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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 13, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner wednesday april is 1966 Lettera the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont history lesson on Viet Nam editorials positive View of unification before going to the polls on april 26, Bennington voters must rid themselves of some rather silly notions about what unification is All about. Bennington villagers for instance should not regard unification As a plot to deprive them of their water system and to use their resources for someone else a Benefit. Old Bennington ans should Calm their fears that As soon As they join a unified town their neighbors will Amend the town zoning ordinance to permit hot dog stands on Monument Avenue. Residents of the a a outside town should not regard unification As an attempt by the Village to take advantage of growth in the Rural area. And North villagers should not dismiss unification As a Legal device to gobble up their Village and Annex it to a huge impersonal Metropolis. Many local residents May have perfectly legitimate objections to or doubts about unification. But before making up big stories fall Flat All the big Vermont news stories these Days seem to fall Flat. A week ago. Sen. Winston l. Prouty after permitting state republicans to build up Hopes for several months that he would run for governor declined the nomination in a statement that will surely be considered the anti Climax of the year. He dramatically announced that his own Choice was Lyman s. Rowell a Ulm official with no political experience. Rowell agreed to carefully consider running for governor and for the past week there has been a great Deal of speculation As to whether he would or not. Yesterday he said he was t interested and a Story that has generated headlines angered editorial writers and Given prominent republicans numerous opportunities to comment or refuse to comment collapsed like a punctured balloon. A meeting last night in Montpelier of the Vermont school directors association also turned out to be a Dud. The purpose of the meeting was to Dis editor s notes the reports this week that the h. T. Cushman co. Is planning a major expansion and that the furniture manufacturing firm is adding employees Are further indications of the Good health of local Industry. Bennington has enjoyed gradual Industrial growth for some time now and the Outlook for a stronger and More diversified Economy is extremely favourable. Pownal has chosen the Best possible Way to observe National Library week. On sunday the town will dedicate its Beautiful new Solomon Wright Library the construction of which was made possible through the generosity of a number of donors and the Federal government. Pownal has Good reason to be proud of this impressive addition to its Public facilities. The Beni open House monday evening gave students a Fine Opportunity to demonstrate their artistic talents. A their minds they should ask themselves honestly whether the positive benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks and the Small sacrifices of this is possible Only if traditional prejudices Are discarded. Unification is after All a positive Effort to make local government More efficient and effective. It is not intended to deprive anybody of anything or enable one municipality to gobble up another. Its purpose is to improve and expand municipal services on a regional basis at the lowest Cost to the taxpayer. The question then is not what each municipality will lose through unification but what the entire Community can gain through cooperative Effort. Unification after All is a state of mind As Well As a political merger. It has been accepted As the Best Way to improve our local school systems. It can also improve our fragmented municipal governments. Cuss among other things the a Complete disintegration of the state department of education under its new the meeting was splashed across front pages and commented upon on editorial pages for ten Days in Advance so we had reason to expect some rather spectacular revelations. When the gathering finally took place Charles Nichols executive director of the Vida said that a a disintegration was a bad Choice of words and that he was really concerned about poor communications Between the state education department and local boards. It was pointed out that department salaries Are too Low to attract and keep top men but other than that nothing of any importance came out of the meeting. The anti climatic ending is of course a popular device for keeping ones name in the headlines by encouraging speculation about something that May never happen. It is also inevitable of course that during the period Between the adjournment of the legislature and the beginning of the political campaigns the news of the Day is bound to get a Little More attention than it deserves and is bound therefore to be a Little disappointing. Picture on the banners front Page yesterday showed Rosemary Christie smearing paint on Barbara Moore s face to show How actors Are made up for theatrical productions. Pictures on the Back Page showed Kevin Thibodeau smearing paint on a piece of paper to create a face. After Reading the account of the information meeting on unification in North Bennington the other night we find it hard to believe that the a North Village will Ever vote to merge with the rest of the town. If life under the present system of government is As agreeable As various speakers at the meeting made it sound then it is certainly understandable that Many residents Arentt enthusiastic about a change. The danger of course is that word will get around and folks from All Over will want to move to North Bennington. Resulting population growth will give residents of the a East Village Good reason to fear that they May be gobbled up by the Metropolis to the North. Fischetti