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Anita Record Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 3

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Anita Record (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Anita, Iowa I what a lire the new lines of dress t during the approaching months change already is observes a new York fashion Corre though in some instances it May be Only subtly women the country Over Are buy tog much More conservatively than in the first flush of rising Cost now la the time for the american woman to take a further stand and to demand real refuse anything that is Good enough in looks or in a and to assert tier right to the most attractive since 19 paying the highest every Day More and Beautiful gowns being women can have them if they demand when you Are buying a you demand four Quality and refuse Kny your wardrobe endure As did our grandmothers in the Days after the civil be cause of products continually being forced upon the is possible to attain this result perseverance but the gome is Worth the dresses of Serge and due Eton Good for Winter Days Ana for the first coolish Days when one Longs for a sufficient covering and Relief from mussed things of angles with irregular Side there was an accordion while the tight underskirt was made of the Serge showing a line of the Copper this was a new combination of colors and Nice thing about this costume was Thabit was accompanied by a Serge Cape to it was simply Cut and embroidery running All around the ample outlines of the wrap matched exactly the embroidery on the there was a soft Copper coloured faille embroidery on Serge is most effective when to la done in the lighter shades and Serge takes Wool and silk and Metal embroidery equally and it holds the stitches in one Serge dress made with a High Waist in front and a Back extend ing from shoulders to hem belted at the Waistline has a trimming of silk dots in Bright colors scattered about the space Over the this trimming is repealed around the neck line and again in Sim ple Little designs at the edges of tha Serge dress in on piece style is embroidered in its straight skirt is relieved by plaited panels inserted at either and these sections Are held in at the by Little White embroidered fit frock of Gray popular for mid season due Eton is perhaps the but the material is not the Best wearing in the there is something about its depth of color that makes it the most sumptuous of All and it takes on the lines of the figure to Man really Lovely de signs have been turned out Wool Jersey for coming and this material constitutes a Good Back ground for heavy Woolen Serge is Paris they say in is to be emart As because of its wearing it must always be the favorite for everyday Noth ing is lacking in the designs that have been created in they save scope and Blue Serge is be coming to a lot of though Many Wear it when it is not Silks and sat income into play for afternoon and evening and As one finds an even measure of the different materials especially in these dress up fashions the deals Len becomes a mat ter of taste and personal there Are models in All of the waists on most the dresses lire when they Are of one piece this is the and they Are made materials the joining in variably la at a lowered one of the new surety a dresses tvs in the darkest of dark Rich and this is made up with a Long Waist of White Satin and the trimming consists of narrow bands of the due Eton loosely held Over the the strips reach from the and joining to the neckline Are fastened at both of these places and Flop loosely is an effective another due Eton frock was made with the fashionable apron this is a piece that in this Case was Cut being fastened at the High Waistline on either fell gracefully Over the entire front of the then there was on straight and Short and fairly tight this embroidered in lines Ossil ver and tie decoration showed at the Back and in tiny spaces at the toot of the apron in the bodice was Cut Kimono fashion with three Quarter sleeves and was embroidered to harmonize with the and Short Serge dress imported from Paris was embroidered in Copper threads pointed with very Short the of the embroil White crepe de Chine embroidered in various i this gives the skirt the pinched at eth Bottom look which so Many design ers Are clinging and it is not a bad style if the skirt is Long one ventures a guess that the really Good dressers will never Wear their skirts Shorter than 12 inches above though some of the models now being displayed soar to 14 inches or even itis the same Way in those parisians who like to dress in extreme fashions Wear their skirts the really smart people keep theirs at a uniform length according to the pro portions of the this matter of proportion has much to do with the length of a tall person con carry a Shorter skirt than her four Foo four afternoon gowns extremely by Mola the Satin and Satin crepe afternoon gowns Are extremely simple As a Gen Era they Are interesting and there is something about the softness of Satin folds tha makes a woman look her especially when the material is handle so that it has a Chance to adapt Itsel to the lines of her a dress in Copper coloured Satin is draped in two ways on the Sld from the left Waistline Down Over the right leg and up to meet it starting the other Side does same thing in the opposite Trec 4the simple bodice is to Lomec with a narrow banding of Gray fun Laid about a pointed neckline and the flowing three Quarter length sleeve finished with cording of the material another in ten frock in Black has a harem skirt broken in four places where rust coloured Chiffon in Generou Width Sis the Chiffon is at tache to the Satin so that when the skirt is