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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 4

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Athens, Ohio The Athens messenger established 182& Frederick w. Bulb. Publisher 1898-1929 Gordon k. Bush. Publisher p. O. Nichols. Advertising Dir. Frs to Weber circulation Dir. The Kess eng Abr publishing co. 48 to. Union Athens. Ohio cabs. W. Reamer. Managing editor Jack Hilbert. New editor c. J. Sylvester. Classified mgr. Athens Ohio. Monday. January 23. 1961 on dedicated writers perhaps the most sustained of the criticisms of newspapers is that the bad things arc stressed and the Good things played Down. That sort of news treatment was never exercised the publishers of the messenger who always have striven to turn out a publication that is both newsy and no one could publish a newspaper and disregard an interesting murder or scandal people love that sort of a thing but the kind of readers we seek Are folks who want to know Good things about their neighbors. Nobody can say that our out in the Field writers have failed us in this regard. And a More faithful group of dedicated Home style writers cannot found anywhere. To represent a Small Community and All of our circulation Field is made of such towns would an impossible task for the uninitiated in newspaper work. So his her work Speaks her itself personal and healthy and As we said there is nothing of the Hustle and Bustle of big cities about the work of our writers. It is the Rule that the first Page of every modern newspaper with All its facilities for acquiring news from every part of the world should much the ramen a condensed digest of news of Many kinds from Many places. But what we have to offer and what we like Best is the everyday life stories and paragraphs about people. The stories which appear Back of our front Page Are the kind some times that can treasured in the family Bible and family scrapbooks. This is As it should life is Short and hard enough without featuring scandal from the first column to the last one in any newspaper. It is unfortunate that so Many of our readers do not know in a person to person Way the folks who Weeke after week and year after year toil to keep their communities on the map. Those of us who Deal with these folks deeply appreciate their loyalty and faithfulness. To know them restores Faith in a hurly Burly world. . Economic Outlook bolstered the economic Outlook of Athens and Meigs counties received a much needed boost this past week when three firms announced plans to Start Small Industrial operations in the area. The announcements were boosts to both the Economy and morale of the two counties where in recent years the trend has teen toward either closing or reduced activities of some Long standing industries rather than the arrival of new sources of employment. While the total Job opportunities of the three operations Are Small when compared to the manufacturing giants that have sprung up around the country in the past 20 years the estimated 45 new jobs that will created in Athens and Pomeroy Are most Welcome to communities where labor surpluses exist. I perhaps even More encouraging than the availability of new jobs is the Faith in the future these outside firms Are evidencing in Athens and Meigs counties. In a period when some of our Northern Ohio neighbors tend to look upon us As poor relatives with Little Hope of improving our status it is refreshing and encouraging to find outside investors who foresee sufficient business to Merit investment in area plants. The arrival in Athens of two firms concerned with the building and Highway construction trades certainly is an indication that More new Homes buildings and highways Are forthcoming. These firms plan to service More than just Athens. They have their eyes on a Market within a 30-mile radius. Needless to say the officials of these films would not invest Money unless they had investigated and found ample evidence that new highways and buildings will continue to grow in our Community. It in Pomeroy the eventual reactivation a new firm of a steel Plant that had been discontinued gives Hopes that some of those who lost their jobs will re employed and the Meigs county City a Economy will bolstered. Also deserving Merit in Pomeroy is the fight of civic leaders to bring a new Industry to the City. They displayed spirit courage and initiative which is commendable and which is excellent testimony to other interested industries that the people of Meigs county Are More than willing to do All possible for the betterment of their Community. Amos and Andy bookkeeping expansion of the social Security system to include medical care for elderly persons offers some Tough nuts to crack. Experience shows that in politics things ase advocated that Are unworkable. Richard Starnes columnist for the Washington daily news reveals some not very comforting statistics on the entire social Security setup. A in its first Quarter Century a he says a social Security took in $70 billion. It paid out $50 billion of that and has $20 billion of government Bonds in the Kitty. Against that $20 billion there Are obligations at the present