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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 24, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico A tune 24, 1928 Albuquerque morning journal Page Sarita Uhle by a a nil brine an income a Alt tight and Peter nut j Quot a to the gum it that tired have an nil Field in Kaw Mexico i Loci up the Crodua Flynn Flanrey god i a. It Tama tipi Bac a oms food Prosper it that he a hop Bat. I i what a want la the Fuu Aat Der i a it int of All the land of thai stat the figures Given a Hova i prove the a Fedoru Fiji f. Run Chi i Eta a i i Imbie Fin i Lim i Quot Al Quot 7trmu to a j Mill Alt v 1111 i i ulliii1l i i infer a Jolt Herman with it run non in n nun or the a that it Hgt Back i 111111 i i i Lull a a ill i a a a a it governor takes Issue with Hagerman says lease form advocated by latter halts development a fun j a governor it i Al today took a it a i with for mar for Gay nor it. J. Hagerman president of flu stat taxpayer Avo lation no Itta question of Oil air inf the Fotini r tan a Avo. To. A by Hagerman halt i d a Alop in ant and a a vary Voty answer. Log critic f t the vat we la framing regulation of the stale land office and the implied cell a ism of the administration riot Amor min. K a issued Tho follow int Etal rant. Sint # t her fat att Ltd a r it j Blent of the Oil i Voang policy of stat i of c Otnel Lon a Justinian pars and indirectly of the administration the governor the. I m the t a at Dement of the cards in regard to this should i . The income for Oil arid Gar la a to that at for i st19 wat it 1920 was.itia.71ti.fi4 1921 to. 47 9f> to 1922 wa#.,. 11 to ,2ft a but of the Intuit of 1920. Ish,ti$5.ti w is held lift pending court decision and afterwards credit to 1921 therefor the two residents of Atrisco arrested on liquor charge prohibition officers Al Rda announced the Rrt of two Man at Rancho of afrdite la who Are to put a of brine the Vendor who supplied a Jug and four hot-1 to of we Quot icy to of it four tim n sri it a in an Anions Oil on e#n-1 ital avers it Friday afternoon Juato Candelaria. Who Horn i a visited wet to have in i to a 10-Gnlloo j till a Copper Roll gallon of i whisky and i re Gallons of Mash. J Oelo r Arter who it in the neighbourhood a stated by the i officer to Hart Bud in i posts-1 Aion a a gallon Sill a gallon of whisky �a4 too gallon it Pic the two men Wro pts in the county Jan. F to the utmost challenger experiences darting sensations in his Back indicating he is in Fine condition varsity Power Plant to have new boilers work began Friday in thirs Falla ton of two Pew 126 Hor Power by Liers in the Power Plant at the University of new Mexico. Ithe boiler Are of the Hor lion ii a turn tubular Type and a the latest thing in holler construction but Toby Mon. J Ness thy the a soon lated pres a of it i it Rte j shocks a warning Tom Gibbon a he of in of to to p it on the Bruit in i mining for the Champion ship with Jack j it in Pey her j is in t. Titch a Lier or said that he begun to it parties Oeth darting sen ration in i Back which indicated to him that a reached the top of his form pm bios will not work tuesday of thursday of not week Ani lie will Chut his conditioning grind a week from monday. There Quot a to of Mence of any decision to i Quot Titer his work in the workout the challenger wont through the afternoon however. Another rain storm kept him in doors hut i dbl rot Dampen his hitting ardor of danced and fainted about fir sparring part ners to round of punishing Pun of swapping that Wath liveliest and Moat ruthless orb he it a indulged in sine to started training. The challenger rocked Tylli Ward. Gibbon did rot draw i pinches but in left Rishi to and uppercuts end body mows with the Speed of a t in Hammer Jimmy i Milaney forced Gibbon to the utmost today to weathered a at pm of wow a by Virtu of his Speed and fool work f e Era i times Gibbon fainted him intr leans which Eft Bim open Ard Cata ii a caught Hgt Iok and upper Cit flush on the jaw Gibbon breathed easily and Dar Ltd about la ring at the con cd Tai it n of the workout affecting the improved condition of Hie wind a few w Omen Tab fat to