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Anita Record Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 2

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Anita Record (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Anita, Iowa If a Vic re Paul Darde a new rodin7 Ujj he world of Art has a new sensation in Paul a France seems disposed to Hall him a Sec Ond Public 1ms fastened on him the Shepherd boy of he is certainly a full grown boy for he was born 3 years ago in the mountains of the be is of Gigantic wears a Long Beard and does the pre Limmuary work on his statues with a tool resembling a pick but least he was a Shepherd boy in his younger in the great exhibit of sculpture this year in the Paris Salon among the classic the nudes and the Futurist Ore two things so different that they draw at Tention from everything one is a huge Faun carved in the others a head Medusa in on the opening Day there was a Veri table juror Over and there was a Rush for catalogues to learn the Art who is Paul Darde asked eve nobody had even heard of Here were two pieces of work undeniably great that even the Art critics of the Paris press were at first at a loss for adequate but they soon found Tho critic of Lull Ultra Tion says of the huge twice the size of a Man the it is carved out of Fine of a tint so warm that it Seoras animated by the hot blood of primitive beings scarce liberated from he goes on to say that the artist is a deep student of nature and has soaked himself in the works of inspired by that great he has set himself to create a viable with a narrow supple the spine of a quadruped that leaps when it would run on the traditional goats feet and on the enor Mous hands fitted to the Long ape like and this these knotty these hands furrowed by ten dons and Are amazing the expression of the face framed in its Long pointed like those of a wild cat or Panther or those of the jackal to sided is a Marvel of of naive and rather bestial of astonishment before half per before life confusedly the crinkly and recalls the curly Heads or beards of certain saints on the portals of our the whole is extraordinarily pleasing and it is very Beautiful and very great Sculp solid us Michelangelo solid enough to Roll Down a Mountain eternal is the Medusa head is officially is entirely different in style and Faune May Jlove been done with a pick a but Dolour must have been finished with a so perfect is its smallest it will be was the Beautiful Maiden of ancient Greece beloved of Posel prison Rich Man v z v c made Rich by Oil lands while serving term in Texas Bill who sentenced to the Penitentiary about ten years ago for the murder of a entered upon ills term of 86 years of imprisonment a poor was released a few Days upon Pardon of and finds him a All due to the Dis covery of Olla upon Lils 320acre Hillside Edwards was pardoned on his Seventieth the Virdon coming v Athena disapproved of tha use of her Temple for lovemaking and changed the fair maids abundant locks into writhing thereupon she became so fascinatingly Lovely that no Man could keep his eyes off her and so terrible that All who gazed were turned to acting on a hint from killed Medusa by the use of his shield As a Mirror and Cut off her Athena took the head and put it in the Center of her the sculptor took his inspiration from a passage in of this Medusa head the same critic says it is the head of the woman whose frigid insensible Beauty tortures too Many and whose in is torn from her lifted off the ground and borne up by the serpents that gnaw the subject is More than in truth but the composition Here again is Aston shyly perfect and and the expression is a writer in the Paris Gau Lols in forms us that Dardes method of sculpture is that of praxiteles and of and explains he disdains Clay and carves his thought directly in Stone with a Ham Mer and chisel that he uses with astonishing the equilibrium of his the variety of planes and and the analysis of movement of the human form seem to him to be Mere a second marvelous us some legend of a Long Post Day is the of this Young who through sneer be without any knowledge of the Virlous or won the prix National of the Salon with a Glrst unexpected and leaps from obscurity into Paul Darde is a name that until now has been quite unknown at least to the general Only in the studios of the great masters would one be Likely to hear him spoken and then with just for artists Are perhaps the Only ones today who Are not jealous of each others merits and have souls lofty and indulgent enough to Praise the Beauty carved with Hammer and chisel by their comrades and they will Tell you that Darde is the Young Savage who went through the Ecol Des beaux arts like a Cannon and who spent just eight Days in rodins studio and then led from it at top Speed Backoo his native they will Tell you also that he la an extraordinary personality of unrivalled Talent they Are willing to can leave them it feb Teton All in the lurch any time he wants when the critics proclaim As a second Rodin they have a definite thought in Auguste Rodin 18401017 was what May be called an impressionist in method and a real is in his Istle is his extraordinary Power in the synthesis of psychic translated into Ordinary English and illustrated by this Means something like the following his much abused Balsac is not a statue of the Man As an embodiment of Comelle Hla kiss is less the embrace of a Man and a woman than the psychology of passion in the of Rodin was a sensation in the Art nearly every one Many works has been hotly discussed with extravagant Praise Ana downright is so discussed to this if Darde is a second he is sure of and worldwide Fame at a born this new celebrity who has won the prix National of the Salon for 1920 with his spent the Leisure hours of his sheep herding in carving models in Wood with his pocket telling the Story his Rise from of which is the great topic of the Day in French Art the Par la correspondent of the London morn ing Post relates that an engraver who lived in the same neighbourhood As Young Darde happened to see a piece of Stone carved by him in such n Fash Ion As to stir his admiration and Curi gradually he won the Shepherd boys Confidence and was allowed to see Many specimens of carving which done with tools reminiscent of the Stone the engraver sent word about the Brilliant boy to the department of Fine arts in and one of the Armond was so impressed with reports of the Young artist who had never had a lesson of any kind that he went to see in 1012 became a Pupil at the Cole Des beaux arts in and after n visit to Italy he re turned to the French whore he spent eight Days in try Lens studio and then went Back into the Cev Ennes to produce the Medusa the fifty eight members of the super eur Des beaux who