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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 24, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Juno 21, i�28albuquerque morning journal Pste Vin in the news today sport snap shots a fun la a Quot a Bimei the n grow i hut Nail set add Quot of nmn on also Ira pm a rth i a i Baron Kilt Lejk held Admi of then Rodman banking family a Virid mend Quot i broken heart apparently. Is just announced Tendon ,1 in a ?.Cor for Ever an the childhood Jam of i Ady Man Cambridge. Having attained the a of fit k Hack in co Rex Aoth Hoa u mile Quot audio i i unfit Loof aty Debutante. Mile Dupont a hip planted Lute Marta parquet in the Toth will affection. A a ref Tom frown up Fehlo new Tori the rang i resignation i Tho Moat persist out i the aaa i i the Tod re Ign a tune 21�?msnv Are being divan for the of Robert ted commissions of immigration . Kula Inland. \ Ohleh take of 5ji Felt Jure 80. And 5f Ria re Berun of the advert in a c a Tai Atlon of politic Exi who were out get his Calp Henry la. Curran former Republican new York mayoralty vote Aritoo candidate. A a Ltd be med succeed Tod who will return private life. Tern age which la no longer considered proper Wear her hair Doe n Over her shoulder and play with dolls a lady Mao who Octal a a bridesmaid for Prince Mary i Ady Kollra Itowe-n&-.,n Wear her Dree and in the conventional. Probably her j altar will not be and Beth tio Quot hair june 11, his sweetheart or hanging in the balance Frank j. Hags with whom waa captured after a gun Battle with police has Ghoul 1 rid a1 the biome for the killing of two patrolmen in the in Gale re riot ii Rry ii. Miller now i on 11 Ini barged with the killing of the two we a i Ione of the Law. Of but Sage a con fee firing the shots who a snuffed but their live. Listen world in Tacti a my. Aill att Aren by <v5f in Branson i i loaded the beat Little Alibi Tartlet i know myself a Nurer in How attoceagf1 i Wem be if we had the other fellow Job. A. E How Loving wed heir j Cpl r a of r eco i Coly appreciated love i w famous wed be i we of wire we d be sure they de sex i Quot Nee Vert onal we d be i a i won i not Tik about us How honest w a cd be f in so in a a Trou a a is ure Eoto web a if v a. Were sure the Advent i a Chen us. How patient we d de if a Bob of Farrell cubs Catcher enters mad scramble for stick honors in the National league a ii Al stick i n the i a Arrill i june is by the Amo teas a i of of Farrell the Chicago cubs a mad scramble a a a inf a in Tho National Hague a i Cleave i today in last and ii Celt Art Cluj drive and in Hie last made is hits i four Bagger. Ark a been a a recent Vic a moved from eleventh place among the player who have participated in ii or More Garnet u Ipie tie for a Ruth pile with an average of ass compared with a Mark of ,836 s week ago in hush of Cincioni a who added Only one Point his Mark of Tho previous week and Johnny Mok in of the Phillips who suffer i a slump Are tied with the Chicago Star. Stack h the Brooklyn out of elder Baa fallen off a inc the dodgers invasion of the neat but till maintains first place with a four Point margin Over c Arjev Grimm the Pittsburgh slugger. Wheat is compared with <09 week Nsoto Grimm s average is is tvs and Frankie Fritch of the hat is i Gin on Tho heels of the pirate first baseman with an average of la so. a ii hams of hot Adelphia. George Grantham of the cubs tie a with of Tommy Bohn of Cin i Nat reds for stolen Bass Hon a ext 1 a a pilfered is in is. us r i a Ai i buffers Bott Muley 1st, i tui. ,36 a rim. Sis Mam Philadelphia 342 Southworth Boston i Toub now Toth the Advent of warm of .1pitchers of this a i in league Arn showing ., 1 a a a a Hellmann of the by a on than with an aver a if .435 on a f.Cor m the majors playing is or More Pima who in Hitti above 1 in ,40.1 Mark. Ruddi col ins e Pymn of the win . # in no up with an aver ago or ,5,4 and Jamieson of the hero and indians is third with <4lnn hag wrenched the meal. Nee hitting honors away from warn a Gat is of the Indian by making la., Waths Ganss i of see a Las second a ticker also cont ii sea Blaze the