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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 31, 1965, Bennington, Vermont S a Bennington Banner tuesday August 31, 1965 reporters assessment in Viet Nam a Little Light in a dark picture editor s note the following assessment of current trends in the War in Viet Nam is written by United press International a foreign news analyst who is on assignment in Saigon. By Phil Newsom Saigon up a at Gen. William c. Westmoreland a Headquarters As August Drew to a close military statisticians tallied the wins and losses against the Viet Cong in four months of the Monsoon. Saigon a innumerable bar girls sipped their sweetened a Saigon team and happily shared the bulging wallets of american servicemen whose numbers now close to 100,000, had hit the South vietnamese Economy with the effects of a Sac blockbuster. For different reasons and with varying degrees of National Benefit the . Military assistance command the bar girls a and the shopkeepers and Street stall merchants of Saigon and half a dozen other South vietnamese cities a could draw satisfaction from the tallies. In Westmoreland swords a the Viet Cong have shown Little initiative for almost a month despite their economically for South Viet Nam the Rush at some 60,000 american soldiers into the country since May had been a mixed Blessing. Huge american building projects such As those at Cam Hanh Bay Nha Trang and Chu Lai on the South China sea coast created a labor shortage. Hents and the Cost of living in general shot skyward. In Saigon vietnamese complained that Drivers of Saigon a decrepit 25-year-old Fleet of Vest pocket size Renault taxicabs were passing up citizens in favor of Rich americans. There were other drawbacks. The Rich flow of dollars benefited the cities but did Little for the poverty stricken Countryside. Moreover Many of those dollars found their Way into the Black Market threatening to further weaken the vietnamese Piastre already under pressure because of the government s deficit financing. Nonetheless for the South vietnamese and their american advisors things were looking up perhaps More so than at any time since the fall of president Ngo dunh diem s government in november 1963, and the succession of governments which followed. In the cautious approach of a Soldier Westmoreland himself ticks off these encouraging signs a after Early initial successes in the Monsoon season beginning in May during which they attacked in regimental strength the pc have shown Little initiative for nearly a month. In May and june the pc severely mauled eight government battalions. A in the Mekong Delta a traditional pc stronghold pc activity has shown a marked decline. Mass defections such As of the a White turban gang near the cambodian Border indicate a belief the government will win. A i am convinced the Viet Cong thought 1965 would Mark a dramatic turn. The turn failed to materialize a the Viet Cong planned to dominate the Central Highlands and Highway 19, which bisects the country from qui Nhon on the South China sea coast to Cambodia. They had some initial Success profoundly affecting South vietnamese morale. Morale has now risen and the people no longer concede defeat. A attacks by the big b52 bombers of the strategic air command also have had a Good psychological Impact. Government forces have moved into areas where they have not been for years. Secret Viet Cong bases have been proven vulnerable. A round the clock air attacks have forced the Viet Cong to keep on the move. A i am convinced their casualties have been a shocking revelation to for july the . Mac command calculated Viet Cong dead and wounded at around 14,000 or More than a pc division. The figures included those inflicted by air action. Government losses for the month including the last few Days of june were set at 4,230. For the week ending aug. 21, Viet Cong dead were placed at 1,010, including 599 killed by . Marines. Government dead were listed at 120. In killing the 599 pc in action 12 Miles below the american airbase at Chu Lai the marines won a major Battle and inflicted upon the Viet Cong one of their worst setbacks of the War. Marine casualties of around 200 killed or wounded were listed As relatively Light but nonetheless represented the heaviest single week s loss for the americans. The american advisory command is convinced that the Viet Cong Are having manpower problems. Prisoner interrogation has shown increasing disillusionment and Lack of motivation to fight. A the vietnamese likes his Home and that applies also to people of the the americans expect More hard fighting ahead. After saturation bombing of Viet Cong secret bases ground forces still must go in and clean them out. Strategy also Calls for the breaking up of Large size enemy main Force units. The american theory is that these main Force units Are the real source of frustration and terror that Lead frightened defenders of villages and towns to throw away their weapons and assume the peasants anonymity. Once the enemy is broken up into Small units the chances will improve that popular and irregular forces can defend themselves against him. And As defences improve so will intelligence. The actions at Chu Lai at due co and at Korntum were dramatic but essentially they proved what already had been known a that the vietnamese government forces and the americans can go where they wish so Long As they do it in sufficient strength. Perhaps More important in the Long run Are two other far less dramatic factors. A in the week ending aug. 21, government forces lost 45 weapons but captured 318 from Northern racial strife