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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 21, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Just i it oking around by monks Rockwood Lester h. Nichols while looking Over his numerous files the other Day came across a copy of Quot the Bennington and dated june 18, 1896. The copy is remarkably Well preserved and of course was saved by the Nichols As it carried an advertisement of the . Nichols department store. The listed of the edited 20-Page edition was pub the one time on behalf kindergarten. It was by Bennington women in Jig talk Orla Larsen pre Jig which holds Frame pipes Belo Breakers a a Remote area Mot Ner reporter. It kit audit Emington. Explains the manufacture of a Trail is Carlo Wolfer. Ban Dearcopp m inc chass welding machine watches a apartment of the Wilmington january to b do Pari Man i fellow Ness in him i the int it of i Rok it in to Ounn a Aker Jai de Fier Der the auspices of the Bennington kindergarten association. The names of the several contributors advertisers and others will be recognized by Many in this area As Many have descendants still in Bennington or Vicinity . Pierce amp co., publishers of the Banner at that time printed the Issue. Editors were Harriet d. Harwood and Irene Putnam. Departments in the Issue were taken care of by mrs. I. K. Lombard and mrs. E. L. Sibley travel Anna c. Park and Katherine j. Hubbell Auld Lang syne Arabelle Horton and Maude l. Carpenter education Eva g. Rockwood and Cora b. Whitney Young Peoples mrs. A. K. Ritchie and mrs. . Chisolm household Ruth a. Squire and Lulu j. Holden fashion and fun. Business managers were Mina Morgan and Anna d. Rogers mrs. William a. Root circulation. Advertising solicitors included Mina Morgan miss Rogers Anna Park mrs. S. H. Blackmer miss Carpenter mrs. . Nichols mrs. H. J. Thomas mrs. C. J. Hoyt Alice Roberts mrs. , Valentine mrs. Olin Scott. The reference committee from the kindergarten association was composed of mrs. A. Buel Sibley mrs. Lyman Rogers mrs. H. J. Thomas Harriet j. Sibley and Arabelle Horton. The front Page carries a Story by Gertrude a Skinner on the work in the Bennington kindergarten in which she reports that the first Day of the term 26 children were registered and that since the first week six new names had been added Toth Eroll. A photograph of the kindergarten in session is also shown. County clerk at that time was . Cushman and judge of probate was . Carney. Among the doctors listed were s. R. Wilcox Lyman Rogers Ilc. Day . Chisolm and among the dentists or. . Jenney or. A. Z. Cutler and or. . Healy. Photographs include a View from depot Street St. F Rancis de sales Church and it. Anthony the roaring Branch the old Sav Ings Bank building and there is also a sketch of the Bennington Battle Monument. One of the ads gave the name of mrs. F. Corbin who catered to hairdressing for women and children with Quot scientific shampooing Quot a specially. The hotel Putnam had l. Collins As its manager and there was also the Burgess House Quot a first class Temperance hotel Quot operated by . Burgess. Noveck s clothing store Hudson a Cream Palor Shurtleff a face Cream the Bennington bicycle company . Gibson a bakery Lamarre a grocery Arthur sweets Market and c. Schwartz Market George Pirn and a horseshoeing and Carriage repair shop Are just a few of the advertisers listed. We re sure that Drysdale s must be there somewhere too. R. C. Goldsmith . Loomis Harry Willoughby j. H. Loring Theo a. Carpenter Rufus , e. J. Winslow d. S. Packard h. E. Rudd Are others mentioned. There Are stories about the Monument Molly Stark the old Bennington cemetery the Public school town organizations the Vermont soldiers Home. Recipes included one for Fried Trout from Mortimer Hamlin another for bread by mrs. Adelaide Bingham Ami boned Turkey recipe from r. J. Coffey. The . Nichols store was featuring bicycle suits for women. The Wasp Waist full Long skirt and the jacket with huge puffed sleeves was the style. Also on the Back Page were several bits of verse penned by mrs. A. B. Valentine about the various industries including h. E. Bradford amp co., George Rockwood a co., Valentine knitting co., Cooper, Bennington knitting co., Campbell and Tiffany. Typical of the verse was the erne written for Tiffany Quot do you seek the goods for summer Wear Here end your anxious quest. It is Balbriggan Here and Balbriggan there but Tiffany a Are the Best. No others can with ours compare though you Hunt from East to Bennington Banner saturday August 21, 19a5-3 Oman s world the Joys of moving by Jean Essick our first apartment was a Darling three room abode perfect for a couple. Along with the three rooms and Bath went half an attic for storage. I can remember As if it were yesterday the new husband saying to the new wife Quot now lets not fill this All up with junk. If we re not going to use something throw it out or give it away. Someday Well no doubt have to move and the less stuff we store the easier