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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1965, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 31, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner tuesday August 31, i the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a great Advance Iii space the triumphant eight Day voyage of gemini 5 and its two extraordinary passengers was a stunning Triumph of Man Over matter of human courage and resourcefulness Over the vast and Complex problems of Mankind a last and most formidable Frontier. It was also a striking vindication for those optimists who have contended that the target Date of 1969 for manned flight to the Moon is Well within the realm of possibility even though it seemed wildly visionary to Many Only a few Short years ago. Primarily the Cooper Conrad flight was a medical test designed to establish whether or not Man can live in space Long enough to go to the Moon and Back. The answer yet to be finally confirmed by exhaustive physical examination of the two astronauts a appears to be wholly affirmative. Indeed the gemini 5 flight is a testimonial not Only to technical ingenuity and human courage but also to the extraordinary adaptability of the human body to conditions to which it has never before been subjected. But the flight was also enormously valuable in another and equally important Way. Because it encountered a number of technical and mechanical problems of formidable dimensions a particularly in the initial malfunctioning of the spacecrafts fuel system a it proved As no manned flight before it had that our astronauts and engineers have a More than adequate capacity for coping resource fully with the unexpected for improvising successfully when the Well Laid plans go awry. More specifically it provided firm reassurance that despite our eagerness to forge into the Lead in space we have built an impressive and presumably quite sufficient margin for error into our vehicles. There is another and considerably less tangible gain that May result from the gemini 5 flight. Because it indicates that we Are no longer lagging behind the soviets in the space race it May greatly strengthen the possibilities for real Steps toward East West cooperation on the space Frontier. A Only seven year Sago a a president Johnson remarked sunday a we were neither first nor second in space. We were not in space at All. Today the capacity of this country for leadership in this realm is no longer in valid question or As Long As the russians believed themselves certain to get to the Moon first the chances for soviet american cooperation in this Effort were Remote. In the Light of the gemini 5 achievement however it seems possible that the soviets May be less determined to go it alone. The Prospect of investing such vast sums in the race Only to come in second could Well have a sobering effect upon the men in Moscow. This is a possibility which president Johnson should make every Effort to explore. There is no logical reason Why the Conquest of space cannot be a Means of bringing Russia and America closer together rather than intensifying their National rivalry in an enormously costly duplication of Effort. If gemini 5 has increased the feasibility of a joint Effort on this new Frontier this could prove to be its greatest achievement. A Linin Toni plans Hor the future1 p the recommendation by the Arlington planning committee in a Story in the Banner today that a group be named to write a zoning ordinance for the Community is a Welcome sign that some of the smaller towns in the county Are recognizing the need for Advance planning in guiding the growth that is bound to come in the course of a few years. The planning committee designated by town selectmen earlier this year has reached the unmistakable conclusion that the foundation in guiding land use patterns is contained in a zoning ordinance that protects a Community against haphazard growth. While zoning does impose restrictions on the uses of private property it nevertheless is one available Means for a Community to protect itself against the blight that comes with unplanned growth. The fact that leadership in Arlington concerned with the future of the Community is now advocating enactment of a zoning ordinance should provide enc our editor s notes Snow on it. Mansfield in August and the Chilly mornings we have been experiencing the last three Days have led old timers to predict we Are going to be in for a Long rugged Winter. An old fashioned Winter would be welcomed by the ski area operators and it would be reassuring to those who have Felt that As our Winters were getting Milder Vermont was losing some of its traditional Appeal. Just get the Supply of firewood in Early and sit Back and enjoy it gement for other smaller towns in the county to move ahead with plans to zone and the invitation extended by the group for representatives from All county towns to meet together later this month to consider formation of a countywide planning commission is the first step toward establishing land use goals and objectives throughout the county. Windham county has already moved in this direction recognizing that All towns in a Region have similar problems and similar objectives. We believe the action by the Arlington committee to be a significant step Forward one that will Point the Way for other towns in the county to begin planning for the future before it is too late. The time is Ripe for establishment of a county planning group to study and come up with recommendations for the planned growth of Bennington county. To Duck