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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Apr 12 1966, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 12, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner tuesday april 12, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editor Salt civilian government for Viet Nam reports of political turmoil and civil chaos in Viet Nam becomes More ominous every Day. Events Are clearly leading to a crisis which the United states must seek to forestall by furthering efforts to establish a popularly elected government. Otherwise both the War Effort and our plans for building a free and prosperous Viet Nam will be doomed. Today reports confirm suspicions that the reds Are infiltrating the Buddhist protest movement a dangerous development in an already critical situation. Vietnamese dockworkers and soldiers have refused to unload american ships which has resulted in a shortage of bombs for american planes and could Lead to further logistical difficulties. The department of defense has officially acknowledged that military operations have been disrupted by the demonstrations. The demonstrations and demands for civilian government have been led and organized by buddhists. The protests have become anti american insofar As they have attacked the . For its support Over the years of dictatorial and military regimes. The demonstrations also certainly reflect a disillusionment editor s notes according to a recent report Bennington Catholic High school is the favorite Charity of the local Council of the knights of Columbus. Over the past to years the k of c has contributed More than $30,000 to the school which includes support of the band and athletic program. This year the Council established a scholarship fund As a permanent memorial to Rev. Vincent Spinelli principal for five years who died last fall in a plane crash. This is a Fine record of service Tor the betterment of education. A recent Gallup poll indicates that congressional candidates who support continued escalation of the War in Southeast Asia too vigorously May run into trouble at the polls this autumn. According to the poll two out of every three persons questioned said they would be More inclined to vote for a candidate who feels that a we should try harder to reach a Compromise peace settlement in Viet of the remainder 15 per cent said they would be a less inclined and 18 per cent had no opinion. This would appear to reflect a shift in Public opinion. Previous polls have shown much More support for a less compromising policy. It Wasny to Long before Peter Barton onetime state trooper in Wilmington who was recently assigned to the Shaftsbury Barracks As a Bureau of criminal investigation detective got a crime to comment la Inear git Corgi cot Lite shears the Massachusetts supreme judicial court in a ruling in the Case of George Georgic Corgie Leonard jr., Long haired Rock n Roll guitarist expelled by the Attleboro school Board for refusing to get a haircut. To Are of the opinion that the hair style of the plaintiff could disrupt and with the wars that have dragged on in Viet Nam for a Quarter of a Century and with the Prospect of conflict for some years to come. Premier by has made an Effort to meet Buddhist demands by calling a political Congress to suggest paths to elective government. Although the buddhists have boycotted the Congress the . Should use All its influence to promote such efforts to bring about Buddhist participation and to guarantee the Success of a representative government. A government representing the diverse political religious and tribal groups in Viet Nam is the Best Hope for finding a Way out of political chaos and ultimately out of the War. Unyielding support of by and his military Council or repression of the protests which some have suggested As a Way a to save the vietnamese from themselves a a would Only drive the dissidents into the arms of the reds. We would then find ourselves standing alone with by and his supporters a a minority of the total population a against a coalition of anti american political and religious groups. Both our efforts to contain communism and to rebuild Viet Nam would then be doomed. Investigate in Bennington. According to mondays Banner the by detective will probe a robbery at the it. Anthony country club. A number of such Breaks have plagued the Bennington area lately and Many of them Are unsolved. Bartons assignment Here May make some difference. Nancy Carman of Manchester looked quite queenly indeed in the picture in monday s Banner of the ceremony in which she was crowned the North Shires loyalty Day Queen. A Queen these Days does More than accept honors though. Miss carmans Job will be to preside Over the loyalty Day festivities in Manchester april 24. We be heard of easter egg Hunts but easter Penny Hunts Are something new to us. At an easter Penny Hunt in Hoosick Falls sunday youngsters picked up $40 Worth of coins and those who found a red painted Penny got an easter Basket to Boot. It sounds much More appealing than Hunting for a Bunch of Boring old eggs. The Short news item about the record daily double payoff saturday at Green Mountain Park should develop an interest in the a sport of Kings a among Many local residents who up until now have not paid much attention to the activity at the Pownal track. We must Point out however that it is a rare occurrence for