his worker ended to tumbled to the Boer of the Dane ha.,in w Job the workout a age lacked ii a he pm Brae of i Akey Morrow with whom Hwa boxing. The fall v a do to a Slippery spot on the Cam a a non no int a mad today i to t Hud Gorman. Gibbon 220 Pound sparring mat would Mash in an sigh round curtain raise. Of the tit to a july to with Harry Drake a 173-Pound sparring Parlier of Dempsey hike is claimant to the eng Ian Light heavy alg a title the Auh Urban Man does t Meird that Efty of a Low staving up until Midnight saying Good by to Hia a Fighier. Inf it imposing on Good nature to lean up Aga to. It the porch railing while bes do org it find nip Ell then a of fish paint off after a hard a n work putting it or a Richmond Elmea is path. Plenty of pipe for City s use Supply a Here from East the Pip Supply situation which we f0f it time a been std considerably loth a it a. City manager to. It Cal Fin Aid to it a let y. No More a vip g lobs a Likely to be held up pending the installation pc v at and a ewer pipe or. 1 Alkine believe. The City Baa be u folic hit a the cult no of metallic near service Pip and mating tinder Mareeta to a . Of an a Shew the old r a to a War a cd or inadequate for Rexton say. Re paving operation War us Pended when expected shipments of Pip filled to arrive water Pip tails for Many years in Albun Here tie a ill. Sir. It Alkin Rome nip that a Laid Early id # Baa been dug found a f ii for re i n Eta via said. Ona objection we bae to the Plain people la hint some of them j a to darned Plain the reason of a lot of Economy in the Kitcher May found in Many a att a in the Bock of the i lot a Aid. Journal want Ada for results. Harvard school iou in in �?>11 Lita it us is t til Foh via a a a -4 a a a Gaff pit a t a keel to it tote wet i Quot pro fee higher a a nest wimm a Wiita in a Malta f a a or is mime. La a Nti of ult Heah kist in eat i Ca. Dei aah do a % we a a a a j Buffi erg or a fir Ctm m a is Nam tub it. a r a a sept pm her Ilik. G a u in Ai Craion re i # in. I a i 71 f t4w Rev it n Owita ii. Ii., my it a ter in i a of a i Angelet Tai. Read the announcements of Calif Ira iia a famous hotels health Beach and Mountain retort and Sedro 4�?~thatouting literature Aid full information by writing direct or at free information Bureau at office of this paper. Mattresses renovated and covered with a Beautiful new tick. Rugs dry cleaned like new with our new compressor machine. Uhn bedding company phone 896-w one Day sender. Price very reasonable out of town order Given prompt attention 200 Mountain Road a m. Mcnamara manager of a Farrr Stefl of Nam. Iowa i tig. 1 92ft. 1921. 1922. Should a a mum 9 tilt it. La7.ftftti.ti? 11 ti.31 s.20 a in the latter part of Hoo the hew form of it in a a fated Sod us abated both pre id a of the it Quot sane finn we put tint tim income from less a to or # f a 11 Riff my it s used Ever Al end there a c n scarcely Acy development a this new depart tit in Lata n Prover a very Cut it a Experiment to the state a for the portion of the Tea a 921 mils a m Irh i. The Tot ii on from of no it i was 11 i -61. >9. But a f this Only 114,111.St w it no a in a the balance in Ftp re a i of. A a i n a 1 a new Furm i put no by or a Tun i to. Apply Eaton were in la fit f div for nearly a half million a it res Quot it i to i -. I contend thai Tbs stat land will be leased irs e vis Fri a St a vah rents of by bid or under a is regulation adopted in for a have int nearly the year of this and a Donn tent Fogt ring it of in Law a and income and no Nev d be Lompert. A a there re. Tir was jul of on of two thing to do hark to a form of Leas that will bring in t be Titi Fleatter. Thap Ulato and the Well Dirger and in the Paraguay chooses Young president or. Al lilo Ayala. Or. Eli do Ava thirty even been elected provisional president of Paraguay follow no the r Presidio resignation Ayala. Of president Kua Abio the new chief exec tips in Well known in Educa Honal Ai Well a political circles. He been a professor at Tho National cohere. He served is minister of finance tinder president Gondza Kodak All models in Stock from rho least expensive to the Best made by Eastman. A kinds of