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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 24, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Part six Albuquerque morning journal Tun 24, 1�23 Vin Quot i wet drink with a Wallop and talking motives. Albuquerque morning journal pressing in the locality where the hit an Independent Kris paper i originates. However for the purpose of a to unit of. Twi huf we fax fairing an argument the folding list Chi a a a i crying needs is commended to american somebody has to stay at Home and tend the lamp goer in talker. inventor for whatever action they Are tim tis who Gold a inclined to take an indestructible Peov Chile a. A f 7 clout Rian an unbreakable hairnets a self a a Quot Zitz enforcing Law a machine to neutralize ,?5t5r<k a. And entry a an the the sound of a musical instrument at in my a pending under set of Congreve it March 57 seemly hours one big legitimate political aft a a Issue for the democrats a working Theo a a in economics by which a higher wage will rates on month Carrier or Man automatically lower living costs a self. �yu�ss1 i�?T/.ii14 6 pressing suit an everlasting face powder Ona tear. Go a nols Oiom milk horse and Lawn Mower. Or a a a Dak or the m r no a portable parking space and a method of the journal Roar it the pm making Coal shortage Coal combustible. matter mat it mar jeans improper. A Coha for acc at or meet bag card of thank. Re Quot a Quot Quot _7of Luton. Eoo lety and Church a Octal lectures co by the Way tic. Calls fee Church Martin a kept Cran aaa i shanrrd1 for it a ill Tsamisis Tiei Oregon has decreed that when presi a own of Toby it ittes or Fra gent hading visits that state he will not the a soda tart Raa i exclusively anti tied to be fed Chicken As he gets that every Thusa. For a Pic a ii Atton of in nows or Sitai to where. Another thing for Oregon to keep a Bat he is fc<1 up to on ume i. 1928 # # # a j what la so rare As a Day in june when a the great american games Europe is not talking War a the Kansas cite Star one of the most someone com Plain a that the lady on the end one of the beet Newe his Dollar haad old. That Leas danger Una than pernicious anaemia which papers in the country a is the question. Egg attacked a lot of foreign currency editorially a Marc we becoming a nation a a a of anarchists a it refers to a the great newcomer to this country says an no american Frame of making the Law con a Quot a be Dot tribe ted by Korea. To in Dinar the a Rient Ariato of tonne to tem Tible and goes on to say. Ozone Quot. It is a game being played All bog oot by Root Howd toc ski to Wiah it for Salsa Trines Albert full Orcas to a do on. Sixth horsepower d. C. Motor and in As a filed and. Over America today not Only by Legislatures. But by Public officials courts juries and private citizens. A whatever the method the object and the result Are the same. The object is to defeat the Law. The result is to bring Law into disrespect and to make America a nation of it is a serious but a True indictment to rr0r of sixth Horn a Power # _ i the nit a a go Tat Funch i garbed in of a people Crown indifferent to Theira Rio. Alb. Micro. In to. .i.ic. unlimited opportunities ungrateful for if is gom thin too new tor us. Their unbounded privileges and careless e # a a twixt i i by we Solstead Day if a Guy lost i suitcase he of their duties am. Responsibilities. To Hen Soma Chine of rotting it Hack. But of we Par our taxes we forget the rights i a a a and liberties which our government Safe to a _ anal there is no do uht about it guards to us and Are unmindful of the that Tho democrats. Is of May Price that our forefathers paid to secure Russi quits put out about it. Them. Mort important of All. We do not we. To a a inn to it outa it. Churk to top to reflect that our country our gov pay the re a. Eminent our Laws and the conditions _ a a 15 Tom a w5y he Laterna Floral comity but under which we live Are exact at pro a new my a to have Only International com we have made them. Eur. Ours is in country of teeming cities of ,. A. I Francis f. I car of my ail a Park has Leat i exotic faces Ann garbled tongues of pants but a the temperature Down in that part of a flaming Mills and forges blistering hot eth Tat 19 pro a warm i Friend Arr not helping of thronged sweltering streets flanked or them in thou it Hir it do wire Vine to til a by Yin lofty buildings and ugly Quatty fire traps. Of humming factories and Busy farms of smoke seared valleys and endless stretches of Cotton Fields com and wheat belts of Prairies and deserts of swearing Lumberjacks and silent fishermen of artists and artisans and workers of every Trade and supreme courts five to four decisions discussed America has always been governed by the majority expert states proposals for a triangulating United states tribunal have been made by two