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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 23, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Fair warmer a Clearing and continued Cool tonight with lows in mid-30s. Wednesday fair and warmer. Mondays High 57 Low 32 today at 7 a.m., 36. The Moon is at Perigee nearest Point in its orbit of Earth tonight 221,800 Miles away. _ a Ali Bennington o Sale Bennington Vermont tuesday april 23, 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no. 18,161 Price 7 cents merger is urged for 3 fire units by Art Krant consolidation of Bennington s three fire departments and establishment of centralized fire fighting facilities keynote a series of 104 recommendations for a improvement of fire Protection now under study by officials of five municipal districts. Copies of the 15-Page report prepared by the Mutual Protection department of the new England fire insurance rating association were released last night by Bennington Village trustees. The report was submitted to trustees of the villages of Bennington North Bennington and old Bennington the water commissions of Bennington Village and North Bennington and fire chiefs of the three departments. It follows an intensive inspection last month of fire Protection facilities by Joseph of Keefe or. And Donald j. Kingston of the associations Boston office. Officials Here said the Assoc a zoning hearing set for May a Public hearing has been called for 8 p in. May 8 to consider a new Bennington Village zoning ordinance accepted by Village trustees from the Bennington Village zoning commission last night. Trustees adopted a formal Resolution accepting the new ordinance a the results of More than four months study by the commission a and praised the commission for a a Fine atty. Stephen h. Gilman commission chairman was present at the special Board meeting As Village atty. John h. Williams ii steered trustees through Legal formalities governing preliminary Steps in adoption of a new zoning code. The commissions proposed zoning regulation a zoning map establishing business Industrial see Zon Long hearing continued on Page to Tiona a recommendations Are the basis for the establishment of a rating Standard which ultimately determines local fire insurance rates. While no one was prepared to give an official estimate of the probable Cost of implementing the associations recommendations trustees indicated it would Cost $100,000. A these people must think we re living in the year 1988,�?� Village president James b. Gib Ney said monday night in his reaction to the plan and its probable Cost. Other trustees tended to be defensive in their initial comments pointing out a Bennington is not the Only town that does t a e a fire setup of these proportions a look at the weekends fires in new York and new about 42 of the associations 104 recommendations were Given priority. Because the single report covers similar problems in All three fire departments and both water districts Many of the recommendations Are overlapping. Priority proposals include 1. The three departments Bennington North Bennington and Bennington Rural be consolidated under one chief. Until this is done it a chief of each department shot 1< i might a indefinite appointment abject to removal Only for cause 2. A Neaily consideration be Givi r to replacing the Stark Putnam my Bradford stations with a centralized station accommodating two engines and the ladder truck and with dormitory and Kitchen facilities 3. A series of suggestions for annual testing of pumping engines conversion of Hose coupling threads and provision for a 1,000-foot Reserve of 2,/2-Inch Hose for each engine 4. Development of rules and see three fire continued on Page to new town consolidation Bill filed in Assembly Montpelier apr a second Bill aimed at town consolidation was introduced in the Vermont House today. The new measure would authorize towns to elect officers in common share police and fire Protection use a jointly owned town Hall provide joint garbage dump and recreation facilities and join in the issuance of Bonds for Public improvements. A Bill filed earlier this month would enable two towns to fully consolidate intone municipality. Both measures reflect the thinking of gov. Philip h. Hoff who hinted in his inaugural and budget messages that he would propose at next years special session consolidation of town services. A the times demand that we think of Vermont As one Community striving together to meet our problems rather than 24g isolated kingdoms acting separately a he said at one Point in his budget message. The Bill introduced today outlines in detail How the various service consolidations would take Olace. Judicial vacancies Montpelier apr a Bill filed in the Vermont House today would substantially change