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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Apr 12 1966, Page 3

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 12, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Drama and bombast absent teen age boys derail from communist party Congress Boston commuter train Bennington Banner tuesday april 12, 1966�?3 by Phil Nln som up foreign Newa analyst As business like and dry As any corporate Board at directors meeting the 23rd communist party Congress wound up its business in Moscow without drama or bombast. None of the High drama of a Khrushchev denunciation of Stalin nor the bombastic Promise of a soviet Utopia by 1970. Instead As party Leader Leonid Brezhnev and Premier Alexei Kosygin moved through the ritual of their report to the soviet people local wits in Ali Chol sleeveless and 4 sleeve shells Whit Boigi yellow Pink Black $095 my $450 hosiery de i Moscow were describing the atmosphere As the a Calm before the Cairn or remarking that a the Only Surprise was the Lack of Surprise. Nikita Khrushchev who ruled the Roost As both party Leader and Premier from 1958 until his downfall in 1964, today is an Ungerson. Any reference to the soviet red China split came More in sorrow than in anger. In the end the soviets could claim support of 86 of the worlds communist parties. Only the parties of Japan Albania and new zealand joined the red chinese in their Boycott. For the soviet people the new five year plan held out the Promise of More Money More consumer goods better housing Shorter work hours and lower prices. For the children there would be More toys for the worker greater incentives and for the Farmer a guaranteed wage. The goals set by the new soviet leadership relying More upon sober technicians and scientists than upon Frey revolutionaries were High but Western economists agreed they were within the realm of possibilities. If there were nagging doubts expressed at this first party Congress in four and one half years they were in Fields More difficult of solution even than the lag in soviet agriculture. For weeks As constituent republics of the soviet Union held their own party congresses in preparation for the gala at Moscow speakers hit repetitive themes. They were the inroads of Western culture against the communism of Marx and Lenin and the failure of the drive against religion. The ukrainian Congress heard complaints of a Young people whose ears Are swollen from listening during the night to sly and perfidious anti soviet propaganda. Latvian speakers warned against elements spreading ideas hostile to soviet Unity. These Are complaints against the inroads of Western radios whose broadcasts suddenly were freed of soviet jamming in 1963. American officials say these broadcasts have forced the soviets to a More truthful format in their own broadcasts for Home consumption. At the Moscow conference a moldavian speaker demanded greater care in selection of foreign literature and movies. Another speaker denounced soviet writers who preach a pessimism scepticism and decadence. In the Field 0. Religion the soviet teachers of atheism have found that Hammer blows have failed to suppress a belief in god and a softer touch has been applied. The official a House of atheism estimated that 100,000 worshippers attended easter eve services in Moscow s 40 russian orthodox churches. State police receive Horne complaints Montpelier a Vermont state police Are again receiving complaints from various Riding clubs throughout the state in regard to motorists who frighten horses being Ridden along the states highways commissioner of Public safety e. A. Alexander reported today. The state police commissioner said that Horn blowing and deliberate backfiring of vehicles in the presence of horses on the highways will result in court action. Boston up a three boys aged 14, 15 and 16 face arraignment in West Roxbury District court today on charges stemming from the derailment of a two car commuter train carrying 80 passengers. At least 62 persons were injured though none critically monday when the self propelled new Haven Railroad train lurched off the main track during the morning Rush hour and overturned. Police blamed the derailment on vandals who broke off a padlock and set a switch the wrong Way. Authorities questioned More than too youths during the Day and took six into custody monday night. Later they charged three of the youths with obstructing an engine a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Authorities said they planned to seek additional charges today after consulting with court officials. No charges were placed against the other three juveniles but they were ordered to appear in court today As witnesses. The three boys charged in the derailment were remanded to the youth service Board in lieu of $10,000 bail each. Authorities said the six boys were neighbourhood chums. They said several residents of the area had spotted six teen agers near the switch sunday but did no to know them by name. For hours All police had to go on was the nickname but the intensive investigation by Railroad inspectors police detectives and Fri agents culminated in the arrests monday