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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 31, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Hinny and Cloudy tonight with occasional rain developing during the night. Low tonight in the 50s. Wednesday scattered showers and warmer. Yesterdays High 65, Low 34, today at 7 . 37. Sunset 7 30, Sunrise 6 15. The greenish disc of the planet Neptune May be seen close to the Moon with a Telescope. Benning Bennington Vermont tuesday August is 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. 19,852 to cents action by l keeps steel talks Washington ufos steel Union and management negotiators resumed contract talks today under White House pressure to reach a settlement before the new strike deadline of Midnight sept. 8. The Union and Industry officials went Beck into conference at 9 30 . Edt. Johnson labor Secretary w. Willard Wirtz and Commerce Secretary John t. Connor were carefully watching their Progress. The steel negotiators who agreed to an eight Day strike postponement at Johnson s request monday night met in the executive offices building across the Street from the White House. The president called the negotiators to Washington from Pittsburgh monday after the wage talks had collapsed. They agreed to further negotiations when Johnson warned them that a steel strike could jeopardize the nation s military and economic stability. The postponement was a preliminary Victory in the presidents efforts to Avert a strike he said could Ria Mage Quot the health and vitality of our Economy and the Security of America around the it was the second time the steel Industry averted a shutdown under prodding from the Johnson administration. Last May Union and management agreed to postpone a showdown and continue operations on a temporary basis. A Federal mediator was involved in the talks at that time and Johnson s role was not As Active As it was monday. Major steelmakers already were tanking their blast furnaces in preparation for the strike which would have shut Down 80 per cent of the Basic steel producing Industry in the nation. But shortly after Johnson s announcement on National radio and television monday night u. S. Steel ordered All furnaces retired and other big firms began to follow suit. United steelworkers president i. W. Abel instructed his 450,-000 members to remain on the Job while contract negotiations continued. In addition he said while top level talks continued in Washington various subcommittees would resume negotiations in Pittsburgh Quot to resolve the issues which remain before double b52 raids hit viol Coil units terrorist Grena bocks is. Housing \ Iconium fail Safe to tin. In s a evident Hilling plan Arrey area Quot violations Montpelier up a two of Vermont s newest commissioners have unveiled a new drive to Cut Down on the record breaking Highway death toll on state roads. Quot program fail Safe Quot a method by which Drivers licenses May be suspended by Hie commissioner of motor vehicles for a maximum of 15 Days will in a Gln at 6 . Friday the Start of the crucial labor Day weekend i. The program was announced it on liar ii says Dan Wains p \ t i Ilion i la w Montpelier atty. Gen. John says up Connarn a portion of the newly unveiled Quot program fail Safe Quot violates the Vermont statutes. Connarn said Vermont statutes allow motor vehicles commissioner James Malloy to lift the License of errant motorists but should the Driver request a hearing Malloy cannot Issue the formal License suspension until after the hearing is conducted. Connarn said the Driver whose License is about to be suspended by the motor vehicles department must be notified 5 Days in Advance so that he May request a hearing. If no hearing is asked the motor vehicles commissioner May order the License lifted Connarn said. Iii Rha glint monday by motor vehicles commissioner James Malloy and Public safety commissioner Erwin Alexander. Malloy has been on the Job for two weeks and Alexander nearly two months. The new program consists of warnings to motor vehicle operators caught violating Highway Laws and Are aimed at the so called Quot Gray area Quot in which the violation is not quite serious enough to warrant court action. Malloy said that under the system he will be Able to suspend for 15 Days the License of persons guilty of Quot foolish Quot driving. He said the commissioner always had such Power but it has not been used before. Malloy and Alexander said there is no established Rule governing the number of warnings an operator May be Given before his License is suspended. It could be one warning or it could be More than one and Quot each Case will be judged solely on its the program has