it la a year and a new baby later we moved to larger quarters and wondered Quot where in the world did we get All this stuff Quot Many years and two More children later we have ceased to wonder where things come from. We simply accept that they do and make room for another Box another drawer another garment bag another toy. To a but of course the Day of reckoning had to come. It is upon us. We Are about to move. We have joined that vast army of americans known As Home owners which entitles us to a mortgage crabgrass Leaky faucets and other goodies we have heretofore left to our landlord. Move All this stuff Omi gosh. About the Only Cut and dried decision that has been made so far about the exodus is that the aspirin will be moved by me in my pocket. Those that Arentt already in my Tummy that is. I find it very hard to Barge right in and really and truly pack something. So far i have made rapid strides in two areas the closet floors and the cookbooks. Right away you can sense that in a a regular Ball of fire can to a the closet floor ours was a tangle of shoes sneakers suitcases and dust Kittles. Underneath it All was a very neat rack that holds some nine pairs of shoes unfortunately very neat Racks Are a dime a dozen but very neat people who always put their shoes onto Racks Are much rarer. So i cleaned out everything and using that Strong willpower for which i am known threw out one pair of slippers and gave away one pair of shoes. Then i put everything else Back into the closet neatly. When panic hits me and i think Quot Well never make it Quot i open the closet door and reassure myself Quot Well at least this is All ready to the Cookbook Over the years has become nothing More than a file Case for newspaper and Magazine clippings interspersed with scraps of papers and pieces of old envelopes on which have been copied the recipes of friends. A a to first i thought i might put All the Loose papers into a Box and throw out the Cookbook. Then i thought id keep the Book and throw out the clippings. Finally i looked through kept everything a but put a Nice Strong rubber band around the whole mess so nothing will be lost. We re using a very popular local Van lines known As friends inc. This poses a certain problem. I can to decide whether to Rush around and clean under and behind everything so that they wont think in a a Slob have the electricity turned off Early so they wont notice anyway or act very Blase like Quot of course the floor under the refrigerator is dirty. Isnit everyone so i just looked at this desk and i feel another attack of panic coming on. If you la excuse me i think ill go look into the closet. Peru Alice Dibble 824-3407 or. And mrs. Edgar mean have returned to their Home in Landgrove for the rest of the summer with their two children who have been in mrs. . Ogden s Camp for two weeks. Automat in payoff Cleveland Ohio up a automation a the working Many a Best Friend take the Case of the ironworker employed by the Cleveland Board of education. He returned a paycheck recently and asked for a new accounting. It seems the Check was issued by a new data processing machine. The worker figure How he had worked 800 hours in two weeks to earn the $6,000 Check. I he ii t \ cres More or less 13 liar i is turns Snow tester by Cari o Wolter i rail i Calu is Spunky Remote area aves i Sposi to motorcycle u am in ton Industry by Cari o to if r Wilmington a local Industry received a shot in its manufacturing recently when Rokon inc. Set up shop in the East wine of the main building need a billion there Are in intr efts of tons it is Choli in Lite \ i Hiu oohs dept. You 7/ pro Bably find just the c one you front of the former new England Box company the space was leased by Orla Larsen president of Rokon from the Mills present owners Thomas Bumferd of Dover Knoll and Peter Barber of andirons for manufacturing and Selling Quot Trail Breakers Quot a Remote area vehicle. This acrobatic motorcycle needs no roads or trails. Its front and rear wheel drive takes it anywhere through dense forests Over Rock Beds up and Down Hills in excess of 45 degrees through rough Brush land Over boulders and fallen Trees instead of around them. It plows through swamps and mud that would hopelessly bog Down any Ordinary vehicle. Ice and Snow prove no hindrance. The vehicle even rides in water with the help of Side pontoons. Besides its fantastic versatility the Bike can carry loads up to 400 pounds although its own weight is less than 200. Its two Cycle High torque engine develops approximately 8 horsepower. A three Speed transmission with a fluid drive instead of a clutch allows any Speed from Zero to 25 mph., and its Magneto ignition is completely Waterproof it will operate about eight hours on two Gallons of Gas. An additional four and one half Gallons of liquid can let a carried in the i urn Type wheels equipped with deep created Low pressure five pounds tractor tires or they can lie left empty to add buoyancy in water. This incredible machine is the product