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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 24, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico By Ida Tarbel rk9, i f the Urc it Snurr pm . Xxx Lincoln settles Down loaf Tut either of t hem livid. That a was holding pit a f relative is pretty Yeti Ain the Hanks and Johnstons sad mall in role county Cut off a they wet from a p Way Ipi did i a him Cav he is one of the Little Tho a to bother who in Hon. �?�our.,d rot i m 11 a with nor rare Ripe sort that Arr smarter at Quot red Tat he coaids no a it Frlj in ares re by their social veneer about try than Ever after he a neglect however mph Anim Talmo to a Man Early a arest Deal of that sort of mis Coin May at to my Bare resented it. Springfield believes in and ton chief that is the offspring of such Spring flu a a Elm pie town Pmj Lincoln he real animal Piritz. Bino i Besan this nevertheless in Active Corial life a fed a tall in a oaf w infer to cover it of a r or turkeys Prairie Chicken Quail and other game which a then abundant. Yet it was her genial manner and Ever kind Welcome and or Lincoln wit and humor anecdotal and in of aged conversation which formed the chief i a Lei Celce increasing he tit working work a hard or Moores Rodies show this. So does dense Weill s recent Hook Quot the real Lincoln Quot in which by has collected much fresh and in t it re Tony material cd Legal work. They lira tic steadily vol amt and a Range when he first Wai circuit included b ties but by inc these had been increased to fifteen so that he had the Chance it the ability and will Effort in the part of believers in were Many which tradition flt Ilavern to take Drenin of these Clare to bar. Been of Unna Ual Legal exceptions to Freedom. In Hyrtl Tanc a a Wen As clo i Enca. The lilt i Lincoln Hart i first Export of the Case however was my with Uch an attempt. A w a Itten Soma theft to five years mad for them with Thieve possible delay but till then let them of not too intolerable a borne negro girl named Vance Holt i been sold on condition that Tho Man claiming to Quot own her could pro due Al blend that she was i property. In spite of i failure to do this Hgt a heirs later rued i lie pure harm for Hor Price. I Lincoln proved that the und it r the Law Monee w is actually flite and the court sustained his claim that a could not be sold or purees Asci. The Nawa frequently cited in fit two similar mulls by a within and without la much to or Lincoln s Tatis 11 Lincoln s since this co of How How his increased in u i hot year. Admitted the stat seven Coon facts a few year after till however re find him a counsel for a Ken ago for Tho t of county bar at a of sailors to one of it members it t Mcintyre. From Quot All source leg sting Ai the i in Quot or mein Tyre produced a vivid and drama a a papier which so far a i knit Hane vet been published. Turon a the Courtesy of judge i. K Dunn of Tho supreme court so of Illinois i was Abb last fall to Loco re a copy of this document or. Mcintyre i severe a fib or. Lincoln for his part la the Case. His argument was poor he claim and he Cave the Case away by admitting that of Mas on Jane # in alter brought i slaves to the flute to work on his farm Lucky Ria owner one Manton they were entitled to their free who had brought into col Dom the court thought of too that the lincolns found life def not have been cordial always Loas says of them that they Are the almost equally bitter periods before and have go 1jt fat t a tavern with the variegated human try that or Clear a if written yesterday a baby to care for a of court Lincoln in i love of All the world they cover of Many sheets in the in Tome made Springfield As a hire a o a Quot j to of first True and by the and of the year would be inclined to pick up and old san git Mon fibs. And is. Us son. Kkt to or. By wll Oie. To co prob. In Bec oat or attempted aft r two years to ilk her Hack to Kentucky there a wild grief however it is practically certain i hat in at least on can of a runaway alar he acted for the defendant. This a % Case which Cam info the Menard county Cir cult court in 1846, my attention a for to tailed to this a few month ago by or Henry f. Pond. The state attorney of Menard county or Pond Grandfather. Samuel Sweeny Pend was n Yankee residing Only Fen mile Northwest of new Salem Howa so staunch an Giitl slavery Man that he was called Quot abolition Quot Pond and proved i right to the title by operating a Section of the Iii Noil i underground Railroad. Or Pond