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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1965, Page 1

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 20, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Clear cooler Clear and cooler tonight with Low temperatures in the 50s. Fair saturday with comfortable temperatures and Low humidity. Yesterdays High 80. Low 62. This morning at 7, 62. Total precipitation in the last 24 hours .82 inches. Precipitation for the month of August thus far 3.13 inches. The three stars in the big Triangle overhead formed by Bega Altair and Deneb Are 26.3, 16.5 and 1600 Light years from Earth. Bennington Bennington Vermont Friday August 20, 1985 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. 19,843 to cents derision due next week i it re is ires commission new Beatline proposal experts Clear trouble set gemini launch saturday by w Arri n of f i t r commission thursday night May Well determine the route that the a two Pound half Inch thick re controversial . It bypass will port with a Canary yellow Cov follow around the v Village of fiercer presented by planning Connington. Sultans John c. Burdie to the the Long awaited report which Bennington regional planning Burdis has been compiling since april recommends a three Quarter Beatline to the East and Northwest of the Village. The Eastern bypass route generally follows an alignment previously studied by the commission. The Section of the pro do Chi Tiff red la fillets a contingent of . Marines is held Down by Viet Cong sniper fire during an Advance thursday through the Jungle South of the a airbase where a Marine trap reportedly resulted in 500 vie Cong Battle deaths. Up marines double Back on i fug-1 n Viet Cong Saigon up �?. Marines doubled Back today on the devastated communist stronghold of Van Tworig Peninsula to Root out diehard Viet Cong troops from the dug in positions from which they shot Many leathernecks in the Back. A spokesman disclosed that a Marine regiment at it out 5,000 men took part in the operation which in three Days has killed 563 Viet Cong wounded an estimated 1,000 and taken 116 captives from one of the toughest Viet Cong outfits in Viet Nam. There was still no official an nou Nee merits on the turn Lier of Marine casualties during the operation but losses were describer As the heaviest of any single engagement of the War. In the fighting near can Lai about 230 Miles Northeast of Saigon the marines reported that 75 i it or cent of their casualties were shot in the Back by communists who popped out of holes and tunnels behind the advancing Marine Force. The action today was to Root out those communists still holed up in their fortifications despite the heavy sea and air bombardment of the past two Days. The bodies of fallen communists arum Shell craters marked the area today. The renewed Marine assault on the communist base 72 Miles South of Danang came amidst these other Viet Nam developments a . Ambassador Henry Callot i Odge returned after a year s absence. Strict Security measures surrounded Lodge s arrival by air and his trip into see Vilt Nam Page 12, col. 3 posed Highway that passes through the Northwestern quadrant of the town however is a departure from routes formally considered by the commission although it has been pro posed by several a West end Quot residents at Public hearings. The Northwestern Spur joins Vermont 9 near the Tan Sitor electronic co. Plant runs North along the Eastern slope of whip Stock Hill swings Easterly some distance North of the Vail Road crosses silk Road and the Walloomsac River and joins . 7 just North of the Watn radio Tower. The route through the Northwestern quadrant previously pro posed by the commission would have generally followed silk Road South from Vermont 67a, and would have joined Vermont 9 near the Junction with Gypsy Lane. The main portion of the three Quarter Beatline begins on a map detailing the route of the new proposed bypass will be published in saturdays Banner. . 7 South of the Village and just South of the Junction with Monument Avenue. It generally follows Jewett Brook northeasterly crosses Beech Street near the Beech Street firehouse turns North and intersects East main Street near the Junction with Burgess Road then it veers northwesterly and generally follows the roaring Branch swinging North of the Molly Stark school and the Willow Road firehouse to join . 7 just above the radio Tower. After some discussion the commission decided at the suggestion of member Robert l. Hagerman to study the report and a a digest the voluminous maps charts traffic statistics tables and other data before finally recommending a bypass route to the state Highway department. Member Elwood Allen said however that he Felt the decision should have been made immediately on thursday evening. A a we be been playing around see planning group Page 12, col. 7 Lockett in for milk run astronauts Cooper foreground and Pete Conrad Are visible through the porthole of their gemini 5 spacecraft As a technician locks them in for yesterdays blast off attempt. The Mission was postponed until saturday because of a telemetry troubles just to minutes before launch. Up Auto Accident kills klan lawyer j to defended 3 in Liuzzo murder Tuscaloosa Ala. Up a Matt h. Murphy the Kun flux klan a flamboyant attorney was killed today in a car truck collision. The Accident occurred on . Highway la six Miles North of Tuscaloosa about 4 . Cost 6 . Edt. Murphy a strapping Man who stood 6-3 and weighed 215 pounds gained National attention for his defense of a fellow klans Man accused of the March 25 slaying of Detroit civil