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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 5

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Athens, Ohio Americana smoke 489 billion cigarettes a year. The total is expects to be 545 billion. By 1965. Notice or appointment notice to hereby Given that Helen i. Begg 18 Marleu Avenue qty of Athena. Athena county. Ohto hat been duly appointed executrix of the estate of Henry Montgomery Begg aka Harry m. Begg deceased late of the City of Athena Athena county Ohio. Cred tora Are required to file their claim with Bald fiduciary within four month. Dated Thea 4th Day of january ism. Harold j. Rose probate judge of said county 1-# <3otw Lem Al notice Public notice is hereby Given that the citizens Telephone company Coolville Ohio has filed with the Public utilities comm Salon of Ohio an application showing that the company is entitled because of reasons set Forth in said application to reasonable and equitable increases and adjustments in its rates and charges for Telephone services As proposed therein and requesting authority to revise its tariffs by withdrawing . No. 3 and . No 4 and filing in place thereof its proposed Tariff . No. 5 to effect such increases and adjustments in its rates and charges All As More fully set Forth in the application on file with the commission and the exhibits filed therewith and made a part thereof. The proposed revision will effect increases and adjustments in rates and charges throughout the territory in which the company operates said application proposes revisions in Basic Exchange rates a follows a Chester Exchange present proposed Allensville area Home is destroyed by fire class of service business inside base rate area Pix trunk 1 party 2 party 4 party 5 party business outside base rate area Pix trunk i party 4 party and 5 party a a a 9 party Multi party monthly monthly rates rates i 7.00 0.00 6.90 a a i 12.79 8.79 8.75 is 7.76 7.76 residence inside base rate area Pix trunk a 8.75 1 party 5.00 7.00 2 party a 6.u0 4 party 4.00 a 5 party a a 5.80 residence outside base rate area i party 4 party and 5 party a a a 8 party 4.40 a a Multi party a a 5.60 a inside the base rate area business Pix trunk and 2 party and residence Pix trunk and 2 i a party services Are not now being furnished and there Are no rates filed therefor. However it is proposed under the application to offer such services inside the base rate area at the proposed monthly rates above sgt Ocif de. A a inside and outside the base nue area business i party and residence�?4 party service is now being furnished but it is proposed under the application to eliminate such service. The company proposes in such application to offer inside and outside the base rate area business�?5 party and residence�?6 party service at the proposed monthly rates above specified plus the applicable mileage charges for such service when rendered outside the base rate area. Outside the base rate area 8 party service for business and residence subscribers is now being offered but it is proposed under the application to eliminate such service. The company proposes in the application to offer Multi party service for business and residence subscribers at the proposed monthly rates above specified. A a a at the present time i party and 4 party services for business and residence subscribers Are furnished at the rates specified above for those Grade of service Pius a net monthly mileage charge for each Quarter mile or fraction thereof route measurement from the base rate area Boundary to the subscribers location of $1.00 in the Case of i party service and $.30 in the Case of 4 party service. Under the application it is proposed that business i party 5 party and Pix trunk and residence i party and 5 party services will be furnished outside the base rate area at the proposed monthly rate specified above for the applicable Grade of service plus a net monthly mileage charge of $.75 for each Quarter mile or fraction thereof airline measurement Between tile nearest Point of the base rate area Boundary and the subscriber log a cooly i eee and Little Hocking exc hang is present proposed monthly monthly rates rates class of service business inside the base rate area Pix trunk 1 party 2 party 5 party business outside base rate area Pix trunk i party and 5 party $ 5.50 4.50 a a 5.00 $ 12.75 8.75 8.75 7.75 7.75 Multi party residence i Naide base rate area Pix trunk a 8 75 1 party 4.50 7.00 2 party a o of 5 party $-75 5.50 residence outside base rate area i party and 5 party a Multi party 4.00 5.50 a inside the base rate area