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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Anderson, Indiana Basic helps figure Auto excise tax editor s note last sunday the Herald began a series of articles exploring various facets of Indiana a Auto excise tax effective with the Purchase of 1971 Auto License plates. The series will continue As a Public service and will be concluded next week. By Jon Shafer Herald staff writer it might be suggested that All a person has to do is apply some Basic mathematics to understand the new Auto excise tax and How much ifs going to Cost each Motorist. Last week for instance an at tempt was made to dissect the excise tax by playing with a theoretical sum of $3,600 first weighing it against the now dead personal property tax system and then revealing there is More than one Way to spend $3,600 on a new automobile. First it was Learned the excise most Likely will Cost less where tax rates Are higher than $7, that is compared to what a person would pay if he still owed personal property taxes on his car. Secondly we cited As one example that if a new car buyer finds a a factory advertised delivered Price of $2,999, then adds $601 Worth of optional equipment he still has his $3,600 car. But he pays $36 less in excise because the fade fell below $3,000, one cutoff amount which puts the car in the next higher excise category. For some however trying to a a beat the excise tax May be More trouble than ifs Worth. But at least it promises to offer a Challenge to the prospective new car buyer who hates taxes enough to make a career of sliding by As cheaply As he can within Legal limits. Yet he will have to do his Homework. The Only sure fire Way of avoiding the excise tax altogether and do it legally is to sell your car and Burn your Drivers License. Of course that sat the expense of creating some very real problems in transportation. The next Best thing is to Purchase a vehicle at a fade of $1,499 or less for which the excise will be $12. Or Purchase any vehicle including a Rolls Royce that is eight years old or older. The excise still will be $12, no matter what classification the car Falls into new car buyers will have to decide How much they intend to spend on a car then do their own figuring on the basis of the following fade classifications and the set excise taxes for each under first year of manufacture. In this Case 1971 models a class i to $1,499. Excise $12. Class ii $1,500 to $2,249, excise $36. Class Iii $2,250 to $2,999. Excise $60. A class in. $3,000 to $3,999, excise $96. Class a $4,000 to $5,499, excise $132.the Anderson Herald class i $5,500 and up excise $196. Another example say you plan to spend about $4,500 on a More luxury or performance oriented machine. Excise tax Wise if it Means that much the idea is to find a base Model with a fade of $3,999 or less. Since optional equipment is not included in the fade and is not taxed under the excise system the car Falls into class in instead of class v. That Means the excise would be $96 instead of $132. Spend Plevi turn to Pogo 2, column 3 i pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United states of America and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation under god indivisible with Liberty and Justice tor All. I a vol 103, no. 158 or Anderson Indiana saturday morning december 19, 1970 Price to cents county death toll rises a two persons were killed and one injured in a head on collision Early Friday night on ind. 67 just Southwest of Ingalls the inf erect of ton we taken to St. John s Hospital for treatment of injuries. State police officers and members of the Madison county police department were hampered in the performance of their duties by persons Quot wanting to see what was going on.1 both cars were declared a total loss. Herald photo by Joe Bays two dead in ind. 6 7 crash a head on collision on ind. 67 near the Hancock county line just after 8 p m. Friday claimed the lives of two men and injured a third raising the county death toll to 25 compared to 31 a year ago. One victim was identified As Billy d. Dobbins. 50. It. I. Mccordsville. And the other As Kenneth h Hall. 31. Ingalls. A passenger in one of the cars. Doyle Witcher. 25, Ingalls was taken to St. John s Hospital in Anderson where he was admitted for treatment of lacerations of the face and body. Anderson Herald photographer Joe Bays had his camera knocked out of his hand by the Driver of one of the wreckers on the scene us he attempted to take pictures of the cars involved. The camera and Flash attachment both Worth about $380, were smashed on the Highway but the film was intact. Invest Ealing officers were hampered in their attempts to county traffic deaths this i year last year ago year 25 31 31 get traffic moving by a curious sightseers and a heavy flow of traffic. Traffic was backed up for about a mile while officers worked almost two hours to Clear the cars away and restore traffic to Normal. One officer reported while attempting to take pictures of the wreck a curious pedestrian walked in front of his