of a company that is As foreign to the motorcycle business As Snow is to Florida. The Trail breaker was developed by a subsidiary cosmetic manufacturing company the Nethercutt Indus Ai corp., of Sylmar Calif. On sept. 20, 1963, the machine was submitted for the rave Remote area vehicle test by the . Army at fort Eustis a. It was the Only one of 63 entries that passed the test requirements. But according to Larsen the United states forestry service and Remote area missionaries Are its prime users at present. Demonstrating the Trail breaker s effectiveness one Day Larsen drove a Bike straight up the stairs of mount snows base Lodge right into Harvey Clifford s office. Quot he we As so impressed Quot chuckled Larsen Quot that he bought one on the last january Rokon inc. Bought the Trail breaker bust Ness lock Stock and barrel after acting two years As its Eastern distributors. Since then Rokon least of being the largest fabrication shop in Southern Vermont and sole Trail breaker manufacturer in the East. So far 178 dealers Are spread throughout the United states and All Over the world. Rokon with five employees makes most of its own parts from raw materials which come in two and five eighths Inch 20-foot Long Metal tubes and narrow slats. But Gas tanks come from Italy and transmissions from England. Momentary output is about to cycles daily. Future expansion plans however including Loern ploys should at least double manufacture. Furthermore Larsen a dream centers around building his own Plant some Day. Larsen and his wife Margaret Hail from Canada. He was a ski instructor at mount Snow during its infant years. Then he built the Quot on the rocks Quot Lodge and later added the Rokon construction company both of which he Calls sidelines. Quot now i Don t even find time to ski for fun anymore a he says. The couple has one boy and two girls Karen Christopher and Kevin. Nicholas Harris of West Dover the company a vice president is the president of Alpine villages on the handle Road. He and his wife Penny have one son. The company s business manager Jim Cavanaugh arrived from Sunland Calif with his wife Barbara and three children about a month ago to set up the Plant and organize production. Cavanaugh spent most of his life in the motorcycle business. His 14 years with the Mustang corp. Of los Angeles preceded his last six years with the Trail breaker in California. Phoenix Hose Sale ends tonight Drysdale a August clearance Sale. Now in Progress. Many values free parking o armory lot next door Wjk Elu Street known for Quality furniture inc. Bennington Vermont phone 442 5131 Early Spring we let it be known among our City acquaintances that Only the family and invited friends would be Welcome at Skylark that summer. The result was delectable. F ewer Well spaced visits provided time to keep abreast of immediate work and to enjoy our country living. For the first time we could sit on the Patio to gaze at the splendor of a Mountain Sunset to watch Deer Graze in the Meadow at dusk and listen to the liquid evening songs of the thrushes. Summer just flew by that year and before we knew it autumn had come. For a Short while the mountains blazed in Orange yellow Crimson Maroon purple and russet. Then Winter set in with All its fury. Snow storms raged drifts built up to to feet High doors and shutters rattled in old Jack frosts icy hands and the wind roared through the Woods sounding like hedge hopping air planes. Quot what Quot we asked like our summer guests did Quot Are we going to do during the Long Winter months Quot but it Wasny to because we did no to have anything to do. It was because we did no to know what to do first anti How to get the Money to do it with. Considering our limited How Todo it yourself experience the numerous waiting House improvement projects looked forbidding. However before we could decide on what to tackle first Charles became a Snow tester for the new England Power company. Twice a month he Snowshoe through the Woods in sleet and Snow and subzero temperatures to measure the depth of the Snow. He carried along slender Metal tube a special Yard stick a fragile hand scale a Pencil and a note Book. At each of the five testing stations he pushed one end of the tube in the Snow until it touched Bottom. Then he measured the depth of the Hole left by the tube. Next he weighed the Snow in the tube by deducting the tubes weight from the total. Each test ended by measuring the contents of a Large Calcium filled can at the end of the mile Long route. By adding multiplying and dividing the gathered figures the Power company could then estimate the expected flow of water in the Spring. Between Snow testing Charles cashiered at a nearby ski area until he and Quot Sally Quot our trusty Lasalle got stuck i a Back Road in a Snow storm. That a when we decided that finishing the attic would be a safer project. It was a big Job for amateurs. But that did no to Stop us. We could learn by doing even if our work rate a masters trademark. Somehow we