the full support of gov. Philip h. Hoff. Malloy said that licenses will be suspended at his judgment and if the Driver has a complaint he will be Given an informal hearing. The commissioners said t h e system Quot might develop into a Point system Quot for suspension of licenses similar to other states. Vermont has had 95 Road deaths this year. At this time last year when the record of 131 deaths was set there were 86 fatalities recorded. Top lir ass top Republican brass Are shown at a cop coordinating committee in Washington monday where they mapped a Challenge to president Johnson so guns and butter programs while War rages in Viet Nam. At top Are Barry Coldwater 1964 Standard bearer with former f resident Eisenhower while gov. William Scranton off Enri Sylvania confers with former . Gov. Thomas e. Dewey Gor nominee for president in 1944 and 1948. Up splinter groups h ill Wither Scranton tells gob conclave Washington up a gov. William w. Scranton of Pennsylvania predicted today that gop splinter groups whose members Are Quot truly interested Quot in the Republican party will Wither away. He included Barry m. Gold Waters free society association in his forecast of the disappearance of Independent gop organizations which have sprung up since the 1964 election defeat. Scranton made his observations at a news conference after he addressed a closed by r minors ask a it Riona i Iii Miva m Mai Roll up action i Moose Arlington the Arlington planning committee meeting monday night for the fourth time since it was authorized by town meeting vote in March passed a Resolution recommending to selectmen that they Quot initiate the formation of a zoning in further affirmation of interest in a regional approach to planning the committee voted to ask a representative from each town in Bennington county to a meeting sept. 20 in Arlington to discuss regional planning. Director of the Central planning office Richard c. Rub no who conducted a question and answer on the inside . Sweepstakes will pro vide about $2 million for Public education a Page 2. Rep. John t. Carrier of Whitingham seeks re election in seven town District 32 a Page 3. Columnist Marquis Childs comments on the Quot lbs phenomenon Quot a Page 4. Ulm football coach Bob Clifford still has Many holes to fill a Page 6. Session with the group last night was also invited to the sept. 20 meeting. According to Vermont Law a zoning commission must he composed of not More than seven menders who Are appointed by the selectmen. The selectmen May order the formation of the commission by Resolution or take the Issue before the people at a special or regular town meeting. Indications from sources close to the selectmen were that a zoning commission article would put on next year s town meeting warning. After authorization the commission May compile an ordinance submit it to Public hearings and Forward the ordinance with amendments to the selectmen for two statutory Public hearings before a vote. The Resolution for the zoning commission came after a detailed discussion of regional planning by Rubino. Herbert Douglas a real estate broker Here complained that regional planning was Fine but Quot must we Walt and run All the risks of poor planning before getting into a regional group Quot Prosper Deschenes then asked for a Resolution requesting the zoning commission which was passed unanimously. Fifty four towns and incorporated villages in Vermont now have zoning ordinances on the books 81 others Are preparing ordinances according to Central planning office figures. From their first meetings the committee acknowledged that planning to be most effective must take a regional approach. The meeting sept. 20 was designed to Quot make a Start in this see Arlington Page to col. 8 breakfast session of House republicans. He said gop National chairman Ray c. Bliss was trying to bring All elements of the party together and wanted to make the regular party organization so Strong that there would be no need for splinter groups. Bliss reported today he had reached a truce with Goldwater to harness the party a resources to elect Republican candidates. He met privately monday with the 1964 gop presidential nominee. Bliss report on his private conference with the 1964 presidential nominee came after a gop coordinating committee meeting debate on splinter groups including Goldwater a conservatively Flavoured free society association. The committee met to go Over task Force reports on civil rights and the balance of payments problems but it made so Many changes that it decided to release the reports later. Although Goldwater was no longer present it then began discussing the Many Independent Republican groups formed since the 