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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Athens, Ohio It Vii Krs it Hal boy of writes about his 27th anniversary As a columnist editorial Page 6 a c 2vtlens messenger Noc. N2<> in i 111 s. Ohio. Monday is pit Makr Zic 1970 in ims Ann. Partly Cloudy i ool Chance of Frost weather Page 2 i arest studs report greeted by indifference hostages greeted in in Washington a a presidential task Force s Multi edged fault finding for Campus violence has been greeted with much of the indifference and cynicism the panel indicated a reflected in student unrest. The weekend report in the president s commission on Campus unrest Laid a pal of blame across much of society a the student terrorist the authority who shoots needlessly the teacher who tolerates disruption the College administrator who forfeits discipline and the Federal government not Only for what it does or does t do. But what it says the report was submitted after a three month study. The commission headed by former Pennsylvania Goy William Scranton a Republican called on All of society to unite against the pressures that set off the mobs bombings and even killings at universities and colleges Over the past year. But it was to president Nixon that the panel and Scranton in particular looked for a solution. A Only the president a the platform and prestige to urge All americans at once. To step Back from the Batt Selmes into which they Are forming a the report said whether the president can or will take the moral leadership the nine member task Force called for brought divided thoughts in a Check of campuses and officials a Nixon appointed this to pacify the Public rust to listen to it a was the reaction from a University Oft California student. John Emshwiller a 20-year-old self described moderate a slightly More positive rear turn but one still tinged with scepticism came from William o Neill professor of american history at the Battle zoned be University of Wisconsin. A the commission soundly recommended Steps to isolate the Small hardcore of totally dissatisfied radicals from the infinitely larger number of of Neill said. But presidents appoint commissions to satisfy critics not to provide action programs a there was of course much positive reaction from Dan Hanson a University of Georgia student of the commis Sion s recommendations Are followed the situation could improve appreciably i rom Clark Ken Tim former president of the i diversity of Al forma and now chairman of the Carnegie commission on higher education i think its easily the Best report on the subject that s been made with president Nixon in eur Rosie there was no comment on the report from the White House. Similarly vice president Spiro i Agnew an implied target of some commission criticism. Said he had yet to give the panels finding a close Reading and would not react until he had done so but there were indications from both panel members and some Nixon administration officials that the president has been listening. Sunday the Day after the report was issued two panel members said the killings of students last year at Kent state University in Ohio and Jackson state College in Mississippi were without justification. Harvard University Junior Joseph Rhodes jr., and new Haven Conn police Chiel James ahem said the commission said there was no sufficient provocation on either Campus to use deadly Force Rhodes and Ahern a Well As Scranton appeared on the Abc program. A meet the pres Rome i a president Nixon discussed War and peace in the Mediterranean with italian leaders today and made an unscheduled trip to Rome s Airport to Greet freed american sky Jack hostages flying Home from Jordan Nixon flew to eau Ticino a11 port in helicopter and met the americans on the Tarmac As they walked off a special trans world airlines plane that is taking them Back to the United states such was the crush around the smiling president that authorities herded the 28 Hijack victims tuck into the plane Nixon followed and addressed them inside the americans had arrived an hour earlier from Nicosia where they had spent the night after being freed by palestinian guerrillas in Amman they were to continue on to new York after refuelling but the Surprise decision by Nixon to Greet them held them in Rome a Little longer than scheduled Nixon said afterwards. A a a think i feel As Happy As they do he told reporters that what the hostages went through May mean the possibility of this happening again in the future has been substantially re dined a a he referred to measures that include armed guards abound aircraft and Security at air ports it sometimes takes an incident like this to bring world attention Quot Nixon said adding that the reaction was one of outrage and one of compassion for the victims before visiting the hostages Tho president told italian in d or the United states is committed to a Strong presence in the Mediterranean which he called the a Southern Anchor of n Ato Quot he made the reaffirmation to president Giuseppe a rag a at the beginning of talks seeking Means of a lasting peace in the Mediterranean he later talked with Premier Emilio Colombo who a Compa pained Nixon on the trip to meet the hostages. Nixon said the hostages were a very proud of being Ameri cans they never lost their spirit a a their slogans were a thumbs up Quot and a they had no complaints about what happened a he