the current system of electing candidates for vacant seats on the Superior and supreme courts. The Bill provides for creation of a seven member judicial selection Board to choose two or More names to submit to the legislature. Board members would be three lawyers elected by a majority of the states practising attorneys three laymen appointed by the governor and the chief Justice of the supreme court who would be chairman. When a vacancy occurred on either Bench the Board would consider the various candidates who make themselves available for the Post and submit their top choices to the legislature. New Hampshire sweepstakes of How the Money Rolls in Concord . Apr a sweepstakes Bill that Hasni to even been signed by the governor yet was luring dollars into new Hampshire today. Gov. John w. King received Money from two California men who wanted to be among the first to buy tickets in the new Hampshire sweeps. L. A. Seigler a real estate Man in Lafayette calif., sent a Check for $100. A congratulations to you your state and the citizens of new Hampshire a he wired. A was a Long time advocate of Legal Public lotteries May i say to you Senate gets Bill on labor relations Montpelier apr an intrastate labor relations act similar to the interstate National labor relations act was introduced in the Vermont Senate today by sen. Charles l. Delaney d Chittenden. The legislature has rejected similar Bills in previous ses Sions. The measure says employees in such intrastate categories As municipalities hotels restaurants stores and construction shall have the right to organize unions and bargain collectively a free from interference by without fear of contradiction that you Are leaders of a Parade that is presently As important to our Way of life As too battleships. A run your ads in the papers of our 50 states and you la get in More Money for schools than you can dream Roy Wylander of Fullerton calli., sent three i Bills. A i think a sweepstakes is an excellent idea a he wrote. A attached is $3 for a ticket and you can Channel it to the right department. If not Legal use the Money for your next he added a i am 63 years old and know that winning a substantial sweepstakes prize is the Only Way i can accumulate an if new Hampshire a sweepstakes were actually operating sending Money through the mails for tickets would be a violation of Federal statute. But since the Law mentions Only a existing sweepstakes a the people sending Money now Are not subject to prosecution according to informed Legal sources. The sweepstakes Bill was passed by both houses of the state legislature last week and it was Likely that it would be engrossed today and sent to the governor. He so far has declined to say what he will do but he has voted for sweepstakes Bills while serving in the legislature. Laos rightists set to join fight against communists the Rutland railway was the subject of a talk by former gov. E. Ray Keyser jr., left at a meeting of local Industrial executives sponsored by the greater Bennington association last night. Here Keyser chats with h i Wallace general manager of the Bennington division of Dow chemical co. Which has been affected by the loss of Rutland service. Wallace reported that Downs division traffic manager is attending the current Federal court hearings in Cleveland on the Ici order authorizing abandonment of the line. Staff photo Buckler. Keyser for interim service on Rutland by Bob Hagerman former gov. F. Ray Keyser or. Suggested last night that a new request to the interstate Commerce commission to authorize emergency interim service on the Rutland railway might be approved now that the Federal regulatory Agency a order authorizing abandonment of the line has taken effect. A request for such service a made by Keyser when he was governor but before the strike bound line had sought abandonment a had been turned Dow n by the inc. Keyser qualified his suggestion by noting that a suit to prevent abandonment a brought on behalf of the lines operating brotherhoods a May contain a request for a general injunction which would prevent the inc from granting the emergency service order. Keyser noted that a local group in Bennington or elsewhere might seek the interim order for service in specific locales. But he said the process is an involved one. The former governor who lost his bid for re election last november made his remarks to a group of Bennington Industrial executives at a meeting called by the greater Bennington association. A Federal court hearing on the Lea suit opened monday in Cleveland. Keyser said that while a state take Over of the line is one Way of restoring service on the Rutland he thinks it would be an ill advised move. The Republican sex governors remarks followed his resume of the events surrounding the railroads difficulties