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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 5

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Anderson, Indiana Page 5 the worry clinic by or. George w. Crane Ponder homers shocking revelations they Are a modern Paul Revere warning to All devout Church laymen. For Liberal bureaucrats at the borne office of Many Church denominations Are ignoring the wishes of their Lay membership. To Stop them heed the Sage advice of or. Robert b. Pierce Case p-518 Homer g., aged 38, is an insurance manager. A Cdr. Crane a he began a i have visited your Bible class several times at the skyscraper Chicago Temple. A and i always enjoyed your exposition of scripture plus the fact you documented the lesson with current cases. A but the Liberal bureaucrats at the Home office of the United methodist Church now seem to be distorting religion. A for example my Cousin belongs to the committee on Lay activities. A that committee submitted a formal Resolution which urged the United methodist Church to a take a positive stand opposing the principles of any group regardless of race color or Creed that advocates the overthrow of the u. S. Government or suggests killing its a Well or. Crane this Resolution of our laymen was rejected at the general conference in St. Louis last april by a vote of 465 to 431. A yet our laymen approved the Resolution by a vote of 67 to 0. A so what is wrong when the leaders and bureaucrats at the Home office will ignore the patriotic wishes of its devout laymen9 a and is it any wonder that Street riots Campus sit ins and other communistic inspired behaviour is disrupting our nation when a big Church Uke the United methodist denomination refuses to censure overthrow of government or even the assassination of our president a Church upheaval Isnit it interesting that the laymen a committee solidly approved that patriotic endorsement of Law and order yet the general conference rejected it by a vote of 465 to 431, As also confirmed by the Christian advocate in its april 24th Issue during the past few years i have warned you readers that Many churches Are in a state of unhealthy change. Revolt by the laymen is becoming widespread both in Catholic and the major protestant denominations. For a Young crowd of Liberal indoctrinated clergymen called the a renewal group a have infiltrated Many top committee posts in the Home offices. This is typical communist strategy for one of its Basic tenets is to train a Small group oligarchy of devotees so they can take Over the a a key committee chairmanships. Then they can determine policy despite the fact that there May be a Strong silent majority of laymen that oppose such unchristian or even in american measures. Actually those devout laymen who approved the Resolution by a 67 to 0 vote probably expected their Resolution to be sustained unanimously so How do you readers explain the fact that Over 50 per cent of the official general conference delegates refused to censure anarchy and even assassination of our president if that Isnit evidence of communistic infiltration How do you explain such treasonable behaviour by the leaders of a big Church denomination. Or. Robert b. Pierce pastor of the skyscraper Chicago Temple stated recently a though the Power of appointment rests with the few the Power of the pocketbook still remains in the Pew a so you devout and patriotic laymen must assert yourselves and Stop the bureaucratic liberalism at the top in your various denominations when writing to or. Crane Mellot ind., enclose stamped self addressed envelope and 20c to cover typing or printing costs when you seek personal advice or one of his psychological charts. Brady s health service by or. William Brady the theories clash head on awhile Back a Reader sent me a newspaper clipping which stated there is Good evidence that the nation a might Well find a reduction of arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries by cutting the fat intake in arteriosclerosis is rare in nations of Low fat diet such As Japan and Korea the clipping said. It was suggested that people should exclude from their everyday diet or use Only a minimum of Cream Margarine butter fatty meats and solid fats for cooking. The use of liquid oils for cooking was advised. It was added that milk however is a Fine food. My piece in the paper said that butter milk Cream animal fats egg Yolk liver Are the High cholesterol items. A i feel sorry for the poor soul who likes these foods but excludes them or restricts his use of them because cholesterol May be a deposited in arteries heart joints the Reader who sent me die two clippings wants to know who is right readers ought to know by now what i think about it. The observation that arteriosclerosis is rare in Japan and Korea warrants the inference that cholesterol causes cardiovascular heart artery degeneration and that coronary occlusion or thrombosis should be rare in India. Coronary degeneration however is As frequent in India As it is in America. The clipping did not allude to the fact thai japanese and koreans prior to american Holmes Alexander or. Acheson should have stayed in bed Washington d. C. Not to take anything away from Mark Twain but it is remarkable How much the old Man a Dean Acheson in this instance a has Learned in the past few years. Everybody knows that Twain put this saying into the Mouth of a growing boy who was talking of. His father but former secretaries of