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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 4

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Anderson, Indiana Page 4saturday, december 19, 1970 editorial a the governor is right gov. Edgar d. Whitcomb told the Indiana general Assembly Early this week that a a taxpayer revolt is at hand and that a the system is on of course some of the legislators a mostly democrats a disagreed with the governor and appeared to be a sweeping the Issue under the a what the legislators do not seem to realize is that it is the Middle income class taxpayer who is being Hurt the most. They Are now urging that the income and sales taxes be raised on the premise that it will afford property tax Relief. Such As never been the Case and there is no reason to believe that we will realize any property tax Relief from any action they take this session. History has proved that once a tax is imposed it remains and continues to be increased. Most members of the Indiana legislature misrepresented the constitutional amendment that was approved by referendum last month allowing for annual sessions of the legislature. People were told it would not extend the length of time the Assembly was in session but would merely allow them to meet every year and increase efficiency. Yet news reports this week note that an executive of the citizens conference on state Legislatures addressed the legislators and told them they should have two offices each a one in Indianapolis and one in their Home county. He also advocated that two aides be hired for each legislator and that legislators salaries be increased from $4,000 a year to $25,000 a year. For generations Indiana a legislature has been composed of citizens a Farmers factory workers doctors lawyers businessmen a who represent All facets of Hoosier life. The constitutional amendment now being placed in effect will cause the legislature to become a Hodge podge of professional politicians who will draw High salaries and spent full time politicking and writing Laws and. Raising taxes. The citizens who have been Able to serve in the state House and Senate for some 61 Days every two years will no longer be Able to devote enough time to the task to run for office. Yes the handwriting is on the Wall. It is time for the taxpayers to organize and Start applying pressure to elected officials. Such action must be taken if the individual taxpayer is to survive financially. We currently have a general Assembly that is obviously Bent on increasing taxes. The governor has said he will stand firm on his 1968 Campaign Promise to oppose a general state tax increase. In so stating the governor noted that there Are a programs devised to help every person under the Sun every element of society you can find except the Man who is working for a living and paying we sincerely believe the governor is Correct in his stand. Taxes need not be raised. What is needed is a reevaluation of spending and a reduction in the amount spent in such a nonsensical Way by the state. Only a massive letter writing and Telephone Campaign aimed at the state senators and representatives will accomplish a sensible approach to the problem. If such action is not taken by the citizens of Indiana the legislators will As usual succumb to the Wiles and pressures of the special interest lobbyists and once again our tax dollars will be poured Down the proverbial a rat population growth Factor the world health organizations report of an a enormous decrease in infant mortality rates since the Early 1950s is a Welcome bit of Good news amid a welter of bad. Unfortunately even this pleasant news is marred by unhappy considerations. On the face of it there is simply no quarrelling with the idea that a drop in infant mortality is a Good thing this Means that More children Are surviving the crucial first year and will have a Chance at Liv folklore by William wad rhymes on the vexations of everyday life include this about Monotony my life is mostly paper clips and to and from the office trips. In More somber Guise is a similar dealing with a different subject which goes adversity Sage useful guest severe instructor but the Best it is from thee alone we know justly to value things below. Wade musical folklore has some lines about the first performance in the United states of Igor Stravinsky a Dis ing to adulthood. However the More that survive a and in their turn reproduce a the More pressure there will be on global space and resources. This is not a piece of doom saying. The who figures Are a reminder that an excessive rate of population growth results from a combination of two things a a steady or Only slowly declining birth rate and increased life expectancy in which declining infant mortality rates Are a Factor. I son ant a the rite of Spring in 1924 worded this Way who wrote this fiendish a True of Spring a what right has he to write the thing against our helpless ears to fling its crash clash