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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 12, 1966, Bennington, Vermont A few Brief Light showers or Snow flurries today principally Over higher terrain. Highest temperature today 45 to 50 degrees. Variable cloudiness. Little temperature change tonight and wednesday. Lowest temperature tonight in the upper 20s. Yesterdays High 48 Low 24. Today at 7 ., 26. A Light Frost. Sunset 6 31 . Sunrise 5 14 Benning Bennington Banner tuesday april 12, 1968 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20,040 to cents striking miners defy Back to work order in \ Iet Nam army favors Pittsburgh up a a few Hundred striking soft Coal miners returned to work today but More than 50,000 others defied Union orders and remained out of the pits for the second Day. Strikers returned to some mines in Southern Illinois Utah and Kentucky. More were Cushman announces $500,000 expansion North Bennington a an expansion of production facilities involving an investment of Quot in excess of $500,000�?� has been announced by the h. T. Cushman mfg. Corp., division of general interiors corp. A spokesman for the furniture making firm Thomas d. Cook jr., said that the exact Square footage and other details of the planned expansion Are still to be firmed up but he indicated the work should go Forward soon and be completed by the end of the year. The new construction in any Case he said will be on the site of the company a Plant Here. In addition to the provision of More production space he said there will be a major revamping of the existing production facilities. While the Plant expansion will mean an increase in the Plant workforce Cook said just How Large this will be is also still somewhat indefinite. But he indicated the company is currently adding employees workers now being added on the night shift for training will be switched Over to the Day shift when the new facilities go into operation. Cook said this years expansion is the first stage of a series of planned developments with additional construction expected next year. Plans for expansion not Only at the Cushman division but also at the company a Lewisburg division Are referred to by general interiors chairman and president Colin Carpi in his report to stockholders on the corporations annual meeting held in Bennington March 21. A reviewing operations a Carpi writes Quot i explained that the Outlook for this fiscal year is Good. At Lewisburg and at kit Lnger another division to be acquired As of june 30 Shif ments Are running substantially ahead of previous Levels. At Cushman shipments Are somewhat behind due to recent rapid assimilation of changes in product lines raw materials and processes but they Are expected to reach target rates within a few weeks. Quot incoming orders Are such that backlog for Lewisburg and Cushman together is now 21 per cent ahead of previous records at this time of year. Kittinger also continues to operate against a High backlog with Strong new introductions planned for the april and june markets we approach the normally Slack summer period with the Best Outlook for sustained High level production in our motor?.�?� t i a seeks convicted farm promoter Billie sol Estes who is serving a 15-year sentence at Leavenworth prison arrives or Ems. / monday at Federal court House in Al Riff paso tex., for a hearing on a motion for a new trial. Up expected Back during the Day but it appeared the majority would continue the Wildcat election soon began Early wage contract walkout that monday in a dispute. Quot they wont go Back just by telling them a said c. E. Bean president of District 30, United mine workers in Eastern Kentucky. The District represents 10,000 miners none of whom returned to work today. Most ump District presidents said they would not order their men Back until they had received and studied the Back to work telegrams sent monday by ump president w. A. Tony Boyle. Quot if i get instructions from the International i will probably order my men Back to work but that May take some doing a bean said. Quot it will be the end of the week before we get Back into full Joseph Jablonski director of ump District 5 in southwestern Pennsylvania said in Pittsburgh that he also would take no action until he had received the Telegram and studied it. However William Turnblazer of Middlesboro ky., president of District 19, said that although he had not received the Telegram he Quot got the word and passed it he ordered miners Back to work at two . Steel corp. Mines in Harlan county ky., and the men returned to the pits at 8 Est. About 250 miners also returned to work at two . Steel corp. Mines at dra Gerton Utah on the Midnight shift. More than 58,000 of the nations soft Coal miners walked out in nine states monday in a show of Force to put pressure on negotiations see strike Page 12, col. 4 Lapening around Saigon up a South Viet names military rulers told a political Congress today they favored an elected civilian government Quot in the shortest time but buddhists boycotted the session and sent demonstrators into the streets of two Northern cities denouncing the Congress As a Quot tool of the american More than 2,500 soldiers police students and civilians some of them armed paraded quietly through Danang where anti government forces Are in control. A crowd of 8,000 staged a peaceful demonstration at Hue 60 Miles further North. In Saigon Buddhist leaders called for a massive demonstration thursday to show the strength behind their demands for immediate capitulation of the military government. Quot we do not want to cling to Power a Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu chairman of the military Junta and chief of state told the 95 handpicked delegates at the opening session of the three Day constitutional Congress. Quot if the people want to have an elected government in the shortest possible time this desire is also ours. Quot after having conferred with a number of religious political Washington up a the tonal