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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Hearing mild partial Clear in this afternoon with High in 70s, Low tonight in 508. Fair and mild tuesday. Yesterday s High 70, Low 62, today at 7 . 63. Total precipitation Over weekend .17. Total for month 3.30 inches. Sunset 7 44, Sunrise 6 06. The planet Jupiter is now moving into the Constellation gemini and is becoming prominent in the late evening sky. Bennington Bennington Vermont monday August 23, 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. 19,845 to t ends a Massachusetts National guardsman keeps a watchful gemini cleared for47 orbit set a phantom rocket Chase astronauts complain of cluttered Cabin flight director Chris Kraft left or. Robert Gilruth manned spacecraft Center direct. Tor Center and George m. Low assistant director listen in on a conference in Houston which Jim Haiut i ii could have resulted in terminating the flight of gemini-5 before the completion of the sched a n i use j eight Day Mission. Up a . Jets bomb vital Road link Between North v. China Saigon up a american jets rained 250 tons of bombs and rockets on North Viet Nam sunday cutting a Highway Only 31 Miles from communist China and blasting a Hydro electric Power Plant 80 Miles Southwest of Hanoi. The attack against the ban Thach Power Plant and dam site marked the second time in the past four Days that the important Industrial Complex has been hit by american fighter bomber pilots. A u. S. Military spokesman said pilots making the raid on Highway 6 near communist China flew closer than Ever before to the chinese Border. The Road is a vital link Between North Viet Nam and red China. Ground action fell off sharply sunday after a record week for . Forces in South Viet Nam. American paratroopers bolstered by tanks and artillery escorted a vietnamese Supply column across the Central Highlands to Korntum. It was the first Convoy to reach the beleaguered provincial capital in More than five weeks. An Armada of 46 u. S. Army helicopters airlifted three South vietnamese battalions into action against communist forces in the Mekong River Delta about 40 Miles Southwest of Saigon. Viet Cong gunners threw up heavy ground fire against the helicopters in three Landing zones and an estimated 38 Ger Vermont Road death rate remains nations silliest Montpelier a motor vehicle commissioner James e. Malloy pointed out today that Vermont s a deplorable Quot Highway fatality rate continues to mount and continues to have the highest rate in the country. With 91 fatalities Vermont is la per cent ahead of a year ago and 47 per cent ahead of 1963, Malloy said. Vermont is twice As High in its fatality rate As the adjacent states and six times As High As Rhode Island. Vermont s fatality rate per la million Miles is 9.3, and the average for the country is 5.2. A states like Colorado Minnesota Mississippi Nevada North Dakota and Oklahoma Are cutting their rates Quot Malloy said. A it can be of the 91 killed in seven and a half months this year 45 were operators 35 passengers and la pedestrians or cyclists. Liquor alone contributed to the cause of Vermont s fatalities in 16 per cent of the cases Speed alone in 21 per cent and the dangerous combination of Speed and liquor contributed in another 37 per cent. So that Between liquor and Speed nearly three quarters of Vermont a fatalities occurred the new motor vehicle commissioner asserted. There were 25 collisions Between vehicles eight with Trees 13 with other fixed objects to pedestrians and 12 in turning Over on or off the Road. More than half the fatalities were on weekends 5c of the 91. More than half the operators were Between the Ages of 21 and 45. One was under 16 five were 16 to 17 fifteen were 18 to 20 Twenty one were 21 to 24 i Merhill youth is 03rd fatality a Underhill it. Up a a 19-year-old Underhill youth was killed shortly before Midnight sunday when his car careened out of control on a curve and hit a tree head on. James w. Moss who became the state s 93rd Highway death of the year was westbound on the Road when the Accident happened. The state s Road death toil was 82 at this time a i thirty three were 25 to 45 Nineteen were 46 to 65 and Only two were 65 or Over. A three quarters of the operators were vermonters so we can not blame those from out of state for this awful record. Out of states have no higher share than usual Quot Malloy noted. Rollas were killed by return fire from american gunners aboard the troop carriers. Once on the ground vietnamese troops killed two guerrillas captured two others and detained seven suspects. There were no reported american or South vietnamese casualties. In a delayed