this Opportunity now would be tragic. Announcement by Alfred e. Arnold that he is a democratic candidate for the Vermont House of representatives makes him the first Democrat to officially seek a seat in the re apportioned legislature. George Vansantvoord who has said he will run is expected to make his official announcement soon. With Only nine Days remaining for candidates to file their petitions democratic and Republican organizers have their work Cut out for them in presenting a full slate of candidates to the electorate. Fischetti touche Washington ailing the lbs phenomenon fastest my Froh the Mest either Haw by Marquis Childs Washington. Now beginning the 58th year of his life and approaching the third year of his presidency Lyndon Johnson confronts the most demanding Challenge of his entire career. That is to find an honorable Way out of Viet Nam before the War there escalates into a full scale conflict 8,000 Miles from americans shores with a possible nuclear threat at the end of the Road. In the six Days preceding his press conference of just a month ago he took the loneliest decision of his presidency. Virtually without exception his official advisers recommended declaring a state of National emergency and calling up the reserves and certain National guard units. Q those recommendations were put up to him in final form on the Friday before the wednesday conference. The response was in the harsh Johnson idiom. Then he left for a week end at Camp Daivd. When the full Story is told it is Likely that this will be seen As the interval in which he decided on the course moderate by comparison with the detailed recommendations before him of a phased increase in military manpower and with it an intensive Effort to find a Way to the conference table. The president had become convinced that declaring a state of emergency would condition the country to acceptance of a full scale War. It would make difficult if not impossible any further attempt to Stop Short and negotiate. Johnson remembered too that when president Kennedy had called up reservists in the Berlin crisis of 1961, they had spent a Long period in comparative idleness growing More and More unhappy Over the seemingly futile interruption of their Normal lives. A you get us out of there by that was in effect the presidents order to Secretary of state Dean Rusk. But As in every single action Large or Small Johnson himself is the Active commander. This is the significance of the feelers put out to Hanoi for a gradual downgrading of the Viet Nam operation on both sides. From Day to Day almost from hour to hour the president is fully aware of each move in this As yet tentative and highly secret game. He is at the same time constantly trying to open up avenues of communication with the soviet Union. A a of a in Short it is the Johnson mixture As before a new dimension in american politics. No manifestation of the Man a his volcanic temperament his Gargantuan Energy his phenomenal capacity for work his jumbo size ego a has surprised those who worked with him Over the years. But while he had been in Public life for nearly three decades when he became president the remarkable thing was How few people really knew him. As majority Leader of the Senate and even in the vice presidency he preserved a Public identity with Only an incidental relation to the Johnson of the intimate Circle. Unfolding in the Glare of the most powerful office Iii the world the Johnson phenomenon astonished Many shocked some and delighted others. One of several unofficial Counselor meeting occasionally with the president on a confidential basis is a distinguished anthropologist who greatly admires lbs. In the anthropologists View a principal reason for Johnson a hold on the country is that he is one of the few truly american presidents in our history and perhaps the most american of All. American is construed in geographical and historical terms a the heart of the country shaped by the Pioneer experience As contrasted to the Eastern Seaboard and the european coloration. It is the american character magnified Many times. Take the present critical moment in his career. Pushing pulling persuading he has reasoned with Congress to use his own charitable phrase to get through a legislative program astonishing in its Range. So notable is the Advance in social legislation moving across barriers considered impenetrable that the president might Lay claim to a philosophy of politics As the Art of the impossible. These Days the Chanticleer whatnot mementos by Charles John Stevenson for most men achievement of this Peak would be reason to relax for a time. But what is Johnson planning to do after Congress adjourns he is starting a series of Tours around the country promising to be As strenuous As his Campaign last fall. He will talk about the social Advance and Prosperity and needless to say at each Stop democratic members of Congress up for re election next year will share the glory. But he will also talk about Viet Nam and his passionate conviction of the need to find a Way to negotiate an end to the vietnamese War. The president knows Only too Well the Fate of two democratic presidents of this Century Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. Both Wilson and Roosevelt had started a program to cure what they considered evils in american life and each was thwarted in mid Stream by War. Johnson has shown again and again that he understands that this time the evils of City ghettos water pollution a deteriorating educational system and a Host of others will not Walt on still another War. That is one of the