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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 4

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Athens, Ohio Not just to recall afflictions unleavened bread cleared Way for new yeasts is it of i i Vav it. I i k Aires out a a in Jiff Tui cons in Lessenger i x i in re. Women sea hot of a to something the satisfy throw a King bread in irate e x a a i n a nth a i Rai Fri Weiss also traces to derm sir Able nutritional principles a. Jewish prohibition p shellfish and the a that meat carcasses tech of All blood immediately j i Slaughter. The possibility that Swine j i be carriers of tri chinos or. A wet Mas a % in Well it Lott to i i Cooks but Weiss notes a under certain condition give us the , of course of the plenteous the did not specify ii one for tumor Ness of the preceding Harvest Iper shellfish Max <0. I. A Large quantities of p Lowish Home he thus when one a Quot ays for he i Ducine microbes called customarily was saying loaf for tomorrow he Al lamps is placing the next Days loaf can be by lenient me May s is far sent Day also that i which his a emulate Ison pro Complete removal of blood thus has a preservative value. The culinary Wisdom of tile Bible tends to be overlooked a because the Bible scholars Aren t interested in food a Wei s Asci in an interview a but then nutritionists Arentt interested in the Bible a he added and then paused a i mud be the Bridge a he concluded the next Days i enough to be i Omen by m Chi w by Idi i no Banditt sum in or Pur Rancu Wiur 11 i Imi Al is a cumbers i me in 2 pallor pour off in us to Lii vhf Al i i cumbers throw tires t o Petely Rem o ii file. Let i in ice water a for 3 hours i f our of e mixture of a a i it a of a \ no it pounds surf or i Teaspoon e seed 1 teas Peon whole lox Tablespoons Salt and i sin cinnamon let cucumbers Oxer night in this solution. Bring to a s i in no r not iou i simmer for 35 minutes b lading into jars and sealing mrs Fui in got this r from a Friend in Kentucky has found that it makes pickles. A tic ult ural time be bought i n amounts of of two pounds it is not to be two pounds it is not to be fused with the Lime u e plaster or Cement the cd Bens Are xxi i o k it w Neft w e t ski d during the Day in a single Stu-1 loaf. Then in the evening it was Tes s u by i v i d e d into individual i nourishing. Too Many translators the loaves one for each member of j a did not Ca re to penetrate the Ira the family and baked so that meaning of this sentence Weiss us those who worked in the Fields said he adds a Little sadly in could take a fresh loaf with a a thus the insight which this sen the them in the morning the size of tence gives into biblical Home a ans these individual loaves depend economies was completely lost a a if these Exotoxin s. C laminated shellfish sinned a he observes a paralysis and death similarly in hot Tref act Ion of meat drained blood and there to the erg ates pull Smith let it ii Coli Sci. Som dear Abby Church wedding music questioned by . Vii v vol run printing this and if you do Flowers and asking her to please i want but Only i too calories a in or vain i Arn a Church please use my real name be identify herself and i put this Day if i can do it anybody or Anis who has been intending i cause i would like for people to note under the vase on my next As i love eating next to Hod and to writ to you about Church Muj know where i stand. Visit there were fresh Flowers Mankind. I feel like a new worn very truly yours and my note was gone an i look 25 years younger and Thomas i. Scheck organist i have visited the cemetery at Ain too per cent easier to get St. Johns i noted All hours hopping to run into this along with i lost the last 40 in Hill of Christ person but thus far. Ive seen pounds after i joined tops. Misfield Ohio no one f,0pe to be Down to 155 by the dear Ori Wist it might i am just heartsick Over this end of the year. I am absolutely if Tom xxx glad to be Back nig ii or 111 ave no clips Bat ins a re i do v Oumi. A rom club news current events dub in recently with mrs Howard Wall a. 103 Sunnyside drive a meditation the vet of listening. Was Given of j Gordon Howard also discussed were Tho Athens City Hailer and the White House conference on a., Irig. Its i. L lox Cit gave the Story of Contact lense As welcomed one to attend j to but i think i 1 \ i u a i i a s it me the Ligands of v when Ariot iter organist wrote to a if Tun St to v , j i f j i 11 x of Quested to till. Slice it Bici och fit i in play a what kind of i fool am in at a Church wed she Ding. Mid she Pla Al it. The dear Bry four months not. Ago my i atoned husband died end suddenly c of a heart attack. We had been i Nipp