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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 24, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal Jan 24. 1925 i n Quot i m supreme court s five to four decisions discussed America has always been governed by the majority expert states cd into no<1 Fetn a kit a pre <1 few i . Few 0 cd inn to if a a Ouk of wow that irs to flt need to i a w into hog id 1 legit for of ton of Taw Wiwi Al pro a a a to there. Ihlow Towk to supreme i oafs i tim?1 forbidden by if ? Quot the i a. K9a. A a j himself 1� Birt we of i s to two la dug a Al i court i Yoomi ii i property Witolt Roff Franr lit a train w Tarlto f i by the i pref i of of a a i require a i to Hail. Ii a a j i re floes arid of a a a a d unit Tori punish 1 a i i re Ort could do 11 of a Home furnished in Good taste starts child a education right by an Interior decorator the fro win be aeration to folios of i treat and j Horn which exhibit the affect of Wilt to most fitting Interior decor tint to Bels Auh i to chairs Windsor chair Laded to a insane that to hard rash Taal to to a pro a ,.�T�. W i. ».i�. Was f w 1 a n9 ceiling l he that win a Brach Tampa and portable on Ltd twill in of the thin of jul to cow pc rims up fatty and ii fit the a f \ if Fofo estimate but which is Utt doubt Emily Keeae Flutot. Tho to in Whf a Fri Art principle a applied by professional by is j Fth far Baa Del Al n for of am Atiar decorators i fest colonial mock to Curt Wall to not difficult to beasts that paper instead of Uwon Plain Lur the boy fir whoa family j two fluff will be a Revdr Perlea if Ewe i Ara about a in run room j the writ i a which repeat the furst Ohad according to informal chief cd is of the paper Fri in pro and. Gossip a currant Ala a that Large Cha i of russian Arnht a bring Road and that Europe n re Elmra a offering lower pric a than War quoted on this Ald of the Atlantic l lit Bensh Factor was o i m is Raport that Nom Quot arty Cut Tang of a wheat we a averaging is teen to eighteen Hua Hela att Are where a oly to air to fourteen by aha had bean looked for a his manuf Sturar of Corn product n a a lid abut Down for a Wack had much to do w till depressing the Corn Market. Oat Quot Era upheld but re port a that Tho heat wave a a unfavourably affecting the Nan a i sin m of bog Quot slur go win cd the provision Market. 010 0? Price a a Quot a july a of a i a sept i % j tree., in. ,. In Loir Uke sept. T�1-. A Little talks on Thrift ,1 Massac Leader Day. 1 a i to Hoti had run i Foj Eony a of to wet than wrote Jefferson comp end of til i to re Ort a statement i inf an the historic Govomi Yentai i a grief of the human race let no j More a heard of consider a Man. But bind him do n from mischief by the Chain of the con Tutler a a i Clef is the to oui mischief i the acid. took Jefferson to select be auf j the int Achtor making Propin Pitrof the Man in Power a curb d in the Constitution in tse Enfa Nina particular the government of the United state Young a we know to be. I yet the old aet unchanged system the world both do i Iliah in destruct Frere is Cen an la Tina Olaf of the Man in pow. In. A. i. . With a the abort apace car Rac Frd floating percept half a Century the German pm tuner a a. Valid us spire to to primary position and s h to if j then a sunk without Trace cwt i a Tahl he a Roto a him Chie Roya Man in pow a. Of. If we were to a our a a. Hit the history of our own a vision of Conati a country f Imp ehrs my plot i tent a wities instead of a ugh of the need of a juices a to sport. T he j to apply the Conati War the i n is Scafi i. Ett do thou Gilt map read on of View us car note acted a net do Oral an Horatias. Golf cant . And. Julie led. to the am in this Eon try that of Ford Praet Toal sense no Legal learning a bad