practice wan to pick up flit her runaways at Farmingdale in Sangamon county Rover them with Tarpaulin and haul them to by Home. From whence they were carried on to the next station which was to the North in Mason a our to. I he Pond Ca or ii try Pond tells me that the Community was so pro slavery of political resentment the slowest think in the world to Beal. Then Springfield was still too close to Bim How Are you going to accept Ort hand i be country t first Cutten a Man whom All your life you have seen carry i no borne Beefsteak for bus supper Springfield once indifferent there a a Long period in which As a town Springfield treated All Lincoln Ian with More or irs indifference. The Lincoln Monument in the town # Beautiful cemetery and the Lincoln Homestead Given in 188ft to the state by Robert Lincoln with rather meagre collection were All that a offered visitors. That period i cloned. Today not Only Are the collection at the Monument and the Homestead largely increased Aud admirably cared for bul the Illinois historical society has gathered at the capital what is probably for student the Best Lincoln collection in the world. Recently the town has put up tablets marking Hies formerly difficult to local that of Joshua Speed a store who re Lincoln went to lie in hit of i different Law offices and various other Points of interest. To be sure the Tail Driver and oven Lone of Springfield # first Clamons do not always know How to take you to Thorn but this will pal. The unbroken train of Pilgrim coming to the town to Honor Lincoln # memory will finally educate them it la because of these Tablet that it is easy now to find the site of the Globe tavern where or. And or. Lincoln went to live after their marriage in november 1142 Quot on this site stood the Globe tavern the Home of Abraham Lincoln and i wife from the time of their marriage on nov. 4. 1842, until May 2, 1844 Here their first child a it a an unpretentious enough place but quite a Good As the tavern in most of the Illinois towns at this Date. And it a cheap. L our dollars a week for of he Many portrait of or. Len room and Board so or. Lincoln Ron a the 50 the Abow wrote i Friend Speed a few known As the Fannett i said to month after the marriage. Have been it or. Lincoln favorite was Lincoln Happy Jyh original Wax made by 8. M. La Eft of Chicago. The wet a be Happy Here after his known Krnjeu engraving Wax tempestuous courtship one has Anim this picture. A right to ask since All the outpourings of Bis heart have been published and republished and subjected to interpretations of Home. In january he bought the varying degrees of understanding House which afterwards enlarged and when i ask that i mean have he lived in until he left Spring we Acy written word to Tell us Field for the presidency. He must not one the Only comment of have been getting on better in ids his on his marriage i have Ever profession than has been generally seen was published Only a few believed to have been Able to do years ago a Brief word at the this. Fees May have been email end of a business letter written a they were five dollars ten rarely few Days after the wedding a the real i.incoln�?�. Seems to Thok it a 11anga that or. Lincoln did pot at Tbs. Ltd a at later period and appeals for Protection to their intern himself in defending run in Tho Day that the life of his Grandfather a frequently threatened. In 1 845 they thought they had caught one of the family a i least i brother Marvin. Horae of or Lincoln old friends among them i school master Mentor Graham and Coleman Smoot who bad loaned him the Money to outfit himself when he for to went to the legislature appeared a witness against Marvin Pond charging that he had unlawfully harboured a negro slave. The grand jury found Bim guilty but when the Case came to trial he a acquitted the truth or. Pond say is that the wrong Broth a was named in the indictment Marvin b. Bang innocent but Samuel sweaty guilty. Now it sem i that Lincoln and one major Harris were Tho Only lawyer defending criminal cases St that period in he Menard county court or Pond thinks that Lincoln roust have defended in this Case since Harris was a democratic congressman of Strong pro slavery View. His reason for Quot nothing new Here Springfield i except nay marrying which to me is a matter of profound not Bavin is that Quot sets x pm purloined from o every Pap r in the Lincoln the on ten by he Emir against Pond is positive prot i tit f plead it i in the the Mot f this have a Cord lug of writ -1 Cate