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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 5

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, Baytown, Texas Tim Baytown Sun a i a q54 f a y 3 k q 10 2 West East 472 10 8 3 2 j 9 7 fkqj752 South a k 10 8 5 4 vak6 104 North South vulnerable West North East South 14 1 1a pass 24 pass 44 pass pass pass opening Lead 8 lessons on Bridge by Oswald James Jacoby one of my first advanced lessons in play was when my father wrote me from Korea and explained the value of giving your opponent a problem. He said sometimes they go this hand is from a rubber Bridge game at notre Dame. I led the eight of diamonds against South s ironclad four Spade contract. At least it was ironclad with Trumps breaking 3-2. South went right up with Dummy s Ace of diamonds and cashed Dummy s Ace of Trumps. I dropped my Queen. Not that i expected anything Good to come about but just see what did happen. South played a second Trump. My partner followed again. The wheels started to go around in South s head. He finally decided to guard against four Trumps in my partner s hand. He finessed his eight. I took my nine put my partner in with a Diamond and made my Jack of Trumps by Over ruffing the third Dia mond Lead. My partner s Ace of clubs was the setting trick. A Pennsylvania Reader wants to know if the late John r. Crawford was Ever the Best player in the world. In our opinion he was during the late 40s and Early 50s. He was certainly the Best in North America at that time and the italians had not taken Over As yet. The Sun s amusement Page bugs funny by Stoutm rom mail ill try t have to Money per. The rent in a couple o1 Days. Okay television guide saturday . 2 Abc news 11 lbs news 8 Noticia con elms Batman 01 news 26 Alan Dryman . News Haw Johnny Cash and la Costa Are spotlighted. 8 car care 26 water world parasailing and formation Kite flying sports combining elements of sailing and flying Are sampled. 39 Lawrence Welk . 2 wild wild world of Ani Mals 8 minority report 11 wild kingdom a show comparing the intelligence of primates. 26 last of the curlews a poignant Story about the last male Bird of a species now believed extinct. 2 . Emergency the hos these listings nought to you by. Apollo my Wii motors we. Muter Jurrun my my to try Sun classified Pital staff becomes concerned Over a 14-year-old gymnast. 11 Jeffersons George is con Vinced that his Mother s boy Friend is More interested in her Money. 8 group portrait exploring the ideas work and life styles of four new York artists. 13 Good heavens a Middle aged doctor gets a taste of life with a former love. Mickey Gilley . 11 Doc crusty nurse Tully is never so appreciated As when Doc s wife Annie attempts to fill in for her. 13 Good heavens a witty Topeka shoe dealer is Given a Chance to realize his lifelong dream future Shock 39 Nashville on the Road . 2 something special Bene fit for the United negro College fund. 11 Mary Tyler Moore first lady Betty Ford makes a Cameo appearance. 8 movie the Lavender Hill Alec guiness Audrey Hepburn. 13 father 0 father father Flicker is a conservative Boston pastor with Many crosses to Bear. . Bob Newhart a timid Salesman follows Bob s professional advice. 26 Oral Roberts we the peo sporty answer to previous Puzzle across 1 links game 5 baseball clubs 9 sportsman s Gadget 12 medicinal Plant 13 great Lake 14 egg comb form 15 defamed 17 diminutive of Benjamin 18 adroit 19 eloquent speakers 21 needed for skiing 23 equipment 24 exclamations 27 Church recess 29 lands latin 32 biblical dancer 34 Ocean Channel 36 abode of the dead 37 spell 36 anatomical network 39 african tree 41 hindu weight 42 scottish Cap 44 dry 46 thoroughfares 49 rental contract 53 Brythonic sea god 54 gratified 56 Metal 57 equable 58 biblical Garden 59 reply a 60 transmit 61 counsel dial Down 1 deep Cut 2 Spanish Jar 3 temporary Grant 4 wards off 5 Money maker 6 Archery pie in a show that includes some elements of comedy Jerry Lewis sings. 39 Buck Owens . 11 Dinah Shore guest Cindy Williams 13 eyewitness Texas Long Horn Bicentennial Trail drive a return to earthquake ravaged Guatemala and a report on the erosion of Texas beaches. 39 Porter Wagoner . 