camera and refused to move because he a a wanted to see w at was going on Quot investigating trooper Robert Baldwin of the Indiana state police reported the Dobbins vehicle was headed Southwest on Pimm turn to Page 2, column i . Appeals court still hearing request for ex-cell-0 injunction local Man sentenced to prison Indianapolis Jon d. Vanmatre 24, 4615 Mounds rd., Anderson was sentenced to a Lerm in Federal prison Friday after pleading guilty to two dangerous drug offences. Agents from the Federal Bureau of narcotics and Dan be Ous drugs arrested him aug. 26 on charges of Possession and Sale of Ltd a Federal attorney said Vanmatre was sentenced to a up to four years a meaning he can panic turn to Pogo 2, column in the Herald today a a a no decision has been made by . Court of appeals on a temporary injunction filed is Days ago by the National labor relations Board against the ex-cell-0 corporation in Elwood. The injunction if decided favourably would Force sex cell-0 to Start negotiating with i m of Auto workers local 1364 while court proceeding Over Union recognition and wage compensation continue. Assistant general counsel for the Norb. Marcel Prevost. Told the Herald Friday there has not been any court activity on the injunction since the evidence was presented dec. 4. The temporary injunction was requested until the original dispute that of Legal recognition of the Union by the company comes before the court. In a separate motion the Law presented Oral arguments seeking retroactive wage compensation claimed by member of local 1384 for w Anes lost Over the six Vear period the dispute a been in court. Prevost guessed the court is preparing a written decision on the injunction which is expected anytime. Elwood has been the sight of sporadic harassment and physical destruction Between both Union and company employees since sept. I. When Union supporters walked off the Job. Both Elwood police and the Madison county police department said no incidents had been reported Early Friday night. Elwood police chief Jay or Baugh said a everything was quiet Quot but Ridden much of the activity generally comes later a i Iglus of Early Moi Nigg. The latest incident is a dynamite explosion on the Roger Burchett property 2000 s. Sheridan St., Elwood late tuesday. It was reported $250 damage was done to the garage although there were no injuries reported. Hughes holdings control decision by court expected today a Page 5. Popular detergent to be Ahan Doneda Page 9. New arrivals and obituaries a Page 2 schedule of sunday Church services in age 3 editorials opinion mud comment a Page i nereid on women pages �-7 sports highlights and results of major area basketball games pages 10-11 comics and daily features pages 12-13 markets and financed news a Page 14 classified advertising pages 15-17. 600 removed As dust plume released in test Mercury Nev a about 600 workers were evacuated from the Nevada test site Friday after an underground nuclear test shot blew a plume of radioactive dust 8.000 feet in the air the atomic Energy commission said. It was the largest number of persons reported exposed to radiation at the 1,350-Square-mile test site located in Barren desert 80 Miles Northwest of Las vegas since underground testing began in 1963. The dec said a radioactive air mass was moving a North and Northeast very slowly but that radioactive Levels were a dropping very the dec emphasized the level of radioactivity traced beyond the test site boundaries was a very lows and said it was w Ell within permissible Levels for humans. No towns in the immediate area of the test site we Ere reported evacuated. The closest town is Alamo with about 250 residents some to Miles North. An dec spokesman refused to say if it was possible the radioactive air mass would Cross the United states boundaries. Such an occurrence if it happened. Would violate the 1963 above ground nuclear test ban treaty signed by the United states Russia and other nations. The 1963 limited nuclear test ban treaty signed by the United states and More than too other countries allows underground tests a so Long As they do not cause radioactive debris to be present outside the territorial limits of the nation under whose jurisdiction or control the detonation was the radiation was the second reported in four underground nuclear test shots Here since wednesday when minor spillage from one test Rose 400-500 feet above ground and was confined to within the test shot site. Code named the latest device planted 900 feet below ground had a listed Force of less than 20,000 tons of int like the three previous shots it was a military weapons development test he dec said. The dec said about 300 of the 600 workers evacuated from the test site s northeastern Corner a were found to have radiation on their clothing and they were made to take what the spokesman described As 4 nominal precautions such As showering changing clothes and washing their vehicles. Some underwent tests to determine if any radioactivity was present in their bodies. The dec said there was no immedi Case. The