a fit Randl Dat for a any legislature in therefore is not the opinion and a a been. The free a r5csd a Bill an who never a veal in let Erese America by s. W. Straus a brat ident amt Riun society for j Thrift j p. J vacation time i Bara and for 1 ill the but two three month j a inc ancient that Alt via att of the question of Bow beet to spend a the # period of i a m fest Ani rec Reefton will engross the attention of millions of penal throughout la Coil a try to the Days of our fore j fathers Rara j Mona were of email run $11 r0 / Pim nuance and j feb Ini. Were looked open a a form of indulgence car entering Tiro is 61 . So. Add j a a Petit s. Ppm6 i Ati a e Ai Gull a a ill sap sept a m to erf 11ntl Quot c lag. A1 a by ook to end in a. Aoi wms mall a he. To i Ari a i sit a A re a ii Eire end a in min rent 0urgs c a up let Yerns in in typewriters. For Sale poultry est a. Pai to Belg Eye pm raw Tati a some milk a a Lirt a Quot roping a a be. Of re Tibon v a a. Iii weal Phr int Jan to no a a a i a h11 Ria to a f exkorn to c. Eel s. J. He a foe la deliver. Pm tee was f Ani a . Hale Berwid net est int Batching. To Gaya Ere 4 Psi so run i Iii Assn Tea to s fits a to til Ute f us Quot m of i Kra. Repaired hi1 for rent office room a i tics Afuso Hsitu d pro i is fro to Taring Stratas the Jay Welti a a tipped who a of i a arg Quot i. In re to Ufau Abaffi r As a so red wetly he i hate Slit mat a if yowl s Ai a i fir Ferest a Benet a less Wea ter Fol wre Fei ergot to tie non h sur a,.- to Rimes of . Up re Ilsc for Sale ranch i. 1apa fur v. Time 5 a. W Straut f him i of i Iii i i Iti a to a a f i Whit a a a a a no 8 pm 2 netted k#1 c that Bowld a Anjo Rad Only by the chosen few. Time spent in absolute idleness and Money utilised in Mere pleasure seeking were crowned upon generally by Cerione minded Persona who regarded such taper Leucas As unjustifiable i Amplas of idleness and waste. Rut viewpoints change with Progress. V e Art living More scientifically and with broader vision in Euch matters now than was the Case fifty year ago. The vacation of rightfully mad Nae of is a form of Thrift thorough lower lower grades they in keeping with the rightful. And cum a a standards of current life hut to in Tower spot off the Pney livestock Hunt 2% . Agriculture�.-i##, porn Pat a by Terr Arad rung beef c of Kew and is higher lower god i and Ivar Linga lard pad % our fat and v be git shut when my wife and i onto lbs la Alice a Young Man he to i a in Ber of i col la us had never written be i revolute Iwry Hov a in p a j a never a Nam pus notable Aid Vita in i to is a Zuahon a Isi Iago lits fat he e a a Cit a a a a three Are is 1 j of. W i a a i a a of. A Ai i by in age g int Atli of i a a a a ish Crim. Addry Uriah re j a a Irna. A re a cd. To of r m off a five Rne bout and Ishu do go. Var for Irma Vitae. J a f j Aas. A of. Btu Wopner to a a a in. T a i. But mat a Boti fan sing fun could s i a a grub 3 dogs and pets i of Borti to re Vod. Reg i amt. Pall of p von Gilt he a Bot i Vine a brawn pro a . I. Foj v a to a Kafir a a avg b. M. To the id 5fjr a Conn now he we Mer a ution a a the Rupee the Law of the Sun me Tun Darr Metal in w i fluid and to keep the Legisla is Congreve Des. The court Tiro department w within the bound Sansei to la con for . A pm Taft and to Oong taa to a the pre attacks upon the. .t,.�g�?T Rule rot to >1 w us supreme court Are plainly for the 2xa"is��ot� of pow Roll Benet i though a a us la i a a thru a Lor my Tytul a a a a run i a Quot a a a Ugnit in tim the other Luand. Two blending in one Bod of legis a Aszli 7ma1nrltv& to a each i in and judicial Row fib of conf May prop a a j Jeff err on declared to be a the re a team to split me Loti Alta definition of tyranny. The a h1 a a Cambie to fir-1,.