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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 4

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, Baytown, Texas Thi Sun editorial Page editorials features opinion 4-a sunday Junt 27, 197t the postal crisis could get worse when people Start reducing serious things to the silly level we know the situation is bad As when Lyndon John son went around turning off lights in the White House or when the postmaster in one City orders mailman to take shortcuts across lawns. Unscrewing All the Light bulbs in the United states would t have made a Dent in the billions of dollars Johnson poured into the Vietnam sinkhole. Neither would the grave financial crisis the . Postal service is in be helped in the slightest if every letter Carrier walked Over every Lawn in the country. The magnitude of that crisis is becoming staggering. The service s deficit May total billion this fiscal year com pared with Only million in 1973, when we thought things were bad enough. What would help failing a massive boost in the govern ment s subsidy which Congress seems to be in no mood to approve closing smaller Post offices would says John Gen tile chief financial officer of the . Postal service. So would ending saturday delivery or delivering mail Only every other Day or charging everybody on a postal route a monthly fee. So would increasing postal rates again although Here we Are already close to the Point of diminishing returns if not past it As More and More businesses As Well As the government itself Are cutting Down on their mailings or Are looking for other ways to deliver Bills checks notices Etc. For whatever Comfort it May be to americans it is inter Esting to learn from a recently reported Survey that imperfect As it is the . Postal service is Superior to the systems in Many other countries. It May be cheaper in some countries in India for example it costs As Little As two cents to mail a letter but there As elsewhere Low postal rates usually reflect a Low state of the Economy. Even in Western Europe and Japan postal service has been deteriorating and there Are routine deficits which Are met out of profits from Telephone and Telegraph services which Are also government run. In Many countries it u customary to pay a Steep sur charge to insure delivery and pilferage and the opening of mail by censors Are common. In any event no country has anything approaching the volume of mail that is handled in the United states and few have anything like the distances involved. The . Postal system is a lot like the trolley cars our cities used to have. We never appreciated their value until they were gone and then we wished we had done some thing to preserve them when we could. Big Economy barrel in Case you be Ever wondered Why a barrel of Oil holds 42 Gallons instead of some Nice round number or even if you Haven to National geographic society researchers who specialize in Odd bits of intelligence have come up with the answer. It stems from the fact that Back in the 19th Century Oil was transported in wooden 50-gallon barrels that leaked an average of eight Gallons during shipment and storage. Which at least is More logical than the explanation that a Yard is 36 inches Long because it happened to be the Dis Tance Between King so and so s nose and his outstretched fingertip. One trusts that in these Days of High priced Oil the leak age Factor is minimal. Today in history by the associated press today is sunday june 27th, the 179th Day of 1976. There Are 187 Days left in the year. Today s highlight in history on this Date in 1950, presi Dent Harry Truman ordered the . Air Force and Navy to help repel an invasion of the Republic of Korea by North Korea. On this Date in 1844, mormon leaders Joseph and Hyrum Smith were killed by a mob in Carthage i. Brigham Young became head of the Church. In 1m7, new York and Boston were linked by Telegraph. In 1893, prices collapsed on the new York Stock Exchange setting off a major depression. In 1942, the Fri Dis Dom the capture of eight nazi saboteurs who had gone ashore on new York s Long Island from a sub Marine. In 1943, american bombers attacked the City of Athens. In in president John Ken Nedy received an enthusiastic reception on a vat to Ireton. Ten Yean . Maty jets attacked i Toft Framl feet dump in North Vietnam lending a fireball and thick Black smoke More than half a mile into the air. Five years ago vice presi Dent Spiro Agnew left on a diplomatic Mission that would take him around the world. Today s birthdays television actor and producer Bob Kee Shan Captain Kangaroo