photographic supplies. An Amateur finishing Gen ice that can to be beat. Matson a 20ft West Cill in i we give a is. Amp he Green Stamps fun a boy boy what a raft of it you can pack into those holidays when you ride a bicycle and How healthful and economical practically no Upkeep for your own private transportation line. Open air sunny skies a Bike his. Any Timo you feel the urge and that s always. You la find your favorite Model in our i92j showing. Quot ride a Himle Quot read the adv Rte it in s in j Beth Aid of this column of Pur bicycle Nwa. Kith a on of the four advert a can purple you with a he Cycle today tomorrow or any oth a Day. To to the Alva the problem of your Day # Outing or your vacation. Thy a Al or. _ to # Good that will help to make if Worth while. Get j our by. Y Al and Hilt to the Mountain flt a Day of real plea Mirt. Simonson amp Danielson 307 South second Street i a important Factor the bicycle no longer i a play j thing but an important Factor in eth National transportation Aye item. It la a Al every Day by a Large number of men i ,�ni1 women in going to and from their place of Butine and thus i become a serious rival of the Atreo car. The but and the Jitney. J a a to it a of fact it la the higher now being charged. Jon trolley bus lire which a count in no email measure Tori eth present big demand pm by i cd Clee. I Man it i r Row fwd or j Telegraph Campania estimate j that their Servio in a Urban and Rural communities a been improved at least 25 or cent in late through the systematic be it of �?T.Cie-. Roy Lucan enough to it to bicycle used a hem in messenger aet vie a far Back a 2ft ago. Of course but until recently to to was no Organ i red Effort made to equip the messenger with the Swift and i reliable two Wheeler. Son # Telegraph Filc now Supply thic Tux Segera with bf-1 phone 570-w it Ltd a a i it leg for the boat to Purchase their own bicycles. In any event the a a. Ii ii a Tervi # i vastly improved the i boys a kept in Batter physical condition and that a girl Rund of Fly in a is notably increased. Those places you want to visit often hut can to because of inconvenient expensive transportation arc easily reached when you ride a bicycle be Strong robust glad to be alive. Go places Bee things keep Active. The bicycle puts the great outdoors within easy reach. Let us show you the Model Vou prefer. The initial Cost is very moderate. The Exchange 120 went Gold pop car in Japan in Rump Ripon with a population there probably Are More by i Eye in Japan than in Ary other eau atry in the world pet i excluding the s a re. W Here to i Cycle >111 i a a it for j pleasure trip in Japan however Thov Are used More for commercial Pur a j pop of the e Beans better adapted to the narrow Street than wagons or motor trucks there now Arr More than 5 Quot of them in ii in to i on try. The total licensed of the end of �?T921, when the la returns wer compiled a being 885. A each Hie it be pm to a yearly tax of to yen a #lderab1e Revenue i1 obtained from ii of source Moat of the mrs cd a or made. Lapan. But great prot san bsds off of intr a Ding than Chine Here the tn1t#d pts the in a co gtd. With Lee than half of t r alld a buy sell or Trade u7hen the a Knock Ort Quot whistle mows Stei Down to the rack and throw a leg Over your own bicycle. Good Bye Stuffy cars ill natured crowds. No More stiff car fares. The bicycle is the most invigorating economical meal is of getting any where you want to go. Let us show you the 1923 models. Scout around to your w heart Content on your favorite bicycle. Grow Strong a keep healthy and fit a see the world from the Saddle of a fun giving pleasure making bicycle. Start out with the rest of the boys and travel the troll to Joyland. Come in and see the models you like Best. Hanby t. Johnson company a we fix anything 115 North fourth to to Vav por s of plot a i Rand in or idea tin nuts car recreate by and it \ lop i by the boys Rind he # of a Middle Western school who work up Impromptu a nmn in Quot uns Narl # and Tho Ronnii. Hie round of to Merlon a location a a the trip Ere usually Proe Ramm a for a sat in Day or Holiday and of the Bier travel from a a a no a to a a