an to fifty often traded out but he bad been Able to save enough to justify him in contracting on january 16, 1844, with the Rev Charles Dresser who had married him and Mary Todd for a House and lot. He was to pay j 1,200 not surprising that he should for the place plus a piece of prop Woi Der he had been through two a try in what is now the heart of years of Elf torment he had the town. He had part of the agonized Over Mary Todd s sup Money we know from a curious posed suffering he had been document which went with the through All the throes of a Man contract with Dresser a contract stirred by passion and yet Uncer by which or. Lincoln in Gebru Taia whether in the relation there Ary turned Over to a probable could be permanent companion creditor of dressers. I Tso with ship and sympathy. And now his the stipulation that of he did not period of suffering had been ended ret the House the Money was to by a farcical Duel destined to tor a a returned to him with twelve ment him and justly enough As per cent interest twelve year Long As he lived not surprising before when he first was a Candy that he was amazed finally to find Date for the Assembly of Illinois. A a _ himself with a wife. Be had proposed a Law regulating ably put no Grea restriction other counties where the thief has Church and their acquaintances Awn slave a exorbitant rates of interest Quot a upon him than to women would not yet been that on wonder How rile Church prompt refused to ave gone out of quash the indictment and that i us of is is in v f. I i Riti Gnu p. I r a to a from to. To m fond pm in by right in thinking that it it gone because i Iii picture of the Lincoln Spring Lincoln wrote t held Homo a mad after or. Another r a in or Welk Lincoln nomination in i him and gives in of invent Book for think was Siren to the author by or. Lincoln lukewarm on the a tin i. A slavery q t a at t i period to Isaac Diller Mill a resident of the Sha Springfield. I a we a play Fri Aupper of the 1 in Spring ing of it Iii and Tad i Lincoln fld found a colonisation society for negroes. Ile fails to note however the it or. Lincoln in is it Eulogy i f Flay in in Quot 2 gives emphatic approval to the society Quot this suggestion of the possible redemption of the african race and african continent was made Twenty five years ago. Every succeeding year has added strength to the Hope of ifs real a on May it in it i a cd he realised la a Noah s country was cursed with plague and his Bort were lost in the red sea for striving to retain a captive people who had already sen. <1 them More than four Hundred year. May like disasters never befall us if a the friends f colonization Hope the present and coming generation of our countryman shall by any mean succeed in freeing our land from the dangerous pet Rico of slavery and at the same time in restoring a captive people to their Long lost fatherland with Bright Prospect for the future and this too so gradually that neither races nor individual shall have suffered by the change it will indeed be a glorious this does no to sound lukewarm j and a we Hull t a a la to. It followed up Birt opinion with repeated attempt to Realise it when he warn a position of pow it. A in a ambitious Busy a he win with the Law however at this time he was not forgetting bus political fences. Indeed i get the impression from a Reading of or Lincoln s letter and pee cues augmented As they have been in rodent years by pieces not found in Bis no called Complete works that Public life was what his heart a really set on not the Law. After serving four terms in Tho state Assembly in he could scarcely refused re election. He his Way to do wanted to go to Washington. At the Globe tavern but possibly in 1844 twelve per have been oblige. I to do in self Lincoln had tin., for lathing interfere but a of pc my that con foggy with his sex he a Lincoln seems to have settled cent was not considered sex Oral defense. The people she did Uke else. Att Are written with labor nent citizen took up Janes Case pressed views about the f fugitive courtship a Man to his bust a a family Man a adjoining Quot Uthe important Point about the Dpi nation it of or How Ida my what there arc singularly few Cor rec i altered her Ani her family when it viols Hon. Laws Good or bad he a it havea Aey. Support event Quot soon contributed to this. Purchase is that Lincoln was get better than tills Isaac Tion and the band then uned As they ran away. May he wrote to the speeds Ting hold financially a his feet on Arnold Quot reminiscences