is 49. Retired airline executive Juan Trippe is 77. Thought for today getting married like getting hanged is a great Deal less dreadful than it has been made out . Mencken american writer and editor 1iwxm98s. Bicentennial footnote two Hundred years ago today american it. Joseph Davidson reported to George Washington in new York that a captured Engh Sailor had disclosed that Britain s general William Gage had arrived at Sandy Hook near new York from Halifax Nova Scotia. Bible verse for i am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ tar it is the Power of god unto salvation to every one that be Cevatli to the jew first and Atoo to the greek. Romans business Mirror new York a at mid year the Economy continues to move ahead at least As Meas ured by the popular indicators but with an irregularity and in consistency that provokes doubts from time to time. Alan Greenspan chairman of the president s Council of eco nomic advisers recently raised his forecast of rear growth for the year to 7 per cent a significant increase of about 1 per cent Over earlier forecasts. Although private forecasts tend to be a bit lower than Greenspan she is not alone by any Means. The Wharton econometric forecast issued this month foresees a Rise in Gross National product of per cent for 1976. But while assurances of this sort circulate the presence of relatively High rates of interest inflation and unemployment prevent any euphoria. A poor housing Market and a stalled Stock Market add to the in Security. A prominent broker recently issued an analysis that was remarkable in its simple conclusion perhaps the inability of the Stock Market to move ahead is a reliable forecast of an Economy that will find Prog Ress difficult. Some Consumers apparently feel that Way. After a surge of retail buying earlier this year they have settled Back into a wait and see attitude made hesitant by the reappearance of some hefty Price increases. The surveys of consumer sentiment pretty Well document the Likely attitude of shoppers if inflation threatens to get much worse they will simply Stop buying. They Are not eager to go through it All Over again. What certainly must bother a great number of americans is the continued presence of old problems and the inability of anyone to do much about them. Housing is a perfect Case. The Industry has had very Little Success in curbing rising prices which now have put Home ownership far beyond the ability of Many Middle class couples. And the government has been no More successful. More pervasive even Are the problems of unemployment and inflation. While certain Statis tics proclaim recovery these two measures of the nation s Well being remain at Levels that heretofore would have suggested deep recession. Statistically the Economy appears to be performing Well if you restrict your measure ments to such items As output and inventories. Include in your analysis such concerns As inflation and unemployment and it seems to be doing less Well. And should you be among the Large numbers who feel they Are not participating in the re covery you might ask what s All this talk of Prosperity from Sun files Henckell elected elks state chaplain in 46 from the Baytown Sun files this is the Way it was 40 and 30 and 20 years ago june 26, 1936 Irvin Davis daredevil aviator will make his famous Bat Wing leap at Sylvan Beach announces r. S. Lindamood Sylvan Beach manager. One Hundred interested Cit the american colonies Dur ing the revolutionary War were geographically similar to present Day Chile that is. A narrow coastal strip Exten Ding Miles. What would have been a significant British advantage control of the seas and easy Maneule Tabili to toward any rebel concentration was offset by the Lack of any single strategic Center of the revolutionary movement to focus on. To win the world almanac notes it would have been necessary for the British to physically control virtually the entire Seaboard. Larto Tun Brown editor and publisher John wad toy general manager Fred Hornberger Asa Istam to publisher Fred Hartman editor and publisher chairman of Board Southern newspapers inc editorial department Preston Pendergrast executive editor Jim Finley managing editor Wanda Orton associate managing editor advertising department Jerry Winton retail manager pal Chat affied manager Zens attend a meeting at Goose Creek City Hall to push for plans for the Houston port Arthur Highway. A Resolution asking that the Highway be routed through the Tri cities will be presented to the state Highway commission by the Goose Creek City commission. June 26, 1946 Ensign Norlyn c. Tipton 21, is