since the breakdown of Union management negotiations in september 1961. Keyser said the inc had turned Down the first request for an emergency service order because it would have involved a trespass on the Union manage ment relationship. Now that the inc considers the Railroad a a abandoned in Keysers View this obstacle no longer exists. Keyser listed four a salient Legal Points that must be taken into consideration in any discussion of what might happen to the Rutland a the Federal government has sole jurisdiction on All matters relating to interstate Commerce a As such any transactions involving the assets of the line must receive inc approval a the inc considers any Transfer of assets from one Railroad to another under conditions other than abandonment is considered on the inside columnist Bradford Smith described work being done in research for peace a Page 4. North Bennington school Board at a Busy session notes Progress on the new Field House at Welling Field a Page 5. Bennington Catholic High school wins baseball opener on George Allardus four hit pitching a Page 6. Cameras will be lowered 8,400 feet to the Ocean floor to try and find Thresher a Page 7. A merger. As such the acquiring Railroad assumes along with the assets All of the previous owner s contracts and agreements a including Union contacts. For this reason railroads connecting to the Rutland Are not interested in acquiring segments of that line until abandonment is granted and a where the inc has granted authority for abandonment of a portion of a Railroad it has traditionally included provisions for Severance pay or other protective conditions for workers out of jobs because of the abandonment. But where total abandon see Rutland re continued on Page in in Rutland railway suit Vientiane Laos apr heavier lighting appeared in Prospect for Laos today As rightist Gen. Thoumi Nosavan threatened to Send his troops into action if the pro communist Patchet lao completes its Conquest of the Plaines Des Jarres. The Patchet lao is expected to press ahead with its drive to Force . Navy reported Active in Siam Gulf Washington 0yt a the . Navy was reported today to have engaged in a a precautionary activities in the Gulf of Siam As the International stalemate Over Laos seemed to Harden. . Officials insisted that the movements by the seventh Fleet and a sudden trip to Bangkok the thai capital by adm. Harry Felt commander in chief of United states Pacific forces were not in themselves prelude to a new Landing of forces in Thailand. Thailand Borders on Laos. The neutralise troops of Gen. Kong be out of Northern Laos. Gen. A Houmis a threat promised a resumption of the All out civil War that ended when the rightist Neu Tralis Patchet lao coalition government was set up by the 1962 Geneva agreements. There was a shaky truce today on the strategic Plaine i to Miles Northeast of Vientiane where the Patchet lao has driven Kong less neutralise forces trom key positions. Observers and officials kept an Eye cocked to see what the United states would do. Officials in Washington said additional units of the 7th Fleet would be sent into the Gulf of Siam area As a precaution. High . Authorities also said there was a possibility . Troops might return to neighbouring Thailand. . Undersecretary of state w. Averell Harriman conferred in Paris with French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murville and i Cen told newsmen the Patchet lao attacks were outrageous. He charged that communist North Viet Nam had ordered the attacks on the Neutra lists. Harriman reaffirmed full . Support for the coalition government headed by neutralise Prince Souvanna Houma. However Gen. Thoumi a Deputy Premier in the government said if the Patchet lao takes Over the Plaine a this Means the end of the coalition government and therefore we will be obliged to Thoumi said he had dispatched reinforcements to the area but both he and Kong be denied Patchet lao charges that rightist troops had already joined the Neutra lists on the Plaine itself. He said his men hold positions in the Hills where they Are supported by Meo tribesmen. Prince Souvanna Houma conferred with Kong be who flew in from his new Headquarters at Muong Phan seven Miles West of the Plaine Des Jarres. The Neutra lists Are trying to regroup there. The Premier said both Kong be and the Patchet lao headed by his half brother Prince so Phanou Vong had truce. Agreed to continue the Gen. Thoumi said he had agreed to have a truce team of the International control commission stationed at Kong less new Headquarters. Informed sources said Soukhanouvong also agreed to the presence of an inc team with the Neutra lists but refused to allow one at his own Headquarters at hang Khay. The commission was set up under the Geneva agreements to supervise the armistice