added the president spoke to rep tiers briefly on the ramp of the plane that want to take the hostages nonstop Home to new York reporting on the Nixon Sara Gat talks i s presidential press Secretary Ronald i Zie Glei said Nixon a reaffirmed to the meeting that the United states is committed to a Strong n a to he said Nixon praised Sara Gat for Italy a efforts toward so Gat for Italy s e22, toward social reforms and stated a this a one of the ways for Italy to contribute to the strength of the Alliance and defense of the Mediterranean a two ears were burned in Verona and two at the nato base in the Naples suburb of Bagnoli which Nixon is scheduled to vis it wednesday after spending a Day with the us with Fleet in the Mediterranean map Wir Phi to in nun Vii Pri Sun Mim Giard president Nixon delivers his official address sunday at Tho Quirinale presidential Palace in Rome while a member of the guard id Honor of italian president Giuseppe Sara Gat watches Nixon arrived in Rome sunday nigh on a tour of Europe. L Lebanon Antinnes Otard against a Terrill attacks i a k by ii Ash vied press Lebanon guarded against renewed guerrilla attacks against Israel today after King Hussein of Jordan palestinian commando Leader Yasir Arafat Ait eight Rab nations signed an agreement in Cairo ending the jordanian civil War observers at Tiberias. Israel reported that lebanese troops were out in Force along their Border sunday apparently anticipating increased guerrilla act in try the pea e agreement signed Cair shot if ter stopping speeding car Cleveland policeman killed. Partner in serious condition Cleveland. Ohio apr two men in a car stopped for speeding Early today on Cleveland s East Side stepped out of their car and opened fire on two policemen killing one and seriously wounding the other police said Rookie patrolman Joseph Trace 27, was shot in the Back of the head Back of the neck and in the Back and leg patrolman Fred Fulton 29, was wounded in the Mouth Chest Anc Groin. He underwent surgery at it Sinai Hospital Mon Day morning and a listed in satisfactory condition the witness said the two assailants were Black. The two policemen were White inspector Patrick Gerity Cal a cd it a a particularly vicious affair. A he said True had apparently been shot while lying on the ground. Police took six persons into custody but Gerity said it was not known if the assailants were among the six. He said a search for suspects was continuing in the shooting area at East it with Street and St Clair Avenue Gerity said the two officers were apparently getting out of their Cai when they were shot Al about 2 a in shots were fired through the Windshield of the police car and neither officer had time to return fire police said Gerity said Fulton was Able to get Back into the car and Call for help the first police car to reach the scene took the two officers to the Hospital Traer was pronounced dead on arrival people getting out of a car without warning shooting a policeman Down on the ground that s this viciousness of this Gerity said Gerity said investigators had been unable to question Fulton the Driver of the police car he said a Motorist who witnessed the shootings provided police with details Traer would have completed his first year on the Force oct. 17 Fulton is a three year Veteran. Sunday by Hussein and Arafat set up a three Man committee to ensure that its provisions Are carried out and to report any violations to the eight consigning states foremast among the agreements 14 Points is that Hus Sein s army and the palestinian forces will withdraw from Amman almost destroyed by to Days of fighting the soldiers were to return to their Norma Barracks and the guerrillas to positions a Best suited to their activities Quot in the a liberation Battle against Israel a a presumably the Israel Jordan ceasefire line along the Jordan River. The pact prohibits a fall propaganda campaigns a inconsistent with its objectives and orders i he return of prisoners taken during the fighting. It directs that Irbid in Northern Jordan and other guerrilla strongholds North of Vroman be returned to the a military and civilian situation existing prior to recent a vents a in effect any Northern portion captured by the army would be returned to guerrilla control its final article expresses support for the palestinian revolt lion a until it achieves its objective of full liberation and defeat of the usurping israeli the agreement came after a week of meetings among the leaders of Egypt Tunisia. Saudi Rabia Kuwait North Yemen Lybia South Yemen Sudan and Lebanon. Hussein and Arafat arrived sunday and the final draft was completed during two sessions. Legate from South t before the signing and the governments Iraq Morocco and the d Yemen 1< ceremony of Syria Algeria failed either to attend the conference or to sign the agreement sporadic fighting was report cd in Jordan Arafat s Ai Fatah guerrilla organization Aid at its Beirut Lebanon office that its forces were shelled in Amman and Zarqa but were not retaliate or it in i intr Kerman in Ironia 2j5 hostages tend farm soothe year a flight it i or be Pill it i Louie Nicosia Cyprus Twenty eight americans left Cyprus today on the last leg of their homeward bound journey after being held by palestinian commandos for three week four of the 32 americans who arrived in Nicosia sunday a to Tard a red to a Airlift from Amman Jordan remained in the cypriot capital