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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Jul 11 2015, Page 4

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - July 11, 2015, Athens, Ohio Page a4 saturday july 11, 2015opinionthe Athens messenger established 1825 Che 33 North and Johnson Road Athens Ohio 45701 740 592-6612 email letters to the editor to Monica nieporte president Joe Higgins editor Wendy Van sickle design editor Pete Dennis advertising director Ike Weiss production manager Safe Harbor for offenders. Sanctuary policy for needs a rethink for years. San Francisco Law enforcement agencies have refused to work with Federal immigration authorities insisting that cooperation would subvert their efforts to cultivate Good relations with the City a highly diverse immigrant communities. In practice the City a Sanctuary policy applied blindly subverts common sense by allowing dangerous criminals a free pass. The latest victim of this Triumph of doctrine Over Public safety was Kathryn Steinle a 32-year-old woman who died july i. According to police after being shot in the Chest by an illegal immigrant who has been deported five times in the past two decades and has a criminal record in four states reaching Back to 199i, including multiple drug convictions. The accused immigrant. Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez had served various prison terms before he was transferred to san Francisco in March on an outstanding arrest warrant. Three weeks later he was released from the City jail after local prosecutors dropped a decade old drug charge against him. Rather than notifying . Immigration and customs enforcement ice which had requested a Heads up so it could Deport or. Lopez Sanchez the jail put him on the Street without a word. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. Who runs the jail defended the release As consistent with the City a Long standing Sanctuary policy. In fact the policy allows authorities to exercise some discretion particularly in the Case of convicted felons. But in practice or. Mirkarimi and other san Francisco officials have treated ice As the enemy stiff arming All attempts at dialogue cooperation or Plain Courtesy. Had the sheriffs office a which could easily have seen or. Lopez Sanchez a extensive rap Sheet a simply made a phone Call to notify ice of his scheduled release he could have been handed Over and deported and is. Steinle would be alive. Ostensibly the City prides itself on protecting undocumented immigrants w to it thinks might be unjustly expelled if they Are arrested for traffic infractions and other minor violations. In fact the Obama administration has made Clear that its priorities for deportation Are serious criminals and recent illegal Border crosses a not Law abiding immigrants with Long standing ties to communities. That is a reasonable approach and localities around the country with Sanctuary policies a there Are some 300 of them though few operate As unyielding by As san Francisco a should take note. No convicted Felon let alone one with multiple narcotics convictions deserves Sanctuary in the United states. That would seem a statement of common sense but not apparently in California. Of roughly 200,000 detention requests issued by ice to local Law enforcement agencies nationwide since the beginning of last year fewer than to percent were declined. Of those declined More than 60 percent were in California. Now As a consequence of is. Steinley a death shaken California officials Are starting to rethink their intransigence. San Francisco mayor Edwin m. Lee a Democrat and himself the son of immigrants is calling for a review of the Sanctuary policy saying it a was never designed to Harbor repeat serious what a disgrace that it took a tragedy to prompt that realization. Washington Post comment Trump insults nothing new for goby Leonard Pitts or. Tribune Content Agency in 2 x 6, then Arizona state sen. Russell Pearce advocated the return of a 1954 program for the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants. It was called Quot operation in 2010, sen. David Vitter Republican from Louisiana released a Campaign and that depicted a Bunch of seedy looking mexicans some with gang bandannas slipping through a Hole in a Border Fence to invade America. In 2011, rep. To Brooks Republican from Alabama said of undocumented immigrants a i will do anything Short of shooting them to make them Stop a taking jibs from american that same year. Republican presidential contender Herman Cain vowed to build an electrified Border Fence that would Shock mexicans who sought to slip into the country. In 2013, rep. Steve King Republican from Iowa said that for every illegal immigrant who becomes a valedictorian there Are another Hundred with a calves the size of cantaloupes because they Are drug mules. Yet the party is shocked and offended by what Donald Trump said Jeb Bush Calls his recent comments on undocumented mexican immigrants a extraordinarily ugly Quot sen. Marco Rubio finds them a not just offensive and inaccurate but also divisive a major donor tells the associated press Trump should be excluded from the debates beg Pardon but there is something rather precious in All this ostentatious umbrage. If you did no to know better you might forget that the gop has sought votes for years by stoking fear and anger toward mexicans who enter this country illegally. If you weren to paying attention you might not know that various Republican officials and pundits routinely characterize those people a most of them just dirt poor and trying to put bread on the table a As a disease Ridden invasion Force of drug smugglers and gang members not to mention pregnant women splashing across the Rio Grande in order to drop so called a Anchor babies on u. S. Soil. This is not to say Trump s words were not ugly. They were. Quot when Mexico sends its people they re not sending their Best a he said. A a. They re sending people that have lots of problems and they re bringing those problems to us. They re bringing drugs they re bringing crime they re rapists and some i assume Are i xxx but ugly As it was Trumps xenophobia broke no new ground. So you have to wonder at the pious denunciations it is generating. You re tempted to say people Are reacting like this because Trump was blunter than we Are used to. On the other hand there is nothing particularly Subtle or ambiguous about threatening to Shock mexicans. Maybe folks weren to paying attention before. Its Worth noting that Trump s comments came As he announced his intention to run for president of the United states a nation whose last census found about 32 million of us identifying As mexican american some presumably Good people. Indeed. Mexican americans Are far and away the largest group under the umbrella Rubric All the cuban puerto rican argentinean and Spanish americans combined done to equal the number of mexican americans in this country. So when the gop talks about a a