rights worker mrs. Viola Liuzzo a White woman. Mrs. Liuzzo was killed a few hours after the conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery protest March by negro and White civil advocates. Murphy was famed in Alabama for his courtroom dramatics. In defending Collie Leroy Wilkins or. In the Liuzzo Case he at one Point crumpled up his Straw hat and dashed it to the floor when he clashed with a witness Over a Point in testimony. Murphy spent Only 53 minutes presenting Wilkins Case to the jury but then sweated for one hour and seven minutes in a fiery summation. The Case ended in a mistrial and a new trial has been set for sept. 27. He lashed out at a White niggers who come to Alabama and participate in civil rights demonstrations. The summation brought criticism in some portions of the National press. Mal Horn Kiln i o Ike i ulis the Rug on Gap Issue seekers of mouse i�1111 a i in Washington up a president Johnson today denounced the Angeles riots and said negroes who took part in them were a not fighting for civil rights any More than a klans Man with a Sheet on his a your conscience cries out against about what v heard last week a the president said. A it bore no relation to the orderly struggle for civil rights that has enabled the last decade a Johnson spoke on the South Lawn of the White House to several Hundred negro leaders and other participants in the two Day White House conference on equal employment Opportunity. While thousands of negroes were being registered for the first time in the South last week under the new voting rights Law he said thousands More were striking out a in an unparalleled act of violence in Angeles. on the inside leaning i is a unt ies an eyes in gym a a May reach $175 million. Crews from water and Power companies Are framed by a Burnt cd out store front in the riot torn Watts Section of where damaged from rioting reportedly up photo California mires Excia Mead to investigate . Rioting 4-h show will county humane Page 6. Benefit the society a columnist Sam Ogden comments on the Dirksen amendment a Page 4. The Vermont development department announces changes in personnel a Page 5. Los Angeles up a John a. Mccone former head of the Central intelligence Agency today tackled the Job of organizing a Broad based investigation of bloody negro disturbances in a move to prevent a recurrence by eliminating underlying causes of unrest. Mccone appointed to head an eight member investigative commission formed by gov. Edmund g. Brown immediately found himself in the Middle of a Verll Battle involving or. Martin Luther King or. And mayor Samuel w. Yorty who differ sharply on any connection police department policy toward negroes might have with the rioting. Violence which broke out last wednesday night in the City a South Central Section appeared to have subsided but there was at least one bomb threat thursday and National guard troops and reinforced police units maintained vigilance in the trouble zone. The damaged negro Community of Watts still looked like a Battleground with blocks of buildings burned by arsonists in the nation s worst negro trouble of the Century. The death toll was 35 persons a one More than the number in a Detroit mich., disturbance in 1943, a and injuries were listed at 895. Property damage in the area where maddened crowds wrecked and looted shops was expected to go Over $175 million. Gov. Brown visited riot devastated Watts thursday night and received a Friendly reception from Many negroes. A Why did it Lappen a the governor asked repeatedly As he surveyed the damage. Before returning to Sacramento Brown met Mccone a on his Way Back Here from a Washington business trip a at International Airport and they conferred briefly. Nettlie Brown nor Mccone would comment on the Yorty King feud involving the police department and Kings suggestion that police chief William see riot probe Page 12, col. 4 Washington up a former president Dwight d. Eisenhower caused fresh twinges of pain today among his Republican admirers in Congress with his All out endorsement of president Johnson in two areas of foreign policy. Eisenhower who is still a towering figure in the cop is giving Johnson virtually unreserved backing for . Military action in Viet Nam and for a reversal of position in the United nations. The republicans Learned years ago that Eisenhower could disarm them when they were in a mood for a Good political scrap. But they have been looking for ways to criticize while supporting administration policy in Viet Nam. They also Felt that they had found an Issue when the administration retreated from its demand that Russia and other countries United nations assessments to retain votes in the . Assembly. Eisenhower deflated both issues at a Gettysburg pa., news conference thursday after serving As Host to gop leaders and wealthy contributors at a tent meeting luncheon on his farm. Although the former president has repeatedly declared his support for the administration stand in Viet Nam he caused some uncertainty about his position tuesday with a comment that his administration had made Only a pledge of economic support to South Viet Nam. White House press Secretary Bill d. Moyers brushed off the comment wednesday and said any attempt to show a division Between Johnson and Eisenhower was a disservice to the nation. Before travelling to Gettysburg thursday House Republican Leader Gerald r. Ford demanded a White House apology for what he said was an a irresponsible insinuation that Eisenhower was a puppet. The former president kept out of that argument but told his news conference that he had said again and again that he supported