seen they cover Many my Lea of to term ten to Ogunti of the rest Iramenta ave Imaghi Natrop end Blavo to aah of to scenarios pure visionary of Emir but a go. Deal of ingenuity a required to mole connections Between the progressive a scene Quot the bleye1 e i Cut Fleet a nod n Der i a by to it kind of by paths afford the Ideal Means of travel of r the. You i ? a mov Fri on he in a Sass vacation i it and near at hand mile out in the Ocean from Loa Angelet Harbor ret. Hed of palatial steamship Avalon affording a delightful trip of two and a Quarter Houri on one of the finest Pat a Enger ships afloat. Orchestra for dancing. Catalina offers you hotel apartment. Camp cottage a a wide variety of accommodation at Price to us tall. Lovely a Bland Vili Tad a Villa Park Ara great open air hotel. European plan rate $1 to 92 per Day. Health and pleasure await Jeu on the a magic boating bathing Only still water Ocean bathing in to Nubern Californi Fulling hiking Golf Tennis dancing Etc famous Catalina Marine band in greek Thatte. Git bottomed boat showing wonderful submarine Garden. Beal of All the coat to Small round trip Only 13.10 from Loa Angelet 92.25 from l. A. Harbor with 60-Day limit tickets information and arrest Els or Santa Catalina Island company j. S. Anwaar traffic manager filth and main Ste Loa a Golta Cal. Phone Pico i in All the world no trip like this Kim Edwand hotel fifth near main lob Angeles a room and a Bath for a Dollar and a half rates so to 43.00 every room a Cool outside room Famh Jit per to ii los Angeles Mam Art Bros. Huon of Lak it Las Iceo Otel european plan rates per Day sing double too Moons. J 12.00 too rooms 2.u0 12.50 a 13.oft 200 room toilet 3.0ft 13.5ft -14.00 400 rooms but .13.00 13.60 -15.00 -j7.00 Twenty Corker suites him 15,00 to f6.00 gout., $7.00 to $8.00. Fri i Atto in Psi 8 Mai to All trains California schools it tit Vin try Mont Fartut l Section us los Angeles Elliott school for girls resilience and Fay Progi. Apex try entire tear girls of am Ages received at an tim for any length of time. Superior educational and Vantroba character la fit Jig outdoor exercises special summer session july St to August i us. Quot Lier your daughter win a reel Horn environment. Writ j for new school Book far j Ilia Collins Weaver m. A., Trine pal Gramercy place and lire Boulevard Telephone 728-21 Wear Allten a War Bas at our Boua by an at Luquer no woman. Quot when dinner a read the whole family vol i Tetra but when the . # Are to lbs washed Mother to d i Jodi drafting. A Broad bicycle company phone 736 222 South second Street Mem minium Kean mrk Nebr la utom Haliw Mer to it a a ?11 vae to it b Crown i of thousands. Only j a Matlea for at Lei a gelt �?op�n<5a 1>oh without in sir of a undertow immense a a it Quot fat a p a. To to Cleeter. ,. Dancing parti i me and Keeae Esau a said r meet of Hon. Pertinent hues and Tott Agea at ��#.=��# rat its amp a my Avten a a cwt or a is it an Mosca to to Imholt it a of Kants my Nora cull furn California schools Mem colleges 1.1tibatubk at a a information Jun Pau at Omer or this news paper Jjck it Cumnock school Bagel to All Folt founded i Miu eve Presslor a Hool for w Hose courses College credit la Given offers courses in a a Len interpretation Story telling. In Uballe to Eakin Tram Nolc Art lobe and diction Short Story writing Art and literary appreciation. Accrotfd14.?11 a tort school dept a or a on the. Issus is. Tam.ah.5sawul .nj5��?z�h a by wlm �?o.d1 summer 8cikm>i hmm june Imbt to july 2�th. Fail ten Opina 29th car october 2nd. Fur Ca Talog address Quot of term a a a. M. Director. Erma it Avenue Loa Angelea Call Fornix of course Cowley Gorb Molt Fok forty tree Al our famous Ager edit and courses give you the training business men require and exclusive individual instruction increases j efficiency and shorten time All com expert teachers. Delightful Nee quart begin any tint cum All summer. Posit secured. Satisfaction or Money Back. Initiating Catalon. Som a Ion Bakk bldg los an Tiff Law a . a a it a a Mem a a Emma my for Quick results try a want and p to Iju amp a. In i in i ii Ihm Aai i

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