rate of benefits of $360 if you wonder How the social Security system has reached such a pass the answer is simple. Or. Starnes cites a not unusual cases a pensioner who paid for three years starting in 1937. Then he retired. Since then he and his late wife together have drawn $13,490 in benefits while their total contributions to the fund had been $40. But in the Case of Young people starting to work circumstances Are reversed. They can never Hope to. Take out As much As they Are forced to contribute. There is Little justification for further taxing in the name of social Security already overtaxed younger workers to provide medical care for millions of elderly persons who Are both Able and willing to care for themselves. Senator Harry f. Byrd a distinguished Democrat who has As great an understanding of the fiscal problems of the Federal government As any Man does not mince words a i am opposed to. Compulsory medical service and hospitalization under the social Security system. I am convinced this would Lead to socialized Medicine with possibility that it would bankrupt the social Security Trust Jim Bishop Story Teller devils dictionary i no one remembers Ambrose Bierce except Clifton Fadiman and me. Bierce was a cynic and a writer in that order. He wrote Many things in the years of his life 1842-1914but his devils dictionary is the Best known of them All. It is included in a new Book of the collected writings of Ambrose Bierce Citadel press and Fadiman. When it came to judging human beings Bienne was fierce. His definitions All left handed and mean can bring tears of laughter to my eyes no matter How Many times i read them. Here then Are some and those that do not fit in this column will used in the next one. Abasement. A decent mental attitude in the presence of wealth and Power. Aborigines. Persons of Little Worth encumbering the soil of a newly discovered country. They soon cease to Cumber. The a fertilize. Abrupt. Sudden without ceremony like the arrival of a Cannon shot and the departure of the Soldier whose interests Are effected it. Absolute. An absolute monarchy is one in which the Sovereign does As he pleases As Long As he pleases his assassins. Abstained. A weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure. Absurdity. A statement or belief inconsistent with ones own opinion achievement. The death of Endeavor and the birth of disgust. Acquaintance. A person we know Well enough to borrow from but not Well enough to lend to. Adamant. A Mineral frequently found beneath a Corset. Soluble in solicit ate of Gold. Adherent. A Follower who has not yet obtained All that he Hopes to get. Age. That period of life in which we compound some vices while reviling those that we no longer have the Enterprise to commit. Air. A nutritious substance for the fattening of the poor. Alliance. The Union of two nations who have their hands so deeply in each others pockets that they cannot separately plunder a third. Alone. In bad company. Apologize. To Lay the foundation for a future offence. Appeal. In Law to put the Dice into the cup for another throw. Auctioneer. A Man who proclaims with a Hammer that he has picked your pocket with his Tongue. Back. That part of your Friend which it is your privilege to contemplate in your adversity. Beauty. The Power which a woman charms a Lover and terrifies a husband. Befriend. To spawn an ingrate. Bigot. One who is obstinately attached to an opinion you do not entertain. Birth. The first and worst of ail disasters. Bore. One who talks when you wish him to listen. Brain. An apparatus with which we think that we think. Bride. A Young lady with a Fine Prospect of happiness behind her. Cabbage. A Kitchen vegetable about As Large and Wise As a Many a head. Callous. Gifted with fortitude to Bear the evils afflicting another. Childhood. The period of human life intermediate Between the idiocy of infancy and the Folly of youth two removes from the sin of manhood and three from the remorse of age. Comfort. A state of mind produced contemplation of a neighbors hard Luck. Commerce. A transaction in which a plunders from the goods of a and for compensation picks the pocket of d of Money belonging to e. Congratulations. The civility of envy. Conservative. A statesman who is enamoured of existing evils As distinguished from the Liberal who wishes to replace them with others. Ambassador. A Jerson who having failed to secure an office from the people is Given one the administration on condition that he leave the country. Contempt. The feeling of a prudent Man for an enemy who is too formidable to opposed. Coward. One who. In an emergency thinks with his legs. Curiosity. An objectionable Quality of the female wind. Dawn. The time when men of reason go to bed. Debauched. One who has so earnestly pursued a pleasure that he has had the misfortune to overtake it. Deputy. The male relative of an office Holder. Die. The singular of Dice. Distance. The wily thing which the Rich Are willing for the pow to Call their own and keep. Dragoon. A Soldier who makes his Advance on foot and his Retreat on horseback. Eavesdrop. Secretly to hear a catalogue of your own vices. Egotist. A person of Law taste More