killed when his plane crashes at Kyle Field at Pensacola fla., during dive bombing practice. He was the son of or. And mrs. C. H. Tipton 214 w. Jack. P. Walter Henckell is elected chaplain of the state association. A Morrell Park citizen com Plains to police about a cow mooing and disturbing his sleep. Police officers d. K. Myers and John Gray Are investigating the cow Call in rela Tion to the City s anti noise ordinance. June 2c, 1956 Channelview voters will have a Bond election july 14 for construction of a High school. For More than 20 years Channelview High school students have been attending Robert e. Lee. More than 300 Channelview students Are expected to enrol this fall at Rel. Galveston up babe Zaharias famed woman athlete is being treated for cancer at John Sealy Hospital. The Way it was june 27, Congress Tutor sized us Omni of camb. Jack Anderson House ethics panel needs a larger Rug Washington the House ethics committee which came equipped from the beginning with Handy rugs suitable for sweeping scandals under is searching frantically for larger rugs. As an act of Public penitence the committee was formed eight years ago ostensibly to keep con Gressional corruption Down to tolerable Levels. But there was a general Exchange of sly winks As the word was passed that the committee would not depart too far from the hoary tradition of covering up major Embarrass ments. Now reps. Wayne Hays d. Ohio and John Young d.-tex., whose sex exploits Are under investigation have huddled privately with committee Mem Bers. The two embattled con Gressmen have indicated that they expect the committee to do its duty by them and to White Wash the charges. Sources close to the investigation have told us that the com Mittee is concentrating indeed on evidence that would tend to exonerate the accused Congress men. But the accumulation is such that the committee is in need of More accommodating rugs. The official upholders of ethics have shown More enthusiasm meanwhile for hound ing newscaster Daniel Schorr for pirating out to the Public a classified report on intelligence fiascos. A team of 12 crack former Fri agents were hired to track Aown Schorr s source a Effort that has kept the sleuths go ing around and around coming out nowhere. They have con ducted More than 125 intensive interviews with negligible re sults. They have produced reams of reports which chairman John Flynt d.-ga., bravely insists contain some Good inform but when we pinned him Down he admitted that the Trail is one of the congressmen who had Possession of the controversial intelligence report James Johnson r.-colo., told our associate Bob Owens that the investigators had interviewed him twice. The second time they asked to look at his personal copy of the report. Johnson i Joiy produced is Black volumes and asked How the investigation was proceed ing. The two investigators shrugged. He asked whether they had found Schorr s source. They laughed. In desperation the commit tee has now shifted its Atten Tion to other reporters who also had Access to copies of the Docu ment. Apparently the commit tee Hopes this might Lead to Schorr s elusive source. Albert confidential speaker Carl Albert s recent trip to the Oil sheikh Dom of Kuwait was planned Down to the last detail including what he should say to his Host and when he could drink a Quick cup of the details were spelled out in an elaborate Cable from the . Embassy in Kuwait to the . Embassy in saudi Arabia where the speaker visited first. His Host the Cable informed Al Bert would be his kuwaiti counterpart speaker Ghoneim pronounced the Cable added helpfully. He is a relaxed and Friendly Man who enjoys a Good advised the Cable. You can speak to him in the same Way. You would to an american. A Good opening gambit might be to congratulate him on Kuwait s opening Victory Over archrival Iraq in the Gulf soccer Cham the Cable cautioned gravely that Albert should refer to the Gulf rather than the persian Gulf a sensitive local is explained the Cable. On continued the Cable you will be escorted into the vip lounge f or a Quick cup of Tea. To and press1 will be in at Tendance added the Cable distaste fully. It then proceeded to instruct the speaker what to Tell the press. You will be asked to comment on who you Are visit ing in Kuwait. I would Tell them frankly the purpose of your trip it probably would also be Best to avoid direct reference to Iraq As a potential kuwaiti and although mention of the above soccer Victory would be both appropriate and Wel the press reception the Cable estimated will take 10-15 min utes. Ghoneim will then escort you to his car for a 20-minute ride to the Hilton hotel across the Street from the embassy. The Gok government of Kuwait is putting you up in the Amiri vice presidential Odds the famous Las vegas Odds maker Jimmy the greek Snyder still rates president Ford As a 2-to-l favorite Over challenger Ronald Reagan in the Republican presidential sweepstakes. On the democratic Side the Only betting is Over who will be Jimmy Carter s running mate. Jimmy the greek gives sen. Wal Ter Mondale d.