cling Clang Bing bang Bing and then to Call it a write of Spring a the season when on joyous Wing the Birds me Ovlious carols sing and Harmony a in everything he who could write a write of if i be right by right should swing this quatrain is sometimes quoted about the less pleasant aspects of a Job a Job May make you fat a Job May make you thinner the thing that counts is what it does to make your Saint or sinner. American saying the devils children have the devils Luck. Lawmakers addresses listed Senate sen. R. Vance Hartke room 145 old Senate office building Washington d. 20510 sen. Birch e. Baby or. Room 304 old Senate office building Washington d. 20510 House rep. David w. Dennis room 1729 Longworth office building Washington d. 20515 representing the 10th District including Madison Delawar and Henry counties in this area rep. Richard l. Roudebush room 2452 Rayburn office building Washington d. 20515 representing the 5th District including Grant Tipton and Hamilton counties in this area rep. William g. Bray room 2305 Rayburn office building Washington d. 20515 representing the 6to District including Hancock county in this area the Anderson Herald established june it 186s published by Anderson newspapers inc. Telephone 643-5371 1133 Jackson Stroot Anderson Indiana 46015 a Komi o. Crittin Birgir a Ridant i ms-1 is Harriet w. Tonie. Vacs Prim wit i of. Is Rohr i. Jackson pro mde it and Mana Arjani toni Scon vat Roma it Charles w Laughlin Secretary and try Atira of Istead daily and sunday except monday. Second Clam Fotios raid at Andersn Indiana be Criztian rate by Carrier ene week my. By mall an Rural route and town in Indiana where a Trier service in net available payable in advancer ene year $20.00 to month $12.00 three tenths $7.00 one month $2.30. By Moil outside Al Indiana aaa year w0.00 six months Suomi tree months or Jet one month . No Al cell Trou should miss your Herald subscriber who fails to receive Quot Evi Al ask Vive a doily copy of Tho Herald should phone 44r-421s before f . And copy will a sent ofter f e m by special Metier a or a Auld your Carrier fail to deliver your Herald an sunday a a to the nearest place that Sells the Herald Wen a complaint. A copy will then be 1 von you without charge. _ member of the associated press the associated frets is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of All the local news printed in this newspaper a Well Osall a Laws dispatches. Hayakawa Speaks Minn throws Star Here we go again sensing the news by Anthony Harrison that Urban a crisis one of the arguments used by unilateral Dis armers in the United states is that the country has the wrong set of priorities. They argue that funds now spent on National defense must be channelled into the cities to provide additional Public housing and an assortment of welfare and social services. They say that the american City is in a a a crisis resulting from inadequate Public spending. be sure some cities have problems that Are of a crisis dimension. Usually however these problems involve crime and disorder. The a a crisis Isnit the result of a Lack of services but the result of a breakdown of individual and family discipline and restraint a those curbs on human nature that come under the heading of civilized behaviour. In terms of services and amenities a Good Case can be made that there is too much Public Aid to those who done to want to help themselves. At any rate there is need for a corrective analysis of Urban problems. Happily such has been provided in a remarkable Book a the a heavenly City a by prof. Edward c. Banfield of Harvard University. These Days Harvard Isnit noted for social realism but or. Banfield is a fascinating exception. His thesis is that the american City far from being in total disarray is a pretty Good place to live. One of the key passages in his Book is the following a there is less poverty in the cities now than there has Ever been. Housing including that of the poor is improving rapidly one study predicts that substandard housing will have been eliminated by 1980. In the last decade alone the improvement in housing has been marked. At the turn of the Century Only one child in 15 went beyond elementary school now most children finish or. Banfield also gives this perspective on the american scene a the Plain fact is that the overwhelming majority of City dwellers live More comfortably and conveniently than Ever before. They have More and better housing More and better schools More and better transportation and so on by any conceivable measure of material welfare the present generation of Urban americans is on the whole better off than any Large group of people has Ever been anywhere. If this is the Case a and there a plenty of evidence to prof. Banfield a position Why Are groups such As the new Urban coalition insisting on the expenditure of billions of dollars in tax revenues in the metropolitan centers part of the answer is political and social theory. The bloc vote on