seen having Rig Impact on democratic politics by Lyle \ Wilson uni Ted press International the democrats have More to lose than republicans in the churning racial strife in the big Northern cities. These Urban masses Are the 75 a citadels of democratic political Power. In upstate new York and in downstate Illinois the republicans sometimes look pretty Good election Day. But an Avalanche of big City democratic votes often overcomes that Republican trend. And i % compliance noted in ii. Junkyard Lair Frankfort by. A a Kentucky Law requiring junkyard owners to screen junked cars from Public View is being obeyed by 75 per cent of the state s 758 junk dealers according to a Story in the new York times sunday. The Law which is being studied by other states was upheld by the Kentucky court of appeals before enforcement began. E. W. Hancock assistant to Highway commissioner Henry Ward was Given the responsibility of enforcement. A Kentucky s junkyard Law became effective in june 1962, but enforcement was delayed until july i 1964, after the court of appeals upheld the constitutionality of the Law in february 1964,�?� Hancock said. A in the first 13 months of enforcement we have obtained 75 per cent compliance. In addition approximately another 800 locations have been cleaned up and no longer Are junkyards under the statutory definition. A we expect to be very close to too per cent compliance by the end of 1965.�?� of 188 junk dealers identified As operating without a permit 49 cases have been referred to the grand jury in their counties. Fourteen complaints were listed in county courts and 125 Are subject to possible grand jury action if they do not comply before the next grand jury meets. The Kentucky Highway department administers the Law through its 12 District offices. The fifth Highway District a including Louisville a Jefferson county a May be the first area to have All its junkyards properly screened. At present 99 of the districts 102 Yards Are screened and the rest should be screened within a month. The Law says the screening May be a by the construction of a Fence or by planting shrubs Trees or flowering plants the foliage of which provides a suitable and sufficient screen or by making use of foliage already in look Here expert Well drilling on d blasting modern equipment phone 362-14 77 e. Dorset Vermont Stavens amp Frost Jority votes Are an important Factor in big cities. Big City racial violence instantly puts the police and the negroes in opposition. Through the police the mayor and other City officials become involved. There usually come then bitter charges of police brutality and demands that the mayor protect minority groups. Some negro leaders now speak bitterly of Chicago a mayor Richard j. Daley the democratic Boss of Illinois. New York s mayor Robert f. Wagner is not seeking a fourth term. Wagner probably moved further faster than any other municipal official to appease negroes. And Wagner got his lumps anyway. His troubles with the negro problem gained worldwide publicity last year when Harlem exploded in deadly riot. New York negroes complain loudly of alleged police brutality. Mayor Sam Yorty of los Angeles also is a Democrat but an irregular loosely tied to the party. Californians gov. Edmund g. Pat Brown is a High voltage Democrat new horizon great society variety. Yorty came out of the los Angeles riot crisis throwing punches at everyone a negro leaders Pat Brown and the dispensers of poverty Aid Money in Washington. Brown generally is being applauded for his riot crisis performances so far. Returns on Brown from the negro leaders however Are not All in. Motorist makes w Rong turn gets 2ft tickets Macon a. Up a when City police began chasing a car driven by 20-year-old Eddie Norris sunday they planned to give him one ticket for making an improper turn. The Chase lasted slightly longer than police had intended. When it ended with Norris a car smashed into a tree the officers decided one ticket Wasny to enough. They gave him 28 citations. The charges included five counts of running a Stop sign seven counts of running red lights driving under the influence of intoxicants driving on the wrong Side of the Road no Drivers License improper License plates seven counts of speeding including one for going 110 . In a 35-mile-an-hour zone and a making an improper turn. There has been or there is continuing racial trouble in Boston and Springfield mass., and in smaller communities in the North and East. The potential for trouble is recognized to be great. Having much at stake in these areas the democrats might lose much. The republicans have not much to lose a Good example is Philadelphia which was a Republican Strong Point Over the years until mismanagement invited democratic reformers to take Over. Municipal authorities in Philadelphia Are feuding with the City a negroes. The dispute centers around Girard College a private institution which refuses negro students and is entitled by Law to do so. Democratic politicians in Chicago Philadelphia and new York to name Only three Urban masses a need a solid negro vote to hold Power. They got and kept the negro vote by gaining the negroes gratitude on the so called pocketbook and belly issues a Relief shelter and sometimes jobs. For began that. In any close presidential election the negro vote is the determining Factor in a score of states maybe More. Bloc voters need not always switch from the democrats to the republicans to score. They can fail to vote at All. The 1960 presidential election was a photo finish. John f. Kennedy took a close and disputed decision in Illinois. Without Illinois electoral votes