in Laos but its movements must be approved by All three factions in the coalition government. In Exchange for Castro s prisoners . Frees 4 cubans held Here ruling expected in week Cleveland apr a ruling is expected within a week from three Federal judges who have under advisement a suit to in corp. From abandoning the 351-mile line if operated in Western Vermont and Northern new York for a half Century. The judges heard on merits yesterday the injunction request of the plaintiffs tile railway labor executives association representing 21 unions and the brotherhood of locomotive engineers and answering arguments of the Carrier. The court heard also a motion by John Calhoun a special representative for Vermont a Public service commission. The purpose of Calhoun a motion was to assure a 90-Day period would elapse Between any court clearance for Rutland Railroad to abandon service and the Start of any actual scrapping or Sale of the physical assets. During this 90-Day period Calhoun explained the state would seek to consummate negotiations now in Progress to have three other railroads take Over sections of the Rutland lines and continue service on them. The Rutland railway is Cool to the state move because under such proposed plan carriers buying sections it the line would Purchase them at a Price discounted from the actual Salvage value of thus sections. Rutland has however indicated a willingness to sell smaller segments of the Road than the sections the state would like to keep in operation. Those parts of the Rutland for which the state wants to get buyers handle a better than 90 per cent of originating traffic and 70 to 80 per cent of inbound traffic a Cal Mun said. In mileage the sect Lorn Are a minority por see rail ruling continued on Page to new York apr three alleged cuban saboteurs and a pro Castro cuban who was convicted of murder were sent Back to their native land today in a Swap for 21 americans who were released from cuban prisons. The four cubans left Boca Chica naval air station at key West fla., aboard a Cubana air lines plane that was escorted Over american Waters by four . Jet fighters. The key figure behind the Exchange probably was new York attorney James p. Donovan who also engineered the Abel Powers spy Swap and the Ransom of 1,113 cuban pay of pigs invasion prisoners. Shortly after Donovan secured the release of 21 americans from cuban prisons monday and flew with them to Florida the following occurred a the Justice department announced in Washington it was dropping charges against two cuban nationals and one cuban american under indictment in new York for an alleged sabotage conspiracy a gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller steel Price hearings set in capital Washington apr Congress opens hearings today on steel prices and with Heink still wet on some new prices. The atmosphere is far from the Stormy dramatic Days of the administration Industry Battle of a year ago. Sen. Paul h. Douglas d-ill., said the committee is trying a to Lay a groundwork of tact and detail on which All could agree so that the opinions results and recommendations would so far As possible reflect an informed View of the rep. Thomas b. Curtis of Missouri. Senior Republican House member on the group said such a system should have been used last year in place of Kennedy a Public denunciations of the Price rises which finally were revoked under heavy administration pressure. Freed from a new York state prison a pro Castro cuban sentenced to 20-years-to-life for the 1960 accidental slaying of a 9-year-old venezuelan Pirl during a political Brawl in a new York restaurant and a shortly before to of clock monday night the four cubans were placed on a plane at Idlewild Airport for an eventual connection with a Havana bound Cubana airlines plane at a base in Florida. Kennedy told newsmen at a new York reception of the cuban prisoners committee the decision to free the alleged cuban saboteurs was part of a Trade for the Amer ican prisoners in Cuba. Rockefeller said that the other part of the Deal was the release of the convicted cuban Slayer Francisco Molina Del Rio 31. The cubans were indicted on sabotage conspiracy charges by a Federal grand jury f following their arrest Here last nov. 16. They Are Roberto Santiesteban Casanova 27, an attache with the cuban Mission to the United nations Antonio Sueiro 23, a cuban living in new York and Jose Garcia Orellana 43, a naturalized american citizen who operated a costume jewelry shop Here. Nikita us ests a Berlin Neutral like san Marino Milan Italy apr soviet Premier Khrushchev has suggested that West Berlin be converted to a Neutral status on the order of Austria Switzerland or san Marino. He pressed his Yea sold Campaign for a Neutral status for the Western occupied sectors of Berlin in