business Pix trunk and 2 party and residence Pix trunk and 2 party service Are not now being furnished and there Are no rates filed therefor. However it is proposed wider the application to offer such or vices inside tile base rate area at the proposed monthly rates above specified a a outside the base rate area at the present time business i party and 5 party services Are being furnished at the present monthly rates specified above plus a net monthly mileage charge for each Quarter mile or fraction thereof route measurement from the Bas. Rate area Boundary to the subscribers location of $1.00 in the Case of i party service and $.50 in the Case of 5 party service. Under the application it is proposed that business i party 5 party and Pix trunk and residence i party and 5 party services will be furnished outside the base rate area at the proposed monthly rate specified above for the applicable Grade of service plus a net monthly mileage charge of $.75 for each Quarter mile or fraction thereof airline measurement Between the nearest Point of the base rate Boundary and the subscriber s location. The application contains no proposal to increase any toll rates. Under the aforesaid application the company proposes to eliminate the present delayed payment charge of $.25 which applies on each monthly Bill for local Exchange service if the same is not paid within ten Days from the Date the Bill is due. In addition to the rates set Forth above authority is sought in the above mentioned application to increase rates and charges for certain other services As More fully set Forth in the application and exhibits thereto. The player of the application requests that the commission i make such inquiries and hold such hearings As it May deem and proper ii make and enter an order approving the increased rates and charges for furnishing Telephone service As proposed therein Iii authorize the company to file the schedule of proposed rates and other Tariff provisions As set Forth in exhibit e. And to place the same into effect at the earliest Date allowed by Law and in Grant such other and further Relief As the company is entitled to in the premises. A copies of th6 schedule showing the proposed changes in rates and charges May be inspected by any interested party at the office of the company Coolville Ohio or at the office of the Public utilities commission of Ohio. Ill North High Street Columbus Ohio. The form of this notice has been approved by the Public utilities commission of Ohio. The citizens Telephone company h. C. Parrish president l-$%3otw Mcarthur a a six room residence burned to the ground sunday morning five Miles Northwest of Allensville in Vinton county leaving a family of six homeless. A defective flue was Mamed wedding anniversary observed by stage Nelsonville or. And mrs. Clarence stage canal St., held open House sunday from 2 to 4 . Al Honor of their Golden wedding anniversary. Many of the stages neighbors friends and relatives visited during the afternoon. Among those from out of town attending were or. Dale stage and Thomas Crabtree of Jackson Mich. Or. And mrs. James Howell David and Deborah Leann of Frankfort ind., and or. And mrs. Lowell Burnell of Glouster. Fined for intoxication Nelsonville Charles Mcdonald 419 Madison St., was fined $10 and costs in mayor Hil Leary a court for intoxication. For the Blaze which destroyed the Home of or. And mrs. Earl Betts and their four children Mcarthur Volunteer firemen called about 8 ., were hampered by Snow on the roads and severe cold and were unsuccessful in their attempts to save the one floor Type Structure. Some of the family a furnishings and possessions were saved before flames drove them from the House. The Betts family is staying with neighbors. Or. And or. Byers Are parents of son Glouster a or. And mrs. David Byers of Westerville announce the birth of a son Timothy Allen at White Cross Hospital in Columbus on Jan. 20. Grandparents Are or. And mrs. Raymond Owen Columbus and or. And mrs. Ernest Byers Glouster. Great grandparents Are mrs. Owen and mrs. Frazier East Liverpool. The Byers have two other children Amy Lynn and Danny. Tho maw Gar is i ref a Urie for errors Tai program list tags when stations vide corrected schedules. Fowaz Nych Schaa. 