which the Radical Liberal politicians depend is concentrated in the big cities. Allocation of massive new resources to the cities would be a form of pay off to the bloc vote. Beyond that there is the belief of Radical social theorists that wealth in the United states must be redistributed through the use of the taxing Power. There a still another important part of the answer. That is the increase in expectations. Many people expect instant Prosperity. It should be Clear that no society can provide total immediate enrichment of the entire population. Nor is it possible to provide Complete economic Equality. If such Equality existed it would represent an injustice. The unmotivated individual would have just As mud As the individual who worked hard and saved. In such an a a equal society the Able and energetic would cease to stir themselves. There would be no incentive to do anything extra. It is fashionable now of course to refer to the a Urban almost every civic and voluntary group in the nation devotes programs to this subject and to the alleged deficiencies. The concern seems exaggerated and misdirected. True we have to be concerned about our cities and the Quality of their life. But the area where our own Cern should be focused is the area of human motivation and behaviour. If Many of our cities Are rundown in Many cases it is because people inhabiting poor areas have poor personal habits and done to take care of property a Public or private. Petty criminals of Tea feel that they Are immune from police action. Slipshod work is tolerated. Idleness is rewarded by welfare payments. Social boredom produces vice. Things of that nature constitutes the real Urban crisis. It is a crisis of human material not of social services. Or. Binfield Book should help the Public better understand the real dimensions of the problems in cities. Paul Harvey news Harvey Jim by Paul Harvey what do you want from Washington Congress is considering new spending in your behalf including a new Nixon welfare package which promises a mighty lot of something for nothing. How much do you really want the government to do for you what do you want from Washington president Nixon went into office with Many promises Ami High Hopes that he could reverse the malignant growth of big government. Now scared by the last election and anticipating the next one the president is tempted to become the kind of tax and spend politician he has spent most of his life campaigning against. How much government snoopers Sion do you want former democratic National chairman Fred Harris says you want plenty he says the Basic questions which individuals now expect government to answer for them Are what happens when i get old of i get sick what Chance in life will my child have will my family be Safe where can i find a Job will we have peace sen. Harris says those questions in that order Are what politicians Are going to have to answer and the ones with the most a promising answers Are the ones who la be elected. Is that really so recall Abe Lincoln said a government should do for people what they cannot do for themselves and leave them otherwise but his philosophy has been supplanted by one which says a ifs our american a rights to have government take cart of is it As of today three million civilians Are drawing Federal paychecks. Another three million in uniform draw government checks. Two and a half million Farmers receive Price support Loans. Nine million families receive surplus food. Nineteen million americans receive government medical Aid. Twenty three million receive old age insurance checks. And tens of millions receive Aid assistance and pay indirectly through government subsidized construction and social rehabilitation. And total Federal state and local welfare programs this year will exceed $120 billion. Now this is a Radical departure from the Lincoln formula. More than that it brings us face to face with the question of a when the government is taking care of everybody a who takes care of the government i really expect that tomorrows politicians had better Start getting ready for a generation that a going to be smarter than ours was. Our enlightened Young one Day Are certain to question whether we can in fact All stand in a Circle with our hands in Paob others pockets a and somehow get Rich thereby. Copyright 1970, Gen. Fea. Corp. By s. I. Hayakawa unmaking the counter culture this semester at san Francisco state no less than 15 courses in English sociology psychology education and creative arts Are using As a text a the making of a counter culture a by Theodore Roszak Anchor books 1969. The counter culture has been reverently spoken of by with it commentators a they have something to teach us and nurtured by such branches of the establishment As publishers dress designers and the entertainment Industry. Hayakawa As every Parent knows the rebellious Young love to turn everything upside Down. In our affluent society they live in real or imitation