1964 election defeat. Bliss who was one of the first to deplore formation of the free society association already had arranged a private session later with Goldwater. Since the task Force reports were withheld four major party spokesmen were sent empty see gop splinters Page to col. 3 Saigon up a a Viet Cong terrorist exploded a grenade inside a . Military housing compound in Saigon tonight inflicting what a spokesman called Quot Light Quot casualties on americans living there. The explosion came shortly Titer . Strategic air Force b52 bombers from Guam executed a one two punch at suspected Viet Cong strongholds in two widely separate parts of South Viet name the first twin b52 raid of the War. A . Spokesman said the grenade was lobbed Over the Wall of the housing compound near the Headquarters of the american assistance command in Midtown Saigon. The housing compound is located at the Corner of Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Paster streets about three or four blocks from the Headquarters of the military assistance command in Viet Nam. It was disclosed Only monday the raids by the big eight engine Jet bombers have had such a devastating effect on the Viet Cong they could be expected almost daily. The double barrelled raid today against Viet Cong concentrations came shortly after a communist Force overran the vietnamese outpost of an Hoa in apparent revenge for the big american Victory near Chu Lai inflicting Quot moderate Quot casualties on the defenders. Government troops retook the Village a few hours later without a fight. Today s double raids took place in widely separated parts of South Viet Nam. The first flight of an unspecified number of the Gigantic bombers struck a Viet Cong area in Quang Tinh province 320 Miles Northeast of Saigon Early this evening. The second flight was carried out Quot shortly thereafter Quot against another suspected Viet Cong area barely 30 Miles North of the capital the notorious communist zone d stronghold hit often before. Only monday the air Force spokesman disclosed b52s had hit targets in the same two areas Over the weekend. Today s double strike brought to 16 the number of such attacks since june 18 when the big bombers were against zone d. The Early b52 raids were criticized in some quarters because there was no immediate proof of their effectiveness. Land forays into bombed out areas failed to find the vast quantities of Viet Cong dead evidently expected. But later evaluation indicated the bomber the biggest in the air Force Arsenal had disrupted Viet Cong life seriously and it was decided to step up the Pace. Intelligence reports said the raids had forced the Viet Cong in several cases to first used give up Long held positions where government troops had never been Able to penetrate. A . Military spokesman reported that the Viet Cong inflicted Quot moderate Quot casualties among the too vietnamese defenders at an Hoa just 15 Miles from the Chu i Ai teaches where . Marines scored the biggest american Victory of the War two weeks ago. The Viet Cong gave up what was left of the burned out Garrison without a fight several hours after the pre Dawn assault in the face of vietnamese reinforcements airlifted into the area by helicopter. Soviets Iii arms la Milf plan Quot yes Geneva up a Russia accusing the West of Quot duplicity Quot today formally rejected . Plans for checking the spread of nuclear weapons. Soviet negotiator Semyon Tsarapkin in his formal reply to the proposal the United states introduced at the 17-nation disarmament conference Here two weeks ago reaffirmed the familiar russian stand that the West must give up plans for an Allied nuclear Force of it wants the Kremlin s help in limiting the size of the Quot nuclear Tsarapkin charged that Quot the Western Powers maintain a position of Quot they want an Accord at non dissemination of nuclear weapon Sand at the same time they want to give West Germany Access to nuclear weapons through a nato nuclear Force Milf Quot he said. Tsarapkin cited a russian proverb roughly translatable into English As Quot the West wants to have its cake and eat it Quot the proposal of the United states reflects this Man Euver Quot Tsarapkin charged. He said any new treaty must prevent All forms of nuclear dissemination either direct or indirect through a Multi National Force. Quot no other approach is possible Quot he said. Quot if the West wants an agreement it May not ignore this principal condition. Quot discussions at the conference so far show clearly that there is no common basis for an Accord on this Hilling Iii Solon s i e Nils la Glacier mouthed to ease dancer Iii recovery of Avalanche dead mat Mark dam Switzerland up a Rescue