Kennedy would have lost. Without the negro vote in Cook county Chica Okennedy surely would have lost Illinois. F Rosh learn lesson Columbus. Ohio up a Ohio state University recently cleared Richard Puldas and Jonathan Fries both 19, for admission As freshmen because they figured the two Cincinnati boys had Learned their lessons about females. The boys got into difficulty when a coed invited them to a party on the 10th floor of Morrison a Tower. They accepted innocently. They said that when they stepped off the elevator the girls a started Yelling and screaming and running the boys fled Back Down the elevator into the of University police. Morrison Hall it turned out was a girls dormitory. . Sets blocks to labor Day riots the Viet Cong. As late As last May if government forces lost Only twice As Many weapons As the captured it was considered a fairly Good week. A the break through at due co even though reinforced by the . Airborne essentially was a vietnamese government operation. And that s the Way it must be if this War is to be won. I Rban Bill approved Iii Senate Washington up a the Senate monday passed and sent to the House a Bill creating a new department of housing and Urban development the first new Cabinet office to be created since 1953. The Bill was a Compromise of slightly differing versions passed earlier by the House and Senate. Quick House approval of the Compromise also is expected. The new department will Deal with the problems of Large cities particularly housing problems. It is expected to take Over Many of the functions of the housing and Home finance Agency. In other developments Home Rule the White House said president Johnson a remains hopeful that Congress will pass a Home Rule Bill for the District of Columbia giving residents of the District the right to elect their own local officials. The Hope appeared to be a slim one however since a needed petition to get the Home Rule Bill out of the House District committee appeared today to be falling far Short of the required 218 signatures. Balance of payments chairman William Mcchesney Martin jr., of the Federal Reserve Board told the Senate government operations subcommittee today that the United states has not yet found a permanent solution to the unfavourable balance of payments situation. He said the United states is carrying a too Large a Load in the Field of foreign Aid. Editors note new England resorts in the past have been the scene of riots and disturbances during the Long labor Day weekend. Here Are the results of a Survey conducted by United press International of precautions being taken this year to head off possible t outbreaks. By Bernard w. Caughey Boston up a Law enforcement officials in new England mapped plans today for possible trouble they Hope never materializes during the Long labor Day weekend. National guardsmen and riot trained state troopers Are to be stationed near potential trouble spots along new Hampshire and Maine coastlines. Several areas in the six state Region have been haunted in the past by teen agers having an end of the sum Mer fling at coastal resorts. Hampton Beach . Has been hardest hit with full fledged riots that resulted in hundreds of arrests. In new Hampshire maj. Gen. Francis b. Mcswiney adjutant general said he will order a contingent of National guardsmen to bivouac near Hampton Beach just As they did during the fourth of july weekend when no disturbances broke out. A we Are prepared to support the state police As we always Are on these weekends. This has become Normal planning for this Type of weekend. New Hampshire safety commissioner Robert Rhodes said the Normal details of state policemen will be patrolling the Beach. Rhodes said he did not expect to Send any extra men to potential trouble spots on a standby basis. A but we Are set up now so we could have All the necessary men on the Beach in a very Short time a he added. Rhodes said he understood troublemakers will congregate a a elsewhere this year but did not elaborate. In Maine too state police troopers and 600 National guardsmen will be on standby duty ready to quell any youth Ful disturbances that May break out at Southern Maine beaches. The second and third tank Bata Lions 20th Armor will conduct what authorities termed a a training session with police at the Saco armory near the old Orchard and York beaches. The same Type of a training sessions were held during the fourth of july weekend when there were rumours of trouble. After that show of Force col. Robert Marx Maine s chief of police said officials were capable of handling any disturbance in any Section of the sprawling state. Mark said the training will a consist of tactical operations concerned with civil disturbances. On hand will be riot guns Billy clubs tear Gas rifles bayonets for use in putting Down trouble. Helicopters also probably will patrol the beaches on the Alert for disturbance. This a spy in the sky was used during the fourth of july weekend. The second Bataillon with Headquarters in Lewiston has companies at Auburn Rumford and Norway. The third headquartered at Waterville has companies in Skowhegan Bath and Brunswick. Each has about 300 men. Mark said two special state police riot squads with 50 men each also will participate. In Massachusetts officials reported the regular a beefed up patrol of state and local Law enforcement will be on duty just like any Holiday. State police said 550 troopers All trained in riot control will be patrolling the highways. There have been no rumours of trouble in Massachusetts officials said. In Rhode Island Westerly and Newport officials reported no extraordinary precautions