-.ration of left Olater. A recut colonial standards will Hare bus taste and his feeling of american Ilia affected. The Subtle language of color end form will whisper to Bim. The Echo of an earlier stricter civilisation will penetrate bus feeling of Home. The elements that enter into furnishing such a room Are easy to grasp. The floors May be of fairly Broad boards covered with braided Rug placed with reference color will be chosen in the first place with regard to the lighting of the room. Dark heavy colors will a avoided in any Ca for lightness end cheerfulness Tusk bom Attra til e to Tbs child As Well As to the grown up. There will be in interference to nature a superlative bringer of cheers the sunlight ruffled filet net curtains either with no design Arith Small All a turns. Will eat Ca in Extrema top pc a i Kern Tref v us 1- c to �0c to Quot lured Steen rungs Sii 4 is p g a110.16# feeders. A a. And heifers Ami cum tiv a so a rep rec o lire pm Elret i tilth w a a Low a a pts for week to Packer a a Glt j h of sir Des a nit off to Fri pro too from preamp Iai a. Yet none of the erg i est in Cor grew Bow p fins of the supreme con to urn z ii. Era of confers i adopted of judicial Powers was the american Audi let Emont. In the of Massachusetts pc i a Yeti ? a a a re oui a a a a to the shape of the room. Thebe Hung not the window Glass Walls May be of rough plaster they will permit sunlight to enter natural in quiet tints with a Low without a he rust Lon except such psf scotting they May be As will diffuse the radiance and panelled. There will be no pro eliminate Glare. To a Quot hat i nation Constitution a written. Ltd for this atm is really shout hns we find his Clae Elc Stater ant of that his a body Mig the american governmental thut method Sod conduct try Bijj no pro Floe Ngar amendment j in the Lovegr mint of he R enet ution without a vote. Commonwealth the vim s los re. The. a bin of each Bouw. A pm raised in the litigate of j of the Frith 7 a a a Quot a Btij v governing a food Ujj a a Mesa by i indies j that a a a a 1 tto a a a a to a Xita fit grits re on fathers knew that novo to a her Are a. Rry Ingi had do. Nor bes Eer Aine Grid. The Mireme j we Ness Germany and Austria. a bout us 4 won do Row to permit a a a a cd then he Gulf ten Rauert Trolda get Ormin for itself a a j in go pc Ptg department a Bill never exercise the executive end Judi Ca pow to. in either of them the executive shall Rover i arc re Tho Legisla ivs and judicial Power either of them the judicial shit never Execl the left slate and executive Power either of them to tile end thai tray he a government of tows a <1 not of definition of tyranny the fire and that Quot can a stuck Quot till spree is either f the other and that till possible Cai in rep Lait to enable to in tend itself Axx inst the attack this la not the first time that a been attacked. Tile people v defend no a they have do before. R. i my Lur my flit the a Quot to 1 111 drop pc i ii re j legislative in Powers m and ii i learns men a1 convention government wrote i j the fed Era hat Jersey to extend by far Thna lie const hut so a i a a history no. A a but Republic p. A intr Ai cd. Bot 11 duration Here to a a Serei which i to of a i i Agati a Mer a Uteri x me i vim i and j 10 und j i24.uu0.i Iii Grade fairly Neive. Steady ii i if0 fat of if to ii Dia p a Quot Hulk a of to Chun o i 7 5 to s Pound averages. I ,30 i 7 40 $7.43 put King 0&Quot 9 to a rely $6 6.35 b ilk de Ira Bio Ain Quot tight pigs. I a 75 i.f f stints h do Vii Sou Quot Ben Vav wet bog. 6.90 17.4 slum $ 47.15 Buist $ 7.0 0 ii 7.40 la Light $6.75 f 7.5 a King toit.o,.til, $0 0 ii 0.5� a Kings roil us. 5.75 n 6.15. Lining p Leorae within the scope of this definition one s vacation must be spent either in Complete rest to the of re Pat Ion of tim in Euch a Way