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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 11, 1963, Bennington, Vermont School theme boosts Vermont her visit to Bennington convinced California miss a Little girl who lives in Santa which is a Why i Don t like Barbara calif., would mud rather be in Bennington or Ai i like California and its High least so she wrote Donald c. Mountains and Low valleys. But Hicks executive director of the Bennington Vermont has Moun greater Bennington association gains and valleys too. And it has she even enclosed a school theme Snow each year and Little cold in which she expressed her pre water Brooks. I would like to Ference for the sparsely popu live up in the Hills of Vermont lated Green t fountains to the in about 1802 and go to school crowded resorts on the Pacific in a Little red one room of school coast. House. And ride to town on it Here a the letter written by horse. But in California i could Patricia Rudnicki of 4999 la not do that its just not the right ramada drive Santa Barbara kind of country. Just Bennington Vermont is right for me. California has too Many people and too Many important things. I have been there to Bennington once on a visit and i want to go again. I miss it very vary much. California attracts lots of people o its resorts but Vermont attracts no one but me from Alliance for Progress presses on despite formidable difficulties Bennington Banner thursday april la 1963-3 dear sir my teacher mrs. Greene has asked us to write a theme about if i like California or not. I done to like California better thai Bennington. I wish i was there in Bennington right now. So Here is my theme about it. Here a the theme the title of again its easter at Shaftsbury it Huiett s route 7 Beautiful plants Flowers corsages visitors Welcome 5 30 to 9 of p m. Washington special a the Kennedy administrations latin american policy makers May have Felt like comparing themselves this week to an unfairly condemned King sisyphus. Like the mythical Monarch of Corinth who had to keep rolling Uphill a huge Stone that incessantly rolled Back the officials responsible for the hemisphere were treated again to the spectacle of latin american political failures despite untiring . Efforts to strengthen them according to the new York times. Where sisyphus sin had been avarice the United states incongruously seemed to be chastised for its potential or actual largesse timing dispensed under a he Alliance for Progress. But like the corinthian King it doggedly kept up the Travail still optimistic Liat on some not too Remote a Day the Stone would finally reach the top of the Hill. Thus last week president Kennedy bravely reported in his message to Congress on foreign Aid that a the increasing determination of the Peoples of the Region to build modern societies is heartening a although a key political Structure had collapsed two Days earlier and another one came close to crashing Down the following Day. Adding to the backlog of poli tical economic and social problems Long bewildering the hemisphere the week had witnessed a military coup do eat in Guatemala and another outburst of the on and off civil War activities in Argentina this time truly modernized with Jet fighter attacks from both sides. If these dramatic events at either end of latin America served to underline with particular vivacity the depth of the areas instability the conditions facing up seriously and responsibly to their real tasks. This fact came to underscore the reality that at least a Modi Are intimately tied. Where the smooth functioning of the political life has faltered a even a fairly reasonable Brand of such smooth functioning a economic and social Progress was forthwith arrested if not downright paralysed. But to recognize it empirically need not imply the acceptance of the notion that therefore latin America is caught in an unbreakable vicious Circle or that revolution of the cuban Type is the Only remaining solution. The remedies instead Ai a lie in the Teeth clenched liter the broader picture fort to re incorporate into the National political life the Peron Istas who represent Over one third of the electorate. This weeks uprising by the unreconstructed Navy opponents of Pero nismo in any form was the latest chapter in this drama. With Argentina thus becoming a year ago the first Post Alliance military dictatorship her example was imitated four months later in Peru where the generals and admirals staged a coup to cancel elections in which an anti communist leftist party had scored an advantage. In the nine months that in a few or my step thru the Golden door of into the wonderful easter amp Spring fashion world1 Ltd amp Acari a pour map cum of political stability pref Mina Tion to be patient with what Erakly based on democratic Rule evidently is a historical process is vital to Start latin americans republics moving along the Road to development. The Early Assumption that economic improvement brought by the Alliance for Progress would subsequently Lead to political peace was thus proved to to get untenable and too pragmatic and orderly for the intense passions of latin american politics in a revolutionary time. If any major lesson or conclusion could be drawn from the Alliance s two years it was that political life and economic development under the program delicious Way to Start the Day Bassetts Golden sugared or cinnamon donuts Hano. Count to who to Nett _ Wati jts Bassetts bakery Burlington a or in the willingness to Pio need As Long As necessary with what May at times seem like hopeless sisyphean labors a and in shifting much of the alliances emphasis to the heretofore largely Barren Field of political and ideological stimulation. In the latter Endeavor the urgent requirement facing the . And the Alliance for Progress is to achieve a psychological breakthrough that would make a rational policy revolution As believable and real and Worth the sacrifice As a Radical revolution had appeared to be to cubans and to Many others in the hemisphere. Until such a breakthrough is reached chances Are that the kind of situation that arose this week in Guatemala and Argentina a and that continues to develop somewhat less spectacularly in the Region a will keep occurring perhaps with increasing frequency. At his news conference wednesday Kennedy acknowledged that the guatemalan and Argentine events were a a symptomatic of the problems faced by the Alliance and that they showed How hard it is to maintain a democratic form of government in latin America. A close look at these and other hemispheric situations does indeed emphasize How symptomatic they Are of the Broad proposition that economic and social Progress cannot be accomplished without a sense of National political purpose. Argentina potentially latin americans most politically mature nation had come this week to another Brink of All out civil War in the most recent Milestone of her 18 years of political tragedies. First beset by to years of the bizarre dictatorship of Juan d. Peron under which corruption and oppression blended with distorted attempts to construct a facade of social Justice this wealthy country with a Rich european heritage of political tradition plunged into the nearest thing to economic bankruptcy. After Peron a overthrow in 1955 in a democratic revolution a period of transitional military civilian Rule led to the election nearly three years later of Arturo Frond i a Man whose candidacy seemed to unite the country. But the inevitable austerity imposed by the need to rebuild the shattered Economy reawakened the Peronis strength not so much As a direct cult of the ousted dictator but As an expression of social protest and impatience by restive Urban masses. Frondizi a decision a historically and politically imperative move to reabsorb Pero nismo into the Argentine body politic resulted last year in the military coup that overthrew him after the per nistas triumphed in important regional elections. Ironically political democracy was destroyed by the same military men who six and a half years earlier Rose against Peron in the name of democracy. As the Economy stagnated under the Impact of the political crisis social pressures Rose again and even the military backed regime turned to a new of followed the peruvian coup virtually nothing has been achieved to promote reforms or development programs As the nation worried whether new elections would be held political candidates cockeyed for position and the military Junta first flirted with communists and then fought them. Guat Elama became last weekend the third Post Alliance dictatorship in a weird military coup against president Miguel a a Digoras Fuentes. Although general Idigoras had built a reputation As a stanch anti communist he was ousted on charges of condoning communism in what May have been a coup with his tacit approval. Again the roots of the crisis that led to the armed take Over in Guatemala Lay in a political conflict set off by the Clandestine return to the country of a leftist presidential candidate whose growing strength stemmed from they Digoras regimes unwillingness to proceed seriously with desperately needed reforms. This reluctance in turn was found in the hold Over the country by entrenched economic interests to whom even personal income tax was an unknown experience. In Brazil 18 months of political crisis led to virtual economic chaos that Only now is being gradually remedied by courageous measures and recent financial support from Washington. But even this initial step toward recovery is being again threatened by vicious political infighting. New from Mere 350, 35 horsepower 2 cylinders in line. Mercury a most powerful twin. New super Magneto. Power dome combustion Chambers. Many parts patterned after and interchangeable with powerful Mere 1000. Optional electric starting. 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