awarded Paul Darde the most coveted Art prize the Are re ported to have come to their decision water in the sky science tells us that water in the atmosphere keeps us if the Lulu were entirely dry the temperature would be 50 degrees lower than it should have hard work to keep from without moisture in ithe there would he no of the Earth would quickly be come a desert so lacking we would Soop starve to death any one think that rain does for us is to Wash the dust out of the it makes the Rivers run and provides us with water to All of which Are consoling reflections in which we May properly indulge during a spell of what we Call bad mountains furnish the hoary mountains of the Western with Snow clod peaks piercing represent to the East Erner so much but the eco nomic values of these mountains Are no they milk the storing up the snows and ice and rain till when the resultant water plunges Down just in time to irrigate the crops of the hot desert Val Leys these selfsame Cliffs and ledges Are full precious which the keen Eye of pros Pector learns to Tho Mountain torrents furnish abundant water then there Ore Trees of commercial size on these Mountain sides furnishing mine props and Tim Ber firewood Fence posts for the he was released a a birthday he had served a few months Short of ten in Edwards was offered a Pardon governor Colquitt several years and again by governor upon petition of his in both in stances Edwards refused the on the ground that he had not yet suffered enough for the crime he had it was Only a few Days ago that he arrived at the conclusion that he had atoned for the and he thereupon wrote governor who granted the during the time that Edwards was in prison his farm and other interests were by who leased the land for a big Price when Oil was the Fortune of the aged Man began piling up and it All held for pending his re lease from Uncle Bill does not know what he will do with All his but he is considering plans for using a part of it for the Benefit of Money maker gets machine proves profitable for two swindlers till Law Steps new then and Martin held in Ball each for Examina Tion on charges of grand the affidavits allege that on May 18 the men swindled Joseph Norwich of 670 Wales out of by Selling him what they told him was a moneymaking since the detectives the two men Are believed to have obtained not Les than from various victims in this and through Selling moneymaking machines to 24 mostly for the according to the first made it their business to find out How much Money the prospective victim had saved and to make their Price for the Money machine approximate this love for Mother inlaw leads to mans arrest some men like to feel their mothers inlaw Are about a Mil lion Miles but Robert Dawson of int in that he and his Mother Christine were arrested in fort Dawson being accused of leaving his family in his Only excuse his i Fatu Atio for his wife warning f unless you see tablets you Are not getting genuine aspirin prescribed physicians for 20 years Safe by name Bayer has same meaning As 14 a frat on safety first accept Only an unbroken package of genuine Bayer tablets a which contains proper directions for Rheuma and for strictly american Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets coat bub a few ail run i the Mark of Bayer of of Solloy Laracu Many a sunday churchgoing Man shoots the chutes of forgetfulness the following pinned fifteen hours by a ranch spent 15 hours under a horse which fell with him into a Gulley near and was caught under the Forse was unable a Rise and of sons legs were caught under the ring Mil in such a manner that he could not extricate the horse struggled to his n my during Effort bruised Olson the map dug a Hole inthe Earth with a knife in his when the to got m f Why druggists recommend Sui Boot for Many years druggists watched with much interest the remarkable record maintained by the great liver and bladder medi it at a swamp Root is a strengthening medi it helps the and Blad Der do the work nature intended they should swamp Root has stood the lest of t is sold by All druggists on its Merit and it should help no other kidney Medicine has so Many be sure to get swamp Root and Start treatment at if you wish first to test Thil great preparation Send ten cents to Kilmer for a Sample when writing be sure and mention this something Job never did an experience like my Browns would have his reputation for filled with and Brown started out for a drive in their new Brown was hoping the neighbors were watch but her husband was too Busy steering to Hope about alack i before they reached the end of Road the car and stayed that Way with mule like Brown tried every lever and handle in turn then he got Down from his seat and began to presently he Lay Down and crawled underneath until Only Juhls number nines left a few moments Theca gave a sudden Jolt and then and a terrible How of language More forcible became exclaimed the in horrified dont swear so 1 have like Job shrieked stifled Job would have sworn if hed underneath this beastly car with his Mustache caught in a save a Man ought not to kiss and some summer girls dont Niland if you Tell few other Nice Fel lows who Are coming the a ruffled Telephone which la really very is made of Rose silk and every Telephone in a pretty room nowadays is concealed by some attractive Dye right risk your material in a poor each package of Diamond dyes contains directions i so simple that any woman can Fadeless color into old whether Cotton or mixed buy Diamond dyes no other perfect results Are druggist has Diamond dyes color Rich appropriate but Why do you give this recipe you have confided to me the title l replied Uncle Bill bottle if sounds but has never been known to Washington millionaire Washington is becoming n Community of according to Esti mates made from tax returns basis being an income of or More District of Colum Bia contains no fewer than 150 persons Worth one million dollars or from season to season the number of wealthy americans who Settle in Tiro National mainly attracted by its social is perceptibly hopelessly out of despite his shabby clothing and empty it was evident that he had seen better a sympathetic soul began to Chat anxious to hear his Over of Cocoa he told his lie Salt Ive been quite a personage in my time in the cynosure All his auditor waited in silence for an i was the tattooed Man in the Cir he How Dilyou lose your Job he was Public went crazy on Pic he and mine Budge is Small the Benefit is great Fiose who feel ill results frown Tea or Coffee drinking profit by a change to its pleasing flavor ease of Healthfulness and practical Economy com mend the table sold in 50 and 100 cup a Purchase from your grocer soon proves theres a

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