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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1963, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 23, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner tuesday april 2 3, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the loneliest governor according to a Brief article in the current Issue of the a a reporter a a Small circulation but respected Magazine of National and International affairs Philip h. Hoff is a a the loneliest while this particular article is fairly pointless it is easy to understand the interest of a National publication in the first democratic governor in Vermont in More than a Century. In fact it is surprising there has not been More publicity about traditionally a Rock ribbed Republican according to the a a loneliest governor theme the idea is that gov. Hoff has placed himself on the receiving end of criticism from All sides naturally he gets it in hot and cold doses from the republicans and he gets it usually privately from democrats dismayed by his non partisan approach to patronage. The governor is quoted As saying a i realize that the future of the democratic party in Vermont rests with this is a Little hard to reconcile with something else the governor has said recently. He was quoted last week As believing that his statewide study May not be ready by next january after All. And for that we feel he should receive a bit More criticism. The governors planning Council was the foundation Stone of Hoff a a wait a year while we study state problems then Well propose some action has been the them song and it has come in for plenty of criticism especially from republicans who gleefully another crisis threatens Laos when a coalition government was set up in Laos last year following a 14-nation East West conference in Geneva there was never any illusion that the arrangement represented anything More than the Best of a bad bargain for the West. Nonetheless the atmosphere of outward cordiality at Geneva gave Rise to High Hopes that All parties to the arrangement were genuinely eager to make the coalition approach work and thus remove the fuse from a major cold War powder Keg. These Hopes Are now beginning to look rather feeble. During the past month the pro communist forces in Laos have moved with increasing Force against the neutralise forces controlled by Prince Souvanna Houma the Premier of the shaky coalition regime. The air of the red drive is apparently to win control Over the Plaine Des Jar res where the neutralise forces serve As a Buffer Between the left Wing forces in the North of Laos and the right Wing forces under Gen. Thoumi Nosavan in the South. If this offensive continues Premier Souvanna Houma has warned the Hopes for laotian peace will vanish and the a the situation will become As it was before the accords guaranteeing Laos neutrality were signed in should the pro communist comment papers aim for the w Hole truth can t please a h Arr pm out Pelter times Argus human exx Renee is often a matter of trial and error. Scientific Arni scholarly research experimentation thought and action produce much truth and newspapers try to report it As it develops. The whole truth is not yet known. Much that is truth is no longer news. Even the new York times does not attempt to print the whole truth. Rather it boasts remark that our governor has to be a a educated before he can come up with a program of legislation. We have supported the a wait a year theme because in spite of a Large number of pressing state problems it seemed to be a Way in which to assure More intelligent Well reasoned solutions to these problems. But oms year is plenty. Here it is Only april and if the study commission cannot come up with some pretty Good answers by next january and if the excuse continues to be a we done to have enough information a then something will be very wrong. Not Only will something be wrong but a continued policy of a wait delay and study will be political suicide for gov. Hoff and the still weak democratic party. A years delay is unusual but reasonable it is in a sense merely a reversal of roles of the two years of the states biennium. This is not to quarrel with the governors statement that a Long Range study unit will continue to work after the end of the planned special session. Continuous self examination on the part of the state is a worthy goal. In spite of the criticism showering Down from All sides upon the governor he can still recover his Good name and his political popularity by coming up with something conclusive in time for the special session next Winter. But if the a wait delay and study theme persists after that he a a dead and so is his party. Patchet lao army overrun the neutralise positions it would then be Able to turn its full strength on the right Wing forces which under the terms of the coalition agreement no longer have direct american military support. Further complicating the already inordinately Complex pattern of personal and ideological discord within the laotian government is the continuing Power struggle in Southeast Asia Between soviet Russia and communist China. The soviets quite understandably appear genuinely anxious to make the coalition government work but the communist chinese appear determined to sabotage it by aiding the Patchet lao offensive. For the present a least the Kremlin seems unwilling to risk an open break with piping by making anything More than Token gestures to help Shore