe in the policy in Viet Nam no ounce less than in the great tradition of free speech Are entitled to ask who is it v to is really out raging that tradition. Is it those who openly state their views in support of the War or is it those who will stoop to any Dodge to ambush that policy about Vermon Christmas prayers by Hazel wills old Bennington. I had written quite a bit for this column about the impracticability of the toys of to Day. I had gathered the information from talking with my daughter and other discouraged mothers. Then i happened to notice the Date on which the column would be published dec. 23. The time would have gone by for any cynical appraisal of what the toy manufacturers offered to the Young generation in their efforts to keep up with their technical information. Only one Day would intervene Between the 23rd and Christmas the Day which is basically the reason Why we do All the things each year that time has clouded Over with various observances borrowed from the pagans from modern commercialism and from a slackened awareness of morals the Day which whatever its actual Date whatever each person s individual belief whatever misuse men have made of it s Impact Over the intervening 2,000 years brought to the world menus True sense of the other Many a Freedom and his consequent love. And with a Small realization of comparative values i Tore up my senseless ranting and consigned it to the waste Basket where such stuff belongs. A of in the quiet of just a few minutes stolen from the hurly Burly bequeathed by those 2,000 years to men of today i turned from the headlines of the newspapers from the news Given Over radio and television All the negatives of today yes even from the nostalgia for the Good old Days which might not have letters seemed so Good of communications had been better to a positive appreciation of the Good things which Are ours so beautifully expressed in the words of the general thanksgiving found in the prayer Book of the episcopal Church a we do give thee most Humble and Hearty thanks for All thy goodness and Loving kindness to us and to All men we bless thee for our creation preservation and All the blessings of this life but especially for thine inestimable love in the redemption of the world by our lord Jesus Christ and we beseech thee to give us that due sense of All thy blessings that our hearts May be unfeigned thankful and that we show Forth thy Praise not Only with our lips but in our a Christmas prayer opening the last report of the 251 club of Vermont echoes this same thought Quot let us Pray that strength and courage be Given to All who work for a world of reason and understanding that the Good that lies in every Many a heart May Day by Day be manifested that men will come to see clearly not that which divides them but that which unites them that each hour May bring us closer to a final Victory not of nation Over nation but of Man Over his own evils and weaknesses that the True spirit of the Christmas season its Joy its Beauty its Hope and above All its abiding Faith May live among us that the blessings of peace May be ours the peace to build and grow to live in Harmony and sympathy with others and to plan for the future with amen. Callous indifferent views on Viet Nam to the editor of the Banner a Sermon by rabbi Israel mar Golies of new York opposing american policy in Viet Nam a hich was quoted in part in a letter in the dec. 14 Banner from mrs. Ruth Adler shows the characteristic growing indifference callousness and misrepresentation of the truth As Well As contempt for authority which is displayed by a Large part of the a modern enlightened thinking Quot younger generation. They do not want to get involved in anything. They want All of the privileges but none of the responsibilities. They hesitate to help a neighbor or Friend let alone a stranger. They read of his misfortunes and disasters shrug their shoulders murmur a thank goodness it Wasny to me Quot and forget it in seconds just so Long As it does no to affect them. They re too Busy with their Small confining world and the Job of getting As Rich and As powerful As they can to lend a helping hand or even a sympathetic ear. If this attitude had prevailed during world War i or world warn or the korean War where would we be now under nazi or communist domination without a doubt with All the dearth of freedoms that those governments practice. Or to go Back even farther in history to the time of the revolutionary War without Aid and supplies from our friends across the sea we would without a doubt have lost the War and still be British subjects today. As for a moving steadily and dishonestly from the dubious status of advisors to total involvement Quot As rabbi Margolles suggests we have done in Viet Nam we have agreements with our Eastern and Western allies to come to their Aid when they Are threatened by obliteration by More powerful countries whoever they might be. Does mrs. Adler remember studying about three Small counties in Europe Estonia Latvia and Lithuania they exist no longer due to the comm units and the apathy of neighbouring countries. As Dean Rusk said in a recent speech would the communists believe or Trust us to fulfil our obligations in the nato Alliance if we did no to Honor our Asiatic ones its so easy to be an Ostrich and Bury ones head in the Sand. Ifs so easy and smug to decry others Christian and neighbourly Ald. But is it Wise or secure or Safe keeping our Freedom is not easy and one must keep working to retain it. Sometimes one must fight to be free and for what one believes in. A thing won can be lost if not cherished and nourished. Things Worth much Are not bought without Cost. Things that Are cheaply bought Arentt highly valued. Experience has taught us that. There will always be nations and Peoples in this world that seek to impose their Laws and will on others less fortunate and weaker than themselves of we stand idly by and do not help the world will gradually be overcome and we will be the next objective. Can we expect help then if we refuse help when it is desperately cried for has mrs. Adler Ever read Gen. Deans account of his harrowing experience As a prisoner of War in the korean War or read accounts of those who have escaped communist domination could she then quote remarks that Are so callous and removed mrs. Maurice n. Geiger. West dog to the editor of the Banner there lives in Morrisville a family like most families in Vermont busily awaiting the arrival of Christmas and excited with All the Hustle of this joyous season. There Are two main differences though in this family from most others the youngest child aged four is visually handicapped and the family dog and companion of this child a German Shepherd Hobo is missing. This is a description of my family and our dog that is gone. We maybe like you went visiting our relatives Over the thanksgiving weekend and Hobo went with us As he has been an inseparable member of our family a up until now. We went to my parents or. And mrs. Richard h Bovey of Manchester depot. Upon our arrival knowing the Deer season to be in its final weekend we hitched Hobo. But sunday afternoon he slipped his Collar and several hours later when we were ready to return Home Hobo was nowhere to be found. Arrangements were made that when he returned he would be cared for by my parents until we could pick him up. But As of this Date he has not returned. I would rather believe that he has wandered too far to retrace his Steps and some kind persons Are searching for us while they care for him. Possibly this is so. Or could some Hunter have shot him or seen the Lovely animal and decided to help himself to the pet and faithful companion of a Small child i beg and plead with each of you to help me locate our dog. Hobo is a one and a half year old male Black Silver and White Shepherd weighing 50 pounds. He is Well trained very Friendly and loves children. We have had Hobo since he was approximately six weeks old and All animal lovers can realize the loss we feel and the desire we hav to have him returned to us. If each of you will Tell your friends and the word passes from one to another possibly this teary eyed four year old whose love and Faith in humanity has not yet been dented by age or understanding can have her dog returned to her. Anyone who thinks they have seen Hobo can Call my parents in Manchester depot 362-1732. In my desperation i can think of no More effective help than my Fellowman to Clear up the mystery of the missing Hobo. Mrs. Shirley c. Stevens. Morrisville

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