there was no immediate explanation Why they stayed the 28 left aboard a trans r. Freda Belpre Husi newsman who was one of the 32 a in e r i e a n hostages released sundae tells of his thoughts on his experience in a diary per Lions of which appear in a Story on Page 8 world airlines jetliner for new York with a Brief Stopover in Rome six other hostages remained in Amman but diplomatic sources in Beirut Lebanon said sunday that they also had been freed and were turned Over to the egyptian embassy which a been acting As a go Between for the International red Cross. An egyptian embassy spokesman in Amman said that the six were being freed unconditional in but added he hoped the Western nations involved would free in commandos they held the guerrillas demanded As Ransom for the hostages the re lease of Arab commando1 held in Britain West Germany Switzerland and Israel. Although Britain we t Germany. And Switzer land have r Sells wardrobe to 1st caller a sold my Metal wardrobe before i even had a Chance to read my own add said Violet Martin route 4 Athens a now that a fast a she added and that s the kind of results to expect from messenger action ads a treated they will free seven commandos held in their jails diplomats said sunday they will not go free until the release of All airline Hijack hostages in Jordan is confirmed reliable sources in Jerusalem said Israel was planning to free 12 Arab captives apparently a1 part of a Deal for the release of the hostages. Palestinian guerrillas hijacked three airliners to Jordan sept. 6 and 9 All but >4 of More than 4 h passengers and Crew members were Relea de before Jordan a civil War erupted sept 17 the hijackers Mem Liers of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine later blew up the three planes plus a fourth hijacked to Cairo. The loss was estimated of Smi million. I Iele Roe nag tots hit Hue Saigon Cap Viet Cong rockets dropped on Hue Vietnam sold Imperia capital for the first tune in almost two month. As the enemy tried to thwart the Saigon government s pacification program in five locations a military spokesman said today the is command reported few attacks on americans during the weekend but five helicopters were lost at a Cost of eight dead two missing and foul injured one of the choppers an air Force Uhl crashed in Cambodia because of an operational failure the first helicopter lost Over Cambodia since american troops withdrew june 30 one of three rockets that hit Hue truck a military Hospital by caused no casualties the spokesman said Only Light damage a reported South vietnamese casualties were listed As la killed and 40 wounded in the other four attack two of them within ii Miles of Saigon. Urie try la Hiti a pc i nine in report state University in us today a there a re Petit of the testis i rest. Egan classes at moments and re internal ies Are oui Kent com Mary por t Alifornia l ites plead it it a with read on and cos red of Home s three persons were killed one Blaze devastated i san Diego county adv Anc several san Diego suburb slate division of forestry greater Ana than any in history out hem Kilts of for the Ven d a state s la weekend Malinay loll 19 by i Iii ask Iai cd priss Ohio a weekend a Hie death count dropped to 19 this weekend Down from the 24 deaths recorded a week earlier three double fatality accidents one saturday m Clermont county arid another in Marion county and the third Early sunday in Mahoning county helped Boos the tally Kent a Rohe Antinnes Ravenna. Ohio jury probe into Vinic i a varsity begins its the investigation. ? a special state grand a Las Spring at Kent state third week today under tight Security is expected to last another week. Witnesses being heard now Are believed to be testifying on events of May 4. When four students were killed in a confrontation Between students and Ohio National guardsmen 1 Hun ate in inn sought us Ock a Cleveland Ohio fat a Resolution calling Foi replacement of the Ferguson act was approved Here sunday by the 4 Al i delegates to the annual convention of the Ohio civil service employees association. The delegates seek to replace the Ferguson act. Which prohibits strikes but Public employees with a Law calling for collective bargaining and binding arbitration i s. Tierell Harriman Hies a Asci Noto x mrs Vav a Verdi Harri Man wife of the Veteran Diplomat and former governor of new York died saturday in George Washington University Hospital. She was 67 mrs. Harriman 1 the former wife of Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney. Usi opt is Call Quinter Columbus Ohio a to pm Ohio state University will open the fall Quarter of its Centennial year wednesday with a freshman orientation rooted in a relevance a for the first time students new to the Campus will be participants in a series of discussions on drug abuse cultural racism and the role of women in society. A traffic control plan goes into effect today that is patterned after a urn Mer Enji ariment that reduced by 60 per cent traffic through the Central Campus in in in inside classified comics to. La. 12 13 la obituaries spoils editorial. 6 women 4 a wire photo after reaching Arab agreement guerrilla Leader a Asir Aller Arab leaders signed an agreement ending the jordanian Arafat left and King Hussein of Jordan right listen As United Chil War. Arab Republic president Nasser Center talks sunday in Cairo

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