a bettor to pick a winning combination that pays $1,610. The previous record was Only $666. Impede Tho maintenance of a proper classroom atmosphere of decorum. Conspicuous departures of accepted customs in the manner of haircuts could result in the distraction of other pupils. The Domain of family privacy must give Way in so far As a regulation reasonably calculated to maintain school discipline May affect it. The rights of other students and the interests of teachers administrators and the Community at Large in a Well rounded efficient school system Are Paramount. Fischetti Vara it cd to if i Wert i a olt it Spaghetti Cook let it swear this was a Cali of Worms Quot of Ashington Cailing California politics Are reminiscent of wild free for alls in a old West by Marquis Childs los Angeles. In the High wide and handsome Days of the old West a favorite diversion was the free for All when a dozen bruisers climbed into the ring and slugged it out until Only one survivor was left in an upright position. That is what is happening in the political Arena in California today with the governorship and a dozen other statewide offices up for grabs in november. A of Here where political lines Are drawn with the indifference of an abstract Painter it is every Man for himself and the John Birch society take the hindmost. With seven candidates for governor and nearly As Many for lieutenant governor even the practitioners of palmistry and the Art of Reading Tea leaves where these specialities have a devoted following refrain from prophecy. Los Angeles entry in the free for All is mayor Sam Yorty. Yorty who began his career As a flaming Liberal qualifies today As a flaming opportunist. His swashbuckling style is Well adapted to this spectacular City of the Angels sprawling out Over an incredible Range of real estate. Other than Yorty and his dedicated admirers it is hard to find anyone who believes he can defeat gov. Edmund g. Pat Brown in the democratic primary june 7. But he can Cut Brown up and perhaps so badly that the governor will be Defeated for re election to a third term. The dark suspicion is that precisely this is his aim and it is Why he was encouraged to get into the fray by Jesse Unruh speaker of the Assembly who lurks in the wings at Sacramento preparing to Goon stage when and of Brown falters and Falls. A of calling himself a Democrat As these things Are defined in California Yorty in the 1960 presidential Campaign was author of a pamphlet called a Why i can to take this remarkable document accused the late president of exploiting his religion for political purposes. The mayor had the satisfaction of seeing the state go for his candidate Richard m. Nixon by a narrow margin. Undaunted in the years that have followed he returned from a trip to Viet Nam to a a suggest the limited use of tactical nuclear weapons. Included in the propaganda he dispenses Are excerpts from letters from Gen. Wallace m. Greene jr., commandant of the Marine corps and adm. . Grant Sharp Pacific commander in chief praising him for a the key role you Are playing in spreading the word and understanding the a necessity to stay there until we get the Job a of if the form Sheet in the race for governor seems hard to follow by comparison with that for lieutenant governor it is simplicity itself. The incumbent is Glenn m. Anderson who has Browne a backing. He was inconspicuous until the riot in Watts last August that took 34 lives and Cost $40 million in property damage. With Brown on vacation in Greece Anderson the charge is failed to Call out the National guard in time and thereby let the rebellion get out of hand. Whether justified or not Brown was under pressure to dump Anderson. The governor made a pass at Washington but was told that the most that could be obtained for Anderson was appointment As an assistant Secretary of Commerce. This was hardly inducement enough. At this Point Thomas w. Braden publisher of a Lively newspaper at Oceanside whom frown had named president of the state Board of education entered the race. A Friend of the Kennedy who has shown great courage in standing up to the Bloch Les Braden let it be known that he hoped to fill what he considered a political vacuum. He his attractive wife their eight children and a brass band Are currently touring the state on a chartered bus. Then out of the Blue came what in television parlance is called the mystery guest. Lloyd hand whom president Johnson had named chief of protocol jumped in As a candidate for lieutenant governor in the democratic primary just before the final filing Date. A texan by origin hand had lived in los Angeles for several years As director of a Large mortuary owned by texans. He is said to have the generous backing of fellow texans with financial interests Here. Part of the mystery is whether the president encouraged him to get into the act and of so Why. The most the politicos will say is that Johnson could have stopped him of he had wanted to. In any event the photogenic hand and his photogenic family have compounded the confusion. A of californians for the most part speak kindly of gov. Brown. They say Well he a been a Good governor or even a very Good governor. They talk about the huge engineering project transferring surplus water from the North to the parched South about the extraordinary expansion of higher education with campuses throughout the state. But they say this almost As though