dec said six aircraft including two helicopters from nearby Nellis air Force base were tracing the radioactive air mass. The evacuated workers hired by firms under contract with the dec. Were All in the test Sites Northeast Corner. It was the 17th time the dec has announced radioactivity escaped the reservation since the underground testing began under the treaty a total of 230 tests have been announced at the site�?30 of them this year. They were both above the below ground explosions at the testing ground from the time it opened in 1951 until the treaty signing. The wife of a worker at the site said that her husband televised turn to psf 2, column 3 strict polish curfews imposed Warsaw a strict curfews were enforced in rebellious polish cities Friday night in an attempt to end the bloody clashes that have taken up to 23 lives and left hundreds injured. But there were reports of disorders at a new spot Slupsky in the North. Rioters protesting government imposed consumer Price increases have fought militiamen looted shops and burned buildings in the Baltic cities of Gdansk. Gdynia and Sopot and the Western Industrial City of Szczecin in disorders that began monday a was reported quiet in the Baltic cities but in Szczecin. 180 Miles West of Gdansk radio appeals for Calm hinted at More trouble there after a night of burning and looting a Western Diplomat returning from Gdansk said tanks were deployed at 100-Yard intervals on the main Street to enforce order. Gdansk the former free City of Danzig has a population of 380,000. Gdynia 170.000. Sopot 40.000 Szczecin 370.000 and Slupsky 67,100 from Slupsky. A City of Light Industry it 120 Miles West of Gdansk came reports that authorities used tear Gas to quell demonstrators. An account of the disorders in Gdynia was broadcast Friday night by radio Gdansk quoting polish newspapers. It said troops and police battled their Way into the Gdynia shipyards against angry mobs and occupied them. The broadcast said several thousand demonstrators took part in the rioting and that a shots were fired from the crowd against the soldiers and militia there could have been Only one reply to this a Resolute action a the Steep increases announced last saturday at the height of the Christmas season followed years of Price stability. The Price of meat a chronically Short item in Poland was raised 17 per cent. Other Price increases included 25 per cent for cheese. 16 per cent for flour la 7 for fish and 8 per cent lot milk. The government estimated the various increases would raise an additional $208 million a year in Revenue to try to Calm the polish people. The country has been put under what almost amounts to a state of emergency Premier Jozef Cygankiewicz has ordered Security forces to shoot destructive demonstrators a report from Western sources that a bomb had exploded in the Back Yard of the soviet embassy was denied by embassy personnel. Reporters were barred from the grounds. Bit by bit. The Story of the disorders was filtering in from the country Side a swedish reporter who was in Szczecin the former German City of Stettin said crowds burned communist party Headquarters thursday and armoured cars charging the crowd ran Down a woman and her Young daughter. Pictures also showed armoured personnel carriers in action. A danish reporter in Gdansk reported the outbreak of fighting there thursday after the City was reported Calm he saw fighting in scattered areas mainly near the docks and in the City Center. He confirmed that tanks wore in the streets a very heavy a several times soldiers and Pleat turn to Peg 2. Column i Campaign finance report shows figures Nixon worker donated $114,000 to Roudebush Indianapolis a a Nixon administration worker channelled $114, of into 40 figurehead commies supporting Republican rep Richard l. Roudebush in the waning Days of his unsuccessful . Senate race. Information showing the Money came from Jack a. Gleason was contained in Campaign finance reports filed with the Marion county clerk s office Roudebush and i lamp Ramn coordinator Gordon k Demi said Friday the Money came from sources other to an Gleason but under Gleason s name Durnil identified Gleason As a a Friend of Roudeb ii h a Roudebush told the associated press a i scarcely know the Man. I met him once i think in Washington at a party a Durnil listed As treasurer of All 40 committees said Gleason is a associated with the administration and Quot May be associated Quot with White House political aide Murray Chotiner a Behms the scenes Man who helped get Roudebush the gop nomination for his apparently unsuccessful race against sen. Vance Hartke. A ind certified election Rosu is shoved 11 p i t to out polled Roude by h by 4.383 votes a Ltd who inc Gleason per Mcnally contributed $114,000, Durnil replied. A no. All the Money we received from him was in the form of Cashiers checks with his name As Remitter he said the Money probably came from sources other than Gleason but was listed in Gleason s name. He said he does t know who actually gave the Money. Persons Active in politics say the