ily married for 4 i. 11 years. He was 63 xxx Hen he died. Two soon aft a his funeral i visited hex a he Gray e and Saxx a vase of xer fresh Flowers there i asked Ling Friend and relatives if they had we pig them i there. No one i asked of had on St a veral other occasions and i visited h is grave again fresh Ion Flowers xxx till no sign of the give Ove or. I have in idea who is doing use this a we were a very Happy a couple. My husband was always the Home nights with me so i doubt not that he was seeing someone else Reb i wrote a note thanking the k bul have kept ii o inc my bus bar ugh to Bey led Burden it to Nix self los Burstall d was difficult Tell to int Tiou help me no name dear no Wmk done to let Tut imagination run wild. The known Flower donor need not p a woman with whom your u s b a n d was romantically a cd it could to a devoted but i person a possibly a Man r even someone who admired e of your husband from afar or one is on t Mph in in Marengo. Ohio dear Carolin con Start Back to Campus in spotlessly Dean spa Klingly fresh clothes. Our expert cleaning removes spots stains and soil completely All services at prices Well within your student budget. See us soon i or service when needed Robinson s laundry amp dry cleaning Pomeroy Ohio of fresh j portent retain those Mem one if a faithful husband in readers w hat will Power i doubt i can do. \ sear and a half ago. I been c grat Lati on it \ Alif s i our could inspire it t o go or a tart to i it in i diet a Pic Are m Uto i i \ r Abby b i it t v v e n sir aus v y a fir a Uburn on the new York us he the Ruvay there i a sign vex h Ich says. A watch i Tut for l t eel r a a some Clown elided a a bbl after a Deer a i evidently i j is meals know or in too \ cry truly v ii i s. R. 5 in w Alt Enes what your prof feel better a if von j it lift Vii Uii v Al Chest. Write to a by Wii 697 10, 1 of Angeles y Al. 90069 for a pc Ronal n my a ire i y St stamped addressed or i veil id of it s on the House a a a it should be Dean amp Barry male rid u c by Nice too to rather in country t a few in cd my Rich own and Lari Sty a one g Athens one of her hobbies is read in g and s he is a me Max a j a literary c roup the Palla Chil. ii attends the by i he methodist Church and is also remix t of the new Marsh Field Cam Sta glut right now to likes is she is also a part time repro sent at in for a Book firm by feels her primary role is As a i 110 he always willing to hell when the need arises. Hints from Heloise Clever name prove to be cards wok hints from Heloise Good icebreaker for the tarty Itani Baukjl 0 a Oast mho Plains i so Fellowship dinners Are planned by Paauw by Hei use dear Heloise i recently went to a dinner lever hostess name cards i glue glitter Tor of e the paste super mkt. On the Plains o. Center of town store hours monday thru thursday 9 . To 6 . Friday 9 . To 7 . Saturday 9 . To 6 . Closed of sunday the american association of her Home at 185 Grosvenor on Nix Emty women Aai Vav Xxiii of 23 with mrs John Cadyen sponsor its annual Fellowship j party Xvi i i had made i xxx us the names written land then sprinkled with to correspond with the c a the card. But that was Only the to a Mug she had carefully typed this world lout a a Heloise hints on the Back better of Thoi a it i even after you Baste the Bud n dear Heloise ice to the skirt you can still even Vii houses Are similar a out the gathers a and a corded rooms Walls roof Etc. The Waist is a cinch. You done to even main difference is the people in have to touch the tension just j them. Use a wider Zigzag. F. Alexander frs much Jai my s written for you wife and Home dear Heloise i dear Heloise have you Ever tried chocolate j j am a school teacher covered pretzels a ? ? months of the Vear my Persona l m in Nim in in m in in my. Out of time to very ignited because of Ever my school Homework and Spe a her column whenever possible and so simple to make just i Cia night classes and meetings tins col urn. The to maker if you have a hint or a As Quot Oue j problem write to Heloise in care of this newspaper because of i the tremendous volume of mail. Nine Heloise is unable to answer Al individual letters. She will Hov answer your questions in Baker and stauffer 74 e. State Street phone 593-5993 Athens Ohio of each card. Each card had a take chocolate candies milk j Jon Barf. Time for special xxx High Mil Al Intro i dinners All foods from Are open to the Public. The inter National dinners Are planned for october tickets for each dinner Are St 50 apiece. Ito eeds from the dinner will be donated to the a Law Fellowship fund. Dates for the scheduled dinners Are oct. 4, a Caribbean dinner with mrs. James Hartman mrs. I m a r v i n Fletcher and mrs. Pertaining