interested in himself than in me. Envelope. The night gown of a love letter. Famous. Conspicuously miserable. Fib. A lie that has not Cut its Teeth. Fiddle. An instrument to tickle human ears drawing a horses Tail across the entrails of a cat. Fidelity. A virtue Peculiar to those about to betrayed. Or. Bierce untamed and unchanged went to Mexico in 1913 to write about the Pancho Villa revolution. He was last heard from in 1914. It is possible that Pancho Villa who had a Short fuse did not properly appreciate the acid on Bierce s Tongue. The first of two parts on the devils dictionary do it every time hallo Tuan Awo tip or a we Matix mat to , , Mabine Babi Acks Washington . Dear Abby. First come first seated Abigail Van Buren dear Abby Isnit it proper for men to offer their seats on a bus to women any More i ride to work on a bus every Day and i have seen elderly and even pregnant women stand while men just sit there. Occasionally i will see a gentleman offer a woman his seat but you should see the dirty looks he get from the men who Are sitting. Are gentlemen becoming extinct in our civilization lady bus rider dear lady some of the women who ride buses Are in better shape than some of the men naturally an elderly or pregnant woman made to stand any More than a feeble or handicapped Man. But healthy Able bodied women who compete with men for jobs expect a Busload of sir Walter Raleigh. A a a dear Abby my husband and i have four children. Every time one was born wed agree on a name we both liked take the baby to Church and have it baptized with that name. But As soon As wed get Home my husband would Start calling it something else. Our Christopher he Calls a a Max Marie Ann is a cookie a Francis is a a Butch and Antonio is i get so mad i could throw him out. What can i do Only a wife dear Only what a in in name i love a Man who Calls me he a my husband a a a dear Abby there is a certain boy who asks All the girls to dance and he is the worlds worst dancer. He keeps going around in circles and gets All the girls dizzy. Should we Tell him so he can improve or should we skip it for fear of hurting his feelings the three h s dear has considering the present crop of wallflowers a girl Woald have to pretty a a dizzy to criticize a boys dancing. Don t suggest he improve unless you Are willing to teach him. A a a confidential to a willing to work a Bellhop. Money grows on trays a for a personal reply Send a self addressed stamped envelope to Abby Box 3365, Beverly Hills Calif. I doctor cranes personal cases Jack s Accident could easily have been avoided for your local Myca and co plead with you parents to prevent such needless loss of life. But when you do lose a loved one then employ a dynamic memorial that will continue doing Good in modern society. Done to just sit and Grieve get into productive action at once or. George w. Crane Case g�?491 Jack b., aged 16, was a Brilliant High schooler. A but he a never Learned to swim a his disconsolate Mother told me a yet last summer he insisted on building a raft. A it was at his grandparents farm where they had a Pond. And the raft upset throwing Jack into deep water. A before help could reach him he drowned. Or. Crane i can to get Over the Shock for he was our Only child. A what can i do to gain a new perspective on life a apart from its emotional Shock to his parents the death of a talented Young fellow like Jack Means an actual loss of $200,000 to society. For that is the aver age earnings nowadays of a person who lives to the social Security age of 65. When you leaders of the Myca or co thus launch your fund raising campaigns please re Mfd your donors that if you save the life of Only one child per year via your swimming lessons you will have far offset the entire annual budget. Swimming thus offers the Best insurance in later life of All athletic skills. Millions of people have occasion to use it for pleasure plus saving lives. And you done to need to an expert or Able to swim Long distances to save your life Ai a Rule when a boat upsets or a Canoe Rolls Over if you can swim Only 20 feet you can get Back to the overturned Craft and hang on till help arrives. Swimming is not Only healthful but is especially valuable for girls since it improves their figure. A Flat chested woman can thus enlarge the Pectoralis Muscles of the Chest Wall via the breast stroke and soon increase her bust measurement. Since breast tissue is chiefly fat you can to enlarge the breast itself to any significant degree. But swimming will expand the underlying Muscles and thus push the breasts outward thereby giving a girl a More curvaceous profile. Regular exercise especially in the Long distance swimming events builds up a larger More muscular heart. And that is Good insurance against your dying from a coronary attack. Every child should taught to swim just As a safety measure and he should learn this Talent even before he enters Grade school try and Stop me Bennett Cerp Yogi Berra conducting an Impromptu baseball seminar in Toots shorts old Bistro one Winter night suddenly declared there were seven different ways a Batter could get to first base without Makya hit of. Ing a hit. Can you name them Here they Are i. A base on balls. 