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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 31, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Saratoga entries Hinsdale results pint poet mile us i cots Jno in River ? Tillei to Ardour j r j a our Inq Nortu 4 our Law i Vono orig 5 cd Terr Tony Lur no Fen fat r>01d a p Enty of ii govt / dorms Butcher i Wallkill a a a few current or try second Trot. Mile. Us of 7 f Lyer i of la her 1 no or Athry. In Aby 4 a. R he , a \ sats Faqir her a f try Hgt a on i a i Moo b to Pii Quot a 4 Victory i a g a hot in third in Rani s non 7 n .1 o aft k a y p chord or 5 r in r turn 6 cure 0i g Tri it Lindy f it y fourth tire. Mil Sam 1 pm or i time. To 2 f and on. I Ewi j gnarl Ari 4 soon in it 5 cheer r 6 t big a 7 Niagara i Kun o fit 0� Quot or von fifth Bac i Day of 7 Lee i f 4 suit River 5 b Root g 6 i Iii # put bomb or John he by sixth Boce mile. Sam 1 Mick a vorp Horton. Shafer 2 p to sent Echo. Co 3 magic Mike co meow 4 Dorn Monou me Cromer 4 Boh rate Crof to 6 Hur Ritone Neue Boyer 7 Hazel me Good Ell 1 Vii nil Tony. Mot a no a nor escort seventh pore mite Sam t Sheri a irn blood Wood 2 Chirk Birk. In Angier 3 Knight -."tie, cow Ile 4 Mohei , Gnu Lieut j san in a any Arthur a a a to Fth no a 7 i Dos Der i Al retry i spindle no Wyka Wyk to or a Tny a mop eighth my mile Iron if in r a a no Ley ? Corey by goo Tell 3 Cero Irenn a i Sto. Corn of 4 a Cranberry i och 5 in notion by fam. I an Givy 6 f Lathy de non i Rouech j Linda i d e. Langtry i Jette curl Brj Orelj a Linky a nor ninth Poe. I Sio i / Jar / Hon or Heeney porker us a a Reft be 4 t r 5 v a c-7 it a i \. Tent i 1 o 2 k 3 m 4 5 or a or 7 or 7 it a. Smith i it brr it a Pip j drench a s a a rout wok Cor Poe mile to my a Truje bite g Bone Chr s Mulloon to y shy b Hrh ten e King b re s girl or Bro a Ley putts be no or Carneau ref of k y Erchien be Man c Hinsdale entries first Trot us Penney t com a a and or Seco id in Oce Sam thy or Tho d purr to 4 Kip Al. So fir it non 5 a St b Ock Sheldon i a oust Home of Eti 7 Irish Hook. By n i knt by a. E Teise i v of Pimo o of r n a m Sci Mon sixth fro 500 i Oro hut porker 7 m is it. G Moi j Goy Dun Burges or 4 m is not. Smith 5 pour a Ossi grrr indy any 7 w a a / by. I o. Sutherland or i none a a Driver a nor thy St prety Morrill can n ote by Smith seventh pure us i Gay Hidei i enough ? r arum a any my p j of Mhz. A nerd in h i 4 i 5 to a f f i hit i for 4 i x by 0 by to us biome n in or. Ant Berk the. Hor p butt or. Ninth Pace Tsoo r nip is i i to or k it ? Prim a i a none j mom no olo Bivs 4 f-1--y flu 0 pm r 5 to. Stop loan to a i a a k. S or n e met i n on i pm p a c to tidy july sonet Louie special of hair dryers choose from Universal or Charm priced from 14 95 up budget Tekus Fienberg a 447 main St. Bennington it. 9 to 9 w4., fhurs., of Quot i. 9 to 6 Mon., tues., sat. Benmore North St. Shopping Plaxa Bennington Quot prices Are born Here. Btu sect elsewhere1 Edn cooking with a Fla Melesi electric Range see the new models Stop in today Central Vermont Public service corp. 6se in so Jim j 40 Don big first Tref mite iwo i Archt Poi Horn i Averill boy Howard i Boger Barnet porker a to Gemmo pick hoop Noi Light. Tyrnn Al Surro Tchede Louie vote. Time 7 17 2 second Poce. Mile. Tod 5 mighty Hayet Cassidy 483 3 60 3 43 8 Scottie a alien la to a 49 4 Grond we Kone 8 of Altos Butternut Everett Dor Quei. Meow ticket Newsom Rose Croft Little Feather. Time 2 14 doily double 12-s pod 821 48. Third Trot mile $500 6 Sunshine by Horn 7 20 in 3 80 1 stamp co if Tor Burgest 22 70 7 00 2 Iarj a i 2 40 also Niblet fio Mon scotch Delux Birds rest Duffy ready song. Time 2 1? fourth Pace mile $500 6 go�?