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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Partly Cloudy partly Cloudy tonight with Low temperatures 25 to 30. Friday mostly Cloudy and Little temperature change. Yesterdays High 36 Low 24. Today at 7 ., 31. Sunset 4 19 . Sunrise 7 24 The upside meteor showers will reach their maximum tonight. The place to look for them is Northwest of the North Star. Bennington Bennington Vermont thursday december 23, 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,949 to cents vah can City us a Pope Paul i apparently censuring both the United states and the communists for the War in Viet Nam warned today that perhaps the world is a on the wrong path again a path towards All out War. A modify the direction of your Steps a the pontiff told world leaders in his annual Christmas message broadcast and televised around the Globe. A perhaps you Are on the wrong path again. Stop although he did not mention Viet Nam or any specific countries by name Pope Paul s 23-minute, italian language message obviously concentrated on that crisis. He praised peace As a the first and highest asset of a society but noted that a today it is an asset in a the new intentions which the tragic experiences of the last War had inspired Are being replaced by old and deeply rooted nationalistic tendencies or by new ideologies of subversion and domination a he said. A never More powerful and fearful weapons Are becoming the Only guarantee of an Uncertain and precarious peace which is losing the sense of human brotherhood and of Justice Between Pope Paul warned that a no one should confine love for peace within the boundaries of his own interest and of his own a no one should Start violating with deceitful snares and artificial disorders the Tranquility of others a he said. A no one should Force his neighbors today we Are All neighbors to resort to armed defense and no one should avoid equitable and Loyal negotiation to restore order and the pontiff s remarks and his stress on negotiations came at a time when he is playing an Ever greater role in the search for peace. For Christmas racial truce broken in Mississippi clashes Natchez. Mass. Up Highway patrolmen reinforced City police in this Mississippi River City today where a sudden outbreak of Street clashes ended an uneasy racial truce. At least 20 state Highway patrol cars patrolled a most deserted streets Early today in the aftermath of a series of clashes Between negroes Whites and police wednesday. There were unofficial reports that several persons were injured in the melees that apparently started in a clash Between negro pickets and a group of Whites. However a Check of hospitals failed to turn up any instances of hospitalization. City officials including police chief j. T. Robinson made no immediate comment. Hoff Hopes Assembly buys con con idea Montpelier us a gov. Philip h. Roff says he sees no reason Why the Vermont legislature should oppose the convening of a state constitutional convention next april i. The governor at his regular weekly press conference wednesday said that the major governor lists four Bills As most important Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff has named four legislative packages he considers the most important to go before the special session of the legislature. The governor told a press conference wednesday he would consider the passage of the four Bills a a monumental the programs Are a the governor s Highway program including Highway beautification and bonding. A his educational program to include his Call for comprehensive school districts and an educational television network. A the approval of a constitutional convention. A the administration s medium Security prison legislation. Items to go before the convention Are not complicated and could be answered a yes or rep. Richard Mallary a Fairlee a leading candidate for speaker of the Vermont House said monday that Hoff was proceeding too fast on the matter. Mallary said there was not enough ground work Laid Down to meet the governor s proposed opening Date of april i. A the things we want to do Are so simple i can see the constitutional convention being Over in two or three Days a Hoff said. The governor said the major issues he wished to cover at the convention include a four year term for the governor an annual legislative session and elimination of the current 10-year time lock on amending the document. Hoff said he had a not the foggiest ideas of Why Mallary was against holding the convention at this time. Hoff said he opposed having a referendum to decide whether or not to hold a convention. He said he had always a looked askance at the matter of a it is just a Way for the legislature to avoid taking a stand on a Touchy Issue a he said. But Hoff added that he was not against a referendum for the people to judge what the convention has decided. Poodle for Christmas Ginger the French poodle which is a Christmas gift of mrs. Hub Bert Humphrey to the vice president shows her affection in the form of a kiss on the Cheek of her new master As the two posed tuesday for photographers in Minneapolis. Up Charles Evers state Field director of the National association for the advancement of coloured people a act said a three or four people have gotten Cut up pretty Evers who led a Boycott Here in late summer and fall that resulted in what he termed the biggest concessions Ever won by negroes from Whites in Mississippi said that he was Able to get a crowd of several Hundred negroes inside a Church and away from the downtown area to halt the clashes. Even then he said angry Whites whom he identified As Kun flux klansmen drove by the Church stoning parked cars and drawing guns. Evers said the negroes became angry after police accosted a negro youth on the streets apparently to arrest him and then a beat the boy there was an Early unconfirmed report that a group of negro youths had beaten an elderly White Man. The clashes followed evens said with a the police the Kun flux klan and the negroes All lbs at ranch for Holiday Austin Tex. Us a the lbs ranch was bedecked with Christmas trimmings today the usual decorative kind plus president Johnson s budgetary variety. While lady Bird Johnson was putting Pine Cones on the mantel and daughters Lynda Bird and Luck decorated a Christmas tree the president was hard at work on next year s Federal spending program. Johnson concentrated wednesday on military spending. Via a Telephone talk with defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara and on written reports of a budget problems on health and education the Johnson daughters gave a a a surprised birthday dinner for their Mother whose 53rd birthday wednesday provided pre Christmas festivity. Johnson gave his wife a special gift which she said was but mrs. Johnson spent much of her Day with intensive Christmas preparations. A what else does one do when one s birthday is on dec. 22?