2. Hit Pitcher. 3. Interference the Catcher. 4. A dropped third strike. 5. Forcing out a preceding runner. 6. Getting on via an error. 7. Be coming a Pinch runner. Thinker Berra also pointed out one Way a Pitcher could yield six successive base hits without putting a single Man on base play a girls team. Is Herb Stein has spotted a chinese restaurant out Hollywood Way that s so Swanky the cookie messages Are printed in French. Sulking at a Back table there incidentally was a hillbilly who son the Way out. He a suffering from receding sideburns. A a Mike Connolly insists that at least one Hollywood Star steadfastly recalls his Humble beginnings. Once a year regularly he goes Back to Chicago a slums to visit his wife and kiddies. A Issi Bennett Cert. Distributed King features Syndicate but i have seen parents teach their children to ski or even ride a horse yet ignore swimming which is the most essential of All. If you wish to pay real tribute to your departed loved ones then erect a a dynamic memorials to their memory. A dynamic memorial continues to help the living in a constructive manner. For example offer. $25 scholarships to the youth of your Church so they can attend a summer Church Camp. Contribute to the Myca co or Camp fire girls work. Help supervise a boy or girl scout troop. Teach a sunday school class. And Stock a Supply of the nonprofit newspaper booklets offered via this educational column. Then pass them around among Young people. Start with the a sex problems of Young people a or a formula for interesting conversation a or a logical proof of enclose a stamped return envelope plus 2q cents for each Booklet you wish. Always write to or. Crane in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long 4 cent stamped addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you Send for one of his booklets Athens county land transfers Leo Engleman Athens to William Morris Athens lot 3344 in Athens. Malvene Whelpley Glouster to Robert Craig Glouster 43.25 acres in Lodi and 1.75 acres in Alexander. Lucille Daines to Ralph Dames nine tracts in Athens county. John Dean to Theodore Winner Trimble lots 181, 182, 183 and 184 in Trimble. Joanna Fulton to John bes Coe Glouster six tracts in Glouster. Franz Woodworth Athens county to Mattox Block inc., Lancaster 7.655 acres in Athens. Edward Katzenbach Phoenix adz., to Lewis Buell Manchester one acre in York Fred Arnold Athens county to Nellie Arnold new Marshfield two tracts in Waterloo. Clark Williams Lodi to Wayne Michael Lodi 53.84 acres in Canaan. Richard Phillips Athens county to Alice Phillips Athens county one half of inlets 1534 am 1538 in Athens. Robert Hawk Athens county to Lee Byerly Athens lot 1388 in Athens. George Sokolsky a a a a a How to save Money the Export of dollars is still a problem with us. A professor who teaches in a University wrote to me that i was All wet about How dollars Are exported. He wrote that dollars Are not actually sent abroad in a package a or a suit Case or a Black bag but that one goes to a Bank in this country and makes the Transfer. No dollars really change hands Only bookkeeping credits. A lot this naive professor knows. Imagine a dope importer going to a Bank to get a letter of credit or to Send a draft or some other commercial document the Fri the secret service the narcotics Bureau would have him in prison in no time. The import of heroin cocaine opium and marijuana is big business involving hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The Center of this business is in Naples. Lucky Luciano denies that he has anything to do with it but it has increased since he has been exported to Italy. To legitimate this kind of Money it is physically sent abroad As is All tax evasion and tax avoidance Money. One would not expect a professor to know about such ugly and miserable mundane doings. If a real Effort were made to go after those who have used tax havens considerable american dollars could brought Home. Tax havens exist All Over the world but Switzerland is the principal tax Haven in the world. Many americans have Money there in numbered accounts. Swiss Banks act like fences in this respect. The Swiss refuse to give our government any information on the subject. Their profit on this dirty Money is so Large that Switzerland protects these tax evaders who Are actually Thieve. Perhaps the new administration will pump up enough courage to go after these Fellows. Again the professor is wrong. In these cases actual dollars Are transported abroad because a Bank transaction could involve the thief in a felony a even if he put his Money in a Swiss Bank in new York whose books could seized for inspection various agencies. Another Way to keep Dol i ars from going out of the country is to eliminate As far As is possible the use of so called civilian experts abroad the army. Men in the army ought to found who in civilian life can do the work of these experts. Say that an interpreter is needed. Surely out of our vast military Force interpreters in any language can found. As a Soldier writes me a those of us making a career of the military service expected to make sacrifices and we make plenty