pulled out at the sides it give somewhat the effect of a striped bal the Kimono Waist Bas a Loos panel Blouse Over at the Walt Len and lined with the rust coloured Chiffon beaded evening gowns Are quite the and Many Are the varieties it grows More original Al the this manner of trimming a handsome Black dinner gown i made of heavy crepe de Chine bended in Jet Over the entire the gown is Cut in one piece and Lias n extra the pattern of Bea embroidery displays itself in Harinen with the lines of it is on of the handsomest produced tractor with special reference to the influence of the trac of on horse were made in the Ummer and fall of 1918 on 101 Elt the operators of these All tractor were Vised by a representative the United tates of and detailed information on All farm of rations was the inquiry overed a full so Ulfat the Art played by the might be noted in All its the investigation was carried on in Kansas in of Lese states localities were visited in Large number of tractors i the information of while perhaps strictly and ally applicable Only to the farms vis ted May be taken As a general guide s to which might be of aimed san using a tractor on any Corn Elt farm of like Type and Organiza the statements Here made and contusions drawn Are not adva Cedas eing but simply As additions to be available information regarding Arm Range of to obtain results which would give As near a representative average As an Effort was made to get re Orts covering tractor operations under As Many different conditions As and hence the conditions rep resented Range from Adverse to Phe farms visited ranged from Flat to the soils varied from the Leavless Gumbo through All the Vari Ous Loams to Sandy some of the Gumbo soils now Der cultivation on these farms were formerly owing to the Nabl Lity of horses to plow the with the introduction of the has land has come under cultivation and is now yielding big it one Man anal the work of one Man and horse labor will be More noticeable the Case of this crop than that of any other crop the average acreage if Corn per farm of those visited being which per cent of the area of these the remaining crops grown on in order of crop acre Are Barley and Orty the physical relationship of tractor horsepower has been and no attempt is made Here to compare the relative costs of doing work by these sources of the number of horses displaced on these farms is also but no in Ference Lias been drawn As to whether is being done More cheaply As a result of the summary of briefly these Are the principal facts brought out or emphasized by this study the number of horses disposed of Ort 14t farms averaging 846 acres on which tractors had been used for a year or was 2 per the average number of tillable acres per horse increased from 26 to 38 after the Purchase of the tractor nine operators out of 191 Dis placed horses entirely on blowing risking and Only 16 operators allowed their horses to stand Idle while the tractor was in the number of horses displaced by the tractors on these farms was governed by the number it was Nee Essary to retain for Corn cultivation and other work current at the same which the tractor could not the horses remaining on these farms Are doing about 75 per cent o the Tractive work and tractors the re the tractor was used for an average of 29 ten hour Days per year on the Home no record of the amount of custom work done was of a thre Eplow tractor on these farms does the work of 8 horses in harrowing and har after purchasing the the average size of the farms was in creased by 22 or 6 18 per the principal advantage of a tractor is its ability to do heavy work in a Shorter time than it can be done with four horses and one Man doing the work of a was found that tractors were operated successfully in what would be termed unfavourable As Well As favourable sea which would tend to show their general while the Section covered is roughly called to scorn farm practices Are not uniform throughout the re in most parts of the Eastern Cor Belt states commercial fertilizers and Lime Are these being applied by horse pulled in preparing the land for crops All the ground May be or the Small Grain May be seeded on the previous years Corn ground by risking or har without the latter practice reduces work for horses or tractor in Busy whether most of the blowing is done in the fall or Only a Small and the rest in the depends largely lock where fall and Spring blowing Are done in about equal amounts on individual the tractor is used More in the fall than in the and horses vice it was found that when All the reports obtained were grouped together Only five More operators slowed in the fall than in the but the number of acres slowed in the fall averaged More per the number of men using horses As an auxiliary source of Power was practically the same in each tractor saves Many farms have and As these Are cleared the tractor is used for sawing Wood for thus in creasing the Days of Belt the Scarcity of labor in hampered Tho gathering of and in states on Tho Eastern Edge of the Corn Belt the tractor was Ufim to a considerable extent in the to the exclusion of Corn is the principal crop in this kill cold with or Combs Cascara quinine and la colds Are dangerous a keep this Standard remedy Handy for the fint up a cold in 24 relieve Grippe in 3 excellent for headache quinine in thai form does not affect the Cascara to beet tonic no opiate in druggists sell it do not get careless with your blood Supply impurities invite you should pay particular heed to any indication that your blood is becoming or that there is a lessening in its Strong and vital by keeping your blood your system More easily wards off disease thatis Ever wait ing to attack wherever there is an