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The work will be preceded by a dinner in the school cafeteria at 6 30 ., announced by r. G. Vaughn worshipful master. Scientists again invade Setins Tomb that of Alaric never find Aldine by m. I. Byrns written especially for Centra pres and this newspaper discovery of a hitherto unknown corridor in the Tomb at pharaoh set i which May Lead to a hidden chamber believed to contain the vast treasures of the ancient egyptian icing recalls another conqueror whose Tomb will never be found. A this great conqueror was Alaric the Goth who wrote his name Large in history As the barbarian warlord who captured and All but destroyed the great City of Rome. Incidentally it is just exactly 1,550 years ago that Adario sacked the eternal City. Set a who reigned Over an Empire along the Nile 16 Cen Turies before Alaric set Rome afire hoped too that his Tomb would never be discovered and violated. However he unlike Alaric failed. A a in setts outer Tomb was found by archaeologist Many years ago and his Mummy removed for exhibit in the egyptian museum of Antiques. For decades it was believed that was All there was to the Tomb and then a few Days ago the secret corridor of Rock Hen Steps leading into the Depths of the sepulchre was uncovered. Seti was one of the truly great conquerors of ancient times. So first he subdued the a Bot Relief it set i in the Temple it Abydos. Bedouin tribes then invaded Palestine and Lebanon where he forced the syrian princes to do him homage ravaged the Laud of the amorite and warred successfully with the hittites. In the ninth year of his reign he turned to More peaceful pursuits such As developing the fabulous Gold mines of Nubia. A a a Seti incidentally was the father of another great conqueror the pharaoh rameses la generally believed to have been the King ruling at the time of exodus the flight of the children of Israel from Egypt. Alaric born about 16 centuries ago on an Island in the Danube River first came to note As Leader of gothic mercenary troops tinder Theodosius Juan Eastern roman emperor at the death of Theodosius in 395 Alaric was crowned King of the visigoths. His Power spread rapidly when he invaded Greece and sacked such cities As Corinth Sparta and Argos sparing Athens Only on payment of a heavy Ransom. Honorius the Western roman emperor persuaded Alaric to join forces with him after the visigoths first invasion of the Western Empire failed. When Honorius abandoned his plan to attack the Eastern Empire Alaric demanded and was promised 4,000 pounds of Gold As indemnity. When Honorius reneged on the Deal Alaric promptly invaded Italy and Laid siege to Rome. The City escaped by paying a huge Ransom a year later Alaric again forced Rome to capitulate. When Honorius no had been deposed was restored to the throne in the year 410 and. Alaric attacked Rome for the third time. A a a the City fell and was savagely plundered and All but destroyed by the visigoths. Now Alaric dreamed of invading roman held North Africa and Sicily but his plans failed when a great storm destroyed his newly built Fleet. Seem after Alaric died. Determined the r o Iii a n s should never be Able to desecrate the great gothic King s Tomb Alaric a followers channelled off part of the Buento River buried him together with his slain horse and a1 his treasure in the River bed. And then let the Waters flow Back Over the hidden sepulchre. Thus the site of Alaric a Tomb was forever lost to the world. Orpah class donates $150 to Church Glouster a mrs. Warren Chappelear entertained the Orpah class of the Glouster methodist Church at her Home on Dew St. With mrs. Bonnie Wilson co hostess. The meeting was damage report Light Nelsonville two automobiles sustained i Glt front end damage at Hie Comer of canal and Harper sis., at about 8 ., saturday. Police report of the Accident showed a car driven by Michael e. Wright 18, Jacksonville travelling West on canal struck a car parked near the intersection belonging to James Pierce 258 Adams St. Wright stated his car went out of control on the icy pavement. No arrest was made. Nelsonville personals or. And mrs. Dan Woody Diane and Steve and or. Charles Woody All of Columbus spent the weekend with or and mrs. Arthur Burgess and or. And mrs. Everett Woody. They came especially to see their father or. Herbert Woody or. Mrs. Dan Cox and daughter of Columbus spent the weekend with her parents or. And mrs. Glenn Tharp Poplar St. Meeting set tuesday Nelsonville Eudora chapter 72 . Will hold its regular meeting tuesday evening in the masonic Temple. A social hour will follow the business session. Council meets tonight Nelsonville kill Eagle Council 57, degree of Pocahontas will meet at 7 00 . Monday at red menus Hall. Directed by the president mrs. Holly Rogers. A donation of $150 which is pledged annually by the class towards the Church budget was Given at this meeting and $24 was voted to be Given to the a pcs. Devotions were