~0 Melody Cleory 8 00 in Sto 4 Paggy t b Oom Lynough 5 40 3 to 8 Ett Ozroph co lint 4 80 Alto Amber h e Demon Hill Money solicitor Provo Princess scratched a Dandy Light. Time 2 13. Birth Poce mile ism i Victory Prince Deproto 4 40 to 340 8 Shyer by of a silk 9 20 5 20 7 to per Seguin White 8 40 Alto Goy and spot to Hoven cloy Haven Battier snip spent a dewy boy time 2 la. Sixth Trot mile $5m 8 judge 5 Vrr Hogan 9 00 5 80 3 80 4 typist i Tono 5 00 Tao 6 r ratty dares Smith 3 20 Aho Anunti y style Shimon Knight v in a Cna borderline Ito nor. Tin 2 la seventh Pace mile i m i Star t Knight Sun Burk 12 00 5 70 3 m 3 to j to j porn Mai Harp Fahr Howard in Nodi mop a Craft a Man my Afton december i i in 7 Elaiso Smo e my Afton december Lou d Adio time 2,10 3. Eighth pee mile ism 5 Charlie Dudley Hart 3 80 2 80 2 60 3 jealous Abde. Britt 3 80 2 80 i Fleet pick Collins 3 20 Alto lady Mien Bircher Pink Indian guide scratched Peter g. Scott. Tune 2074 ninth Poce mile s500 6 Limi g Ert. Porker 5 20 3 70 7 80 3 v j. Diamond Mccarthy 3 00 3 00 7 Goy Liberty Seymour 4 70 Alto Gay Maundy Little Mon Folee Peter $ Model. Hoi Joy Jerry Volley time 2 17 3. Attendance 1,418 Hoodie 83,117. Pownal results pint Thi cab Siim i primal Tonga Sigler t in i no inn 3 it neg ii Leucott to a at $ Dandy brr Law key Mon 7/, Heldero p la fat god Anthony Scorton aunt s in aft bed seven pork Admi-a1 Don time i of 2 second i fur Elm$1 in 8 who t my daddy Ernst 9 80 5 to 3 Ahti Deimo 8 80 4 00 Panola Donohue 3 70 to. Y George in Litas War i a Leo mid or merry butt. 7 Sim to to Lucky Altos a Joyce or night Din time i m 4 daily double 7 8 paid $5/ to. Third a i mile Elm to Joo 2 Dors of Emma m Ourn t i 3 70 j in Gal four la 7 Hui Ollow. I too ? no 3 to 7 to 7 60 7 a s per it fifth i rn1. Elmo Joo j no ? in ? a Linier 4 40 j in Al Ida aim Quot j 83 Oak of 8, no to la Odiev a. A Foi gent Tim sixth 5 is 3 is 6 k Aiu Hor rim is on e Lee to party -4 i med by o 7 a i in i on it on s v i in rout go Den Orey Elm St in i Thoi a Dokei 4 0 7 Arll to 4 re til in e Muhln i. A melting. I h ielm$1 in a a it i f airy to it it net i 7 of i Tarr 2 in a ii trn 5 on 4 v 3 it it a i i or a i 3 4r Burr be t Bufty Erodi Ion. Ice ii to i tin twin r Merlin Star. P Uhi 4 j i la Pouf �j34 48 Nillah 4 pm 7, it a c no slim a i r i or signer a 14 80 5 4h 3 a1 3 in re re a Emst 3 in 7 i i we 4 4c i Paar. Coo h de Petit 7,470 mood i list 174 Saratoga results first Pace mile my 4 lord Bud i Ambo i 9 80 5 40 3 20 2 photo time Huff 3 40 2 to 5 Happy Nell Dean Butcher 4 to also print Ess a e m sue May Dawn Imperial rebel. Willow Brook Dick. Time 2 to 3 5 in Condo Trot mile u00 1 Onward Damond Imoma 22 80 it 80 a 40 8 dreams Ella morsel 9 30 5 00 7 Avenir Dirk Pioodgoo-1 5 in also Gloria a i Ady Esto Phoebe. If Iona senator we her scotched Little Nymph. Time j to doily double lord Bud 4 and Onward Diamond i pm $183 70. Third pore Mil us 3 punny med Ellen Dnn Kelly 530 1180 7 in 4 Cor Iorii busier Levens 8 no 4 an a Pearl male of Host 2 8n also wid Irney Dinnah i Kenney Mohan Hanover in co Hanover. Time ? i 4 5 fourth Trot mile 12 000 2 or Pons Blossom 3 in 2 to 7 20 3 lilt misty current 2 80 ? 