up the coalition regimes position. One byproduct of the renewed crisis is that Premier Souvanna Houma and his neutralise supporters have come to realize the futility of trying to do business with communist elements on a basis of Mutual Trust. But this is not much Consolation for the West. Until and unless the soviet Union can be persuaded to throw its weight behind the pledges that were made at Geneva last june the danger of a major explosion in Southeast Asia will become greater by the Day. It contains a fall the news that a fit that a More an aim than accomplished fact. We try to print the Best newspaper of which we Are capable. If the product fails to please everyone that too is evidence of High aspirations that inspire humanity a Best endeavours to find the truth. We would like to live up to the highest expectations of our readers but when you have 40,000 individuals Independent Tyr get to please its a fairly difficult task help us by writing letters that suggest or cite pertinent facts. In that Way we can complement news reports that fall Short of the whole truth. Fischetti mall world research for peace by Bradford Smith Shaftsbury. Research has become a magic word in our time. Large corporations vie with each other in the amounts they spend on research. Financial advisers measure the future growth of businesses and recommend Purchase of their securities with a Strong emphasis on their research programs. Our need for scientists and technicians has led to an increasing school emphasis on Laboratory sciences science fairs and visits to Industrial research centers. "6ently, now or Heil be on our necks again. Washington calling the example of Korea might be useful As we attempt to negotiate in Vietnam by Marquis Childs Washington. With the renewed outbreak of conflict in Laos and the Ever deeper involvement of the More than 12,000 american military forces in South Vietnam an old and troublesome question has Arisen anew. In the huge task of order keeping thrust on this nation since the end of world War ii the problem has been to try to strike a balance Between the military and the uses of diplomacy and negotiation a in Short Between the simple Way of Force and the political skills of persuasion propaganda and the acceptance of reasonable Compromise in the face of the inescapable realities. There Are those in government today greatly concerned that the military solution in Vietnam has overridden All political considerations. When doubts Are raised abut the dictatorial regime in Saigon of Ngo Dinh diem and whether it can Ever gain enough popular acceptance to form a stable government the impatient answer is that we must win first and then such political matters can be discussed. A of but in the far East today is a tragic example of How limited Are the gains that can come from even All out use of Force. This is underscored by a forthcoming anniversary. The of ample is of course South Korea the korean War that came to an end with an armistice in july 1953, Cost 157,530 american casualties including 33,629 Battle deaths and 20,617 deaths from other causes. South Korea appears a decade after the armistice to be no nearer to becoming a self sufficient country. Unemployment and poverty Are widespread with the unemployed estimated As High at to per cent of the total population of 26 million. In the decade the United state has put in More than $4 billion of military and economic Aid the preponderance being on the economic Side. And there have never been fewer than 55,000 american troops stationed in the country. As was widely acknowledged when the communists invaded North Korea the United states had no Choice but to rally the United nations and furnish with desperate improvisation the sinews of the defense. If this had not happened much of Asia including Japan might have been written off. Lie opinion so aroused political and diplomatic considerations were lost sight of. With the Brilliant Landing at Inchon the military was dominant. The drive to the Northern Border of Korea on the Yalu River got under Way. The catastrophe that followed with the massive intervention of the communist chinese is a tragic Page. Nearly two thirds of All a Merican casualties occurred after the Inchon Landing. When the Eisenhower administration finally signed an armistice ending a a Truman swarm in Korea which had been a Republican slogan the dividing line was the 38th parallel. Both in the decision to go to the Yalu and in the turbulent years after the peace the United states was involved with stubborn old syn Man Rhee a korean Patriot who had lived most of his life in exile. He made extraordinary demands on Washington and As he became a Darling of the China lobby those demands were met despite persistent rumours of the rampant graft in his regime. Three years ago Rhee and his wife fled the country just ahead of an angry and Many of his collaborators were executed or jailed for thievery and other crimes. South Korea today is ruled by a military dictatorship headed by Gen. Chung Hee Park. Washington has been prodding him to restore the forms of self government. Recently he has taken a conciliatory attitude. Economic hat Boyle s notebook Aid is continuing at the rate of about $125 million annually and last year military Aid totalled $281 million. With All the misery and poverty that exist the korean birth rate is one of the highest in the world. Perhaps any political negotiation in Vietnam is impossible. The renewed conflict in Laos May prove that