read by mrs. Edith Zinn who used an article from the Christian Herald and also from the Wayside pulpit. She concluded devotions by g w. F. Meet be Nelsonville the . Of the Christian Church will meet a 7 30 tonight in the social rooms of the Church. A style show will be presented with mrs. Ted Faul Coner As commentator. Hostess for the evening will be the Mary Martha group. Glouster personals or. And mrs. Jack Dozier Sharon Gam Wel Sandusky were weekend guests of her parents or. And mrs. Ansel Gam Well. Mrs. Donald Price and daughter Donna to spent a few Days this past week with her Bister and family or. And mrs. B. R. Mckinney Zanesville. Athletic meet set Nelsonville regular meet ing of the Nelsonville athletic association will be held at 7 30 . Wednesday at the High school. Driver is fined Nelsonville Robert m. De Long 233 w. Franklin St., was fined $10 and costs in mayor Earl Hilleary a court for unsafe operation. Rouch of old times after signing is contract in Cleveland for a reported $35,000, Jimmy Piersall Indiana out fielder adds a picture touch As he announces he does no to want to go to Kansas City where Frank Lane his old Boas m Cleveland now is the Genera manager. That a Lane in the peeing. Lane said head like to have Jimmy. Paying tribute to or. Tom Dooley. Mrs. Helen Markley had charge of the contests and prizes were won by mrs. Rogers and mrs. Zinn. Mount St. Mary Hospital notes it. St. Mary hos notes births or. And mrs. Malcom Cook Union Furnace a son. Or. And mrs. Frank Delong Doan Ville a daughter. Admissions Ernest Perry Hemlock. Mrs. Dora Barrett Glouster. Miss Anna Metcalfe Nelsonville. Mrs. Louella Moody Millfield route i. Miss Deborah Strole Athens. John Patton Nelsonville. Edgar Souders Buchtel. John Hughes Nelsonville. Miss Edna Hall Nelsonville. Mrs. Anna Williams Malta route 2. Forde Mcclain Nelsonville route i. Mrs. Betty Dennison Glouster. George Hartley Athens route 3. Mrs. Irene Spencer Gore route i. Mrs. Myrtle tedrow Nelsonville. Mrs. Almajo Midkiff Nelsonville. Dan Kovach Glouster route 3. Vern Vorhes Nelsonville. Discharged mrs. Harold Vollmer and son Gore. Mrs. Jack Drescher and daughter Nelsonville. Mrs. Ralph Crabtree and son Athens. Mrs. Margaret Beattie new Straits Ville. Mrs. Goldie King new Lexington. Carl Williams Buchtel. Charles la Hugh new Marshfield. Thomas Brooks the Plains. Miss Ila Cox Nelsonville. Mrs. Joyce Rogaski Chauncey. Miss Mary roof Corning. Mrs. Maude Wells Union Furnace. Mrs. June Erdy Jacksonville. Mrs Arrena Breeze new Lexington. John Barrows Nelsonville. Mrs. Rita Kokensparger new Lexington. Mrs. Mary Conkel Buchtel. Mrs. Eva Knight Hemlock. Mrs. Christine Dawson Reidville. James Stephenson Glouster. Mrs. Mary Holden new Lexington. Sex resident Dies at 75 Nelsonville mrs. Hannah Mcdaniel Walters 75, died Satur la Day afternoon at Lincoln memorial Hospital. Columbus where she had been admitted Friday following a cerebral Haemorrhage. A resident of Columbus the past few years mrs. Walters had made her Home in Nelsonville and the Nelsonville area for a number of years previous. She was born in Vinton co., daughter of the late George and Sarah Allen Mcdaniel. She was a member of the Asbury methodist Church Asbury Ridge. During her residence in Nelsonville she had attended the first presbyterian Church. Mrs. Walters leaves her husband Raymond two daughters. Mrs. Beatrice Mcafee and mrs. Eileen Chapman and a sister mrs. Oliver Cox All of Columbus brother Frank Mcdaniel. Athens and five grandchildren. Services will be conducted by Rev. John Lloyd Evans at 2 ., tuesday at the Warren funeral Home where friends Mav Call at any time. Burial will be at Union cemetery Athens. Now playing themm shush had to Hurt someone he loved Presley As pacer. The half Breed Athens messenger g monday Jan. 23, 1961 or. Davis hostess Jacksonville mrs. Elizabeth Davis will be hostess to the Jacksonville a pcs thurs Day at 7 30 ., with miss Arlene Davis As co hostess the program Leader is mrs. Jane Wintersteen and the devotional Leader mrs. Mabel Sayer. A cd meets tuesday Glouster a the Glouster Community development corp. Will meet tuesday 7 30 . In the mayors office. All officers members and interested citizens Are invited a there will be business of importance discussed. Jmwa meet called Glouster the ump of a will meet tuesday 7 30 ., in the eagles Hall. Mrs. Goldie Byers will serve refreshments. Lodge session set Glouster the pythian Sis ters will meet wednesday at 7 30 in the k of p Hall. There will be installation of officer and potluck lunch will follow. 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