8 How we got Here the Chi Nese a historical account of chinese immigration to the . In the 1800s. . 39 pop goes the country . 8 Mozart in Seattle Mozart s sinfonia concertante for violin Viola and . News 26 Captain Harold s theatre of the sky 39 wrestling . 2 news . 11 movie once you kiss a murder by surrogate binds a Golf pro Paul Burke to a psychotic Young lady Carol 13 movie the girl and the Rod Steiger plays a world War i austrian general. . 8 territory 7 Row 8 jewish Home festival Var 9 Winter sports equipment 10 always 11 Ages and Ages 16 motor 20 diadem 22 encloses 24 glacial ridges 25 possess 26 untidy females 28 compound Ether 30 Cereal Grain 31 roman Road 33 new York City 35 paths 40 hurry 43 ponders 45 put off 46 Canadian province a 47 stood vessel 48 roof Edge 50 military assistant 51 Plant Ovule 52 throw 55 Indiana a Astro graph Bernice for monday Jum Aries March 21-Aprh 19 f negotiating something of material value it s to your advantage to wait till the last moment before making your Clos ing moves. Taurus april 20 your optimistic attitude will help smooth your own Road to Day and will make it easier for those who walk by your Side. Gemini 20 play your hunches today in situations that could add to your resources or income. Think big and act boldly. Cancer 21-july 22 influential friends and contacts will View your requests favourably today. If you feel you need help on an important project get in touch. Leo july 23-Ang. 22 your actions will win the respect of your Peers today. You re concerned with their needs. You help them in a Way that s not demeaning. Virgo aug. 23-Topt. 22 be optimistic regarding important endeavours today. You be got something extra going for you. It could make a dream into a reality. Libra 23-oct. 23 a venture you re involved in should turn out rather fortunately today especially if you re the helmsman. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 something Good is happening for you today even though you May not be aware of it. It s be ing engineered by a trusty cohort. Sagittarius nov. 21 today if you find yourself acting As an agent make As Good a Deal As you can. You la share the profits. Capricorn oct. 19 try not to prejudge people or events today. The Way things should work out will probably provide you with personal pleasure and satisfaction. Aquarius a Tel. 20-Ftb. 11 tasks challenging your imagination will prove to be More fun than routine activities. Knotty problems Are right up your Alley. No. At Mcfadi m new people you meet today socially could play an important role in your future. Be to remember their names. Your with toy your year. In you Fastad to get me brents before you h find much More fortunate. Our boarding House with major Hoo to destiny Calls you la 5ee the fi5ht of the Tihe they 5awit at fkshtthe5e baby Blue eyes have now o7ntkol n0w y0q were the to Wyest in the h00ple and Alley top who Tver pm left an easy Trall t follow prob by fi0ured i was t comin Pac Well if he thinks me can walk off with my a an my Eek Meek by Howie Schneider Moth Fofe me admission about the fi6ht to toe. M ret my a life Side glances by Gill Fox Captain easy look we be this female absent n town. Cope named "r05ieju5t from overseas amp waiting to be Pebble Kepi 50 where 00 i come cheap j we and debrief her the Airport and tailed a rep a0ent1 any attempt t0 Contact her we slow her Cove Cut Priscilla s pop by Al Okay Hazel make up some excuse.1 i d love Tod know to come How difficult dear. Is to drag a out of the Short ribs by Frank Hill Good heavens i can t pay this i guess they la just have to put my gallstones funny business by Roger in is new Complete i j hour Boer. 1dqot they re counted the ballots from last election. A Bunch of the people who voted for you Nave been Pead for years. Those votes coun the born loser by Art Sai Botn it s Winthrop by Dick or. Flugg Byron Peterson 6row hair but i sure can he Many Friendship club members win switch r buddies inc m i i i i Campus Cutter with Bimo Burns hums 9ehind in the third Only a Miracle can keep us from by Larry unit Campus minority affairs office 0ot anyone on Campus who can do a rain Danci Frank and Ernest Thompt Tyty

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