to it editor at the Banner in the Banner of feb. 9, a letter from David s. Vicario denounced the . Commitment in South Viet Nam As a internationally in the same vein he said we have broken the . Charter and the 1954 Geneva agreements while pursuing our a a belligerent policy. I agree it is unfortunate we Are committed to this difficult situation. However it is useless to complain about it for it does not matter whether we Are legally Correct. A country staggering under communist aggression and terror came to us asking for help. Vicario also criticizes the late president of South Viet Nam Ngo dunh diem who according to Vicario was a a cruel dictator feared and despised by his he claims that diem was a puppet of the ., and that once our support was withdrawn diem was killed. A Little instruction in history is not out of place Here. In 1945, after Japan was defeats de the French were in Power in what was then indo China. Rebel forces called the Viet a Minh were led by to Chi Minh present Leader of North Viet Nam. The French needed a figurehead to take Over the country so they chose Bao Dai one time pm Perlor of Viet Nam who had abdicated in favor of to. Bao Dai took Over in june 1949. In the meantime to gained control of most of North Viet Nam and gained allies in red China and Russia. In 1954, France was Defeated at Dien Bien Phu and the Geneva conference divided French indo China into the democratic Republic of Viet Nam North and the Republic of Viet Nam South. F ree elections were to be held in two years. Bao Dai was replaced in octo Ber 1955, by diem. No one thought diem would last Long because of the difficulties he faced. For one thing the police had been bought by Binh Xuyen a notorious gang of racketeers. There were also River pirates Street gangs and dope paddlers. On top of this the commander of the army was an untrustworthy opportunist. Diem however broke the Back of the Binh Xuyen and cleaned up the country. There were also two religious sects with great Power the Cao i and Boa Hao. Each had its own army. Diem reduced their Power. Then South Viet Nam had a tragically Short period of peace broken by the emergence of the communist led Viet Cong. As Viet Cong Power grew so did the . Commitment. The diem army had modern weapons but was not trained for guerrilla warfare. The pc specialized in assassination terror and extortion. It has been said that our a peace offensive failed because of our refusal to recognize the pc. Before that the reason was said to be the bombing of the North. Today and tomorrow when we halted our bombing Hanoi had to think of another excuse not to talk peace. However the peace offensive was not a failure. It showed the world that the communists Are the aggressors. They will come to the peace table Only when their buddies in the South Are so badly mauled on the Battlefield that they have to buy time. The National liberation front s terms for peace talks Are that we recognize the Elf As the government of the South instead of the legitimate government of Gen. By and that we withdraw our troops. These terms Are impossible. The communists Point out that elections scheduled for 1956 have not taken place. The reason is that North Viet Nam refused to insure a fair election in the North and would not even permit Neutral observers. How can an election be free if an armed pc stands at the voting Booth How can elections take place during a War the Way to Success is through a Harc soft policy. We must be Tough on the Battlefield meeting communist expansion with expansion of our own. However we must be Alert to credible peace overtures so we can get out but Only on honorable terms. If expansion continues we must play out our Trump card bombing of the North s Industry and communications lines and sealing off of Haiphong. We have made mistakes in Southeast Asia but it is a big mistake to assume that North Viet Nam s policy has been one Long string of triumphs. We have stopped the Viet Cong which is what we set out to do. The pc still controls a great Deal of land but this will be a hindrance rather than a help if we can gain the support of the populace. The pc get weapons and supplies from the North but Rice shelter labor and manpower from the South. Andrew Mckeever. Pownal Center. Highway planners place land Over human values to the editor of the Banner most of us favor the idea of improved arterial highways. And those of us who Aren t going to be directly and adversely affected by a relocation Don t really care whether the Beatline bypass or relocation lies to the East or the West the North or the South. We May have preferences but we Haven t a personal involvement of our Homes Are not within the proposed route of the new Road or if our businesses Are not going to be isolated from the main Stream of travel upon which we depend for an income. If we Are not so personally Irv solved we can View the proposals of the planners a both Highway department planners and the local planning commission and its experts a from a detached position of curious interest rather than from one of jeopardy. But what of the people who will be directly and adversely affected in the Public meetings held to Date on the question of the direction the bypass should take the a West skiers have had their spokes men and the business people have been articulate in expressing their views and their concerns in seeking to protect their special interests. But there has been no local expression of concern for the substantial number of people a people of modest Means at Best a who Are faced with the Prospect of being uprooted pushed out of the Way and then left to fend for themselves without any As yet at least Public consideration or proposed assistance in solving the problems the planned upheaval will place upon them. And herein to my feeble Way of thinking lies the weakness of planning. To be sure these homeowners will be reimbursed presumably for the