�?� she was quoted As asking her press Secretary mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter. Secretary of state Dean Rusk right confers wednesday Fanfani and with italian foreign minister Amintore Fanfani who is also president of the . General Assembly and has acted Rusk Confer As intermediary Between the . And North Viet Nam on reported Hanoi peace feelers. Up Power Plant destroyed in North Viet Nam raid Saigon us �? planes striking before a Christmas truce silences their guns completed the destruction of a giant Power Plant in the Haiphong area of communist North Viet Nam a military spokesman reported today. Three planes were shot Down one by a russian built Sam missile. A spokesman said six crewmen were feared killed or captured in the wednesday raid on the Vong by Power Plant As . Plane losses in the Hanoi Haiphong area claimed toll for the week. Heavy air raids carried out As a team Effort by the . Air Force and the . Navy struck the Haiphong area for the fifth time heavily damaged a missile base 60 Miles Northwest of Hanoi and the Ngai to Airfield 95 Miles to the Northwest. Fires and explosions were reported at All three targets. The ground fighting increased in intensity As the 30-hour Christmas truce approached and spokesman announced a series of engagements in which from 310 to 350 Viet Cong were killed with Light american and South vietnamese losses. One of the More spectacular engagements came in the Quang Tri area 400 Miles North of Saigon wednesday when a tiny platoon sized patrol of vietnamese from an american special forces Camp took on a Viet Cong battalion of 600 men in a rough and Tumble firefight and won. The platoon of Only a handful of men killed 25 Viet Cong at Light loss to themselves and captured Large quantities of equipment. The Uong by Power Plant 14 Miles Northeast of the key port of Haiphong supplied about 15 per cent of the country s Power. Four crewmen were aboard the three planes lost and Only two were known to have parachuted. The aircraft were two a4 sky Hawks each with a single Pilot and a two Man family once More homeless due to pre Christmas fire Grafton . A for the second time in three years the Chester Westcott family is Home $400,000 for it. Exhibit Montpelier us a gov. Philip h. Hoff says the administration will not submit a Bill to the legislature to finance Vermont s part in the Montreal a exposition 67.�?� the governor said the Bill will be sponsored by members of the legislature. The measure will Call for a $400,000 appropriation to set up a Vermont exhibit in Montreal. Sponsors for the legislation now Are being lined up by development commissioner Elbert g. Moulton. Some $300,000 will be asked of the legislature for a Vermont Pavilion at the exposition. Another $100,000 is sought for use at a Vermont development office in Montreal and for promotional material. Less just before Christmas due to fire. Christmas eve 1962 their Home in Johnsonville was destroyed by fire and wednesday their one Story Frame dwelling Here on the Babcock Road was swept by flames and destroyed. The Westcott have 14 children six at Home seven married or living with relatives and monday mrs. Westcott gave birth in Samaritan Hospital Troy to a daughter. Westcott was at the Hospital visiting his wife and four of the children were at Home when the fire broke out at 7 30 . All escaped safely. Volunteer firemen said that when they arrived flames had already enveloped the building. The entire Interior of the Home including furniture clothing and All personal possessions of the family was destroyed. Cause of the fire has not been determined but fire chief Everett Wagar said the Blaje apparently started in a bedroom. Westcott stated that the contents of the House were not covered by insurance. Ra5c reconnaissance bomber. The area itself has been hit five times. . Planes first bombed the Uong by facility last Friday in an escalation of the air War. Returning pilots from wednesdays raid said fires raged throughout the Plant and its buildings and heavy equipment were reduced to rubble. The Sam rocket struck the ra5c, a . Spokesman said. The airmen who parachuted drifted Down Over the Haiphong port area itself. No Rescue operations were launched. In other action a platoon sized patrol of Tough . Special forces men took on an estimated communist battalion near the North vietnamese Border and sent them reeling in defeat it was disclosed today. The action took place wednesday 400 Miles North of Saigon in Quang Tri province. A . Platoon numbers about 44 men while a communist battalion is upwards of 600 soldiers. A . Spokesman said 25 communists were known killed by the special forces troops from the Khe san outpost who see Power Plant Page i 4, col. 6 Saigon up �?. And South vietnamese military leaders ignoring any mention of the communist proposal for a 12-hour Christmas truce announced today Allied guns would be silent for a 30-hour yuletide period. The statement emphasized that . And government forces would shoot of fired on however. The cease fire will be effective from 6 . Dec. 24 to Midnight dec. 25. 