hispanic outreach it is in a very real sense talking mexican Amican outreach. Yet this a a outreach seems always to be overshadowed by insult. The party seems not to realize that you can to have it both ways can to insult people then ask them to vote for you. How telling is it that even As party elders assure us his remarks done to represent the cop. Trump vaults to second place in the polling of Republican contenders it s a truth that gives the lie to these proclamations of mortal affront. Its hypocritical and unfair to put All this on Tromp. He Only repeated what his party a been saying All along. Lotteries and payday Loans defraud our nation s poor people rape victims need help near and far Michael Gerson Washington Post Washington in that portion of the presidential Field that does not View self government As a stage for self promotion prejudice and blithering ignorance one of the More encouraging trends is an increasing seriousness about the Issue of poverty. Events in Ferguson and Baltimore have focused the Public mind just As the consequential publication of Robert Putnam so your kids has served to inform and deepen the policy debate. The question is posed can America go on As it has been with a Good portion of its working class almost entirely isolated from the Promise of our country it is a a a yes or a a not question. A Quot yes involves the acceptance of a a rigid self perpetuating class system in a country with democratic and egalitarian a retentions a system upheld and enforced by heavy handed policing routine incarceration and social and educational segregation. A Quot not is just the Start of a very difficult task. The mixed legacy of the great society helping the elderly get health care it turns out is easier than creating Opportunity in economically and socially decimated communities has left the National dialogue on poverty ideologically polarized. And Many policy proposals in this Field seem puny in comparison to the Everest of need. But there is one set of related policy ideas that would dramatically help the poor and should not be ideologically divisive. How about a renewed Effort to help the poor by refusing to cheat them i i am referring to a Broad and growing collaboration Between government and business to systematically defraud and exploit the poor through state lotteries payday lending and payday gambling. The lottery is a particularly awful example of political corruption. Here government is raising Revenue by Selling the Power Ball dream of wealth without work. Studies in a number of states have shown that lottery ticket sales Are concentrated in Pixie communities that poor people spend a larger portion of their income on tickets and that the poor Are More Likely to View the lottery As an investment. Quot this could be your ticket out a promised one typical billboard in a distressed Chicago neighbourhood. Think on this a moment. In a place where government has utterly failed to provide adequate education and Public services government is using advertising to exploit the desperation of poor people in order to raise Revenue that funds other Peoples Public services. This is often called a a a regressive a form of taxation. The word does not adequately capture the cruelty and crookedness of Selling a lie to vulnerable people in order to bilk them. Offering the Chance of one in a too million is the equivalent of a lie. Lotteries depend on the deceptive encouragement of mythical thinking and fantasies of escape. Another form of financial predation against the poor this one in the private sector a is payday lending. If you live in one of the 36 states that allow the practice you have probably seen the storefronts in depressed neighbourhoods. There Are now More of them in America than there Are Macdonald a franchises. Of in theory payday lenders offer Small Loans of a few Hundred dollars without credit checks to cover emergency Cash How needs. In practice lenders make their Money on repeat borrowers who get behind in their payments and Roll them Over into larger Loans often with triple digit interest rates. The result is a downward spiral of debt in which borrowers pay Back Many times their loan amounts often seized directly from their Bank accounts. This is what used to be called loan sharking and usury. It is now a v46 billion Industry with considerable political clout Selling a financial product to the put a it a that encourages debt servitude. Business and government in Many states have entered a full partnership on payday gambling a moving gaming out of destination resorts and into malls and overheats closer to Middle and working class gamblers. State governments raise Money by taxing Revenue generated by Slot machines that Are really sophisticated computers designed to encourage players to enter the a a zone and play a to compulsive behaviour is the intended goal of the software program and thus the intended goal of state legislators who would rather encourage addiction than ask the broader Public for taxes. America is bursting at the seams with populist Energy. Here is a cause that should Appeal to activists prone to camping in Parks or to wearing tricorn hats lets get government out of the business of treating citizens As Marks and dupes. And lets confront everyone a in business and government who benefits from defrauding the poor. Editor the messenger i have just returned from a three month time in Nigeria working to assist victims of the violence of Boko Haram and so took notice when i saw the column in sundays messenger by Meghan Daum titled a enough of mattress girl what about the Boko Haram victims a while i appreciate is. Daumas concern for the women violated by Boko Haram and her encouragement for us to not just focus on our own issues and trauma but to also advocate for women out there who have no one Quot fighting for them a she did no to seem to be taking into account the effects of the trauma on the victims of rape Here in . Communities and University campuses. Women in Nigeria and Many other countries around the world do have fewer resources available to them to Deal with some pretty horrible things but women Here who have been traumatized by rape feel a powerless and feel fortunate if they can get out of bed the next morning and move ahead with their life. I hey need to take time to process their debilitating emotions and take. Steps for Healing before they can look outward to see and help others. Instead other men and women who Haven to been raped or otherwise traumatized should step up and try to change the rape culture a in our country As Well As Quot developing global strategies to empower women in the developing world a As Daum suggests we do. And a Large part of our responsibility As americans is to work to end the endless wars our country is waging around the world that vastly increase the violence toward women and spawn terrorist groups such As Boko Haram. Peggy Gish Athens county i ii

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