it were an apology for Browne a homely Lack of a presence a his television personality which has All the Fervour of weak Tea. In Short in terms of sheer fun and games Brown adds Little to the free for All. It happens of course that this richest and most populous of the states has problems that press with frightening urgency a whether Peoples of diverse races and origins can live peacefully in crowded cities a that will not yield to political fun and games. Report to i Emurl Mountain Hatter the picture of Spring by Carlo Wolter Searsburg. Another birthday another year. But i done to feel any different. I was once told that i missed being born on april fool s Day by a minute. Wonder of it would be made a difference. Charles had planned to take me out for dinner but when we met Walter and Alice Krach shopping in Bennington they suggested we celebrate at their Home in Eagleville . So we spent the weekend there. Alice had baked a delicious chocolate cake for the occasion and had invited Sam and Ray Hart for dinner too. The Harts had just arrived that saturday afternoon from South Britain conn., to open their summer Home near by. A of the climatic difference Between Searsburg and Eagleville was amazing. We left Skylark that morning during a heavy Snow Squall and drove Down Searsburg and Woodford mountains through a soupy London like fog. Skylark was still knee deep in Snow but As we descended into the Valley the Snow receded until Only a few patches remained and by the time we reached Eagleville there was t any. It seemed like Spring. Fields and Meadows were greening Trees wore veils of pastel Green Pink and Lemon buds were swelling with the fluid of new life and on an afternoon walk Alice and i found fragile Spears of Woodland plants poking through the spongy Forest floor. Although it was a blustery Day Trout fishermen dressed in red Check ered Coats clustered on the shores of the Batten kill and under the covered Bridge in front of Krach s House. But we saw no remarkable catches hauled in while we watched. A of on monday morning Skylark shaded Kitchen window thermometer registered 48 degrees and two newcomers a swig Sparrow and a Whitethroat patronized the feeder. The Sun shone warm and Bright. It was a perfect Day to dry Wash outdoors. But in less than 15 minutes Charles Damp pyjamas swung stiffly Frozen from the umbrella dryer which Charles had stuck in the Snow. And in the afternoon it snowed at 50 degrees. Mysterious meteorological Phenomena like these Are baffling to the uninformed but they sure add to the interest of Mountain living. Sunday was our 18th easter on the Mountain. How different they have been from the ones we knew in new York City. A new hat and Spring coat were musts there. And a stroll in Central Park was As much a part of our easter sunday As the traditional Bunny. Here i went Snowshoe ing dressed in warm Slacks and ski jacket. And while tramping through the Woods looking at animal tracks in the Snow i thought How Safe the wilderness is in comparison to the City streets even Central Park. A of the fifth Avenue easter Parade in t the Only place to see an array of novel easter bonnets. Those worn by the Wilmington Mother s club last monday night were every bit As remarkable. Maybe they weren t As expensive As those of the new York elite but they were equally As fantastic Odd pretty incredibly imaginative and artistic. Paper bags plastic dollies and Flowers aluminium foil pie pans baskets boxes cup cake liners Pussy Willows and fruits were artfully assembled into easter chapeaux. Although Only three prizes were presented every one was a prize Winner. Mrs. Ellen Cimonetti won the prize for the funniest with her amusing balloon creation. Mrs. Max Jarvis received the most original for her pasteboard Box hat decorated with colourful streamers and eyelet edging and mrs. Jean Dwyer for the most attractive one fashioned from Pink tissue rosettes. A of easter is not Only one Day. It is also a season of change. Soon easter finery will be exchanged for shorts and blk inies. Skiing will fade and the cry of a play balls will take Over As baseball Parks open All Over the country. Some fishermen will carry transistors to hear the game unwilling to sacrifice one pastime for the other. It s All part of the picture of Spring no matter where you live. Sen. Prouty explains plan to extend social Security to More older persons quotes sower muss we have made tremendous gains in civil rights but we have not penetrated the lower Depths in the big Northern cities. We a got to take this movement to the people who have been forgotten and neglected. A or. Martin Luther King jr., speaking in los Angeles. It seems reasonable to assume that the a brain teams that have figured out How to put a Man on the Moon should be Able in get a Man to work a Little More quickly and efficiently. A David to eke Feller president of the Chase Manhattan Bank. By Winston l. Prouty . Senator from Vermont Washington. It has been said that the Quality and durability of a society can Best be judged by the care Given its elderly citizens. Embodied in this Standard is the concept that Man has an inherent dignity and Worth that precedes and will out endure his ability to produce goods or food or fiber for the Market place. I accept this concept wholeheartedly and what is More i reject with equal Fervour the Allen View that any human being should be treated As an economic castoffs when