device is often used to protect a contributor who May no want his name disclosed. The financial reports in Gleason As the sole contributor for 38 of the 40 committees Ewtuch Bear such name As a Roudebush citizens support committee Quot Roudebush news committee Quot. A lawyers for Roudebush committee Quot and 4 Roudebush citizens research Durnil said Gleason s contributions were listed under figurehead committees to evade the Federal Law prohibiting an in army intelligence agents watch California militants div dual from contributing Mort than $5,000 to a single candidate or committee. Durnil said he does no to consider the procedure deceptive. Quot the statutes Are kind of vague and you just have to set up a separate committee for a of he said. That s Normal procedure. Well. Maybe not the Normal procedure the Normal procedure would by to have a d c. D strict of Columbia committee where it would be hidden and we did no to have am of those Quot he said. Durnil referred to tile practice of some congressmen to funnel contributions through committees organized in Washington dc., which has no Law revises turn to Pat 2. Column i los Angeles times news service Washington army intelligence agents have watched some student and Black militant a activities in California and their reports show the wide scope of military Surve Yance in the state. Dated in 1968 and 1969, the reports indicate some events covered by military agents lacked any apparent military aspects. In addition to draft resistance demonstrations in which the army has a Large stake agents reported on such nonmilitary a vents As the Public a mock trial of a los Angeles policeman who fatally shot a Black Man and student rallies in connection with the Long Campus strike at san Francisco state College last year. Contents of the reports were made available to the los Angeles times by a former army intelligence Captain who has cooperated in the current inquiry by the Senate judiciary subcommittee on constitutional rights headed by sen. Sam j. Ervin or. . Whenever names of rally leaders were included in reports of events these names were also put into an alphabetical listing in a computer at fort Holabird md., Headquarters of the . Army intelligence command the former Captain said. The a officer requested anonymity. Although the army informed Ervin last March that this data Bank had been a a discontinued and destroyed Quot some of its information is reportedly still held by other Federal agencies under a government data sharing program. In justification of such civilian spying. Army officials have said they wanted to be ready to Deal with civil disturbances whenever troops were needed to restore order. But Ervin said Domestic spying by the military can create Quot a potential for political control and for intimidation which is alien to a society of free the mock trial of los Angeles policeman Warren b. Carlson co sponsored by Black militant groups on March 17, 1968, was reported by the army intelligence command Saintc in a document called a weekly intelligence summary no. 68-12.�?� its telex report to six army commands around the world noted that a speakers included the Rev. Clayton d. Russell head of the Peoples Independent Church los Angeles Ben Wyatt los Angeles negro attorney and Franklin Alexander Southern California District representative of the communist party .A.�?� the report More detailed than Brief newspaper accounts at the time said the rally was cosponsored by a the los Angeles student nonviolent coordinating committee the Black panthers and Quot the demonstrators passed out a wanted posters of the officer and found him a guilty of first degree murder a the report said a the demonstration was officer Carlson shot and killed Gregory Clark 18, feb. 18, 1968, after Clark wounded another officer with his own service revolver during an arrest. A coroners inquest ruled the death justifiable homicide. A similar intelligence report in january 1969, by Saintc told of a rally staged to protest the student teacher strike at san Francisco state College. The report said some names were Teing spelled phonetically. Under a Section i past the report said Quot san Francisco Calif. On 17 Jan. The United California com Sleese turn to Vega 2. Column a mostly Cloudy through sunday. Colder with Chance of showers becoming mixed with or changing to Snow today and today and tonight. Continued cold sunday. High today mid 40s Low tonight 25-32 High tomorrow 28-38 High yesterday 46 Low yesterday 34 Sunrise 8 01 Sunset 21 p. In. Quot i got wonderful results Quot Quot in or know Thoro wore a Mony qualified Babysitter in Anderson i Quot said this advertiser about Tho response she Tilo her Quot help wanted Quot of. Need mature Babysitter in my hem or yours. References Reg. N. Anderson. Too Silver St. No Molter whether you need a Babysitter help for your office. Factory or Stere con 43-5371 end place in fast acting inexpensive Horald bulletin wont and you can place your of any time Between i am and 5 pm monday through saturday

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