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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 13, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Unification fart 9 Bennington Banner wednesday april i children dedicated into Huron the pros and cons of consolidation this the conclusion of a series of articles explaining the Neu town charter under which Here Ningpo no a municipal units May consolidate. Town voters will decide on the Issue in a special Toun election on april 26. By Bob h a fit Xvi is the idea of local government unification proposes that the several relatively autonomous municipalities within the boundaries of the town of Bennington be done away and a single town government under a new special charter be the sole municipal entity. What Are the pros and cats of such a proposition and the benefits or drawbacks to be derived the unification study committee that drafted the proposed new charter under which the consolidation can take place feels that the centralizing in a single town government of the various different and frequently overlap Ping functions of the several separate municipalities will result in a Public administration that will be More effective and efficient and More responsive to the needs of the Community. Confusion examples of the kind of confusion that residents must now face under the existing municipality of governments and governing boards Are easily cited. Take the acceptance of new roads into the local Public Highway system. Ultimately it is town selectmen who give final approval to acceptance of a new Road originally constructed by a private property owner in a new residential development. Where the proposed new Road lies in one of the villages however selectmen withhold such acceptance until that Village s Board of trustees has first accepted the Road. This is because it will be the Village that will actually be responsible for the Upkeep of the new Road. The property owner however usually in t aware that this suggests he should get clearance from a Village s trustees before going to selectmen. Not Only that but pm a number of occasions selectmen awl a Village s trustees themselves have become confused on the procedure to be followed with the result that the person seeking acceptance of a new Road has ended up appearing before one or another of the boards on several occasions before the matter was finally straightened out and his Road accepted. A similar problem exists for the property owner that wants to Hook up to the Public sewer system. If the property lies in a a or governors club jul 4.s a us my we Ltd. A a a my. 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And for any number of problems about which a Bennington Village resident might wish to Contact some authority there Are numerous residents including some who have lived Here Many years if not All their lives who have Only the vaguest notion about whether its the Village s trustees or the town s selectmen to whom they should go. Lax problems a related area in which there has traditionally been vast voter confusion is in the relation of town and Village taxes. The so called Highway tax is set by town voters at the annual town meeting but it is actually each Village plus the outside town which collects this tax in proportion to the grand list which lies within each respective municipal area. The villages several boards of trustees claim that their respective Highway budgets Are bound by the amount of tax Money available from the Highway tax set by town voters. All these various complications would be done away with of there were but a single town government. The unification committee is also confident that beyond this economies would be realized under a single administration for such Public services As roads water and sewage. While there is a certain amount of cooperation Between the separate town and Village Highway departments the arbitrary boundaries of each administration Are bound to mean total higher Overall costs for Road Upkeep. Just one example of this cited by the unification committee is in the blowing of roads where the several Village Crews come to a halt at municipal boundaries while the town Crews pick up or leave off on various roads from the opposite Side of the boundaries. Much of this arbitrary starting stopping and turning around presumably would be eliminated of there were a single town Highway department responsible for All roads. According to town counsel Norton Barber at one of the unification committees recent information meetings a thousands and thousands of dollars Quot have been wasted As a result of the problems created by Bennington a multiplicity of governments. Mater system i a Pansun expansion i the Bennington Village water system is certainly going to be a complicated inter government arrangement if the status quo is maintained. Under present tentative plans town voters will be presented with a Bond Issue proposal for development of an additional source of Supply in Woodford water from which would be piped to the Bennington Village Reservoir on Burgess Road. The Village water department would then Purchase water from the town with its water rent revenues and would be responsible for the redistribution of the water including to those areas of the town outside the Village boundaries. The Purchase Price for the water paid by the Village to the town would go towards the retirement of the town s Bonds. North Bennington May also eventually be tied in with the new town source of suit ply in a similar manner made an essential part of the proposed town charter is the mandatory provision for the appointment by the unified towns selectmen of a town manager. Town manager the unification committee describing this As a key provision feels that such a full time professional administrator is definitely warranted when it is realized that the town its three villages and fire District have a combined total budget of some $800,000. The committee says that it is very unlikely that any professional manager would want to assume a Post Here in which he would be responsible to the several present municipal governing boards to some sort of joint basis. A unified town government the committee thus contends is needed before the benefits of full time professional administrator can be derived. The drawbacks what s on the other Side of the unification Coin certainly the biggest drawback for each of the Village s and the Rural fire District if they vote to give up their respective corporate Charters and merge with the town would be the loss of considerable local autonomy and All that this represents. This certainly is of key concern to old Bennington residents for example who have made no Bones about their reluctance to give up local control of their