report military spokesmen said american soldiers of the 18th battalion of the 1st infantry division killed 25 guerrillas and captured seven in a two Day operation that ended last Friday. The americans were fighting in conjunction with two companies of South vietnamese irregulars 25 Miles Southwest of Nha Trang a port 200 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Taking advantage of Clearing weather american pilots flew a total of 87 strike sorties against North vietnamese targets with five support sorties. The Good weather also enabled the american supported truck Convoy to get through to Korntum. The Mission apparently caught the communists off guard. There was no sign of the Viet Cong during the 40-mile trip from Plesku site of a Supply depot and . Helicopter base. Other convoys bound for Kon Tum in recent weeks have been badly mauled by guerrilla forces in control of the Highlands area. The Only supplies to reach Korntum since mid july have been flown in by helicopters and transport planes. Space Center Houston up a astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Pete Conrad soared into their third Day in space today with a go ahead for another full Day toward their eight Day goal. They complained that their heavy work Load was cluttering up the Cabin with gear but happily undertook a new Mission designed to Speed the Day when an american lands on the Moon. With the decision made to keep going into the 47th orbit tuesday the astronauts began setting up a four part Man Euver to Chase a make believe a phantom Quot rocket in a 2/j-hour Experiment. However other experiments were eased off. They were coming too fast for the space twins. A bang bang bang right together Quot Cooper reported. A we be got every piece of gear in the spacecraft floating around trying to keep but the astronauts were refreshed by sleep. Each got to hours in the last 24 hours. And they were eager to go on. At 11 22 . Edt they entered the 32nd orbit at 300 Miles Stafford one party Quot hops Middle of Road Orwell a congressman Robert t. Stafford said today an examination of recent events and the record of the 89th Congress signifies a period of a rapid political change Quot in the United states. Speaking at the Shawnee leadership Institute in Orwell the congressman warned of one party centralized control of political decisions unless the american voter again reverses this trend in the 1966 congressional elections. A and Quot Stafford added a the Public will not reverse what is happening unless the minority party puts up responsible candidates who will recognize the proper role of the Federal government in affairs today and the fact that along with states rights must go states peace in Springfield Eye on civil rights marchers in Springfield mass., sunday. Troops were brought in by gov. John h. Volpe when violence was feared at the a Selma Type March. Up Springfield March peaceful but residents still tense Springfield mass. Up a a peaceful yet still jittery atmosphere Hung Over this City today while residents and cd Quot officials awaited a promised follow up to a downtown civil civil rights protest March that was shadowed by the sheathed bayonets of 1,000 National guard troops. A handful of civil rights pickets trooped up and Down streets encircling court Square today where 18 hours earlier two units of Massachusetts crack 26th Yankee infantry division had stood at Parade rest watching some 860 demonstrators March to protest alleged police brutality. The pickets Many of whom had marched in the Parade sunday afternoon carried placards urging a Boycott of merchants. A this March is not the Climax of our Campaign Quot the demonstrators were told sunday by Oscar Bright chairman of the Springfield chapter of the con Gress of racial Equality Core. A i done to think the City officials Are going to like it Quot Bright said a but maybe now they will realize that we re not just a few Radical people. We Are solidified in our Aims. This is what we wanted to show and i think we did a pretty Good Job of showing it. Quot Bright vowed that the civil see Springfield Page 12, col. 5 commenting on a what is happening to America politically Quot Stafford told the International audience a we Are passing through a period of great political change. A there is the drive of minority groups for assimilation and Equality of rights. A there is the development of extremists on both sides of the political aisle. The Radical left a activists who act first and think later. The Radical right a suspect ers who worry first and Seldom act. A there is the abundant affluent society a with the time for Leisure or mischief and Money to indulge itself. A and possibly most importantly