of the a blotter still clings to the she. Who had suggested a visit to the ground it was not easy for Illinois bar Quot Louisville that they could not to. He bad not Only i personal not Only because of Quot poverty and struggle but he had had a con the necessity of attending to Maut pull end v a to have but a Quot coming event Quot through life from his family. The Quot coming event Quot was or. Rob his father and by a Mother had cart Lincoln who was born at the be a now for about ton year in us. Vol til 3 a it i it it Llumi in umm t Ulvi u9 Lutfi we dam 3 a u #4 los. Is rare. The Apt word is used and one of them a tavern keeper slave Law Ile always condemned Ling to increase his practice that i Ber family when us violation. Laws Good or bad be might have Money to support Cole county a were to be respected but in a family that bed been i serious mightily stirred by urging that they be respected he ambition Rhein letters show How Globe tavern on August 1st, 1843. Coles county to which they had a a a have so Man revelations of moved after the disastrous win Lincoln morbid Ness so this ter of Tho deep Snow a a n or near deported that it is a great pity that Cater but they had never been there or no letters telling about Able to pay for their land. Of m. Robert Lincoln a birth. A Man had not come to their res never lived to whom the coming Cue the year before his marriage of Ai id would have brought they probably would have been More glad new than Abraham lib homeless. He helped them out of town i it we have nothing to Tell their difficulties by buying their us about it indeed so far is i land paying them i2hn and gov Jontow there is not a line in refer lug them the right to its use a Quot i must net omit to mention the old fashioned generous hospitality of Springs so hospitality proverbial to this Day throughout the state. Among other i recall the and evening parties Given by mrs. Lincoln. In her modest and simple Home there was always on the part of both Host and hostess a cordial and Hearty Western Welcome w Hie put every guest perfectly at ease. Or. Lincoln stable was famed for the of Many rare Kentucky dishes and to season it was loaded with Venison wild the spelling is reasonably Correct probably half of it t cd the part mud this qualification a vastly More so it any rate than that of George a Hing it on in his autograph slavery intruder the most significant feature of of Jane master and argued that be should be allowed to do what by would with Ber but the other half swore thai she Hho Uhl never be taken from j ii i n o i h. Not Ltd Only threat of violence but prop Apa Thia period of settling Down a Tion for it were Rondo by both the a Pead d intrusion into his life of the slavery question forcing him to take notice. To pronoun himself. It wormed it was into his Law practice As it already had into his Jeff Ontive practice for my study a r on. There try till Lues i remnant of slave in in Illinois protected vestiges of the sides. There a much pulling and hauling in the courts and Jane a kept for a Long period in jail for safety. Finally the Case came before the rare nit court St Charleston and til # time i f. Lin tier a Ion lawyer and a Friend of Lincoln invited him in. We have practically no doru period before the state was made ment to i How what a done no free and there a a persistent records of speeches but there Quot a Hen f of pres singly urge a strop Tob a Juco of All the Iris let me pot he understood As of it lir Arn n bad Laws or that Gri Unco May not arise for the redress of which no Legal provision have been made. I mean to say no such thing but i do mean to a May that although bad Laws. Of they exist should to repealed As soon a pos Blo still while they Continuo in fore for the aka of example Lime should in religiously of Imrei so also in unprovided cases of such Arino let proper Legal provisions be at this time Howa building up # Polit Leal technique a Rode of Polit Cal Eli Quot a very essential to understand if we Are to tindct1-�?�tand him and what to did later. Foli Tir with Abraham Lincoln was no purely hellish matter. He had reason for going into Public life which were wrapped up with his political philosophy and i ambition to Servo the world he had i own notions of Bow to a comply b these ambition Quot consistently with i moral Codo and it is these notions of hic. Tho Way he up them into practice and what happened to him in the sex Peri Nee that the next chapter will discuss

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