path and is showing the War the base steal pm with 2 4 thefts. Toh nov moot his team mate who Stele 14 bases tis Collin nearest rival. I i e Mii kids Only one Clr Strtt j rive i 1 or the week which ran his string 14 but the King j of sluggers has been doing some loonie sent hitting with a total of a a a Ina Rui meet her for dinner tonight Mecca cafe fad thai your wife knows just How off sour appetite is no reason Why rile should spend All her Days in the Kitchen. Why not enjoy an appetizing Well balanced meal the Mecca cafe for a Chance will persuade you a heat out More frequently this summer. Try our fresh Strawberry and Cherry pies they cannot be cafe phone 648-w. 214 West Central Tesu Oehrig a agr and a Ern in cd Ramon try with Tho now Torii amec own 14ti0 haoem.1 of us. A shrug Otu the sensation of the a plumb Nelv Silty base a ii Loam this , starring a Pitcher first Bloom ii and outfielder and Spuria is ii j him a a no i Enki re mister. Prior entering Odum. Hie. Gehrig played with the High of hold of my Cree. N. T., who re Hwa known a the Bab re a of the noir Tol school boy a. Fth Reg is a terrific hitter and is built on generous proportions tile tanks in an age in ent amp us recently Mike Galilee .fay�fte College Aho a atop and cd vis. R Der Heck the Fordham Catcher. England la a intent but note. Vitant Oyer the outcome of golfing Batt be with the american inns Iera the Spring. While the results of both Iii Amateur and open Ween satisfying the Pride of , in Hotti Naae they were too clo for Corn fort. Britain satisfaction and rot Caus 0 among american golfers. The filled state held a Fie on Che in Cdr Nahle for two a ars running end the reign of the Home tired w Nelt com an end. Ari invading golfer use Many hand i Caps difference in oilman and a Toepher c Condit Lons Mode of living militate a degree against him. A briton coming America Facie the Aam Odds arid Tho always Are Small j of the outland winning. the areal r meet Deal the i English a i no ear anti the a tool final round Over and j Oil test had Gore Down Befort wether of. Troon Hagen kor i Hie gallery uneasy up the j two Holee and Macdonald Bolth Vej startling is on leed child of apr Pra healon. There a glory i Enrigh for the Amer Tyvne even Ini a cafe a. For with three Iris among the flt four Tho Caliper of a. Be Golf a firmly upheld Fegen f a a ight a Nat e. Try no a a s Aye be expect eel Bat. Hts shots were not going my j Al Row i i Alwyn a sound steady player knocked Ai the door of a Chapic Uehli and Only i a Mal tee f time until this new Anteri can is going claim a major title and another War appeared on the heftier whorl Macdonald Smith blamed i Way a new record Troon. America still has Fdge in great in that hold the Walker cup pm Blem Leal Efth Amae a teem Chample Nahle hut in Miv Duil r the two Yeti 1 Iii Are in even term. very Dou artful of any Kungli i pre will Challenge in the National Quot pen Inwood not a a outlet. Hut i quit certain that a few of the Lead Rig amateurs from abroad Sti enter the Amateur play Floe Monr in Kropt pm her Weth red the new King ish Amateur Champion la part Lou tarty my task another old in our Amateur re f filled qualify in Boti of his previous attempt the Ling Nee re and Brookline. Then the tar Tolley who in playing great Golf also May come across or another whirl the a Mer rein cup. A group a British women Alee Are a posted be if the Field when the so men i National in played. Local items chaff Felipe Zamora left for Lea Vega Friday night on Bune a. He e i probe id v return Morrow. M pm regards his word final president told leg of Jantlee department an Lee the payment were in so cordon with the comptroller Toner a View of the Law. Marlier in the Day Mia Beagle Bruggeman chairman of Tbs a of min icon had announced that we tied Quot pm a Ltd dealing with of Patio Nat glee seas or. Tecarl had that such payment were be made Only or Era where injuries were determinable in Point of time Mcaooo stands Good Chance of heading in by. A democratic ticket attorney general comptroller general even declines follow an opinion handed Down by Hue the department of Hustle d agreed with toe roman Ilion ape own a june 21.