-minn., the Best Odds with sen. Frank Church , a close second. Here Are the Odds Mondale 3-1 Church 4-1 sen. Adlai Stevenson d.-ffl., 6-1 sen. Edmund Muskie d.-me., 6 1 sen. John Glenn , 8-1 rep. Peter Rodino d.-nj., 10 1 sen. Birch Bayh dmnd., 10 1 sen. Henry Jackson d. Wash., 10-1 gov. Wendell an Derson minn., 15-1 gov. Hugh Carey n.y., 15-1 gov. Michael Dukakis mass. 25-1 gov. Jerry Brown calif., 50-1 rep. To Udall Di-ariz., 50-1 Leonard Woodcock Auto workers presi Dent 50-1 John Gilligan for Mer Ohio governor 100-1 sen. Alan Cranston d.-calif., 100-1 mayor Tom Bradley los an Geles 100-1 rep. Paul Sar Banes d.-md., 100-1 mayor Pete Flaherty Pittsburgh 100-1 rep. Barbara Jordan d.-tex., 100-1, and Sarge Shriver. 100-1. Or. Lamb can t eat All and stay slim dear or. Lamb my husband and i need to lose a lot of weight. We have both faced the fact that what started As a Middle aged spread has ballooned into a problem of major proportions. Since we have decided to do it we would like to do it and get it Over with. We thought rather than diet for months to get rid of our fat that is would go on a Low carbohydrate High protein diet. I have heard that All one really has to do is eliminate All carbohydrates for about a week or two then keep the carbohydrates Down to a very Low level. One can eat anything else and still have the fat just melt away. Before we Start on this diet we thought we would like to know for certain that it would not damage us in any Way. I recall that there was a lot of fuss in the papers about the diet when it first came out. Will you Tell us if it is Safe for us to follow or not dear Reader i Don t recommend it despite the exaggerated claims made in the promotion of the diet you speak of there is no magic Way you can eat All you want to eat and stay slim unless the food on the diet is sufficiently unappealing that All you want of it contains a limited number of calories. The initial dramatic weight losses with such diets is not because the person loses fat at All. It is because the body loses its Normal water Content and is dried out. When you severely restrict your carbohydrate intake you cause the kidneys to eliminate an excess amount of Salt from the body and with that goes a lot of water. This initial weight loss from dehydration will level off in a couple of weeks. However the sudden loss of water not fat in the first week coupled with emptying out the digestive system is enough to Hook the unwary individual into thinking that a Miracle has taken place and some will stay with the diet until they have lost actual fat because they have really been eating less calories. Almost All the diet frauds you see highly advertised depend on tricking you with that initial water loss and of course on that human failing of wanting Success without pain riches without work and a slim at Tractive body while gorging on High calorie foods. When you lose water with one of the diet gimmicks and the Scales show you lost pounds just remember that As soon As you quit the diet and regain the water your body needs for Normal health that you will regain the pounds. I have repeatedly that i do not approve of crash diets. I know you Are impatient but it took years to get the Way you Are. It will take a Long time to lose weight safely and sensibly to regain your former physical appearance. A Pound of fat contains about 3500 calories. Your Job is to use the excess calories stored As fat while you Are taking in less calories. A Well balanced sensible diet combined with adequate regular physical activity is your Best bet for both your health and your appearance. Berry s world Aren t you taking this revolving door Justice business a Little too friends and romans by Tom Isbell h Mem a Tow a wow by Yawn. 77uo Ungaar Tow act d of Martti a few wed Ata Moom. Monday Friy and ital my Norm in any Mai. P. 0. Box it town 77wo. Sujew Lemon ram by pm month per year fun to copy 13 my on out rap Maanix by Tov tuning u. S. So turn raw. Me. Ind Caaman put Sattora. Mem bar of Assoc Teo pack Tow Auto Cimmel Praw my to Lotti to int Imp tar to any Wei

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