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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - August 14, 2015, Athens, Ohio A a Ltd \2 National world news in Brief i Ruck bomb at Baghdad produce Market kills 67 islamic state group claims responsibility Baghdad apr in one of the deadliest single attacks in postwar Baghdad a truck bomb shattered a popular fruit and vegetable Market in a teeming shiite neighbourhood thursday killing 67 people and wounding More than 150 others. Militants from the self described islamic state claimed responsibility for the bombing that incinerated much of the Jameela Market in the District of Sadr City. The dead and wounded were carried away in blood soaked blankets and garbage bags amid the charred and twisted stalls and spilled produce. The sunni extremist group which holds about a third of Iraq and neighbouring Syria said it targeted a gathering place for shiites and vowed More attacks. It often attacks military checkpoints or predominantly shiite areas with the goal of undermining Confidence in the governments Security efforts. When it launched its major onslaught across Northern Iraq last year the islamic state group vowed to continue on to Baghdad but a mobilization of Volunteer shiite fighters deterred any significant attacks on the capital at that time. Croatia hostage was abducted by criminals who demanded Ransom then handed to is Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina apr the alleged beheading of a croatian hostage in Egypt took a sinister new turn thursday with the revelation that a criminal gang kidnapped him then demanded a Ransom from his employer before turning him Over to the islamic state group. The French Geo science company that the 30-year-old Oil and Gas Surveyor worked for said it tried in vain to Contact his abductors after receiving their emailed demand for Cash. The kidnapping and apparent beheading of Tomislav Salo Pek who was snatched in Broad Daylight on the outskirts of Cairo is the first of its kind involving a foreigner in Egypt. It is sure to Deal a blow to the governments efforts to project stability and buttress an economic turnaround following years of unrest in the Wake of Egypt Sarab Spring. It will also Likely rattle companies with expatriate workers in Egypt and cast a Cloud Over Hopes of boosting International investment in the country. Christophe Barnini. The chief spokesman for Salopek a employer egg Ardi Seis said the company received an email with a Ransom demand eight Days after his july 22 kidnapping but it included no Contact number and multiple responses to the address it came from went unanswered. The company a emails asked for proof of life and included a Telephone number for the kidnappers to Contact. Barnini said adding that egg was acting on directives from croatian and egyptian authorities. White House says is investigating whether islamic state used chemical weapons against kurd Edgartown mass. Apr the United states is investigating whether the islamic state used chemical weapons the White House said thursday following allegations that is militants deployed chemical weapons against kurdish forces in Northern Iraq. Alistair Baskey. A spokesman for the White houses National Security Council said the . Is taking the allegations a Quot very seriously and seeking More information about what happened. He noted that is had been accused of using such weapons before. A we continue to Monitor these reports closely and would further stress that any use of chemicals or biological material As a weapon is completely inconsistent with International standards and norms regarding such capabilities a Baskey said in a statement. Earlier thursday kurdish officials said their forces known As Pes Merga were attacked the Day before near the town of Mahmour not far from Erbil. Germany a military has been training the kurd in the area and the German defense ministry said some 60 kurdish fighters had suffered breathing difficulties from the attack a a telltale sign of chemical weapons use. But neither Germany nor the kurd specified which Type of chemical weapons May have been used. I health Law sign pushing higher nearly i million used a special enrolment periods Washington apr nearly a million people signed up for health insurance under president Obama s Law even after the official enrolment season ended helping push the share of uninsured americans below to percent and underscoring How hard it could be for republicans to dismantle the program. The health and human services department said thursday that 943,934 new customers have signed up since open enrolment ended on feb. 22, benefiting from a special enrolment periods keyed to life changes and other circumstances. Its a flexible feature also common to the coverage people get through work. Sign up opportunities for those experiencing changes such As having a baby or losing a Job that came with health insurance Are available year round through healthcare. Gov and its state run counterparts. The steadily growing number of americans with coverage under the five year old Law could make it More difficult for republicans to repeal a Obama care even if