with a nigerian Din Nei of 24 at the Cady Home on 45 Maplewood drive the last International dinner for october Xxiii to a mexican dinner with mrs Jage Man As hostess at her Home on new Marshfield Road on oct. I. J each dinner will be served at i i different hint. Chocolate bars work nicely put food preparation whenever there them in the top pad of a double i is a death in the meetings. I xxx you Collid have walked Hoper and melt f i ,. ,. I Don t have time for special n la a a ult a 1m0u i Hen take your pretzels and f Khz preparation whenever there those hints talk about an dip them in the melted Choco 1s a death in the Community. Icebreaker the place began to late. Put on Wax paper and Cool and in no in refrigerator j Malia t Asta time at All. Everyone was Dis s a _ a paper plates cups napkins plastic Forks and spoons. Lemonade mix for the children. Ice. Which i make in Large pans in i Buzz Uke a Beehive i keep the following items on hand just for this purpose age to cussing you _ they not Only swapped their dear Heloise hints around the table but they i have a Hundred per cent 6 30 since seating capacity j asked to take the cards Home j sure fire method of gathering a is limited the Paauw advised when they left. Early reservations. For the first j Heloise you were the Undis James i Hompson As hostesses time three dinners reservations a pined hit of the party and you lot the Fletcher residence at 45imav map by Ca u mrs weren t even there. An admirer Avon place mrs. Delano Wege Ner and mrs. Harry Mitchell will Ian Bemand 592-2663 while t be hostesses at a greek dinner Lujene Helen will accept in that a the Breaks thanks my deep Freezer and crush Etc. Skirt. The Only catch is that you its a great Relief to the family need a Zigzag machine and friends during the hours of Cut a piece of heavy string 1 grief and sorrow not to have to Crochet Cotton is Fine this Wash dishes and tend to these should be three inc Hes longer Little extras than the a Waistline measurement. And this gives me an oppor the string does no to have to be Jaunity to feel that i have helped i oct. 18 at the Mitchell Home at stations for the last three Din j a ,. A As Long As the Width of the mate-1 in some Small Way. Fill Fairview Thiu . It ners at 593-8962. A rial because you can gather As mrs. James Mills 60 Fairview while miss Elizabeth Stanton will serve a tur any women in the Athens area Kish dinner at her Home on oct. Who Are graduates of a four it at 4 Ransome Road year College May still join the mrs. Barry Roth will entertain american association of univer guests with an italian dinner at sity women for the 1970-71 year. New Athens residents who Vish to join the organization open 9 am-9 pm daily wine Athens food giant 2841. State St. Athens Ohio i May Call mrs. Gene Helen membership chairman at 593 ,. A a a. A is. Now members will be en-1 membership drive will be Bish tenanted with a cd fee and i lights try the Morrison Klon Ionta. Mat hour monday sept. 28 at the g y Hie tint at /.3d fuck Home of mrs. James Thompson to la a 35 pleasant View and tuesday a Brief business meeting in at the Home of mrs. John Cady eluding the introduction of new both teas Are at 8 . Teachers and presentation of the the first meeting will be school and Pat budgets will Bel thursday get i with a tour of fou owed but a Senes of 20 in Nute the new communications build-1 sessions in the individual class i ing at Ohio University. Or Gordon Lawrence a member of the University a communications College faculty will discuss Tele vision programming. You sew secure Hie string to the love you. Everyone of you. Material at the beginning of the dear Heloise Heloise j gathering line with a pin i find thai the perfect place to wrap the string around the pin i store those Little cloth covered so it wont null through the Zig elastic hair bands the Type used Zag stitches. Then place the j in putting up Pony tails is Over string on the gathering line and a tube of an empty toilet tissue Zigzag Over it works Beau j Roll. And a i Thuiy. 1 it keeps them altogether and Morrison Pat open House set open House for Parent rooms. Teachers programs will explain their for the school year and parents will have an Opportunity to visit classrooms. Ita women who wish to attend room m0,hers Art As a i Les and those who need trails refreshments will be served to station May Call mrs. Ileum and Nursery service provided the bread Basket 329 East state 618 Chestnut Athens Nelsonville Spece als september 28 thru october 3 fresh White bread full Pound loaf everyday Low Price c 5 Large Sandwich buns dozen 25 it we feature Dan Dee potato chips come see a come save

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