poverty. Brought up by germ conscious mothers they adjust comfortably to dirt. Introduced to science from the first Grade they abandon it for astrology and witchcraft. Mocking conventional ideals of Beauty they discard $200 Contact lenses to adopt Granny glasses. But Why and Why is All this accompanied by such self righteousness Roszak a Book sets Forth the rationale not Only to the enlightenment of bewildered elders. But also. I am sure to the gratification of the Young rebels themselves who must enjoy being compared to the Early christians. As if they were separate essays written at different times there Are chapters on the various gurus of the new spirit Allen Ginsberg Alan Watts Timothy Leary Herbert Marcuse and Paul Goodman written with considerable balance. No one could ask for a More Devastino View of Leary so counterfeit there is a Sharp a analysis of the Appeal of zen. The urge for communal living is sympathetically explained. But this is after you have got through Roszak a indictment of our culture which is in two chapters As packed with sweeping judgments and As Short on documentation As anything in be Ever read except perhaps Robert Welches a Blue Book of the John Birch a couple of quotes from Roszak a we Call it a free Enterprise. But it is a vastly restrictive system of oligopolistic Market manipulation tied by institutionalized corruption to the greatest munitions Boondoggle in history and dedicated to in tantalizing the Public by turning it into a Herd of compulsive a we Are a civilization sunk in an unshakeable commitment to genocide gambling madly with the Universal extermination of the there Are pages of such assertions. Proof the existence of the Vietnam War and the atomic bomb. Q. E. D. The villain not a capitalism a the villain of the old left but the solution a total rejection of science Technocracy and the existing culture and the substitution of a More humane society i consonance with nature and in Amity with Man. One wonders frivolously if those advocating the overthrow of Technocracy have really contemplated a life style without the Volkswagen bus counter cultures do have something to Tell us. That has been their function throughout history to provide a Refuge for creativity and difference to test out alternative hypotheses about human nature to initiate change in the majority culture. So there have been the bohemians in Paris and Greenwich Village the quakers hussies and shakers the taoists and the zen priests All criticizing the mainstream culture in one Way or another. The puritans were a counter culture to the reign of the stuarts and the restoration in turn was a counter culture to the puritans. We who Are Over 50 also had our rejection of the culture lived in Garrett or dreamed of doing so. Thought the rest of the world materialistic and ourselves finer grained and More creative and dreamed of devoting our lives to great causes. Some of us actually did so. But As we walked around the Walls of ter Cho and blew our trumpets we were satisfied with the Beautiful music we were making. We did no to think the Walls were about to come tumbling Down. The enemy was too Strong too benighted and scarcely knew we were there. But of course we were not on to. Today the noise and trumpeting of the marchers is magnified ten thousandfold and it does indeed seem As if the walks were about to come tumbling Down. And that scares hell out of those inside the Walls who merely build their defences higher. And it should scare those marching outside too. Success and attention have already almost destroyed what was Good and valid in today a counter culture and in Many ways Roszak a Book is out of Date. There has not been the slow maturation necessary to produce permanent change. Instead there has been a grotesque escalation a from an ethically based pacifism to the weathermen from the interest in expanding consciousness to death through overdoses of drugs from the Flower children of Haight Ashbury to demonise and ritual torture from the search for Community to the Manson family. And it All happened so fast distributed by the Register and Tribune Syndicate 1970 our Only world by Roger Carat the def and pollution now that we Are allowed to talk about our environment not Long ago anyone who tried to was consider d a nut Case lots of ugly things Are coming to the fore. Mercury a fungicide in common use for Grain and by paper Mills is a violent Poison and we have Blithe Lead poisoning could have contributed to the by gone around loading our environment Down with of. the fall of the roman Empire. Wealthy romans drank a lot of wine and wine was stored in Lead Caras vessels. They systematically sterilized themselves and did untold injury to Bone Structure and mental capacity. If you Stop and think about it. For a moment it is a terrifying image. An entire society slowly poisoning itself out of existence. A great civilization crumbling due to a Mineral substance inadvertently being introduced into the populace