drives behind this driven and hard driving Man. Cambridge . Do you have a whatnot in your front parlor maybe you done to even recognize this old fashioned bit of furniture. It was built to stand in a Corner with its Back against both Walls and rounded in front. There were half a dozen shelves in it and they held the curios and the Odd things you picked up Here and there. The Bottom shelf held our conc Shell a Large Pink Shell shaped much like a Snail Shell Only vastly larger. If you held it to your ear you could hear the Roar of the Waves of the sea a fascinating thing. On this same shelf reposed a Brick from the old court House that was torn Down to make Way for the new one Back in 1875. This Brick was disappointing because Only recently we were Reading a history of the old building and the author gave his word that the foundation was made of Field Stone and the superstructure was Wood there Wasny to a Brick in it. Wrong building. The next shelf held the Shell the doctors picked out of Uncle Lemuel a leg after he was shot during the Battle of Lookout Mountain. He saved it and brought it Home. My Mother wanted it so he gave it to her and so on Down to me. They gave Uncle Lem a wooden leg after they Cut his punctured one off. Too bad he Wasny to wearing it when he was shot. We kept the coloured rocks aunt Minnie and Uncle de brought Home from their wedding trip to Colorado in 1882. Some Nice colors. Then there was a Nice Sliver off the Basket that carried the balloonist up to the skies when we had the big balloon ascension at the fair grounds in �?T96. A Man and a woman went up. He did tricks on the trapeze bar and she sat in the Basket and ate peanuts. There were Many other items too numerous to mention As they say at the auctions. We give too much time to the whatnot because we had our chores to do. We had to keep the Woodfox Back of the Kitchen Range filled and we carried water to fill the hot water Reservoir in the Back of the stove. Then there were the lamps to clean which was a dirty Job. Our Sisters were supposed to help us and they really did pretty Well. The chimneys had to be washed and polished the kerosene reservoirs filled and the bracket lamp in the Kitchen had to have the reflector polished. The big hanging lamp in the sitting room was quite a Job but we did no to use it every night thank goodness. We never had to worry much about clothes. From late april until late october we just wore two garments a shirt and a pair of pants. After we washed our Bare feet out at the Well curb we just pulled off our pants and crawled into bed. Next morning we reached Down and picked up these same pants and pulled them Back on and we were ready for a new Day. Of course we slept in our shirt. We never went to the trouble of wearing underwear. The boys Down at the swimming Hole would have kidded the life out of us if we Ever showed up there with More than our two garment outfit. A of the Only time we Ever saw anything that remotely looked like conventional life was on saturday nights. There was a certain Royalty to the business of taking a Bath. With five children there had to be a certain amount of order the order of the lath. My oldest sister came first but if she was out with her fellow after nine of clock we passed her up and my brother came next. Then another sister then us. By this time the water in the Wash boiler on the stove was pretty Well used up and Mother was careful to see that More was added. We always depended upon Mother to Wash our Lack. Our older sister offered occasionally but who the Sam Hill wants a girl around when you re taking a lath remember when the dressing sack was first popular the women wore waists that reached Well below the Waist and looked like the boys looked when they did no to tuck their shirts in. The dressing sack was abominable but today a similar garments Are abdominal. Not a great Deal of difference is there letters to the editor met Fie a sir Iii to the editor of the Banner much has been blowing in the wind about the metric system of measurement. First there came the revelation that Britain has decided to go to the metric system and that Canada has the matter under serious consideration. Then came the word that Congress will establish a committee to make a formal study. Surely we will take this Forward step. We cannot resist any longer a the Cost is much too great. Why we the worlds leading Industrial Power always looking for new ways of increasing efficiency should not have gone metric Long ago is a deep mystery to me. But we seem to w Han its it Loo Lle in Academia by John Chamberlain new York. Every year thousands of foreign students come to the United states. More than a thousand enrol themselves in the colleges and universities of new York state after coming through the favorite port of entry at Kennedy Airfield. They usually live on or close to campuses in towns that have a special flavor and what they glean about the Structure of non University american life is necessarily limited by their surroundings. Occasionally they learn something about american family life through a student Exchange relationship or by getting invited to a thanksgiving dinner. A of much of this will be changed however if a dynamic educator named or. Glenn Olds has anything to do about it. Or. Olds has been president of Springfield College in Massachusetts an institution that specializes in physical education for the past six years. But though he respects athletes and insists that there is a vital connection Between the . And physical fitness he brought Frederick Rogers a controversial figure in education