state also turn older and Wiser. Acheson had disparaging remarks the other Day for a couple of institutions which he did not always think so poorly of. Speaking to Alexander ome newsmen Acheson called he United nations a the silliest organization in the world a and called he octogenarian Walter Lippmann a the most overrated person since Baruch a the financier and advisor to several presidents. Its his Good taste not his Good sense that Acheson called into question with the flippant remark. Its True that the in Hasni to made any Good Marks lately but the Best Chance we have for a Mideast settlement rests on the conditions set Forth in Security Council Resolution 242. In fact the Only peace we be Ever bad since the founding of the state of Israel has been when in troops were policing Palestine and in mediators Bunche and jarring were managing to hold talks. The in May be a silly a but a a silliest is going too far when you consider americans for democratic action students for a democratic society National education association even the Congress of the United states in some of its bal Miest hours. The same newspaper which quoted Acheson the elder statesman had two stories about the Way congressmen play the scofflaws at their own statutes on Campaign finances. It s hard o top the silliness of a situation where lawmakers Are also lawbreakers under a system of elective democracy. The late Rube Goldberg could have made a masterful diagram of that invasions have walked a Good Deal where americans ride or just sit. Nor was the influence of the cocktail and the highball considered. If the relative rarity of arteriosclerosis in Korea and Japan is he Best evidence the medical scientists can reduce to support the theory that cholesterol causes or contributes to premature hardening of the arteries degeneration of the heart Wall coronary occlusion or insidiously developing joint disability i wont say they re All out of step with common sense but in a afraid they skipped a few courses when they were in medical school. Although the amount of cholesterol in the blood varies widely in health some latter Day specialists regulate the patients diet by the level of cholesterol in the blood As determined by periodic chemical tests. In my opinion this is highly questionable practice. Cholesterol is a Normal physiological constituent of the blood there is some cholesterol in every cell in the body and no one can say arbitrarily that a Given level of cholesterol in the blood milligrams per Hundred cubic centimetres indicates whether or How much meat milk eggs butter Margarine or lard the patient May have. Hughes holdings control decision by court expected today. My. A turn signed letters pertaining to personal health or Hygiene not to disease diagnosis or treatment will be answered by or. William Brady. 625 Al Camino South Beverly Hills California Las vegas Nev. A the outcome of a struggle for control of Howard Hughes $300 million Nevada holdings rested Friday with a judge who said he would announce his decision saturday. Hughes relationship with his chief lieutenant Robert a Heau and the conflicting testimony of handwriting experts were raised As key issues Friday during final arguments in an 11-Day court Battle before state District court judge Howard Babcock. The conflict pitted Maheu Hughes visible representative since the mysterious billionaire descended upon the state four years ago against the Board of directors of Hughes tool co., the inherited family firm that is the basis of Hughes immense wealth. With Hughes reportedly vacationing in the Bahamas and out of the line of fire the tool company forces flew in from Texas mexican City shows divorce curb effect and two weeks ago announced the firing of Maheu. Maheu resisted saying a emr. Hughes do he obtained a restraining order preventing tool company interference with his control of Hughes Nevada properties. The courtroom Battle was on a tool company move to set aside the order. Maheux a attorney Morton a Lane argued Friday that the tool company forces were trying to ruin Maheu and the personal relationship he had with Hughes. Ciudad Juarez Mexico apr the courtrooms where Hollywood stars rubbed elbows with More common Folk As they stood in line Are deserted. Hotels Are not As full As they used to be. And the Neon signs that once told people crossing the International Bridges from Elpaso tex., that they came to the right place for a divorce no longer Flash their message. This is Ciudad Juarez since nov. 7, when a new Law went into effect putting an end to the quickie divorce one of the City a Best known and most lucrative industries. The old divorce established in 1933, allowed people to untie the martial knot with or without consent of their partners after a residence of 48 hours. The new Law requires applicants to live in Mexico for six months. A since the Law was changed we have not had a single divorce of foreigners a says civil court judge Lorenzo Holguin who has handled Many divorces in his seven years on the Bench. A the foreigners do not even come Holguin has handled three divorces for mexicans since the new Law went into effect. A i guess you could say that our Era of Glamor is gone a lamented aurelian Gonzalez Var Gas one of Juarez most distinguished attorneys and a former Marilyn Monroe greek ship Marilyn Monroe greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos Paulette Goddard and Franklin d. Roosevelt or. The fee for a divorce ranged anywhere