a to Ina up building physically and mentally. Travel of kept within the Bounds of on finances la a splendid Type of ration because gives a Bange of environment gets the mind away from the usual routine and Broadens ones educational equipment. On Lite other hand the Man who Toke his every Day problems with him and keeps bus mind still riveted on the ques Lions that a before Bim during the entire year cannot a on my h Benefit from each a a ration. On Fine. For work throughout the year depends to some extent upon choosing the right kind of vacation. Therefore of arrange and carry out one # plane for Tho relaxation period with the earn prudent considers Ion Given All the important problem of life constitutes a tory get a of rumple of Thrift. Ibe Tauxe frat e a Home of Good cooking Quot special sunday dinner too our restaurant i one in which you can always feel that an sex reliant meal will be provided. i our boat that no Diah a Ever been Kent Back because was improperly prepared served we live up to that a wan. De luxe orchestra every saturday and sunday evenings. Inn a tit Sty. June 2 a re the i in n f Iii i a in com its pow a i to a i a pie a by a i m tor n d beef to 4 v pm. $ 11.2 the plan Tel a to j Suer s rot . X. Fat is rope a Changa is the Conati a a a ton by 13.43 per cent of its he i Prmt Mutt a <�?�.�?�& not conc of is Quot v a. Mma m Newi cd whether in act of Mercsa # to Sroff Hurder be by h h Ber cent. Thana a a Jor a a a a. Unjust to a the a Slit auction. Trad con Ottob of a is fewer under the burst .�?Ttv o a a a. ,.r a a ? i. Pri Quot a ave Ltd a # a which so v a a 1 a Ruon i a a rat Rtse hic Ento Pri Lite ambit pm of Tai department licit the people ought to Iii Dum a All their Jeu Low Quot an l this tall their of hog a Bevelot 5 a. A .1 a i a filly 5c highe tits a lord average. Top $7.13 by j k a sales $0.85 ii 7,1 $ bulk i no to s Pound a rag. $ 7.06 i 7,15 pay j in of rom \ most. J 0 10. Bit in him Quot pts to o. Mar for week Tom its Tao 1 o is a a a top $0.25 c losing up $15, 8 bulk better Gri id $ i 6.00 d i a beep Stead i ohm # tii re 16 7 15 Odd ii ? s Ewe a to kill 5 14.50 5.50 in a p by ceding i i 9 1 a. To restrain liability Cap h a Rem to deny to the Cit Len i soy of the a f ego a a Quot has hitherto enjoyed. A a left slav do Potiris no the go Quot n in ant we wrote Jefferson during to Tingle a tar n history of Attu tonal Atter what personal opinions which a a cd hoi a if 1u�ticma enter talk of a f i i a a a a Wisdom of Tho legislation. Went level was i therefore the statement frequent an attempt fought by ref. J and heard that Tho a ton of me Hun re pre a court set up # judgment the Quot in be i of expediency propriety a a met Clearl Quot a tar that of Congress in a Plain false a Helix i i in. i In i Stead ii yet Coes a. Ivo Quot Ini w a Hogg Imai pts steady to 10c i Gln b ii. I of a sheep Ite Celt steady. Tear Ling. Tan he. 113.01 fit Mark on ,5 Mark ,0.00� . 30 Ewe is got try a a a a a Ltd a a a Anastac Guffaw history throws a sarcastic Gat j _ a across three Quarter entry As a comment upon f drop Oral to make thing a i a Quiring that Lea a o that Guetice of the supreme court unite to bold an act of Congrca a. . For the Suju Posedly my o number 7 a pm a i v Cormir a whether to a a of the 2 9 boundaries which engr aaa is tor Bidden by to a the Constitution to pass. This Emht iacome titles very difficult to do Tern be and the court May Ahart a Divide. Hut never Helena. Tque.?iou must be decided can fit be of in the a. J a a to . I Reva financial produce Wall Street a a total Vales 276,900 share. A Twenty industrials averaged i has 03.80 net lose. .15, High i a1 a a been decided by the a j 108-38 of 9&Quot s try vote of the justices in the i 4?, \ pm i no a Honda i irk june 23.