20 7 Yonker olm Peckham 720 also Rushing Brock Kern sky a. Mild Hanve Little Laird Little Cream clo Hoven Nique. Time 2 to 4 5 fifth Poce mile us 2 Doc Valentine Franklin 21 20 a to 5 no 4 rebel land Amy Bromley 3 to 3 20 j i line Guy put Coviello r no also Barile site. Solid Adios Sharon Nevin Penny lied Success 2 08 i 5 sixth Poce mile us 5 trusty Prince Ideal twin 9 to s to 3 so 7 j in nest by i to a to a to a d orc d Kozmos i 4 of Airn j i. Tran. Seaway foot no. Btu yonder Fey Van to Shady oif Corson. Time j 09 3 5 seventh poet mile s800 1 Ped ruse Franklin 2140 9 70 5?n 7 rhythm kid Watson Sao a 40 a i if in i on Busher 5 East frosty a Quot a. A i Clu of Volod Osce. I of chiefs Foydl. To me ? no 3 e go the Trot one 41.7m a City i Oiler i 7 to 2 plea Hup Iki rim i of i 5 Worth p, Larn Verhl a a voted t lint ninth veil by heme. Ca Dnniel Nan a r 2 0 i 5 Pace mile Sdao 4 to j 4c 7 to i ii a i in in Pic a 7 now John ant Al 74 40 #19 5 or i i or 40 Foa 1 Bego hut 340 Elwyn hoi Marj Angel Schalman Amnia mite Santo Gerv t nth a pare mile us 2 in Naco fid do peat 9 80 tin i a a Kunko Anas i i Inman to to so i dash to cosh 4 o i irs 4 Art also danger Sinnai. Runnymede june Tomoro Ana a Hormig Chic Lusty a Tennis tourney Jimmy Torrisi in the foreground serves to his opponent Jimmy Shoemaker during a match in the annual round Robin Tennis by the Bennington Tennis clinic this match and went on to win Hagerman held tournament Shoemaker won the tournament. Now be justified Bennington College each year has made its four courts available to the local adult group to provide instruction to Ben 0f the construction work might Kington youngsters through High qualify to be done by local High school age. School and College students work compared to the five or so lug at jobs made available under youngsters who attended the first the Federal economic opportune clinic some seven years ago try act. As a first step mrs. The clinic this year attracted Randall expects to talk to George 59 local youngsters plus 15 Chil a. Sleeman director of the to Dren of parents attending the Cai economic Opportunity pm special John Hay Fellows pro payment program to see if Gram at Bennington College. The Tennis court project might even this number was More be eligible than the Volunteer adults could she Points out that Brattle properly handle during the three Boro and Springfield common hours each on tuesday and thurs ties about the same size As Day mornings and at that some 30 other applicants were turned away. There were 24 youngsters classified As advanced players Bennington have Public courts. She adds that several Bennington couples Are considering building their own private courts but she thinks it would be much bet Low children. Even playing doubles this was More than the capacity of the four courts and indicates the problems that Are developing in trying to give each youngster adequate instruction a at least on the today a week basis that the clinic has been meeting. Similar Over bite a group of Public courts rather than separate private ones. She tells of one youngster at the clinic who has a private court at his Home but signed up for the clinic and attended regularly because he was a tired of just playing with my family a crowding problems Are occurring and wanted to play with somebody with the beginning players even else. Though More hours Are used for their teaching. A More intangible Factor but one that has had a definite effect has been the youngsters growing enthusiasm for the new sport which they Are learning. As further Selling Points for the Public courts she Points out that an expanded clinic Means another activity which Bennington children can participate in during the summer a time when Many parents complain the Chil where the clinic leaders in years Dren Don t have enough to do. Past could count on a number of and notes mrs. Randall the children losing interest and drop sport is one that can be play Ping out in the course of the five or six weeks of instruction this year nearly All those who signed up continued to show up with regularity. The overburden on the College courts shows up in other ways not the least of which is the turning away of the Many youngsters interested