from $250 to $10,000, a we will survive this a the attorney said. A Juarez never lived j off the quickie divorces a1 though they did give the City an International Fame that May be interpreted As Good or bad. Now we will have to work on something a they would destroy the stat ure and dignity of Robert a. Maheu a said Galane. At no Point said Galane did the tool company Challenge the fact that there had been agreement in times past that Maheu held a special role in the Hughes organization and that position was based on his personal relationship with Hughes. Chester Davis tool company chief counsel countered by saying Maheu was simply a servant whose services were being Dis i posed of by the master Hughes. A what does he offer except the signature Howard r. The claim that i am a faithful Hughes on that proxy was Dis servant and the master cannot by handwriting experts Ever lose Faith with me a said brought in by both sides during Davis the hearing and both Galane a we Are not trying to inter and Dayis urged in closing fact Fere with the personal relation of Raj Manv of hair respective ship. We just want to follow the Testim a j it the written directive of or. Pert be Wajcht bar to i Lude in decldin8 the Case 1 that written directive was a at stake in the Power struggle proxy extending to Davis and is not Only control of Hughes two tool company directors pow Nevada casinos hotels mines or to act for Hughes. The a and real estate but Maine Hority to fire Maheu came from Nance of a position of influence that proxy the tool company with Hughes who will be 65 said. I Christmas eve. _ Gonzalez said that at first the entire City Felt the Impact of los ing the income generated by 20,000 divorce cases a year. But the effect has not been As disastrous As originally feared. Juarez and Elpaso make up a twin City International area with a combined population of nearly one Millum almost evenly divided Between the two cities. In recent years Juarez has shed its image As a pocket of sin where drugs prostitution and illegal abortions were readily available. Shops and elegant restaurants have replaced most of the tourist traps and night clubs on Avenida Juarez the City a main thoroughfare and the red Light District just a few blocks away is fast decaying. City streets have been paved and the City offers a fancy shopping Center that attracts Many Elpaso shoppers with lower prices. Nearly 19,000 residents of the mexican City commute to work each Day to jobs in Elpaso with military installations and heavy Industry. The Economy of Juarez itself is surging with the arrival of new american owned factories whose production is exported to the United states. Japanese firms also Are planning to Settle on the mexican Side to take advantage of cheap labor and tax incentives. More than 20 american owned factories established in the past five years inject a monthly payroll of $300,000 into the local Economy. Sergio Moncada president of the City a Industrial develop j men program says that new Industry eventually May make up for the loss of income from divorce taxes about $1.5 million yearly for the Chihuahua state government and approx mately $300,000 a year from the i City. 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Around when it was under article 51 of the in charter that he built nato his enduring Monument to world Fame. It. Was also under the Guise of a a a treaty with the in that we conducted the korean War in Acheson a incumbency As head of the state department. That the in is silly there a Little doubt but chiefly because it was fashioned to achieve something As impossible As perpetual motion namely world peace. I be forgotten which historian said so but the nation most accomplished at keeping peace Switzerland has Given the world nothing except the Coo Coo clock whereas the mighty Warrior nations of Europe and Asia Are the ones which produced the great Art inventions and personalities of recorded time. It seems one of life a minor mock eries that Acheson who once declared head never turn his Back on Alger Hiss a in builder has now Given the Back of his hand to thai Handiwork of his Friend. As to Walter Lippmann a lot of Bernard m. Baruch sold friends in South Carolina new York and Washington will wonder Why Acheson linked them in the same sentence As a a overrated persons. The late or. Bar was so much smarter than other people in the Market that he amassed one Fortune after another with Little Effort and without stirring so much As a breath of scandal. Presidents from Wilson Onward thought enough of him to seek his advice. Dean ache Sony sold Boss president Truman did his Best to put Over adoption of the Baruch plan for internationalizing the atom. Ii Walter Lippmann is Only a Little bit worse than Baruch it could be that ache son was paying the writer an unintentional compliment. That a probably not the Case however and its a pity Dean Acheson thought it necessary to say anything at All a Whit die in and Walter Lippmann. These last Are institutions of Ultra inter nationalism which May not have proved their ability to stand the test of time. But neither has Acheson proved that about himself. Maybe he have brought the subject up at All. C 1970, Mcnaight Syndicate inc behind the thought that of s suddenly its Christmas Tare no.1 with you % sir Iea Marks of Wood and Uca Esad by Sankfi Griea say so Cor a a n Ilia Neil i Anderson banking company member , i

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