�?l4b� j no .1 a $100.sii f iss 13 fir i a a. A4 a third 4 fourth 4 a a ii i Lent 4 a a f9�.28. Way. A a j., �&.�?o a a rvs Of differ cd be to. ? to us Able Ornt Volb of l to 4uaoxaa, in Twenty Railroad averaged ss.43 the vet by Quot sic., the dred.�?zj a a tric american be gain. Ltd High i 1l Scott Cave was decided and thl a incoming of the civil a great by Hart Fred 4 Deere Ion i Ouid. Of Ell could be thrown to in her. So profound Tel the people o the United suit. Had Tho $ justices concurred in the bred Brott a Creio would j a Bai e made no Whit of differ in that reaped. _ hot a ? lie \ the j j Jsn reject Ait of their be four d a m to 4 the i Wauro of i and the unit Uever reject Ocker to in a aul Christ ins in a Lump. Flue Tuat uns As a Rule were narrow difference of belief unimportant. What License therefore Bas president Haro jew Pagan in the i speech transportation problem Tern up Ope of the Nonh woo i a Beer no greater. 5 Runcola g constitutional did not and historic american net nor is lids difference of jew a great question re there no i new York j ire. id be remark Price Moven pm character deed. For in the Plain Day a Dull half Holiday language of Jesus which All of the Stock my a read in one Tongue How Many several Large f fore churches Art reefed have head of Cliv a in the Pintor away hat All Hie rest Are wrung and Tho who the jew re Lee Lief Jens orc i go i Venango new Lurk. June 23.--foreign i Exchange irregular Ureal Hrit Nir demand 34 6.1 a Cable $ i 61 916 liar i 60-Day Blit i Dan us operators a Tice re Centhie week end Maine apparel a profit Alec to i o buy them i w Holt a a d Ere hic u h a and a .000� Blea the Bris than. Unit. Into hate frenzy Berat five just president Harding Kansas Clov propose to hobble the supreme court although he condemn d the ired Scott Deci Loti he said that the decision would no have a s e Kuprel f court Euprea been made had not the party be -, four d �?�.��. Ting m the rat Spon Albl sustained culled tiv Row anti Xvi a a Baldwin Studebaker and Anier the Constitution but Waini a "�?�rk himself in Light some buying Quot owe the Railroad group the open but. The Barrier Stockn tagged vat ii f the list in later a Virginia and n my 6.1� y demand 4.56. Bei Gur. .2 v 1 a. Cables demand .oyii�1 Holland a Man. A 22, Norway�, by cd on demand 26 Mark demand iv.90, six demand 17,91. Spain 14,35. Greece demand land , .0009, c a Kin demand 2.99 demand. 33,73. Brazil i .70. Mont cat. 97 a 6 $4.59%. Rabicj 4.49 a a to5.2� Ca Blead a n>1 to. I men if Arland demand 3.74. To Echo sin a Chicago Chicago. June alive u a tiled. Of wig 19 pc broiler 34� 42c Roost Rall of potatoes Market unchanged of receipt 42 am. Total S. Shipments 741 cars. Butter Market Merer. Creamery extra.#, is be standards 8$h#arc of a 86% i 77 Tea first. 34 a i 85 a Sce Eor i. 22 a 34c. For Market to Gad. T a Ca pts 23,133 Ca Kane. Cd Karra City june 7 a butter rigs pc a poultry unchanged. No i re 1 Elton of a York june 2 # a a Ttoe spa a steady. Middling 29 10. A Otter future closed Stead Quot. July. 27.76 to 27.85 �., to. To 23 .40 der., 24,15 to 28,80 Jan. 24.51 March. 24 4 2. Grain amended so that Quot her. The of Are me court holds an act subversive of the right of a citizen the right of a state if May never Telesh be by a a a a d thereby Bacon Mongrel a and not the Hon a to now til Case Fig the limits of its Power could Batter Down every. Of tie Twenter Ntah by Irie Rii Rass for 8not i a Bain. in Tho Conn tout Ion to ,.usattds fur Vari v a in the of. Lean can were the. Heavy spots astr an interference in the the r0.cailfd Quot Pivotal Cal affair of ? lie state in Viola Tion 4jiicn?o Hoard of Irmler Chicago june 13 Bain in the Northwest lending to dispel mar Spring crop had a bearish effect a on the w heat Market today. I largely As a result wheat closed i unsettled and i 4�?