night. The Bud liner in route from suburban Needham to Bostons South station was the first train Over the line monday morning. Police pointed out that since there were no trains on the line sunday the vandalism could have occurred anytime sunday or Early monday. Cries and screams rang out monday As the cars skidded along a Spur track at 40 Miles an hour and overturned. Passengers were tossed around like Bowling pins. The nose of the front car ripped up Railroad ties and dug a four foot Crater in the ground. There was no fire and most of the passengers remained Calm. Nearly two dozen ambulances took the injured to Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain and to Glover memorial Hospital in Needham. Thirty six persons were treated at Glover and 26 at Faulkner. Eight of the More seriously injured persons were in Good condition today at Faulkner Hospital. In a separate act of vandalism two cars of a Boston and Albany Railroad Bud liner were stoned monday night As the train pulled into Worcester from Boston. Police said six windows were shattered but there were no injuries. A Short time later Railroad officials found empty crates piled on tracks in the West end of Worcester. Northeast seeks Florida runs plans Burlington Jet service sex convict captured in Boston after Kun Battle with police a sincere dignified service funeral director. It or 1 Init anti surrounding inuit. For Over 30 year under the name ownership. A member of the n. F. D. A. J Wear j p. A hear 5on funeral Home 6?6 main St a one 44?-?5l6 a men Nigton it Boston up a an sex convict believed a chopped up a on drugs shot it out with More than too policemen monday night before tear Gas drove him out of the third floor apartment where he had held out for three hours. James Wright 26, of Brighton described by police As a known narcotics user with a Long criminal record surrendered to his probation officer shortly after to . Just As police were preparing to Rush him. Police had gone to the apartment shortly before 7 . To arrest Wright in connection with a Holdup earlier in the Day at the All Bright drug store on Commonwealth Avenue. Two men robbed drugstore proprietor Peter Papulas of Stoneham of $100 in Cash and a Quantity of narcotics. Earlier police arrested Bernard Cugini 21, of Watertown in connection with the same Holdup. Both men were to be arraigned later today in Brighton District court charged with robbery. Police said they planned to seek additional charges against Wright. When patrolmen Peter of Malley William Kelly and Paul Coffey approached Wrights third floor apartment at 25 Sparhawk St., in a quiet residential Section of Brighton a Volley of bullets was fired through the door. The patrolmen hastily retreated evacuated two other families from the building and summoned reinforcements. More than too policemen responded. Fire department lighting equipment illuminated the area like a Hollywood movie set. Traffic was blocked off in the area and a cordon was placed around the House. As the gunman fired repeatedly at lawmen and police dogs More than 1,000 spectators risked their lives to watch the real life drama. Police commissioner Edmund l. Mcnamara took personal command of the Battle using a Walkie talkie to direct patrolmen armed with sub machine guns and riot guns. Some of the patrolmen wore bulletproof vests and helmets. At one Point detective Phillip Doherty entered the House to try to sketch the floor plan so police could plan their attack. A Rifle shot Down the stairwell narrowly missed Doherty and sent him scurrying Hack outside. Then policemen began lobbing tear Gas shells into the apartment. At least two missed their Mark but others filled the Small Flat with acrid smoke. At about 9 30, Wright allowed Donald Stevens his probation officer to enter the House. Spectators on the Street could hear How to keep your finances Well in hand open a vib checking account at any Given moment you know where you stand with a Vermont National checking account. You have a record of what a come in. What a gone out. Not Only that. A vib checking account is safer and More convenient than carrying around Cash. Before another Day gets away take your finances in hand. Take yourself to your local Vermont office for All the details. Vermont National Bank to Jwj every modern banking service for you your family and your business. Main office Brattleboro a branches in Bellows Falls Bennington Chester Jamaica a Newfane a Proctorsville a Springfield a Wilmingto n a Windsor a Woodstock member Federal Deposit insurance corporation member Federal Reserve system Stevens pleading with Wright through a Bull Horn to give himself up. The parolee emerged from the apartment shortly after 10 . His eyes were puffy and red from the tear Gas and he was unable to walk. Two policemen half carried him to a waiting patrol Wagon. Police said Wright appeared to be a chopped up a on narcotics. Neighbors said Wright had Only recently been released from prison. Ireen berets suspected lit tent prank Saigon up a the . Army a 1st cavalry division is muttering about the tents that appeared one Day then were folded and silently stolen away. The division suspects ifs All a plot by the special forces