he or she is no longer Able to work. Lest we forget the churches the schools and All the list Ltd tons and ideas we hold dear did not Spring up like so Many wildflowers. They were conceived constructed preserved or promoted by Many now living who once were As nimble of step keen of sight Strong of heart and hopeful of the future As any teen Ager of today. Yet despite their contributions to this country in Days past hundreds of thousands of older persons Are now without retirement incomes of any kind. Many too proud to take Charity Are too poor to Purchase even the Basic necessities of life. Some have state or local pensions that run As pitifully Low As $10, $15 or $25 per month. The much publicized War on poverty seems not to recognize their difficulties much less solve them. I think the time has come when we must face up to one of our greatest social problems the indignity and want endured by our elderly. A of let us begin by improving the social Security act in two ways first by extending Cash benefits to those who through no fault of their own Are unable to qualify and second by substantially increasing the pensions of those now receiving benefits. Such a program i have fought for during seven years in the . Senate and without Success until the breakthrough came a few Days ago. It was then that i offered and the Senate adopted an amendment to the administrations tax Bill which would provide social Security benefits to More than a million needy older persons. As introduced and passed by the Senate my plan provided for payment of a minimum social Security Benefit now $44 per month to everyone age 70 and Over who had been excluded from social Security coverage during his or her working years. Because there was no such provision in the tax Bill As it passed the House the Bill with my amendment was sent to a House Senate conference. The conferees under pressure from the administration to strike the amendment reported Back a Compromise version. Under the Compromise those now age 72 and above or becoming 72 before 1968 without social Security Protection May receive up to $35. One half this sum is also payable to an eligible spouse. Payments will be diminished by amounts received from Public pensions and will not be available to those on welfare unless they resign from or otherwise become ineligible for Public welfare. There Are Many inequities and defects in the Compromise version it applies Only to those becoming 72 before 1968. Some people now 70 but ineligible for social Security will have to obtain nine months work in employment covered by social Security so As to be eligible for benefits in 1968. I know of a retired school teacher with 48 years service who at 70, had to take a Job As a waitress in order to qualify for social Security. Imposing such a requirement on any person of retirement age is absurd and comports with no concept of decency that fair men would respect. It sets a new poverty income level for an elderly husband and wife at $52.50 per month the maximum they can receive under the Compromise while the so called War on poverty Calls for $250 per month to the Young and Able bodied. Even this maximum amount is diminished by any Public pensions received and is not payable to any one on welfare. How Many families do you know that can live on $52.50 per month while my plan had originally reduced Benefit payments to those receiving Public pensions further research disclosed a shockingly Low level of Public pension payments. Many retired teachers receive As Little As $25 per month. Nearly 99 per cent of All surviving widows and children of deceased Federal civil service annuitants receive less benefits than the so called poverty level. Accordingly i revised my plan to include these needy for full benefits. The Senate concurred. The conferees did them an injustice in reducing their new Benefit by the amount of any Public pension they receive however Small. The conferees would have been better advised to have imposed an Overall income limitation reflective of a meaningful decent and dignified Standard of living rather than to bar full benefits to those who need them most. Older americans must be provided a significant retirement system not merely pointed in the direction of the breadline. A a of while i was gravely disappointed about the Compromise version i feel we have made a beginning. As a result of my amendment both the president and the vice president have called for a thorough review of the social Security system. I assure you i shall continue to push for substantial increases in the level of benefits for All beneficiaries and i shall continue to fight for a program of benefits financed out of general revenues for those whom time the social Security system and Congress passed by. Amor on management a Side a Union official who had handled thousands of grievances and negotiated hundreds of contracts admitted to another official that he was having problems with his wife. He asked for advice. The brother unionist listened and then commented a i sorry pal but in View of the facts you gave me i have to say that your wife s in the right. You asked me to give you a truthful opinion and that s the Union officer jumped up from his desk and shouted at his Friend a i can hardly believer who a Ever have thought that you a Good Union Man would Side with management a a International teamster

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