at this juncture there is the threat that America has become a one party country with that party having overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress and led by the most politically skillful president of modern times. A the result is a move toward further centralization a a drastic enhancement of the role of the Federal government. A we have seen what has happened in this respect this year. Substantiation of this trend is Given by congressional approval of the elementary secondary education act the medical care for the aged program the voting rights act of 1965, the Public housing and Urban development act House approval of repeal of Section 14b of the Taft Hartley act. A the Middle ground of american politics a the Only area where True Progress can be made under our system of government a has been temporarily usurped by one party. Should this condition continue that one party will move slowly but methodically to the Deer jacking ring nabbed Claremont n. H. A the breakup of a Deer jacking ring which has been operating on both new Hampshire and Vermont sides of the Connecticut River has been reported by the associated press. Deer jacking is the illegal shooting of Deer at night through the use of spotlights which Blind the animals making them an easy and unsportsmanlike shot. Jesse Scott new Hampshire a chief conservation officer said several members of the ring would be brought to court in the near future to face charges. One Man Frederick Wood 47, of Plainfield n.h., pleaded guilty in a special court session Friday to Deer jacking charges and was fined $300 plus a suspended 30-Day sentence in the House of correction. A minute Over the Southeast Corner of the United states. The pressure in the oxygen feed to the fuel cells supplying electric Power was rising. It was up to too pounds per Square Inch compared with a dangerously Low 60 pounds when the flight almost had to be ended on the first Day. At the end of the second full Day in the space Cooper and Conrad had travelled 770,000 Miles of their eight Day goal 3,140,000 Miles which would be the equivalent of a trip to the Moon and Back with a bit of time to explore its surface. At 11 18 . Edt gemini control gave the official word that the flight would go on for another Day through 46 orbits. A splashdown if ordered would come at the Start of the 47th orbit and bring the spaceship Down in the Western Atlantic primary recovery area off the Florida coast. At the Low Point of the 32nd orbit Over Mexico 12 50 . Edt they were to begin using Man Euver rockets to Wing them into a path toward rendezvous with an imaginary rocket. This would be a rehearsal of the vital a linkup Quot Man Euver astronauts must master before the United states can put a Man on the Moon. Minutes before going into the third Day gemini control reported both astronauts had a slept about to hours Quot in the preceding 24-hour period. Flight surgeons were a very Happy Over however neither Man was eating As much As the surgeons Felt they should. They weren t finishing meals. A everything is looking very Nice Quot officials reported. Gemini control fed Complex data to the astronauts for swinging into a path where an imaginary Agena rocket was orbiting. They were to try to rendezvous with it a a substitute for rendezvous ing with a a Little Rascal Quot radar satellite which had to be cancelled when the electric Power faltered. A the command Pilot Cooper is taking his two hour Nap period now a a Pilot Conrad reported during the 45th hour of the flight. The Pilot slept about 4 hours 45 minutes of his six hour period very soundly Quot he said putting himself in the third person. A i Don t see anything to Stop us from going eight Days Quot said flight director Christopher Columbus Kraft. If they return to Earth next sunday gemini 5 will have covered 3,141,000 Miles equal to nearly seven roundtrip to the Moon. As the seconds swept by at five Miles a clip gemini 5 soared every 90 minutes through one of the a Days Quot and a nights Quot that intrigued each of the 19 american and russian spacemen who went before. But for Cooper and Conrad the future held the Chance to see More cosmic dawns and disks than any other Man a enough to erase All existing Marks for endurance in space and to put the United states ahead of the soviet Union in Orbital Man hours for the first time. The astronauts also were not eating As much of their space food As they were supposed to. A neither one of us has been very hungry Quot Conrad explained. Hoff family \ ration in Maine Mere Point Maine up a Vermont gov. Philip h. Hoff has begun his two week vacation at a summer Home Here owned by his Mother in Law. Hoff his wife Joan and their four