those a a Jolly a Green berets. But suspect is All it can do. The tents were erected last week in a compound near the command Post of maj. Gen. Harry w. O. Kinnard at Plesku in the Central Highlands. None of the cavalrymen saw them being put up. The divisional Headquarters is a fortress protected by barbed wire machine guns mines artillery and mortars. It is military experts say. Better protected than it. Knox. But those tents the kind that fold out from trailers and unlike All the others used by the army in Viet name appeared one morning neatly staked out near the up. Because of their difference intelligence officers moved in to investigate. For three Days some of the Best minds in the 1st Cav. Mulled the problem Over studied it from outside from inside but no one could figure How those tents got into the guarded compound and were erected. Then alas the tents disappeared without a Trace. The soldiers now suspect the men in the Green berets have pulled another prank. Last week some were caught Selling Viet Cong Battle flags to airmen. But it turned out that the special forces men were paying a seamstress to make the flags. So the question at Plesku whether the special guerrilla Force put up the tents then came Back and removed them just to prove the fortress could be infiltrated. The men in the Green berets wont say. They just smile. Bbl to televise parliament opening London up a the state opening of parliament by Queen Elizabeth on april 21 will be televised for the first time in history the British broadcasting company has announced. The bbl said it would film the Queens traditional ride from Buckingham Palace to the parliament building aboard the Irish state coach As Well As the ceremonies marking the official opening of the parliament. Washington up a Northeast airlines argued today that of it has a permanent certificate to Fly the Golden airways from new York City to the Florida vacationland it could take its place with americans major airlines. The financially revitalized new England Carrier put its Fortune on the line at reopened hearings before the civil aeronautics Board cab to fight for a permanent right to one of the nations richest airline routes. Northeast has been Oigt crating to Florida under a temporary cab certificate granted in 1956. The hearing was expected to run about six weeks. It must first be decided if there is a need for three carriers on the Florida route and if so who the third Carrier should be. The cab revoked Northeast a temporary permit to Fly the Florida route in 1963 on grounds a third Carrier was not needed in addition to National and Eastern airlines. After lengthy litigation the Board dramatically revoked All its previous orders april 26, 1965 and announced the hearings would be reopened a in effect starting the entire Case Over from scratch. The basis of Northeast Scase according to prepared testimony is that business on the route up 40 per cent from 1962 to 1965�?has increased so rapidly there is a need for a third Carrier and that Northeast now is in a financial position to be that Carrier. George b. Storer chairman of the Board of Northeast whose Storer broadcasting co. Purchased 87 per cent of the common capital Stock of Northeast said in prepared testimony that this infusion of capital had made Northeast debt free. He said the new management had a re equipment program to take care of a not Only the More heavily travelled new England routes but also the commuter Market and the so called a new York Florida a service. The airlines financial picture which has been steadily improving under Storer was an important Factor in the decision to take another look at the Ai it plication. James a Austin Northeast president said in prepared testimony that a a Northeast a viability is now assured and Given the permanent authority which it Here seeks such viability is assured independently of subsidy supports from and after at least 1968.�?� to counter argument that the Florida run would result in a deterioration of service to new England Sheldon c. Srulevitch director of traffic for Northeast at Bostons Logan Airport told the cab of new service and new markets to be served in 1967-68. Plans Call for Jet service in 1967 to Tampa it. Lauderdale Jacksonville and Miama fla., new York Washington Pella Delphia and Montreal. By 1968, Northeast plans new Jet service Between Hartford conn., and Washington Philo Delphia and Miami and Between Burlington vt., and the same cities As Well As Jet service Between Hartford and Burlington. Eleven other airlines have filed As a interested parties to the Case along with about 50 other representatives. Bring in those easter pictures for fast Quality photo finishing by Kotlik Noveck Shultz 411 main St. Dial 2-6926 your photo service Center wednesday r night Howard Ijo Unson a no lash accepted Canon City Colo. Up a inmates at the Colorado state Penitentiary will have to Jay by Check or Money order of they want to subscribe to the prisons new literary Magazine. Editor David Briggs a convicted armed robber himself said he did no to want any Cash lying around the subscription office. A Cash makes some of the Guys he said. 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