a conversation with a correspondent of the Milan newspaper la Giorno. Khrushchev stressed that solution of other Central european questions depends on getting East we St agreement on Berlin. A Khrushchev a Uboldi wrote a cited the example of Switzerland and Austria two countries which live in the Middle of other groups of countries but without representing any cause of friction. A nobody touches Austria Khrushchev noted and yet Austria is More important than Berlin. Also in Italy there is a Little country which lives surrounded completely by italian territory san Marino. A would it not be possible a Khrushchev continued with hardly a Trace of irony a to make of West Berlin the san Marino of Central Europe a Khrushchev has urged the neutralization of the City and suggested that this status bt1 guaranteed by the United nations perhaps with a . Force stationed there. Austria a neutrality is guaranteed by the big four Powers. San Marinous depends on the Good will King Hussein says Jordan will never join Arab Union Amman Jordan apr vowing to defend his throne with his life Jordan a Young King Hussein says he will never step aside to ease the Way for his country sentry into a new United Arab Republic it will carry on my heritage As Long As i live a the 27-year-old Monarch said in a broadcast monday night. Although he made no direct reference to the pro Nasser riots saturday which resulted in strict curfews and a reshuffling of his Cabinet the King warned his people against a agents troublemakers and false about 2,000 students rioted in Jerusalem saturday demanding. Hussein a ouster and Union of the kingdom with Syria Iraq and Egypt in president Gamal Abdel Nasser a projected United Arab Republic. Four persons were reported killed and about 30 wounded. An estimated 80to 90 persons were arrested for rioting or breaking the curfew. With his parliament dissolved his great Uncle installed As Premier and curfews imposed in Jerusalem and other trouble spots Hussein appeared to have beaten off the latest pro Nasser attempt on his throne. Amman the capital was under military surveillance but it remained open with business As usual. Jordan a King with family King Hussein of Jordan is shown with his wife Princess Muna and their son Crown Prince Abdullah at the Royal Palace near Amman last month. The Monarch has appointed a new prime minister and called for new elections in the Wake of violent demonstrations demanding that Jordan unite with Egypt Iraq and Syria in a new United Arab Republic. He said monday that Jordan will never join. Of surrounding Italy. Switzerland a neighbors have found it profitable to leave it alone. Uboldi said Khrushchev made these other Points 1. Communist China a leaders have not replied to his invitation to visit Moscow for discussions of their differences. He said he thought they were still considering it and he hoped they would accept. 2. He probably will visit president Tito in Yugoslavia during the second half of june but the Date is not definite. 3. The Border fight Between red China and India is an unfortunate dispute Between two Peoples with w Hom the soviet Union is equally Friendly. He Hopes it will be settled soon. 4. He considered the peace encyclical of Pope John Xxiii a useful thing for peace. 5. The French West German Friendship pact could be interpreted As meaning that the French think they have captured West Germany whereas in reality West Germany has captured France. news in Brief Bonn it Jet a Chancellor Adenauer giving Way at last to overwhelming political pressure accepted Ludwig Erhard tonight As his heir apparent As Leader of the West German government. Adenauer s Long stubborn struggle to head off his vice Chancellor and economics minister ended in defeat at a four hour meeting of the parliamentary executive of the government party. West to see Nikita Washington apr the american and British ambassadors plan to see Premier Khrushchev wednesday in an Effort to revive the soviet unions flagging interest in a nuclear test ban. There was speculation today that this could eventually Lead to a higher level meeting. Interim pay asked Montpelier apr three republicans and two democrats introduced a Bill in the Vermont House today providing that the governor elect be paid $2,500 Between election Day and his inaugural. The governor elect conducts extensive budget hearings during this to week period. Area by postponed the baseball game Between Bennington High school and Drury High school of North Adams mass., scheduled for this afternoon has been postponed due to rain and Snow and is rescheduled for wednesday at 4 . The game Between Burr and Burton Seminary and Chester High school has also been postponed and is expected to be played wednesday in Manchester at 4 . F

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