own zoning ordinance. As the proposed town charter is written if old Bennington does vote to merge with the town its existing zoning ordinance would become put Art of a Tow wide zoning ordinance. The administration of this would be by town officers and the regulating provisions of zoning affecting old Bennington thereafter would be controlled by All town voters not just the Village s voters. In certain respects the administration of various Phi bloc services will for the several villages residents be erne step further removed. Where presently these residents can seek action from a Board of trustees that is responsible for services in a smaller geographical area under unification these residents would be going to the Board of selectmen which will have to oversee All services or a Tow wide basis. And then of course there is the nebulous element of Community spirit which is certainly a characteristic of the present villages and of the Rural fire District. For these units to give up their individualizing Charters and become part of the larger and More Anonymous town Community will undoubtedly have its detrimental effects in the View of Many. Views along these lines were certainly heard monday night at the unification committees pub Lic information meeting in North Bennington when residents expressed doubts that merging this Village with the town would Ever offer the North villagers any real advantages. Fire department in the Case of the present three separate fire departments a those of Bennington Village North Bennington and the Rural fire District a the unification committee was fully cognizant of the High spirit which exists in each of the Independent Volunteer units and the need to preserve this. As a result the committee backtracked on its original idea of having selectmen appoint a single fire chief to oversee the Complete merger of the three departments into a single town fire department. Oks installation St Sal inlay installation of the 1966-67 officers of it. Anthony chapter no. I order Eastern Star will be held at masonic Temple saturday at 8 . The installation is Semi a Public. Mrs. Janice Stephenson will be installed As worthy Matron by her Mother mrs. Leon Putnam past Matron of Crown Star Chapper no. 143 in Hudson Falls n. Y. Donald Stephenson will be installed As Worhty Patron. His Mother mrs. Henry Stephenson of Sandy Bay chapter Rockport mass., will serve As installing chaplain. The other installing officers will be Robert Collins worthy grand Patron installing Patron mrs. Lydia Cleveland installing marshal mrs. Helen Shields installing soloist and mrs. Rose Hall installing organist. Other elected officers to be installed Are mrs. Beatrice Gilman associate Matron Charles Mason associate Patron miss Helen Atwell Secretary mrs. Edna Seymour treasurer mrs. Ellen France conduct Ress mrs. Rose Madison associate conduct Ress. As Hie proposed charter was finally written selectmen Are still authorized to a organize and from time to time reorganize Quot the town department under the direction of a committee formed from the Board of selectmen themselves. This provision was included at the request of the officers of the present three departments who did t like the idea of the single chief. While there would be a a merger Quot of the three present units assuming that each of the villages and the Rural fire District do vote to give up their Charters the committee anticipates that initially at least the Only consolidation will be of three units fiscal needs into a single town budget item. Outside of that however the three present departments will probably remain much As they Are now with each having its own chief and other measures of continued Independence. For consolidation to go into effect the town As a whole must first accept the prop it used new charter and then Bennington Village voters must vote to give up that villages charter and merge with the town. Thereafter the other two villages of old Bennington and North Bennington and the Bennington Rural fire District will decide whether they too will give up their resistive Charters and merge with the town. These municipalities can of course choose not to do so but they will be doing so at a Price. With the town and Bennington Village merged there will thereafter be a new unified town tax rate which will be higher than the present town tax rate. Residents of these two villages and fire districts would have top Gay this higher town tax rate in addition to their own Village or fire District tax rate. At the easter service of the unitarian Fellowship four children were dedicated to the unitarian Church by Michael Powsner chairman and by their parents. Or. And mrs. Tom Benjamin presented their son Matthew or. And mrs. John Ekwall their daughter Elizabeth and or. And mrs. Charles illgner their sons Charles and David. The service of dedication from the first uni tarian Church of Austin Texas was used which lays up it on the parents Quot the duty and Joy Quot of nurturing their children so that they May reach maturity of body and mind a guided by a creative and patient love and sustained by an Hales and aspiring music for the service was arranged by Tom Benjamin and included some of his original Coni positions for voice and for the clarinet and brass instruments. I drug store phone 2-6713 Bennington. It. Reg. 2oc am eve ready big Ben s sword Blades 149 w r or Aii i Reg. 79c r Gillette right guard i alarm clock 469 j Reg. 2.50 Dubarry / color \ deodorant foam 8 48 a $1�?~ Reg. 45c in Fly or. Scholls of Corn i plasters o 41 leonards 506 main Street dial 2-4571 meats top Choice rolled roast Sale full cuts top round Bottom round sirloin tip1.19 ground chuck65 Morrell baby Bacon beef liver 69, 69< Quot it k of. Easter Ball scheduled saturday the annual k of c easter Ball will be held saturday night at the Council Hall on main Street starting at 9. For several years the Ball has been sponsored by the fourth degree Assembly. Faithful navigator Leo Plourde reports that the committee headed by Mason Amadon and including or. William Burnham John Reardon Romain Letourneau and Roger White have completed their plans and expect an enjoyable evening. Music will be furnished by a six piece band. A Buffet will be served at Midnight catered by mrs. Florence Hattat and mrs. Mary Sauer who have done an excellent Job for the k of c dances in the past. This year As a special event someone win be awarded a gift. Tickets Are reported to be going Well and Are available from committee members. Apr ii into Slimmer fashions from Fienberg Coats Lovely colors Spring find fashion $2495 to 53995 toppers of is suits $3750 $3995 to sizes 36 to 4 6 men s All weather Coats $2495 up zip outs also dresses hrs. 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