�?- 11-him Bryan commenting on the Tang men nerd by foreign Alt log meeting pm bringing liquor info Ameris an Urta ted a branded the move a the Quot height of go and or. Bryan wag Here attend the wedding r f big Gre of daughter. Him both Bryan Owen w islam ranter Meeker. Quot of foreign Nath be think they own the Ocean Cut de the three Hill Lim if a a wild. Quot titty least fight we ii i no allow the United of i a # urls Detjon Over Oso Hore think i the height of Gall and Imp darn a for Forcin nation under the pro Teijon of a her Flag Brier liquor the Shore of America or. Bryan said that William i. Mcadoo would stand a Good ethnics of being nominated for the or by the democratic part v in 1124.tseh Langfo. I troller fj�%4 Jami Thornty lit j i ii Bilo fund a a viral time i whre the Dushu Rosment of a been challenged by Cabinet members that such a restriction Waun in a a assay. The opinion of the a Horner a ii Ere re office a transmitted sri late in May and wrote the president the follow such a ruling Quot would result in the unauthorised expenditure of Publ la fund on sri i As fut want ads bring Quick results and other off Lisle informed president Harding that re gird i decisions As final id appealable Congreve i witling Quot.Cor elder the views of in. Teie eted officials All time but the opinion of non of them hold. I controlling on his office j the comptroller general Quot declaration of jurisdiction came Light today in publication of monthly ruling by the general accounting office. The statement Imre directly on an opinion handed Down in May by the attorney i Gen drat a office construing per a flogs of the Oderat employee compensation act contrary n a Cir on by the comptroller Gen re Al. Or. Coarl indicated would decline approve disburse j inept voucher from the compensation commission despite the Rui keep Tino j sic or when pan by Odling Chopa a careful pick them by the fat whim for Nhul a in muck Imp the Meg will led juices out. Money of no value Gladys in so dumb a thinks Fps boys Are hungry when they say Honey her a a 11 a a egg Quot Quot Tif 4 no pleasures for a although i had plenty of mom if was of no Sal a a my Sto Nae almost a a a a Ditre aed in i a Faith 1 a All doctors a Medicine. Talking with my drat Flat about my a ase Advt m a Fry syr a Yuop Derifi her cd i am now enjoying life again a i la a simple harm Ess pee Garaflo Bat a Rolt a be the catarrhal Floe Biti the int31 Post Trace a j Lay the Imbat Notti of a Pomet Lesliy All stomach liver an intestinal ailment including a nil cuff. Pm do will Vin or Money refunded. V a ale by the Briggs pharmacy Ai druggist . 50c today 50c Fried Spring Chicken and baked Young Hen la a. M. 8 p. M. Navajo dining room fourth and Copper 50c monday tuesday and wednesday june 25, 26 and 27 a real High Quality Talcum powder mad from genuine imported tale the generous Quantity of a a1 Attar 1 f Jose e Ary can give a wonderful Rose fragrance Uke the Flower if. Beautifully decorated can with the convenient Quot Kellk Ltd a Cap. Manfurd Price a 25c i an this Saki two of Ait by other purples products 62c aspirin Tablet i e boric acid powdered pc Cascara Sagrada rom 25c Castor Oil 4 of. 83a Cream of tartar. 19c Epsom fait 4 or. Tic Glycerine sup. Adult 6se be. 8 d1�nf extant. I for 70o 3 for i be 3 for 26o. 2 for 2�0. 2 for 88c a for Ile a for s6c s for be Klenzo dental Creme and the Clena v biter. Teeth. Hardens the gum remove tar. Does scratch the a you can a v e bes u 11 f u i Teeth by org Al Nae Tarn Quot us thie Quot a Standard a Rii cd soc 5ic i ii what is a one pen Sale?1 Quot ? you bus Quot i my Ltd a a a q Vic Viii Odic Price then another item of the same kind for in. A a an illustration the Standard Price of Jonteel combination Cream is 50c. You buy a Jar this Nutce and i Wev i Nara pc of jars. Every article in this Sale is a Hiah j a i by a Quot Tore or sic you get two jul . A new Way of advertising. X9 the Merit of the Nori Fyk. J a a. A this Sale was developed by the United drug co a an plan. Rather than spend Large the Merit of these goods they Are Sondina 4kumi a Money a Mays convince you of a of High Quot corf a Perm Quot in us a a a a you. i Quot in Well pent if Tho Ltd. You m0"ey a Tbs com Ken on i ?Enra?uanjen5ertor Wel wll pm a be of r Antonft Rhren first Street and the fourth Street and Central Avenue Storf on v in ?