daughters Are vacationing in the Pine tree state a Hoff family tradition. The governor will return after labor Day. He has a speaking engagement labor Day weekend in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania to a convention of the International ladies garment workers Union. Trimble Maher a Cut away View of the rear Section of a gemini spacecraft shows the location of the troublesome fuel cells that nearly caused the Early termination of the flight of gemini-5. Up democratic platform raps cop a Abs tractors Barre up a Vermont democrats vowing to continue the struggle for governmental Region ligation and pledging not to underestimate the republicans constructed the 1965-66 party platform Over the weekend. In a sometimes Stormy four hour session in Barre saturday from which Many key democrats were missing too party members hammered out a series of planks in a platform for candidates to run on tills year and next. The 12-Page document includes a blast at republicans for alleged a obstructionism Quot during the last legislative session. It also contains a vow to continue and expand the regional approach to government in gov. Philip h. Hoff s a bold departure Quot plans for Vermont. The platform convention supported plans for a state constitutional convention aimed at eliminating the to year reapportionment time lock instituting 90 Day annual sessions and making state offices a four year instead of two year term. The delegates also voted to support measures to insure state Aid to Small school districts striving to meet minimum Edu cation Board requirements a broader Vermont health and welfare program institution of a capital gains tax simplification of the income tax and elimination of the old age assistance tax poll tax and Bond retirement fund. Hoff who is on a two week vacation in Maine was missing from the meeting. So were All five senators from Chittenden county. Delegates heard former state sen. Harold Raynolds warn that while republicans in Vermont Are a weak unorganized and leaderless Quot it would be Folly for democrats to become complacent and underestimate them. Raynolds called the cop a a Hydra headed elephant suffering from a bad Case of political split personality Quot and he exhorted democrats to take advantage of a Republican disunity to replace passive stewardship with Active leadership in the state in the most controversial move of tile Day the convention backed a new medium Security prison at Windsor despite vigorous opposition led by Hoff a former Secretary of civil and military affairs t. Wesley Grady of Underhill. Poverty no excuse for rioting Aiken Washington up a sen. George Aiken said sunday poverty is an excuse not a reason for rioting and criminal acts in this country. Aiken made the remark in answer to questions about the recent riots in los Angeles during a television show opinion in the capital metro Media. A this matter of excusing anyone of committing a crime by saying he was underprivileged or a drop out does no to make sense Quot Aiken said. A that s an excuse that Isnit a reason. A you Don t have to be mean just because you live in a poor House Quot he added. He said he Felt there still Are people who do not realize Liat responsibility goes with privileges. A it s going to take a Long time and it May cause a lot of heartache to get people restored to Normal balance Quot he said. A i done to like this constant talk about police brutality Quot he said. A police brutality is Likely to mean that a policeman refused to stand still where he a being Aiken said he Felt the courts have to a assume part of the responsibility now Quot for a Lack of respect for Law and order in this country. Known criminals have been turned Loose and a the Law has been the excuse Quot he said. A if that is True Congress should of course change the Law Quot he said. A but i have the feeling that we have judges in this to enforce the on other subjects Aiken said a he Lias High Hopes Liat tile United nations will find a Way to bring about peace in Viet Nam. A the nation is sustaining a period of increasing inflation a a i Call it galloping yet but its getting into a fast a if republicans Are unable to unify a there is no Prospect of winning Aiken was questioned during the program by William thels head of up s Senate staff and Mark Evans metro Media vice president. on the inside Vermont ski Industry protests new immigration service ruling that affects foreign instructors Page 5. New recreation area opens at Dorris Pond in South Dorset Page 6. Elks and co teams begin playoffs for interstate baseball title Page 8. Vermont football conference schedule is listed Page 9. A t

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