lenders who have been unlike the a the Cha and popular groups the Directo Federal housing administration attracting most of the invest requires an additional Mort by Junta has decided to Cha and the veterans ment Money in the real estate Gage insurance Premium of shorten the time necessary for administration Ain a move Market in recent months. One half of i per cent a month the establishment of Democrat affecting millions of Prospect Only once before in its 32 for a fund used to pay lenders tic institutions by having Tulve homeowners have raised year history has the Fua whenever borrowers default on immediately a Constitution and their interest rates from 5.5 to interest rate been so High. That their mortgage payments. The thus soon achieving an elected 5.75 per cent on Home loan was from september 1959, to a requirement is for a one mortgages. February 1961. The rate has half of i per cent Premium at As he spoke an estimated the increase announced by been As Low As 4.25 per cent the outset but not thereafter. 8,000 persons marched in an Rosemary Christie left attracts a Large audience at the Bennington High school open House monday night As she demonstrates techniques in theater make up. Her subject Here being made up with a Clown face is fellow student Barbara Moore. The make up demonstration was one of several special offerings to open House visitors at the High schools multipurpose room. Hagerman interest rates increased on Cha and a mortgages both agencies monday came in from 1950 through 1953. The face of mounting pressures for higher rates among Conven Rowell will decide in a ext Day or a Burlington up a Lyman s. Rowell of the University of Vermont a political unknown said Here monday he will decide in Quot the next Day or two whether to enter the political Arena. Rowell vice president of student affairs and administration at Ulm was named last week by . Sen. Winston l. Prouty r-vt., As the gop candidate for governor this year. He said he would not take Prouty a endorsement lightly. Rowell returned to Ulm monday from a two weeks vacation. He reportedly stopped in the higher rates or government underwritten Home Loans apply to All mortgages negotiated after monday. They do not apply to the millions of Loans outstanding now. A mortgages helped build 52,000 new Homes last year another 113,000 non new Homes were purchased with mortgages backed by the a the interest rate hike was applauded by the Industry As a sensible step. Quot it will be Good the average Cha mortgage orderly demonstration through is about $16,000 and has a term Hue with signs charging the of 30 years. The new interest rate boosts the monthly payment on such a mortgage from $97.51 to $100.07. Congress was a Man Euver by the . Central intelligence Agency to sidetrack the Peoples Quot aspirations for an pravda article predicts soviet space spectacular Moscow up a the head woman observes 105th birthday in t Roy in. I. For the seller and Good for the Washington to see Proisy apr ii buyer a said one real estate the a Viet fir Force a Arlo a a 6�?the Day the Junior senator executive who referred to what the fifth anniversary of the announced he would not run he called Quot artificial limits by first manned space flight today for governor and endorsed to the Cha and a on interest a prediction of a new Well it ceilings. Soviet space spectacular that the Prouty move was Fol conventional Lenaers have could take cosmonauts farther Lowed by a wave of Surprise been demanding a and getting int0 space than Man has Ever and Shock among most state a must to More in interest for ventured republicans. Home Loans in the credit state gop committee chair Market. Lenders under Cha the flight by two or More Man Derick Webb had said that and a financing thus have had russians would come within the Prouty could have the gop t0 charge Quot Points a or Dis next few weeks and would last. Nomination uncontested of he counts above established Ceil about three weeks shattering an important step in the race wanted it. Togs to make up the differed the 14-Day Orbital endurance t0 the Moon could yield. _. Val Iahlo Infa Mohnn an Marine the prediction today came from the soviet air chief marshal Konstantin Vershinin in an article to pravda the main communist party newspaper honouring the Pioneer russian space flight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961. In the secretive world of informed sources Here said soul it space flights Vershinina a prediction was unusually explicit. Deep space flight would be Troy . Since Prouty s announcement cos other potential candidates have remained silent As to their future plans. Richard Snelling of Shelburne and state sen. Edward Jane Way mrs. Josephine of Londonderry both have int Beckley who was born just As the rated they would make a firm civil War was starting celebrate decision this week. De her 105th birthday Here monday at Eden Park nursing Home. The third potential candidate rep. Reid Lefevre of Manches a native of Albany mrs. Beck Ter said he did no to know when Ley was the daughter of a Union he would decide but said he Soldier who was captured by the confederates and later died at the infamous Andersonville prison. She is the Mother of seven children two of whom Are deceased 16 grandchildren 48 great children and four great great grandchildren. Was Quot shocked and surprised at Prouty s decision to Back Rowell. And in the democratic Camp gov. Philip h. Boff has not yet announced whether he will seek an unprecedented third term in the november general election. Teen agers riot in amusement Park described As Bunch of Savages Washington up thou Sands of Rock throwing shouting teen agers rampaged through a suburban amusement Park near the capital for several hours monday night. The riot broke out shortly after 5 . Est at the Glen Echo amusement Park on the Potomac three Miles Northwest of the District of Columbia in Montgomery county my. Police managed to contain the rioters estimated at Between 3,000 and 4,000, about 3 1-2 hours later. But