operations were suspended temporarily today at the mat Mark dam so a helicopter Pilot could bomb the All Alln Glacier and ease the threat to Rescue workers seeking the bodies of 99 men who died there in an Avalanche. Veteran Swiss Glacier Pilot Hermann Geiger dropped 700 pounds of explosives despite Drifting Clouds and sudden gusts of wind to loosen chunks of ice threatening the Rescue workers. Four guides had marked the most dangerous areas with red paint and Rescue teams pulled Back till the operation was Over. The daring Pilot dropped the charges by hand after touching off the tape primer with his cigarette lighter. Then he took his helicopter away in a Quick turn while Thunder Shook the Glacier and the menacing blocks of ice As big As houses tumbled Down. The great chunks of ice tumbling Down 13,750-foot mount Strahlborn at random had disrupted operations where the slide estimated at 500,000 tons snuffed out 99 lives As it Slid 2,000 feet onto a dam construction site. Six bodies had been recovered. Officials of the electro Watt co., builder of the dam six Miles from the italian Frontier said 99 men were killed or missing and presumed dead. The Fate of another worker was Uncertain but officials were checking identities. Forty tourists visiting the mat Mark dam construction site escaped death monday but watched in horror As the Avalanche crushed their bus with tons of ice. St. Johnsbury up a . Circuit judge sterry Waterman said today that the three judge Federal panel in Vermont s reapportionment Case will Rule late this week on a move to prolong lawmakers terms. Waterman said he had contacted his fellow judges in Connecticut by Telephone and added Quot we know what we Are going to do but it in t formalized the petition was brought by Barre attorney Donald Milne based on a Resolution passed by the House and Senate shortly i a fore the close of the 1965 session but not signed by gov. Philip h. Hoff. It requests a . Supreme court ruling that lawmakers terms end july i be waived and legislators be allowed to serve their entire two year terms. The three judges last month turned Down a similar Appeal based on a slightly different Resolution. Most observers feel Milne s last ditch attempt on behalf of the legislature to pump life into the defunct Mal Appo Rhone Tody will fail. One Legal observer in Montpelier called the petition Quot absolutely the state has opposed the move on the grounds that the Resolution called for Appeal to the . Supreme court and Milne is bringing it instead before toe three judge Federal panel. Milne made the change on his own Accord because the supreme court is no longer the tribunal of record in the Vermont Case. Hoff w ires la on tided says Freedom is concern of a Montpelier up a Vermont gov. Philip Hoff has wired personal wishes for a speedy recovery to toe Rev. Donald a. Thompson who was shot last week by segregationists in Jackson miss. Thompson pastor of the first unitarian Church in Jackson is a native of Springfield vt., and has been actively aiding All civil rights causes in the past several years including the Quot Vermont in Mississippi Quot project headed by Edward Seaver. Hoff s office monday wired Thompson that though toe governor is on vacation Quot we know that were he in his office he would want to Send you his personal wishes for your speedy Quot the governor is personally committed to toe cause of human Freedom and feels that if it is challenged in one state it is of immediate concern to citizens in every other Thompson is recovering from serious gunshot wounds in a Jackson Hospital. A letter critical of the Vermont in Mississippi project appeared in the Jackson miss daily news and was signed by Warren h. Taylor of Rutland. Hoff s comments were viewed in some circles As an Effort to counter toe impression of the letter and to assure the vim leadership that vermonters Are largely in favor of the project. The Taylor letter is As follows Quot editor daily news a of late a few northerners have started campaigns whereby they have been causing disunity among our Southern friends. At least one group posing As operating a school for negro children solicits funds from Many Vermont churches. Promotion literature for the Campaign features toe school not mentioning that the see Thompson Page to col. 6 Bint Fly fur school the ge8el1 test to determine a child a readiness to enter school is administered by miss Wilhelmina Smith one of two Gesell testers to shy George Gates 5, son of or. And mrs. Christopher Gates of 1004 East main st., at the Cora a Whitney school. Tests results provide Only a recommendation to parents. Bennington schools open wednesday. Hamilton

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