reasonable Market value of their individual properties As determined by professional appraisers in the employ of the state Highway department but what then some of these imperilled Homes Are 25 years old but More of them Are much older. So they do not have a High Market value. How far will the monetary compensation these people will receive for their condemned Homes go at this time of inflated land and construction costs in providing them with Homes new or old in some other location there Are not enough other properties in Bennington available for the prices the displaced people will be paid by the state. They will be in Competition with each other for such properties As May be available to them within their Means and this Competition will push up the Price of such available properties. So these people who can least afford it Are to be sacrificed in the name of Progress and in the name of planning. As yet the planners have voiced no sense of Public responsibility to these people. They a the planners a have told us however that the East Side route is More feasible and More economically desirable because of the cheaper land values involved. Thus they appear to be More concerned about land values than about human values. The More Well to do residents although fewer in number and the potentially higher land values to the West Are to be preserved. The Meek May inherit the Earth but not Many aces wind up in their hands when the cards Are dealt. I protest this evident injustice and this irresponsibility on the part of our Public planners. George h. Plumb. Bennington. Syrup Salt x vinegar baseball Welling Field by Elizabeth do y or North Bennington. Age has a Way of catching up with the Best of us. Some years ago Long before he dreamed of a Palace in Washington Hubert Horatio Humphrey used to Burn up the territory around second base for the Benefit of his High school baseball team in a Small Minnesota town. Monday he had his Chance in the big leagues but he blew it. As vice president of these United states huh threw out the traditional first Ball of the 1966 baseball season and he had trouble Clearing the railing of his Box. His throwing Arm alas is gone. A of if it Ever warms up around these parts to a Point where the players done to need to Wear gloves on both hands a and earmuffs beside a the local baseball season can be expected to get under Way among High school teams. This year because the baseball diamonds in Bennington Are presently torn up in the building of it. Anthony High school any first balls that get thrown out will be wafted through the air at Welling Field in North Bennington. Because of the emergency this year All three High schools in the Bennington area including Beni chs and Nuhs will be using historic and hallowed ground in what is occasionally referred to As a the North through a spirit of neighbourliness cooperation and complicated scheduling on the part of the coaches and school administrations involved practice sessions and Home games of All three teams will take place within a stones throw of Lake paran. This latter observation is based on the premise that somebody other than vice president Humphrey does the throwing. A of the history of Welling Field goes Back almost to the time when Abner Doubleday first put a Ball and a Bat and a cow pasture together and produced what we know As our National pastime. The Field itself is owned by the Welling family Here but through their Well known spirit of Community interest it has always been available for the use of local sports enthusiasts. The North Bennington school District has for Many years assumed responsibility for the Upkeep and improvement of the playing Fields. There Are old timers in the Village who remember that North Bennington once boasted a Semi professional baseball team named for posterity the a North Bennington rivalry among nearby teams was intense and crowds of followers often gathered to cheer on the local entry. The big games of the season of course were those played against a Bennington team. Neither team was above a Little chicanery on these occasions and of they thought they could get away with it a Battery from the wicked metropolitan area was occasionally sneaked in to confound the opposition. Usually part Way through a game this double dealing was discovered and the villains unmasked but not without some interesting developments that offered material for thorough discussions and equally thorough fist fights. A of these games were played on sunday afternoons in that Long ago time. In those Days North Bennington suffered alternate Waves of dedication to sin and Sanctity. Fred Welling recalls that one time when virtue had a Lead Over vice a delegation of scandalized citizens called on his father the late George b. Welling to inquire whether he knew about a the terrible things going on at Welling Field on a Welling up until then had never seen a baseball game but he Felt that in the interests of saving the family name from ruin he ought to investigate. He ventured Over to the Field the following sunday in a spirit of research and Many a sunny sunday afternoon thereafter found him sitting happily on the Bank to watch the proceedings. Legend has it that he was often joined there by other local pillars of society including the late mrs. Elmer h. Johnson. A of Welling Field is reached through a winding Lane that has Brush growing on one Side and a swamp full of Long stemmed violets on the other so that it always Springs a pleasant Surprise on the visitor who comes on its Flat surface tucked away under the Hill. The Field itself has been considerably improved and flattened out Over the years adding to its efficiency but not necessarily to its Charm. There Are those Here who recall the Days when the contours of the Outfield made it necessary for the left fielder playing deep to use a Periscope to View Home plate. If he ran Back too enthusiastically after a Fly Ball the