5 Est dec. 24 toll . Christmas Day the communique was issued by the military assistance command Viet Nam Mac and authorized by the . Commander Gen. William c. Westmoreland and his South vietnamese counterpart it. Gen. Cao Van Vlen chief of the general staff. Quot in keeping with the spirit of Christmas and consistent with like instructions that have been issued by the chief of staff vietnamese armed forces. General Westmoreland has directed that . Forces in Viet Nam will not fire at or on the enemy except in self defense during the hours of 1800 24 december and 2400 25 december a the announcement said. The order made no mention of the recent offer by the National liberation front political of the Viet Cong for a 12-hour Christmas Day truce so that the a a enemy could go a to president Johnson and Secretary of state Dean Rusk had said that it was up to the commanders in Saigon whether to accept the communist proposal. The .-South vietnamese announcement went 18 hours longer than the red offer of a dusk to Dawn truce. It emphasized that All Allied units would remain in a state of Normal combat readiness but would initiate no action against the enemy. Most Saigon authorities have viewed the communist offer As a propaganda stunt but apparently decided to take them up on it As a test of Viet Cong Faith. Meanwhile in Washington officials with bitter memories of the bloody end of similar Quot pauses in the past maintained an attitude of watchful caution today toward the Christmas cease fire in Viet Nam. The 30-hour Lull in the fighting ordered by . And South vietnamese military commanders though it presumably extended to american bombing raids on North Viet Nam was not regarded Here As any kind of opening wedge for peace talks. Rather officials were warning against what they Consi see 30-hour truce Page 14, col. 3 red China charges soviet Union weapons Tokyo up a in a blistering attack on the soviet Union red China charged today that most russian military Ald to communist North Viet Nam consists of old or damaged weapons a cleaned out from the in broadcasts from peking communist China also branded As a a slander reports that China has demanded Dollar payments to transport soviet equipment to the Hanoi regime. A we have not charged the soviet Union a single Kopek let alone . Dollars a the Broad some Hoff supporters disappointed Montpelier us a some supporters of gov. Philip a Hoff say they Are disappointed he is giving up his efforts to pass a mandatory school redistricting Bill in the state legislature. The governor said tuesday he was striking paragraphs from his school redistricting Bill a because of the political facts of the democratic governor must Deal with a heavy repute bean majority in the re apportioned legislature. Burlington school superintendent William f. Keough jr., who has backed the governor s plan for mandatory regional school districts said he feels the governor now has nothing left to bargain with in getting the rest of the Bill through. A newspaper publisher who led the governor s floor fight in the 1965 Senate Harold Ray nolds said the original Bill planned by the governor was a first but he said Hoff dropped the major Point in the bul. on the inside an editorial comments on sen. Aiken s stand on the Viet Nam War Page 4. Columnist Hazel Wius offers a prayer at Christmas Page 4. Bennington county residents Don t move As much As other people Page 5. Cast said. A that is the truth of the the quote was based on an article in the official peking Peoples daily signed by a commentator the writer was believed to be a High chinese communist official. Despite the indication of Sleno soviet differences Over Aid to North Viet Nam Hanoi radio today announced a new pact with the russians for economic Ald in 1966. Hanoi said there was Complete Mutual understanding on the pact signed in Moscow wednesday after two weeks of top level talks. The broadcast thanked the soviet Union for the Aid but gave no further details of the pact. In another broadcast by the new China news Agency monitored Here peking charged that reports of recent . Authorization for american soldiers to Cross the cambodian Border of necessary to pursue communist guerrillas constituted a a pretext for the United i curfew to be lifted in Saigon Saigon up a the . Military command announced today the recent dusk to Dawn curfew imposed on american soldiers in Saigon will be lifted Christmas Day. The 7 . To 6 Curfew was imposed last saturday to keep americans off the streets of the capital during a new wave of terrorist activities. The spokesman said the curfew would end at 6 Christmas Day. States to extend the War to american servicemen then american fighting will be governed by the Normal men in South Viet Nam say Midnight to 4 Curfew Viet Cong guerrillas frequently imposed on everyone residing seek Refuge in Cambodia. In Saigon. Cardinal Spellman arrives in Viet Nam for Christmas Saigon us a Francis Cardinal Spellman archbishop of new York perspiration trickling Down his Cheeks arrived in Viet Nam today on his annual Christmas visit to the troops. The american prelate stepped off his commercial jetliner after a two Day trip from new York a few hours after the .-Vlet Nam military command announced the 36-hour Christmas cease fire in the Southeast Aslan War. He said he came to Viet Nam to demonstrate his loyalty to America s War Effort. It is my country right or Wong a the 77 year old Prince of the roman Catholic Church declared. The Cardinal arrived at Saigon s Tan son Nhut Airport and walked unassisted Down the Steps from the plane and out into the hot tropical Sun baking the Field. Asked the reason for his visit he said a i want to show my loyalty to what America is doing a he answered. A there is no american Soldier in Viet Nam who does not want peace. A i fully support my country and i Pray it will always be right but it is my country right or air Rudd conscious in Hanoi North Viet Nam residents Are fearful of the . Bombing raids and use various Means to protect themselves. Man at left wears some do it yourself camouflage and girl at right carries a Rifle Slung Over her shoulders and is quoted As saying a i can shoot Down american Jet planes with this up Pope Paul i warns world on a wrong path in Viet Nam 30-Hourtruce t

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