Day after Day after Day. Well Why should we think that so horrible we Are doing the same sort of thing to ourselves a in Many different ways. The environmental defense fund def is intent on stopping the Lead pollution that is going on now. They have been meticulously ignoring Floyd d. Gottwald jr., chairman of the Ethyl corporation number one manufacturer of Tetra Ethyl compounds As he says a there is no proof whatsoever that the use of Lead anti knocks in gasoline is or will be detrimental to Public they have instead launched a Campaign to a get the Lead or. Claire Patterson of Cal tech recently reported that the upper Levels of the oceans contain about five times More Lead than is natural. In Urban areas the level of Lead in the a is 10,000 times natural Levels. The def is Basing its concern Over Lead As a fuel additive on the fact that a at least one third of the Lead found in toe bloodstream of average americans today is directly attributable to the inhalation of automotive they state in a letter that a a there is direct evidence of biochemical alteration As a result of inhalation of automotive interesting How research groups and environmental groups get different results from the same data from that arrived at by the manufacturer of the offending substance. The Dot people love Dot too. Well the def has been having meetings not incestuous by with other environmentalists but with people who can directly effect the situation. People like the United states government for example. They met with representatives of hew and of the National air pollution control administration. They submitted a petition to hew outlining the hazards of Lead pollution and asking government cooperation. They Are getting results. On oct. 26th, for example the White House announced that most Federal vehicles will now operate on unleaded gasoline. As def has rightfully pointed out a this action was motivated by the def Pattion to hew and represents a major step on the Road toward Lead free you have to take your hat off to def. They have during their Short life found the formula for getting to the right people with the evidence and getting things rolling. There Are several things about to happen in California and nationally about the Lead problem and they Are too Complex to detail Here. The Point is the Ball is rolling. In the years immediately ahead it will be against the Law to Poison every Man woman and child in this country with Toad. Lead is a Poison and its use will have to be restricted to ways that can keep it under control a not broadcast it into our bloodstream. What is so sad is that we always seem to hang around waiting for the manufacturers of offending substances to get their last Penny out of the business before finally closing them up. We have been doing it with Dot and would do it with Lead if toe def Hadnot swung into action. Why not Tell def you Are behind them. After All they Are behind you. They Are reachable at p. O. Drawer 740 Stonybrook n. Y. 11790. Distributed by the Register and Tribune Syndicate 1970 mind your Money by Peter Weaver sexist Santa a a your excellent article on toys was marred by a sexist Bias. Women Are capable of using tools and men Are capable of using cooking utensils. Why reinforce attitudes which Are repressive to both sexes a mrs. G., wash., d. A i quoted or. Ira Gordon director of the Institute for development of human resources University of Florida As saying one of the Best toys Ever devised for a boy is a a Basto set of tools. And scrap he did no to limit it to boys i did. If i had More space i should have said a Hammer nails and scrap Wood also make an excellent toy for a girl if she likes that sort of thing. Teachers Tell me that Little boys love playing As you know the Best Cooks in the world Are men chefs. Introducing a Little boy to the fascinating chemistry of cooking is a great idea if he shows interest. Also teaching a Little girl How to repair such things As broken doors and windows is not a bad idea at All. She May have to do a lot of carpentry work later on if she Man a fellow who is a fall a a How Many quarters will i have work to qualify for social Security i meats a or. M. E. T., Boynton Bea it Fla. A a person born in 1929 or later in work to full years 40 quarters to Quail for each birth Date earlier than 1929, is tract one Quarter. For example if you we born in 1924, you subtract five Quarte which would give you 35 quarters of we requirement. A a when Buttermilk contains less butt fat than Richer milks Why does it cd More a mrs. H. C., Otterville to. A Buttermilk is made by a slower met costly process. First solids Are remove it the milk is pasteurized and cooled. Its it at 70 degrees for 14 hours. Then the so milk and a a a starter of bacteria Are add to form butter solids. The Buttermilk i be bottled slowly and carefully so As r to disturb the butter solids in suspense which All makes for More labor More co

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