in playing Tennis. But in addition those who Are attending get next to no experience playing singles unless de with a minimum investment and is one that can be played All of one s life. And she adds the courts would not be used by Young people Only. There Are a number of e3ennington adults who already play the game and just recently mrs. Randall had requests from several others for an adult clinic on the sport. When she has gathered More information mrs. Randall expects to meet with various local Sci it a a Adams clothes shop time attn 2 08 3 5 2.724 Hoad $14? 417. They can get up to the College Public officials and other inter courts during non clinic hours ested parties to see How the new these hours Are limited by the Public courts might be made College and there is also the a reality problem of transportation for children in Bennington Village and environs. Another aspect of the problem says mrs. Roger l. Randall of 309 weeks St., who Heads up the clinic is the fact that the clinic is becoming better known throughout the state. What this has meant is that the Bennington youngsters Are receiving invitations to play in tournaments and participate in special instruction sessions elsewhere. The Bennington youngsters in this Way have met other Young people who live elsewhere in the state and nation and have also obtained valuable competitive experience. But with the growing demands on the College courts it is not feasible for the Bennington group to respond to All invitations it has been receiving by holding its own tournaments to which the other hosting groups can be invited. The Only answer is More courts. Mrs. Randall is in the process of gathering data on construction costs with the idea of going to local voters with a proposal for building some Public courts two to begin with possibly to be located at the memorial Park playground in Bennington Village. Initial construction costs Are the least for Clay courts such As those at the College somewhat More for Asphalt courts major Bennington Banner tuesday August is 1965-7 league standings National league w. L. Pct go los Angeles 75 57 .568 san fran. 71 56 .559 iv2 Cincinnati 72 57 .558 1v2 Milwaukee 71 58 .550 21/2 Pittsburgh 71 62 .534 41/2 Philadelphia 67 62 .519 6 la St. Louis 65 67 .492 to Chicago 63 71 .470 13 Houston 55 75 .423 19 new York 43 88 .328 31v2 Tennis clinic to ask for new town courts the Bennington Tennis Clin and the most a about six times in has just completed another As much As Clay courts a for summer session and its Success Concrete courts. But Clay courts has continued to grow in such require a great Deal of main a Way that its Volunteer adult tenancy and Asphalt courts while leaders feel that some courts requiring less maintenance do built with Public funds would require resurfacing every Sev eral years. Concrete courts have minimal maintenance and last for Many years. Mrs. Randall notes that some mondays results no games scheduled tuesday s probable pitchers Houston at new York 2, Twilight a Bruce 8-16 and Roberts 3-0 is. Mcgraw 2-2 and Miller 1-3. San Francisco at Philadelphia 2, twi night a Spahn 6-15 and Herbel 8-7 is. Bunning 16-7 and Burdette 2-5. Milwaukee at Cincinnati 2, two night a Cloninger 18-9 and Johnson 14-8 is. Jay 8-4 and o Toole 1-9. Los Angeles at Pittsburgh night a Koufax 21-6 is. Veale 14-9. St. Louis at Chicago Gibson 15-10 is. Ellsworth 13-11. Wednesdays games Houston at new York 2 san Francisco at Philadelphia night los Angeles at Pittsburgh night St. Louis at Chicago Milwaukee at Cincinnati night american league Minnesota Chicago Cleveland Baltimore Detroit new York los Angeles 60 Washington Boston Kansas City monday s results Minnesota 3 