to explain something called the Rogers physical fitness Index which makes muscle tone a mental bulwark to his faculty or. Olds is a philosopher by training. New York state has recently lifted him out of Springfield to plan the Content of International studies for All the 58 campuses in the state University system. For a Headquarters the state handed or. Olds an empty 78 room mansion set in 500 acres of arboretum on the North Shore of suburban Long Island near Oyster Bay. The site is improbable of one is thinking of inducting foreign students into the realities of american life. But or. Olds has his Eye on surrounding Nassau county. What he wants to do when he gets going on his International curriculum planning for the new York state universities is to funnel All incoming foreign students to his Long Island Center for an american orientation period. He plans to turn the students Loose though under proper guidance on Nassau county to study the evolving institutions of a Region that is right in the human Hurricane path of a Metropolis that is bursting at the seams. A of where Nassau was once a Placid stretch of farms country estates and Rich menus horse pastures and Polo Fields it is fast becoming a dormitory for new York City office workers. It is also attracting its own industries. A foreign student with a few weeks of intensive study of Nassau county under his Belt would know a great Deal about the problems of a giant nation struggling with the population explosion Urban sprawl transportation troubles water pollution and All the other ills that beset modern Man in his new Industrial environment. Of educator and specialist in philosophy and ethics or. Olds sets himself up As an opponent of most of our cherished academic shibboleths. He does no to like the current emphasis on the . As the sole test of intelligence. The people who administer intelligence tests he says Are overdeveloped in their capacity to handle abstractions. They devise tests that measure the ability to manipulate verbal and mathematical symbols but fail to test people in such important areas As motor minded Ness and practical decision making. The mathematical and verbal mind says or. Olds is forever analysing. But in real life the ability to know when to Stop analysing and go Over into action is the most important Quality to be desired. Just before leaving Springfield or. Olds had an Opportunity to flout one of the More stupid excesses that come from the theory that a teacher must a publish or prof. Woodrow Wilson Sayre the grandson of president Wilson had been dropped from the Tufts faculty allegedly for failure to write academic books on philosophy. But or. Sayre an excellent classroom teacher according to his students had just written a stirring account of his attempt to climb it. Everest without hiring an expensive retinue of guides and carriers. This impressed or. Olds As a philosophy under so he went out and hired or. Sayre for the Springfield faculty. When h. L. Mencken was engaged by the old Baltimore Sun to do a column Marse Henry Watterson the Louisville editor wrote that the Sun had got itself a the new York state educational system has hired a Whan Doodle in or. Glenn Olds. Be in the habit of dragging our feet in Forward looking progressive ideas which in any Way have International significance. We refused to join the league of nations a by which we might have avoided world War ii. We held Back on the St. Lawrence Seaway until Canada decided to go it alone. We Pooh poohed the idea of a new regularized Calendar when it was introduced before the . By some latin american nations and we talk about Friendly influence to the South. In fact we seem to like so much to say that a your Way is the bests that any thought of Basic changes is difficult to tolerate. We grieved when the soviets beat us into outer space seeming to admit for a moment that something Basic might be wrong in our system a that something could possibly be improved upon. But what came of it it appears to me that for the most part we tried to Force the matter by the hard nosed application of mechanical gadgets. Some results which we might reasonably have expected at that time were some Basic changes such As this conversion to the metric system great amounts of valuable time Are wasted every Day in business and Industry and in school from first Grade through College by the continued use of the primitive mixed English system of measurement. We might also have expected such a change by converting the written form of our English language to phonetics a which likewise would eliminate the daily senseless waste of untold millions of Man hours not to mention the reduction of error and misunderstanding. But nothing whatever of such nature took place. Surely now we will see this change to the metric system at least. Allan c. Boschen. 103 Stratford ave. Pittsfield mass. I ii i r Ilia or to the editor of the Banner in the editors notes last Friday commenting on Allan heaths retirement after 21 years service in this Community the Banner expressed the feelings of All the residents of Bennington. As one of them i should like to Echo your appreciation of what Heath has accomplished. In these Days of change a tenure of 21 years is in itself praiseworthy. In addition to the intangible level of education which he has maintained under difficult conditions there is the tangible school Street elementary school standing As a continual reminder of his quiet and unremitting efforts. We Are thankful for Allan Heath. Mrs. William h. Wills. Old Bennington. I i

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