they win the White House and keep control of Congress in next years elections. Several of the gop presidential candidates have insisted they would scrap the Law but they would face the Prospect of stripping millions of their insurance. Republican lawmakers also talk of replacing the affordable care act but the gop has yet to rally behind an alternative. Dirty air killing an estimated 1.6 million a year in China new us study finds Friday August 14, 2015 a thins aria Fin Tho forecast Washington apr air pollution is killing about 4, xxx Ople in China a Day accounting for i in 6 premature deaths the worlds most populous country a new study finds. Physicists at the University of California. Berkeley Calcut de that about 1.6 million people in China die each year from it lung and stroke problems because of incredibly polluted especially Small particles of Haze. Parlier studies put the Anil chinese air pollution death toll at i to 2 million but this is first to use newly released chinese air monitoring figures. Hie study released thursday blamed emissions from the a Ning of Coal both for electricity and heating Homes. The by to be published in the journal plos one uses real air asure ments and then computer Model calculations that is late heart lung and stroke deaths for different types of Poilu. Study Lead author Robert Rohde said that 38 percent the chinese population lives in an area with a Long term air to Lily average to fit the . Epa Calls unhealthy. Athens Outlook today we will see sunny skies with a High temperature of 85�, humidity of 61%. Light winds. The record High temperature for today is 96� set in 1988. Expect partly Cloudy skies tonight with an overnight Low of 62�. Light winds. I Hill a dash a statistics temperatures High.77 Low. 54 record High.98 in 1988 record Low. .43 in 1982 precipitation amount.0.00&Quot Date reported from Gaitens Wjt a Wood county Airport location Hood sue today 24hr change Athens 20 3.57 -048 wow wha sour weather com Toledo Cleveland Frankfort f Lexington t 83/45 w hmm Type of pop Damott wow of taut ut.,. _ a Yak my q 0 Mitai Jmwa a a a a it hmm today today City Hilo we City Hilo we Chicago 89 72 t new York 86 72 s Dallas 98 75 s Phoenix to 87 s r Lauderdale 90 78 t Seattle 68 59 she Kansas City 89 71 s Tampa 88 74 los Angeles 93 70 s Washington do 889 we the a inti a Doudy pc Petty Cloudy run. Vrain a wow Tommy in Iowen Taranow to thu ode Worms a Windy Mim sulm Hamwi Sunrise today.6 40ain. Sunset today.8 25 pm. Moonrise today 6 42 am. Moonset today.8 19 . Moon phases Dan proves president Harding fathered child out of Wedlock by the associated press Washington Dan testing All but confirmed Thomas Jefferson slept with his slave Sally Hemings. Now its rewriting another lurid chapter in presidential history this one from the roaring �?~20s. Genetic analysis has proved that president Warren g. Harding fathered a child with Long rumoured mistress Nan Britton according to ancestry Dan a Dan testing division of . Britton set off a jazz age sex scandal when she went Public with her tale of forbidden love in the White House boldly publishing her Story in a 1927 Best Selling Memoir a the presidents but historians Long questioned her claims and Harding defenders vilified her As a liar for nearly 90 years. Based on Dan from Britton a grandson and descendants of Harding the results Are 99.9 percent certain said. The findings were first reported thursday by the new York times. The child bom of their Union Elizabeth Ann Blaesing was the Only known offspring of the 29th president. She died in 2005. Britton died in 1991. James Blaesing 65, who grew up hearing the Story of his Grandfather the president from Britton his grandmother told the associated press he Long wanted to prove she was telling the truth. He was delighted by the Dan results. A you know what this is its a love Story a he said of his grandparents. A it was True love especially on her Side and i know he Felt the same Way. And he got Harding was a heartthrob . Senator from Ohio when the affair began. Women found him handsome and charming with great magnetism. Britton was younger by 30 years and first developed a crush on Harding As a teenage girl in his Hometown. The relationship continued when Harding was president with Britton later writing of How they made love in a White House coat closet. The secret Romance ended with Harding a sudden death during his presidency in 1923. Harding a family Long maintained Britton a Book was a lie or a childhood fantasy or was perhaps dreamed up by democratic opponents of the Republican president. Some maintained that Harding was sterile because he had mumps As a child. The Library of Congress recently published love letters from an earlier affair Between Harding and another woman Carrie f. Phillips opening further doubts about the family a denials. Peter Harding of big sur California a grand Nephew of the former president wanted to know the truth along with his Cousin Abigail Harding of Worthington Ohio who had already begun studying her family history on . The associated press in this oct. 28, 1931 photo Nan Britton and poses with her daughter Elizabeth Ann Britton 12 in Toledo. Dan testing is rewriting a compter in presidential history this one from the roaring �?