det 2, la ins night Cleve at Kan City Ppd rain new York 4 los Ang 2, night Only games scheduled tuesdays probable pitchers new York at los Angeles night a Ford 13-9 is. Chance 11-9. Cleveland at Kansas City 2, two night a Seebert 13-6 and Pownal entries w. L. Pct. Go 84 49 .632 76 55 .580 7 72 57 .558 to 70 57 .551 la 72 59 .550 la 66 66 .500 171/2 60 72 .455 231/2 58 73 .443 25 49 83 .371 341/2 46 82 .359 351/2 re my of Jack a first Ihm Alma 3 4 up i Tor 2 hat tin Kurt Sig or 7 no. A i Mug on a Moi i a Dan paining. Smith i Bianga r. A in a 4 t Kraal. No Bay 5 of Sook Donohue 9 flying for insert 8 pro taif mail Merrit second to too cig. 3 a up i fur 4 kit to Gin 7 Lily Choup no Bay 8 Vale Pius to 3 it Juniest Sis a moors by other Pasq Orew 9 Ai win is. Pruden 7 log Kosson. Hill 10 ares att Sigler 5 t latin a Ai Are a Arrit i Gnu ii a Taer third Siim cling a up 7 fur including two of the Hays Fel Ter if funds could be channelled ? Toi or in r Ary nil a Quot loan no up Petri Dan Ani i serval Anabo first Baho f Iota 51 in Clma 3 a i Lioi v flite red Filiti Ortts 5 i .3 i 4 i 4 1 8 i 12 i 12 i is i 20-1 j i 4 i i e i 6 i 8 i 12 i in i 20 i 20 i 5 2 3 i 4 i 6 i up s fur or i f 8 r. Fifth i a i fur. Rem Sang no boy to too Clma j a up j 1 of in a Pawl nabs 3 Maia Glenn Mihur ii Tate 4 a Al merry rim pm Tun Reill 5 Para to g. 7 a i Ville Hemal 8 flip Navy Nome Brit 2 my phys adhi. I Ami ant 6 Nan a k g1 la it sikth�?51,100 allowance Mrtin $ in 4 or tag Ham e no 5 misty iou i Groom 7 to clique go Berl 1 lady be Fleet Kelly 2 Nyol Deer fairham 3 Waldo s Empire Bales 6 direct me Hallie no boy seventh Sloo Elm 3 a up 7 2 Tennessee Bandit signer 4 night Woy Gilbert 1 Slop at time no Bay 7 Baboid Hill j Viola Linthicum Emit 8 Mary est Orth. No to 6 Baylom. 5 Tut Kart a. No Bay t Goth to too Mio Wonc 3 a 5 aria Ohio. Iasi 2 Roans end Moi i it 6 rating erns i 4 b1 Ighel g int a Piuder 7 heat comp Core in 3 a umber Fleet i i route tie a Bay ninth�?51,200 Clma i a up i Mil 6 Nyol Bullet to boy j Idle Thiena boy 7 s tiling to Chinoa 4 i one m is Bale i mime folks pasqual Rill 3 Pang re or i a boy j Knight Paia j 2 12 i ,5 1 s i 8 i 11 i i 20 w i 5 2 4 1 4-1 6 i 6 6-1 i i .5-2 4 i 3 i 5 i 6 i 12 i 20 i 4 to 5 Tut 8 i 15-1 is i 2 i 5 7 5 2 la in i in i is i of sweaters a shoes too 100s of dollars vow available at Oneida John Hail Quot Quot pored Quot Quot pair a Quot Market 736 main 5tr�f Plant 10-8 is. Hunter 5-4 and Talbot 10-9. Detroit at Minnesota night a Lolich 11-7 is. Grant 17-4. Boston at Washington 2, Twilight a Morehead 7-15 and Bennett 4-3 is. Ortega 12-13 and Ilchert 11-9. Chicago at Baltimore 2, Twilight a Horlen 11-10 and Buzhardt 10-5 is. J. Miller 5-3 and Bunker 6-7 or Barber 11-9. Wednesdays games new York at los Angeles night Cleveland at Kan City night Detroit at Minnesota night Boston at Washington night Chicago at Baltimore night american league Cleveland at Kansas City ppd., rain. La innings det. Too too too ooh 2 9 2 Minn too Ooi too Oil 3 5 0 Aguirre Navarro 7sherry 7 and Freehan. Kaat Worthington 7klippstein to and Battey. Winner Klippstein 7-3 loser Sherry 3-6. New York 021 010 oooo 4 9 2 los Ang. Too too Ioos 2 8 0 Cullen 3-2 and Howard. Brunet Coates 8 and Rodgers. Loser Brunet 8-9. Hrs Howard 8th. Youw a bound get All the Hometown news while away with a school subscription to the Ramie Only $12.00 Cox $ w04-. offer i it Iris please Send the Banner to me at special student subscription rates name. Address. . Begin sending Banner on this Date. Check enclosed for $12.00 Bill me at this address automated 1 a b e p a lagger haying Hon or user duper Market depot Street Bennington it

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