managed to build partitions under the eaves and frames for two Large closets dividing the attic into two rooms. It All came out a Little Tipsy but Charles promised that the Gypsum Board Pine panelling would hide any faults. It was my Job to Mark the patterns to be Cut from the 4 x 8 sheets with Pencil and ruler. But in spite of careful measuring the panels came out too Short or too narrow. At first Charles made no comments. But with the third misfit he snapped Quot what s the matter with you. Can to you do anything right that s the third Sheet you be Charles Knelt on an uncut panel and pushed the ruler up and Down and across. Quot there Quot he commented tapping the ruler on the edges Quot is your trouble. The sheets Are half an Inch Shorter and narrower than specified. They usually Are. You should be known i did no task Why i was Sun it posed to know that some lumber measurements Aren t entirely True to specifications. This knowledge Wasny to required in dancing and skating. But with my measuring troubles Over one Side Wall was soon closed in and i was promoted to one woman Carpenter while Charles concentrated on the electrical work. While he installed cables and outlets behind the finished Wall i closed in the other Side of the room. Then carefully closed in one Side of the closet Between the partitions where Charles was working. Quot ifs the most perfect fit in the whole attic Quot i said admiring the difficult triangular piece. Quot an expert have done a better but my self Praise Wasny to answered by Charles. Instead there was a loud banging against the new Wall. Quot what the hell did you do now Quot came his muffled voice. Quot let me out of How was i to know that Charles had crawled to the other Side of the closet. To top it All pandemonium broke Loose Between the dogs and the cats who chased upstairs in search of the noise. Butcher boy almost strangled himself with a Roll of tape lady caught a mouse buttons one of the cats scooped up a Mouth a Ort ii be n to i Tigon i a to full of plaster and nearly choked himself his brother Panther stepped on a tack adding his screams to the confusion. At that moment two Irish setters and four red cats were a lot of animals. Amid the uproar i hurriedly ripped out my masterpiece to free Charles who emerged re faced from behind the partition. Finishing off the attic required the greater part of Winter interrupted Only by an occasional animal rumpus and Snow testing. Otherwise there were no visible Battle scars. Continued next week or. And mrs. Alfred Fuller and their family Are spending some time in their Landgrove Home which they own with six other families for siding and vacations. Or. And mrs. David backs key and six children of Huntington . And backs Eye smother Are renting the Home of the Dibbles in Peru for two weeks from aug. 16. Two fires raged thursday in Winhall about 3 . The Winhall fire department came to the Rescue at Roy Coleman a where one slab pile burned to the ground. The fire was thereafter controlled. A Camp owned by Daniel Quaranto burned to the ground at about the same time. The Quaranto place was unoccupied at the time. Neighbors said they heard what sounded like an explosion when the latter fire broke out. Mrs. John Myers of Landgrove is asking locally on behalf of the Londonderry school club for Cash donations to be spent on the regional school Library part of the planned regional school including Landgrove Londonderry and Weston. Visiting or. And mrs. Ralph Parker of Peru last week was Nell Larsen of Stamford Conn. Henry Parker son of or. And mrs. Ralph Parker of Peru started his Job As assistant manager at Wiley inn Peru tuesday. Parker went to Hartford Conn., prior to his new Job to Transfer his Reserve base from that City to Chester it. Or. And mrs. Lyle Holton and their Throe children of Peru Are vacationing in Northern Maine until monday. The town clerk s office will be closed until then. Jockey i Jeri amp Ria can r jockey i Buzzi Vic Adams clothes s hop a shoes too ttitc1 Choice sirloin of club Colonia i franc veal loaf or Salem All Bee famous Balogna \ Steak j Pickle Pimento j h 3 Iti b la t g or p Ain Mac cheese _ a w la 99 2 lbs of i la. 65c for Al i Salem a super Market routes 2 and 7 a i Williamstown mass. Tins nurse s a North Bennington a the presentation of her nurses Cap to miss Ellen t. Toomey daughter of or. And mrs. Charles a. Toomey Church Street North Bennington marked the end of her pre clinical program at the Albany medical Center school of nursing. Miss Toomey graduated from Bennington Catholic High school in june 1964. She will continue her clinical program at Albany medical Center school of nursing completing her course in Spring of 1968. She has served As class representative to the publicity committee. Good cheer Good food visit the longhorn room Steak or roast beef with salad potato garlic bread $2.95 Quot you la never Hove it so Good for so Little open 6 Doys a week a closed mondays Only

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