no political solution can endure. It May be that Ngo Dinh diem is the Only Leader the United states can support with any Hope of overcoming the communist guerrillas. But before All political diplomatic factors Are ruled out it might be Well to take a Long hard look at the korean example. An a news analysis the country a biggest supporter of research is the country itself. Federal funds Are being poured into programs undertaken within such government bureaus As the food and drug administration and even greater amounts into contracts with universities. In All this fever of research the armed services Are the most important contractors of All both in their own laboratories where As at fort Detrick chemical and biological weapons of a horror and effectiveness almost beyond imagination Are being developed and in separately organized bodies such As the Rand corporation and the Hudson Institute. University research for the armed services is so vast that an end to it would disrupt University budgets. Research a the quest for new methods devices principles a is As much the Mark of our times As Knighthood was of the Middle Ages or the drama in ancient Athens. And a disproportionate amount of that research is related in one Way or another to armaments and Ever More lethal ways of producing wholesale death. Can research be applied with equally effective results to peace this is a question the peace research Institute formed in 1961, is seeking to answer. It be ban under the distinguished leadership of James Wadsworth formerly our disarmament negotiator in Geneva. When he resigned to devote himself to writing and lecturing his place was taken by Arthur Larson who used to be the head of the . Information Agency. In recent years he has headed the world Rule of Law Center at Duke University. It is easy for us to see How studies in chemistry or physics or biology can be applied to the products of Industry in order to make them better. It is not so easy to see How research can be applied to the area of War an peace. Yet there is some encouraging evidence to show that it can be done. Tie research approach to War and peace is not entirely new. The Carnegie endowment for International peace to name Only one organization has been working for years. But its emphasis has tended to be upon Legal studies seen Only by scholars and experts. Since the War a number of universities have set up their own institutes. Harvard Mit Columbia Washington University St. Louis All have special projects in this Field. The Center for the study of conflict Resolution at the University of Michigan is drawing upon All the social sciences to understand the nature of conflict itself and to seek ways by which human Energy can be channelled into More useful activities. In our specialized world experts easily get imprisoned in their own Small Fields. The peace research Institute brings together a number of these experts from various Fields puts a problem before them and then asks them to discuss its solution together. When one problem is looked at in this Way from a number of angles a solution May appear which no me of these experts could have worked out himself. The Institute founded in the belief that a the Best talents of the country should be mobilized for peace a has begun a number of promising projects. It will soon bring out a Book called a the worried Many a guide to world peace a which should include All of us in its audience. It has gathered biologists anthropologists and assistants to congressmen for conferences related to each of these Fields. It has sparked the publication of Many Magazine articles and undertaken research programs for government and private bodies. In Short the Institute is trying to apply scientific knowledge and method to peace with the same effectiveness that the armed services have applied them to weaponry. Thus far the amount of Money available for peace research is hardly perceptible when compared with that for military development even when you add the whole budget of the . Arms control and disarmament Agency. But the very fact that it exists at All is hopeful. We could use a peace bomb As effective As the a bomb. Lets think about it Khrushchev Aims for vulnerable spot by fanning fears in Western Alliance by John m. Hightower a diplomatic affairs writer Washington apr Nikita Khrushchev projected himself into the Middle of the great Western debate Over nuclear arms with his charge that the United states would expose its nato allies to soviet fire in order to divert some attack missiles from american targets. This evident Effort by the soviet Premier to fan Allied fears against further deployment of . Nuclear weapons in nato territory stands out As a major purpose of the 10,000-word interview he gave the italian newspaper la Giorno of Milan. Mom works 98 hour week baby cries 113 minutes its too Nice a a toe Schanerer when this is said however it is nonetheless important to examine the balance Between military and political factors in the prosecution of that War and the uneasy peace that followed. While no one would suggest an exact parallel with Vietnam the example is instructive. By the late summer of 1950 the heroic Effort of the United nations Force mostly United states forces had pushed the communists Back to the 38th pm fallen. The Hope appeared of negotiating a peace with the country divided on that line. If Only because the military operation had become so massive and pub by Hal Boyle new York apr things a columnist