game occasionally had to be halted and a Rescue party sent to retrieve the hapless fielder from his nest of Brush and boulders. By comparison the right fielder had a fairly easy time a he Only had to run straight Uphill in Pursuit of a Fly. Cows were pastured in the Field in those Days and the unwary fielder was often faced with other hazards unless he could watch the Ball and his feet at the same time. Today the Field has none of these interesting hazards but they St play the same game that has served generations of Young people Here. The school has built bleachers for the spectators but those who wish can still Perch on a Grassy Hillside the Sun warm on their shoulders and wild Straw berries beside them for Handy picking. In the distance they can glimpse the sparkle on the Lake and the Vermont mountains that have seen it All before. Does the . Face a popular revolution Iii Viet Nam a for wounds received from vietnamese while of leave in by Halter Lippmann Washington. Much depends on whether or not the present crisis in Viet Nam is merely one More in the series of reshuffles which have been taking place since 1963. It begins to look As if it were very much More than that a no Mere reshuffle among generals but a deep popular crisis. For the buddhists who Are the Core of the opposition Are demanding a new kind of government not merely a change within the government say the removal of general by. A of a change in the kind of government from the directorate of warlords to some sort of directorate of civilians would be not a reshuffle but a revolution. The genuinely revolutionary character of the movement is attested by the fact that the Buddhist leaders Are demanding that the present government of the generals be replaced by a civilian government before elections Are held. For they realize quite Well that in a country like South Viet Nam those who conduct the elections will run the elections. The Buddhist leaders Are asking for a government in which they will have the predominant Power when the generals go. A of the question then is what the buddhists represent. We have no definite information on this subject in the main because it is a technical impossibility for american and other Western journalists to get any reliable measure of the extent and Force of the opposition in a country which is ravaged by a ferocious civil War. What we do know is that in the whole series of crises since the downfall of diem in 1963 the buddhists when they have intervened actively have appeared to play a predominant role. Revolutions Are always the work of a conscious minority and it is probably True that whether or not the buddhists Are at present a majority by a count of Heads no government in Saigon can govern for Long if the buddhists oppose it. A of there Are reasons for thinking that the buddhists Are moving with a rising tide of popular discontent. There is discontent Over the Savage inflation which is so cruelly oppressive of the poor. There is discontent with the pervasive and open corruption which is unbearably offensive to the hungry victims. There is of course discontent with the cruelties and miseries of War. Finally but not least there is discontent with the overpowering presence of a Large army of Rich a reticent aliens from a different civilization. It May be Well that the situation in South Viet Nam has reached the breaking Point foreseen by a few who have studied the War at close hand. The time May have come when we Are faced with a dilemma As we multiply our own troops and take Over command there is a countervailing tendency of the South vietnamese army to recede into the background this presents us with a continually rising demand for More american Force. As our army has enormous logistical requirements it acts As a crushing weight upon the simpler primitive Village Economy of the vietnamese. All this generates a popular hatred of the War. It is a plausible supposition Southeast 51a d v. You furl or by but it rhymes Mth is he Quot that the buddhists who have ways of being Well informed about what is going on in their country Are responding to this situation. A of if this is what is happening we have to take account of several contingencies. The first is that general by and some of his fellow generals May decide to suppress the Buddhist rebellion by military Force. If they do try this they Are Likely to precipitate a civil War inside of that part of South Viet Nam where we Are lodged and the consequences of such a civil War Are incalculable. We must not forget that the fall of diem began with the repression of the buddhists and we must Hope that under Secretary of state George Ball is speaking with authority when he disclaims any intention on our part to become involved in the internal quarrel. A second contingency is that the buddhists having set up a civilian government will negotiate a cease fire with the Viet Cong. If we Are Wise we shall play that one Cool. A third contingency is that a South vietnamese government will Tell us that our military support is no longer necessary and will invite us to withdraw our troops. If and when this Contin gency confronts us we shall have to take a new look at the holding strategy which was so Scorro fully dismissed earlier this year. A of although we shall have failed to do what it was never possible to do a to conquer the Viet Cong and turn the whole of South Viet Nam Over to general Kyd a government a there is no reason Why we should lose our Heads. We shall have an undefeated army in Indochina and while it should eventually be withdrawn from the Mainland of Asia i believe that the character of its withdrawal should be a main subject of negotiation in the politics of Asia. A negotiation of the phasing and the timing of the withdrawal and their relationship to reciprocal guaranties would be a great Opportunity a if and when statesmanship takes Over. 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