of them. We have acquired certain Basic fighting skills and we done to mind devoting a part of our time to maintaining these skills. But we have some intelligence and we re making a professional career for ourselves. This Means that we also Are technicians and that we cannot spend All of our time when there is no actual armed conflict engaged in Field exercises with a Rifle in our when our skills Are not utilized As they should when highly paid civilians take our jobs away from us and when Public opinion holds that we Are fit Only for making senseless sacrifices. Is it any wonder that we protest we have intelligence enough to know that All of this is not in the True interest of National the civilians attached to the army ought to hired Only if no one in uniform can do their work As Well. If we Are to have an efficient army in which officers and men reenlist and make it a life career there Mut no Competition Between Soldier and civilian within the army. The unnecessary civilians ought to brought Back to the United states. % american tourists do not generally create too much Good will anyhow. But that is not the Point. They Export dollars unnecessarily. In the Case of tourists of course the professor is right. They buy letters of credit or get travellers checks and they generally do not carry too Many dollars with them. But in the settlement for these letters of credit and travellers checks the balance could go against us and the actual settlement might have to made in Gold probably earmarked Gold. Until the Dollar is restored to sound value it is not necessary to stimulate tourist activities. Health and happiness Garry c. Myers dating habits when do teen agers begin to Date do they get their parents permission for the first Date is there a time and frequency limit parents Why so some teen agers not Date answers to these and other questions about dating were secured in a a research on dating a reported professor Paul h. Landis of Washington state University in a marriage and family living for August. Study made this study was made among 574 High school students 288 boys and 286 girls in cities of 10,000 to 40,000. It reveals that More than three fourths of them began to Date before 16, girls usually dating about two years earlier than boys. About three fourths of the girls and less than half of the boys sought their parents permission for the first Date. Time limits about half the parents of both boys and girls required them to in on week nights ten of clock. Most of the rest set Midnight As the limit. Almost half the parents held the line at two nights a week or less. The other half allowed three or More nights. Boys were Given More Freedom than girls. Parents differentiated More than three fourths of the parents allowed their daughters to go out Only with boys the parents knew and approved. About the same number of parents allowed the boys to go out with anyone. Most parents did no to require double dating and single dates were permitted most of them. Most parents were strict about the kind of activities planned on dates. Attending a a just any dance was strictly taboo. Also parents were generally concerned about liquor and about sons or daughters going to places where it was Likely to served. Most boys not dating gave Money As the reason. No car in the lower economic group almost two thirds of the boys Felt blocked in dating for Lack of a car. Also the boys named shyness and fear of being turned Down. Many Girts considered the boys Lack of a ear important v i in their not dating. Many girl Felt they could not for status reasons Date a boy without s car. About 80% of the boys and almost All Tbs girls said they did no to think a girl had to pet in order to popular. About going steady As a Nile those going steady rated steady dating the More interesting while those who did no to believe in steady dating thought that casual dating or a playing the Fields was More interesting. Most favored steady dating even before they reached the time of mate Choice less than a fourth of these Young people thought going steady should reserved for those seeking a marriage partner. Answering parents questions q. Which is the greater problem the child 8-16 who talks too much at meals or the one who rarely talks at All a. The utter though most parents suppose it is the former. Its very easy to curb the Over talkative child but it May require parental Genius to bring out the reticent one. Logan personals or. And mrs. Homer Mason Louise Lehman Logan route 4, Are parents of a baby girl born tuesday Jan. 17, at 10 09 . In mount St. Mary Hospital Nelsonville. The new daughter has been named Lori Anne. The couple also has a son Milch 3. Or. And mrs. Frank Mason of Logan and or. And rms. Harry j. Lehman of Gore route i Are grandparents. The Athens mb8j published daily exec copy 7 cents the sunday mess single copy. In cent Foll verse Carrier Dally 8 Ona weak i so s Del. By mall in of Ona week. Pour weeks. Six on the. In amp Hasa on. Wok. Three weeks. Three months. Is months. One year. Entered at a thins o flee a second Ola a a Der act it of Isis press of the j address All mall to sees

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