were being taken since no trouble was anticipated. Rhode Island has experienced trouble mainly at jazz and Folk festivals at Newport. In Connecticut state police said they never experienced any Large scale disturbances during labor Day and they done to expect any this year. Almost the entire coast of a a classifieds Legal a a Legal notices estate of Arthur g. Peckham state of Vermont District of Bennington is. The honorable probate court for the District aforesaid to All persons interested in the estate of Arthur g. Peckham late of Pownal in said District deceased greeting at a probate court held at Bennington within and for said District on the Lith Day of August 1965, an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Arthur g. Peckham late of Pownal in said District deceased was presented to the court aforesaid for probate. And it is ordered by said court that the 8th Day of september 1965, at the probate office in said Bennington at 2 00 o clock in the afternoon be assigned for proving said instrument and that notice thereof be Given to a persons concerned by publishing this order three weeks successively in the Bennington Banner a newspaper circulating in that Vicinity in said District previous to the time appointed. Therefore you Are hereby a ousted to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid and contest the probate of said will of you have cause. Given under my hand at Bennington in said District this 17th Day of August 1965. Catherine c. Behan Register aug. 24-31ept. 7 commissioners notice ancillary estate of William c. Plunkett the undersigned having been appointed by the honorable probate court for the District of Bennington commissioners to receive examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons against the estate of William c. Plunkett late of Pinehurst North Carolina deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby give notice that we will meet for the purpose aforesaid at the Home of Donald King in the town of Readsboro in said District on the 2nd Day of november and 2nd Day of february next from to of clock a.m., until 5 o clock p.m., on each of said Days and that six months from the 2nd Day of August 1965, is the time limited by said court for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. Dated at Readsboro this 2nd Day of August 1965, Richard Cole Donald King aug. 31, sept. 7-14 Connecticut along the sound is privately owned. The largest Public Beach is at Harmonas set Beach state Park but this is mostly a family Type operation and does not usually draw the restless College crowd. Officials in Vermont expected no trouble but said the usual heavy Highway patrol will be out in Force. Legal notices Trust estate of George g. Bood state of Vermont District of bean Langton is. The honorable probate court for the District aforesaid to All persons interested in the Trust estate of George g. Bood late of Bennington in said District deceased greeting whereas said court has assigned the 15th Day of september next Tor examining and allowing the account of the trustees of the estate of old deceased George g. Bond covering the period from May 29, 1964 to May 31, 1965, and ordered that Public notice thereof be Given to All persons interested in said estate by publishing this order three weeks successively previous to the Day assigned in the Bennington Banner a newspaper pub shed at Bennington in said District therefore you Are hereby notified to appear at the probate office in Bennington in said District on the Day assigned at 11 00 of clock in the Forenoon then and there to contest the allowance of said account of you see cause. Given under my hand this 25th Day of August 1965. Catherine c. Behan Register j. Leo Miller and the Vermont Bank and Trust co., trustees aug. 31-sept. 7-14 Trust estate of Annette o. Jennings docket no. 719-d state of Vermont District of Bennington is. The honorable probate court for the District aforesaid to All persons interested in the Trust estate of Annette o. Jennings late of Bennington in said District deceased greeting whereas said court has assigned the 1st Day of september next for examining and Iii lowing the account of the trustees of the estate of said deceased Annette o. Jennings covering the period from april 25, 1963 to apr 25, 1965, said Trust estate being for the Tenent of Leonard Outhwaite and ordered that Public nonce thereof be Given to All persons interested in said estate by publishing this order three weeks successively previous to the Day assigned in the Bennington Banner a newspaper published at Bennington in said District. Therefore you Are hereby notified to appear at the probate office in Bennington in said District on the Day assigned at 11.00 of clock in the Forenoon then and there to contest the allowance of said account of you see cause. Given under my hand this 10th Day of August 1965. Catherine c. Behan Register aug. 17-24-31 the Bank of new York and Leonard Outhwaite trustees Trust estate of Annette o. Jennings docket no. 719-e state of Vermont District of Bennington is. The honorable probate court for the r Panui s at s int i Ltd vol want me to hit ve6, he pushed me d0u a. Hoo can take him Charlie &r0ajn.hes real fat. Ilc. A Ltd \ a a a a a it s time Tou Learned what stove Camail by m Illon Cali Welcome Coara de you Are expected Aav instructions Are Supply vol with anything you need which. Will a id the us or heart of j Uliet Jones but stall Drake i love you Paul. That Means i close my Eves to every thing mud do that could Hurt aaes As Long As i know maj love me. And you do love me Don t you ? 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