�1 time All sales will be held both drug stores n be future shaving Cream produces a thick a i is my lather. Who mind up on your face throughout the Dnard Prim on tube 35c Nils Sale two tube 36c maximum hot water bottle x2s�sp5 r2? no a Quot a a a Taillard Price Doc a Llo Al two Flo Tilc i Itta Selp. $2.26 m rot via in by thu Qiu Noyo ? a a Quot a guarantee _ regularly Ai i.0o each and a likewise of. Fared on tin Salt two for $2 01. �?�,,11- Hje a fir a complexion powder adheres the Ekin con Quot of a 4a�mn�. Oslic Ope and i a doors comes in three tints. In Nard brie this Sal . .si.00 re. $1.01 food items 35a Vanilla of Street. 2 a 3bo a Lemon extract .2 flt Ltd if True fruit sine .2 fur 41,.9a Oihi of a Quot j of. Bottle a fur f in 28c 2.jc Symonds inn b Ltd. h.,.2 2b1a Byus ondus inn for atle Bitt stirs i i Mug i v 81.lo 1 lash Light Fibre case.,j for 81,8b 91 i flashlight Nickel for 81. 1.50 hair fresh. Dir a rubber Cushion style. ,8 for 1,81 in r i if a. I.8 for .,"vt la i or a in d. .2 for Gge i�?T0 velour powder Huff. A bar 4d Jonteel combination Cream Kep the a Kin Mooth and Beautiful. An Ideal bad for far powder 1 a a freshing night. Protects the Akia against the weather. Y Aam with Many Bee. Delightfully perfume. With Tho wonderful Bier. New Crew map Jar. Tit is Quot Alo too Jar sic Cascade Linen or in ted in package tvs also Hay. A i Quot pen 1 Matt h \ ged Quality of writing paper and always in the beet and a re Price 50c i fills kale nil la found 51c goo form hair nets i hey fit. Net of the highe.-Quality and carefully selected. Ltd Daniy 1h�uble meal 1 Standard brio or. 15c Tao net till Naif 16c Quot Tande re Pele 4 Hie v Quot Ingle much 10c Tver shun lie toilet goods 60c Arbutus complexion Cream 3 tor Blo pc bouquet Runte talc. I Fop my Doc n Ca butter a Quot uld Cream a for 51c a c Indira Tab urn powder.,8 for by 1 Harmony i ii in \ a genl 2 for Sun i�0c Harmony liquid shampoo.,2 Fop my a i cult we re earn j Fop 51. Toilet goods medicated skin soap i3q retail toil . 25c Mick Cis Pero Sou la nor . A of ors 1or 1 for 2bo j tor 3 for 2b� for lint a ninety three heir tonic promotes the growth health and Beauty of the heir. a stimulate the roots and improve the Cir ablation and no Britlon of the a Alp tie Eue. A real hair tunic. is not Sticky or Mussy. Hrs a plea ant odor and la easy apply. In Standard Price $1.00 bottle this Sale bottles $1.01 household remedies and toilet goods 60c 35c lie 85c 35c 85c 50� 28c 15c 5 0 25c t5q 25c Nadenia halm., for tic ants Sutlo tooth powder for Sac Pedar Chest com. For 28c Gold for 38c Corn solvent j for 38c Sulphur and Cream of tartar lozenge Igo a for s4k& dyspepsia for Rte loot for 38c hand Fop in a. Kidney pills .2 for Alc Larkspur lotion. A for a a Sarsaparilla tonic a for fl. sharing lotion. For ?8r tooth paste Imp. ,8 for 38c symphony c berm stationery very High Grade writing paper Ami envelope. Fancy finish with Tut and Novelty Educ. White and tint 21 a a. ? of paper and 2 4 inv a pc n Beau fill Art Box. Quot unit dim d Brice on. Jas a two Boa. lieu boxes Rule a Sal $1.01 Liggett Delu ious milk Choc out the finest tweet milk chocolate. A food As Well a a confection. Folded in my a quare for Eon vent in Ling. Standard Price Bourn i Price a kit tide Sabi Ltd i cakes., 1 i lakes. Soc t3c fancy la ird Candle cd a a. 5c gum. Four Ali fit a font flavor j mint five dirt rent flavors. I for too a for so 2 fur Iii Butts drug stores mme Stoke la ref and cd n Ira Balione 88.85albuquerque�?Ts greatest drug stores Stoke no. 2 v. By Corner ii and mitral Phi 1 Ibr-1 Dainty dutch delights Good Quality package chocolates from our regular Stock. In Good everybody will want least. Two Boxer on Box the regular Price and another of the a am identical kind for Only Lomer. The Supply frill not last Long l first com first served i bound Box $ a a

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