not before uncounted car windshields and windows had to it Een smashed within a mile radius of the Park. At one Point it appeared the swelling throngs of youngsters most of them negro might spill Over into Northwest Washington where some of the capitals most fashionable residential areas Are located. The Northwest Section has Long been an All White enclave in this predominantly negro City. But Montgomery county and Washington metropolitan police emphasized repeatedly that the riot had no racial overtones. They succeeded in isolating Small groups of youths As they straggled Down Massachusetts Avenue and eventually dispersed the mob. There were however reports of isolated acts of vandalism by roving groups of teenagers in Washington. A Bank window within a half mile of the White House was smashed and two youths were arrested. In the capitals Northwest Section bottle throwing youths attempted to smash the windshields of four police cars. At least two persons were known to be injured and unofficial reports put the total As High As seven none seriously. A White youth and a fireman were treated at a suburban Hospital after they were struck by rocks. Montgomery county police it. Frank Griggs one of the first officers on the scene at the Park described the rioters As a Quot Bunch of but both he and county police chief col. James Mcauliffe stressed the Melee was not racially inspired. White washingtonians who have been warned repeatedly in the past by civil rights leaders that they Are sitting atop a racial powder Keg at first were inclined to View the outbreak As another Watts. Police reported that the makeup of the milling crowds at the amusement Park changed constantly. At one Point it appeared to be mostly teen agers with a sprinkling of younger boys and girls later Young mothers with Small children in Tow were seen on the fringes of the throng. Glen Echo which police said was Quot reduced to a shambles by the crowd is Washington a major amusement Park. The Normal easter monday Holiday crowd was swelled this year by the Many tourists in the City for the annual Cherry Blossom festival. Educators defend Gibboney Montpelier up a school superintendents throughout Vermont have come to the defense of state education commissioner or. Richard Gibboney whose administration has been challenged by the Vermont state school directors association Visda and the Vermont education association Vea. The commissioner and the state Board of education were expected to come in for criticism As the Visda and Vea meet Here tonight to discuss what they consider a Quot Complete disintegration of the department of education under new Gibboney became commissioner last september and apparently has made several unpopular moves in recent months according to the two educational groups. The school superintendents said the problems of the department Arentt new ones but have been around for a number of years. on the inside sen. Winston Prouty explains his plan to extend social Security benefits a Page 4. Columnist Carlo Wolter comments on springtime in the mountains a Page 4. Pownal Library dedication sunday a Page 6. Record states. Held by the United valuable information on Man s reaction to intense radiation that would bombard a space the sources said that the ship in route to the Moon and flight was planned last month on his ability to sustain other to coincide with the Kremlin s hardships on a Long flight. 23rd communist party Congress Vershinin s article came As Here but was postponed at the thousands of russians gathered last minute. Russia s last at the Kremlin for a mass rally manned space shot March 18, 1965. Was on to celebrate Gagarin s history making flight. Immediate elected National Assembly. They denounced the delegates who accepted government invitations to attend As Twenty of the delegates walked out even before Thieu began speaking. Observers gave the Congress Little Chance of Success in bringing about a peaceful transition to civilian Rule without Buddhist participation. Premier Nguyen Csc by dressed in a dark business suit sat silently beside Thieu who pleaded for religious and political Unity and Quot for True patriots to sit Down and talk open mind edly and heavy . Casualties in Battle Saigon up �?. B52 bombers braving soviet built anti aircraft missiles hit communist North Viet Nam for the first time today in what a spokesman called Quot one of the heaviest b52 strikes of the War. But in ground fighting a . Infantry company suffered heavy losses when trapped by the Viet Cong. The spokesman would give no figure for the number of Guam based bombers involved in the raid against a Mountain pass but when the b52s first went into action earlier in the War some of the raids were made by from 32 to 40 bombers. No figures were Given for the number of dead and wounded suffered by a company of the . Army 1st infantry division when it ran into a heavy Battle just 40 Miles West of Saigon but the official term Quot heavy casualties a usually Means most of the unit has been Hurt. An infantry Rifle company runs 178 men. The High flying strategic air command St rat of ogres ses from Guam pounded the vital Mugia pass a narrow neck through which runs the to Chi Minh Trail supplying communist forces in the South. While faster moving . Fighter planes which can More easily elude missiles have struck regularly in the North it marked the first time . Officials have risked the slower High flying bombers whose previous attacks have All been in the South. A military spokesman said an estimated battalion of Viet Cong surrounded a company of the . 1st infantry division during the night and Cut into the americans with mortars and Small arms fire. The spokesman said the american suffered Quot heavy casualties during the Battle. Spring cleaning the East front of the United states Capitol in Washington is hosed Down monday by members of the District of Columbia fire dept As a part of the annual Spring cleaning of the building. Up

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