might never know if he did no to open his mail it Lias been estimated the Mother of an infant child works up to 98 hours a week. Incidentally the average baby cries 113 minutes a Day. One of a policemen a occupational hazards today is writers cramp. They hand out up to 70 million traffic tickets yearly to motorists. In 1962 almost 1,000 .automobiles a Day were stolen. Nine out of to had been left unlocked by careless owners. Car thefts so far this year Are up about to per cent. It once was thought you could cure a Toothache by running three times around a Church without thinking about a Fox. The Lido Cabana club Here posts this sign a Money belts not permitted in the the . Government says that a Basket of groceries that Cost $10.16 in 1952 costs Only about $9.80 today. The average family spends slightly less than 20 per ent of its income for food the lowest figure in our history. Our quotable notables a the test of a Man or woman a Breeding is How they behave in a Bernard Shaw. Nicotine and alcohol done to mix. Khrushchev obviously believes he has found a vulnerable spot in the Western Alliance and that he has caught Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara in a vulnerable position. For he cited a recent statement by Mcnamara that stationing Bomarc anti aircraft missiles in Canada would a at the least serve to Decoy soviet missiles in event of War. Washington leaders have usually credited Khrushchev with smart cold War tactics. His handling of East West issues in his 75-minute talk with editor Halo Pietr demonstrated considerable resourcefulness in playing on current dissensions and fears in the Western Alliance. A medical researcher reports that men who smoked 16 or More cigarettes a Day and also drank six or More ounces of liquor daily were seven times As Likely to develop Throat canc As no drinkers who smoked the same amount. Soviet Russia is making a old for the International tourist Trade. It had 800,000 visitors last year including 20,000 frenchmen 19,000 britons and 17,000 americans. Woodrow Wilson had one of the most meteoric rises in american political history. Just two years and 170 Days after he was nominated for governor of new Jersey a his first Public office a he was sworn in As president of the United states. A new Jersey town once made it a Misdemeanour for a dog to bark after to of clock at night. In St. Louis mo., it is illegal to sit on a curb and drink Beer from a bucket. And there was a time when you could be arrested in Washington d.c., if caught fishing while seated on a horse. Our american population Tau increased More than 40 million in a the last 20 years a hike of Over 35 per cent but we still number Only about 6 per cent of the Earth a people. But by 1975 or 1980 China May become the worlds first nation to have one billion people. Directly or by implication he managed to Iveigh against supplying . Nuclear warheads to Canada a source of recent .-Canadian dispute against stationing . Polaris submarines in the Mediterranean a almost under the Walls of the Vatican a and against american sharing of nuclear weapons with other Allied nations in defense of Western Europe. Khrushchev has protested before against nato nuclear plans and particularly against West German participation. But his assertion that the United states is pushing a sinister program to spread nuclear weapons in order to turn fire away from its own targets constitutes an Effort to sow deep distrust in Canada and Western Europe and undermine the very basis of Allied cooperation. This however was not the Only purpose apparent in the carefully considered replies which the soviet Leader gave to the dozen questions presented to him. Khrushchev also seemed to be pressing president Kennedy to meet his terms for a nuclear test ban treaty. He said the United states is forcing the soviet Union to consider whether to withdraw the offer it made last december to accept two or three on site inspections of soviet territory a year. The charge Khrushchev made in this connection was that he had been authoritatively informed the United states would agree to two or four such inspections but when he made his offer the United states reneged. In raising this Issue he touched on a sore Point in Washington Moscow relations for . Officials insist that no such word was passed to the Kremlin some think there May have been a misunderstanding arising out of informal talks last november Between . Ambassador Arthur Dean since resigned and soviet Deputy foreign minister Vassily Kuznetsov. Khrushchev a threat to reconsider his proposal seems designed in any Case to put pressure on Kennedy to accept the soviet terms. Alternatively Khrushchev May be laying the ground work for resumption of soviet weapons testing. Humor next problem chairman Newton Minow of the Federal communications commission whose criticisms of television programs Are Well known has received a letter from a lady in California. A since you have been running acc a she wrote a it programming has become considerably better. Now i wish you would see what you can do Abo it improving the to Poston Herald on the ballpoint having tried nearly every pen in the store the customer had covered several sheets of paper with the words a Tempus finally the Saleslady came up with a pen she was certain he would like. Calling on her last shred of Selling technique she said a a Here a one that i know is going to suit you or. a Wall Street journal

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