a few bottles of the great vegetable blood medi will revitalize your blood give you new strength and a vigorous one needs it just now to keep the system in perfect go to your drug store and get a bottle and if you need any med ical you can obtain it with out Cost by writing to medical i Swift specific 109 teamsters life saved Peterson ointment i had a very severe sore on my leg for 1 am a i tried All medicines and but without i tried Doc but they failed to cure i sleep for Many nights from doctors said i could not live for More than two finally Petersons ointment was recommended to me and by its use the sore was entirely thankfully William West care Box Peterson says i am proud of the above letter and have hundreds of others that Tell of wonderful cures of piles and skin Petersons ointment is 60 cents a mall orders filled by Peterson ointment Oriental pile Salve is bold on a positive guar Antee to give use it for itching bleeding o r protruding if you Are not satisfied you get your piles Money Back you Are the we dont dealing is our try it by mall on receipt of indu Medicine 126 South pc Flenon argue Square dealing is our try Rlee be bad stomach sends her to bed for 1o months emt Onlo gots her up i Over a says Dora i took to bed and for 10 months did not think i would Atonic helped me so much i am now p and Able to i recommend it highly for stomach Eatonl Fields people to get Well Byi Al Cong up and carrying out the excess and gases that put the stomach iut of if you have food re or other stomach take an Eatonl after each big Box osts Only a trifle with your druggists for Block Oil Stock paying Large Dally on pipe Bright management the Floe per Cash with Bowling origin of Slang originated from the Gypsy it used to be a secret Lan Guage of that it is by no Means of modern being Well known in the classic Ages of Greece and Home increase profits by grading All produce Farmer should sort according to size and Grade specifications recommended by Bureau of markets have benefited Farmers materially where when n Farmer orders a Box of bolts of a certain make and size he does not expect to find a thin layer of the bolts specified on the top of the Box and assorted bolts in the world of Commerce a manufacturer who pursued such practices would soon be the same principle applies to the Sale of farm say specialists of the Bureau of United states department of be fore sending produce to Market the Farmer should sort it As to Quality and the Bureau of markets from time to time has recommended Grade specifications for various and wherever these recommendations Liao been followed satisfaction and increased monetary returns have Gen Ernly for it is estimated that in 1919 the potato grow ers in Virginia increased their n half million dollars by grading their Are being obtained in other the effect of tractor on blowing for Winter wheat decided advantage in preparing land Early la shown by experiments in in Kansas wheat Plant cd incl slowed in Inte Jilly 01 Early August yields on the average of 15 bushels per wheat planted on land slowed in september has yielded Only 11 bushels per Cut Cura for pimply to remove pimples and blackheads smear them with Cuti Cura ointment Wash off in five minutes with Cut Cura soap and hot once Clear seep your skin Clear by using them for Dally toilet dont fall to in elude Cut Cura your Check does not include the waiter dont suppose it didst ent Domestic said Yoi never ask me to water the rubber t or put the cat out any it hns been attended and Yon dont mind How Many cog or cites i smoke nor How late i stay out at i consider you Noble to take car of Many a Home hns been wrecked because of ambition and Busl Ness you have grown to be so interested in woman sufi ring i dont believe you care what become of Mel a open air postmaster general Burleson said a a Sou Francisco apropos o a political dispute our opponents put up a very warm but very unsatisfactory the remind me of the chorus a Young divine met in Broadway chorus girl from his Home i the course of their conversation the divine said like the City by i Lovo a open air and dont i too the chorus Ger protested every evening Efto the show i get my supper on a Roo we have farms of All sizes in customers for All consult us before buying or Larson land Agency x4so court Minneapolis holy City As it is today redeemed but waiting to be clothed in raiment that is but her just it is As we leave the gentle allurement of Flowers in the Garden of Gethsemane and turn toward tha that our hearts have first been filled with Serene writes William Mccracken in Asia we regard Tho fearfully City with something of the compassion that the master Felt for seventeen times desperate a history since Nebuchadnezzar captured it More than Twentyfive centuries and Only the other it at Christmas time in Jerusalem was captured this time by its the British after an agree ment with the turks that the City it self should not be there was some fighting on the mount of and air planes dropped a bomb or two in and about the Garden of but Jeru Salem had been captured for the last and last offensive was void of i redeemed but in her naked Jerusalem Waits to be she has As yet no no covering for her ugly some Day her sides will Glisten with the brightness of a heavenly radiance she will be washed and anointed like a Bride waiting for the How does the poker scene go your new Western play we always get a hand on la what they Good Little boys never they dont then they miss a lot o better be convinced by words than comes already sweeten sugar is developed in the it solves your sugar prov Lem among ready treat order a package from tie its flavor appeals and there is no mate by

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