Johnson in defending Freedom and repelling communist aggression in Viet Nam. At a news conference Here tuesday Eisenhower also confessed that he was puzzled by the administration course in the . Dues dispute. Arthur j. Goldberg u. S. Ambassador for the ., was dispatched to Gettysburg the following Day. Eisenhower said thursday he was convinced that the administration had followed the Only possible course in the . Quarrel. Montpelier up a the chairman of the vital House ways and Means committee will seek one of the two seats Given Hartford in the re apportioned legislature. Byron c. Hathorn who announced his candidacy thursday night is considered a possible candidate for the House speaker with the temporary political retirement of speaker Franklin Billings. The 37-year-old Dairy Farmer shepherded the continued Relief for Green Mountain race track through a Balky legislature but failed in his bid to Institute a state sweepstakes for Vermont. Hathorn was a House Page in 1941 and served in 1947 As former gov. Ernest Gibson a executive messenger. He seeks his fourth straight term. Hathorn headed the a Rockefeller for president Campaign in Vermont last fall. He also managed the unsuccessful gubernatorial Campaign in 1964 of Republican it. Gov. Ralph a. Foote. I underground i ire rinses no problem Cape Kennedy up a one by one experts today cleared up the problems that caused an agonizing last minute delay in the launching of the gemini 5 spacecraft and gave eager astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Pete Conrad a a go Quot signal for Blastoff saturday morning. The weather forecast was a very Good in the area for the launch at to . Edt 9 . Est Cape Kennedy time. The results of a fire in a communications Cable ditch a a bugs in a radio system and a Power surge in capsule instruments caused by a buildup of electricity in a thunderstorm All were being worked out by technicians. After the disappointment of waiting until to minus to minutes for liftoff thursday Only to have to clamber out of their capsule astronauts Cooper and Conrad relaxed. Coopers wife and two daughters were at the Cape so he had dinner with them thursday night. Today they were running through tests and scheduled a Brief rehearsal in a a flight simulator to get in some last minute practice for their eight Day endurance flight. A Programmer in the ships radio gear has been replaced the official said. It was this equipment which contributed to the radio trouble that halted thursdays countdown at t to minutes. In addition it was Learned this morning that an underground Cable fire at the Cape late thursday would not delay the scheduled saturday launch. It had been feared that the fire which damaged cables some distance from launch 19 where the gemini Titan rocket sits had injured the equipment used in the launch. However officials said the Cable damage would be completely repaired today and would not delay saturdays firing. The air Force said the fire caused by a an Industrial mishap involving a propane Gas tank a occurred in a manhole containing several Large communications cables. On the technical Side officials began a a mid county a backing up Halfway through pre Blastoff procedures a to Check out All possible trouble Points. They restarted the ticklish task of feeding liquid Hydrogen to the fuel cell system that provides electrical current for the spacecraft. Efforts to a a overfill the tank to 104 per cent of its capacity resulted in a delay of three hours and 18 minutes thursday morning because this goal was not being attained. This problem was overcome but at t-10 in the countdown another delay was called because of an indicated malfunction in the spacecrafts telemetry communications system. During this hold storm Clouds moved Over the area and a surge of electrical current apparently caused by the weather conditions knocked out a computer. This equipment also was being rechecked today. Farm ii minus bread tax passes House with Broad support Washington up a president Johnson a $4 billion a year omnibus farm Bill bolstered by Strong support from both Urban and Rural members of the House today was under study by Senate agriculture experts. The four year proposal sailed through the House thursday night on a 221-172 vote that saw a Broad Cross Section of the democratic majority rally behind the administration. Passage came after three Days of debate in which democratic leaders agreed to the removal of a provision that could have resulted in an increase of one or two cents in the Price of a loaf of bread. The provision was dropped after it aroused a storm of criticism. House approval of the four year Bill sent it to the Senate where agriculture committee members planned to study it for several Days before meeting Early next week to decide when to Start Public hearings. The measure would continue government subsidy payments to growers of wheat Cotton feed grains and Wool. It would also set up new programs to retire cropland and stabilize milk production. Although opposition to the Bill was loud the outcome never seemed to be in doubt. A democratic steamroller crushed 23 amendments designed to drastically reshape the farm payments program. Democrats also beat Down a Republican Effort to kill it outright. Opponents of the omnibus Bill argued that the billions of tax dollars already funnelled into agriculture had done Little to help the Farmer and Only saddled the government with a rocketing debt. They described the measure As a retread of a the same tired old supporters replied that if the Aid were abruptly severed chaos would result

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