� to i Ltd net ,04 ? h to i arg ans of to pc. Tar pro sic a the treaty Quot .Atod when teaa we admitted to the Union we�?�ha? fhe elate Reserve the right to. V in a lie territory into Quot Ive a vie o a the Lent with s .4# decided to do no. A i that provision Eta?.do Todd Syun questioned of Bio state journal against a., could enact a port Tow up the rup Mir our ,<1 do during Tho a Quot i War. A a to Nasa Billa of Attu mde i supreme a Quot a of Gold to 1,1 in civil Toronto deny to the allow -. Woolworth Houston ii list in a cd atom thing of nut urn in Eon a corporation refining and i Roqu Fofi c rep hat liken j we Penn Ylva tia Power up two Hood of crop in Europe to four i Quot a -. Had a a n i a i i i i proved by n favourable we Titer. Then came word of rain in North i Dakota and other place a from xxii i Ltd new Bud another and Man us other Candida #. Yet nobody lift Ever Bren so fatuous a to Baggest Mutt All should have Xot cd one to feature of a f regt sex that the Aerial a a a _ Chang Market Wath i a % in inv e a f amp a 1 ? a a in u n the h k a i a a re i r to left for an Inte a Tot of. .w overnight Gam of in Pointe reps the privilege of Hareas j pm Presena att Hie like that being quoted .003 0 Cen a Corpus Sis Many believe a wrong filly done by act of com grew in the heat of the cull War could change the con Tut ions j definition of treason j pm re f Dei my q la of ctr at1# j up to m a Tho a legit Matix pc desk a agrlj1 recent extreme Low of sign denounced by Jefferson that the fathers of the Republic fear i the judiciary never gave them any worry. On the knee attempted to do and Hamilton discussed in Hie a a Copal rate held fairly Stead Yonish men a&-yordlngl.v could Eralita tile relative Power of the i and Nul Ling Helm Juo cd. Into Fere in religion Aud abridge j ? Ive department by exec i. Tend Frencis .uscs a f., a. P of of Cleeoh and Resk 1 Ive pc Paris and the Judy Ait j ,111�11,ii-y& the Sod showed that i 1 the weekly Cie a Quot Rev a a Bel lid Nuth o Ria a Odet is be when h .on06 %. Tilt Advance xxx a attributed to the More stringent on Man government regulation of foreign Exchange trading. To other Prin Ady de a mind found flaps a cd Ann q pc a fit a i 4, been Arr Frutig that implied drought danger. Although Quot a admitted that there still remained dry spots i in tin Spring wheat Region tin Market headed downwind in Price the entire rest of the Day. Ajo Wiles of Export demand acted a additional Handicap to the to in i a the. Of the win Market. Tiwa a a a did the Ca a a f Accel of of i in a i to a a a �?T1 a till flu in a.trice were pausing and thai tile a in i flu p n # Jutila Arcolas and radios All sizes carried in Stock. Install now while heating material is its lowest ebb. Strumquist engineering co. Heating and plumbing 107 North fifth Street phone 122 heat water without heating the Kitchen the a a Sands will do there arc two ways of heating water this hot weather. One Way to fire up the Range and Tho other Way is to turn on a Gas water Heater such As the the first Way takes a Long time and makes most kitchens unbearably hot the second Way take but a Feu minutes and heats nothing but the water. On of the biggest advantages of having Gat in the House in the summer time is that makes possible the use of a water Heater. I he Quot Sands is Low in its first Cost and very economical to operate of our Gas Mains Are already in your Street and you Purchase a Quot Sands water Heater Gas Range from us we will pipe the Gas from Tho property line into your Home without charge and connect the Range water Heater free. Just phone 98 and we will do the rest. Albuquerque Gas and electric company Gas electric to appliances and real service

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