~20s. Ancestry Dan a division of , says genetic analysis has confirmed president Warren g. Harding pictured at right fathered a child out of Wedlock with his Long rumoured mistress Nan Britton. She set off a scandal when she went Public nearly 90 years ago with her tale of forbidden love in the White House. A a people have a right to know who their parents and grandparents Are Quot said Peter Harding a retired psychiatrist. A i think that just a human right. I Here was a whole family that did t know for sure who their father and Grandfather was. I hey deserved to but other parts of the family did no to want anyone digging into the potentially salacious details of the past. Quot people have a right to know who their parents and grandparents Are a said Peter Harding a retired psychiatrist. A i think that a just a human right. There was a whole family that did no to know for sure who their father and Grandfather was. They deserved to Peter Harding and James Blaesing connected and agreed to do a Dan test when the results came Back Blaesing called Abigail Harding and greeted her by saying a Chi the families plan to hold a reunion and get better acquainted. But it will take time for other family members to feel comfortable with the discovery. Historians rank Harding Low among the presidents and he is known mostly for the Teapot dome scandal that took place during his administration. Family members who researched Harding a history said he was in a sexless marriage and had several mistresses. Questions Over Harding a affairs and out of Wedlock daughter have circulated for years. Visitors to the Harding Home in Marion Ohio often ask whether he had a secret daughter. Tour guides have answered with a shrug and said there a evidence its True. James Robenalt a historian who wrote about Harding a affair with Phillips said Harding a legacy has been overshadowed by the allegations of affairs. The secrets were much More titillating when they were kept in the closet he said. But now the family can heal and be reunited. A politically on a much much bigger scale it is. I think time for people to say a of this happened there a no longer a mystery we have to solve a a Robenalt said. Quot lets really look at Harding the politician Harding the senator Harding the president and really look at his record and try to assess it Blaesing said that if his Mother and grandmother were alive today they would be pleased by the Dan findings. A my grandmother a right now she has the biggest smile on her face a he said. A she is so Happy that this is out ancestry Dan spokesman Stephen Balogu said the Harding Story shows the Power of Dan in rewriting history. Quot the family connection is definitive a he said. A we were Happy to help the Harding family members solve this longstanding family in the Jefferson Case a Dan analysis published in 1998 found evidence that a member of the Jefferson family fathered at least one of Hemings six children. On the basis of that and documentary evidence a namely the whereabouts of Jefferson a male relatives at the time a historians have generally agreed that Jefferson and Hemings had a sexual relationship As had Long been rumoured. 11-year-old impregnated in rape gives birth in Paraguay where government denied her abortion Asuncion Paraguay apr an 11-year-old girl who was denied an abortion after being raped gave birth thursday the culmination of a Case that put a spotlight on child rape in this poor South american nation and Drew criticism from human rights groups. Elizabeth Torales a lawyer for the girls Mother told the associated press that the minor gave birth to a baby girl via cesarean in a red Cross Hospital in Asuncion Paraguay a capital. She said reported there were no complications and both the Mother and baby were resting. A the baby does no to yet have a name a said Torales who added that her client and the girls grandmother had requested custody of the infant. Hospital director Mario Villalba told reporters outside the Hospital that the birth took about 35 minutes. She said the girl would remain in the Hospital for three or four Days a like any other patient who has had a she said the minor was currently accompanied by her grandmother hut declined to give any further details. The girl was allegedly raped and impregnated by her Stepfather when she was to. The Stepfather has been arrested and is awaiting trial. The girls Mother has been charged with negligence. Erika Guevara the americas director at amnesty International said the fact the girl survived should not excuse what the government put her through. A the fact that she did not die does not excuse the human rights violations she suffered at the hands of the paraguayan authorities who decided to Gamble with her health life and integrity despite overwhelming evidence that this pregnancy was extremely risky and despite the fact that she was a rape victim and a Quot Only time will Tell the True extent of the physical att psychological consequences of her tragic ordeal a Guevara said t a

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