senators both suggestions designed to increase the Power of Congress to give the legislative body a Force in the judicial Field. Thomas j. Norton declares by Thorn j. Norton author a a and of Tho to 5 no data won 4 of Quot the Constitution of the Valt Fot a Iron uth a re Ipi Uva Iii stat i it Sou re and its a 8t�t�fn of i stand a parliament to or Hon Dott i Brown an i com with or not Lam Lead a a a pure non i 11\ fit Tot con a i it it Ion Ani unch boat on. A Milt if i by Tho court to que ton it pm Vav no a info Aux two or Oprah for cd a Tho the supremo court a a to particularly mpr a court with it maj ont it s Ole. And after Australia Hail f the por Atlon for a Quot. A a. Yih Luj my 111 a i i la i of to i Rwjr mad by two Vor a Hundred years and had the i cited Htoy a one to that a w9tch, 1 for tril of the cars Dan t Hill to it a pay do on Tutu Lon for a third of a Cut Nta probably Pew re a to a a Jav. 1 it foil of no a Bate not it co Muai Chat or of a in equalled in to a and Legal t at 11 ii t ton i forbidding the incr tire Atmo Thna Hoard in our i longer to hold an act of Onrea of it a Stull it cd in vent Ion in 1�?~htia by a Delphi in i test turned Haback vote 5 to 4 and req Luna that null mud Cut croat f of the 9 a a Tolcea log and adopt Tho in the holding. Which would a Ltd of or i nit i Yoiiro. Vet the minority up Quot state it went further than can majority. The other to that thu m had gone pointing to the Hiti Dnn fro to flt of a Imp of i he Ruf Golf la to Louft of when the sup Rem court hold Lyle i Tda a state. St refused a a that an act of conure Dane Ronit Tho English t Irlam it to Rev a limitation ret up in the f rate a a a i from tin Ronal Sutlon f t the protect n of v,.ka Pine it a our to Tho to Man or the Afao it May he privy Council in London a pm reined by a two third vote of ref it n Ninn a my a hour and thereby become a. Or Joof England. Of feet to a a Taw thus Authortr-1 a a Aidian scholar Cor be int the legislative department to to department ask or or Ftp o t loth thei a apr a this a a la Cha department Ani la con i tract at operation of to Kansas la to desperately Short of Harvest hands that so even grabs the presider.? of the United state and puts him to work cutting v heat. A a a or half of the world does t kno a How their better Halvas or a a a just bees re East Central is Golrig to be pave Craft hurrying every hour somewhere to i a a a Quot Quot a a 4a� t to Quot a a quoth u work or from work a country of purring Ardth Highway department does t need to for motors on the boulevards of pounding get it a a trucks in Gassy streets of sweating horses in murky alleys a country of stifling tenements and expansive Parks a country of mingled song and clamor a country of repose and Rush of rest and Din a country of blood won Freedom and half empty ballot boxes a in Short a country a sheer be Twisy tem a a ittle a Bennes tote Book in of ape the hark Avo. New. Wether. Wet sri mining. Spun lug Bilge the Ink bibles play d the Young at Halethos inst snot Day afternoon and the Acree a s3 to 22, to. Wen the a i got lost and a found about n half amp hour aft in re under the a Bush All chewed up and a Allee or Aero unt of the incl Alt be a Mascot Yardo half i found it for to so Raley Togo everybody i being Exter Polit to or. Far in a puds him Kuna a n account of h m May g that anybody he take Datuk to Ater going to a invited to Hie birthday party Nett week and a has the invitation All rot out but has holding them till the heat Jet for tha re i Quot on. In Lun Skinny Martin Xot Ling Law to former i in had a bbl and re i i Lri it a Good a cr., body Ever had and i still Hay tile Bell and Ore peddle to look r a n e me feel Gad. Sentence sermons the Law give the knowledge of sin and of divine Wrath upon sin and thus prepares Man for Tho inception of the gospel. The gospel does not again command works a we Are to do but invites ii to a Propri ate the works Christ has Schmid Immanuel evangelical lutheran Church. There is Power in Joy. A the Joy of the i Ord is your happiness in Christ is an absolute necessity for armerding gospel Hull. The improvement of the Christian Home Over Heathen family life the transformation of autocracies into democracies the growth of International in abolition of human slavery Relief of human suffering and want Are in their last analysis results of the transforming Contact of god with Man in his guilt. This fact Calls loudly for the discovery and removal of hindrances to the Fellowship of god and . C. Higbee Central Avenue methodist Church. It is the simplicity of the Way of salvation that perplexes Many people. One is not required to lift a Finger or move a foot to become a Christian. Our lord asks for an attitude of heart expressed in the word a Faith a which issues in n lift of service pleasing to god and profitable to . M. Knudsen St. Paul a lutheran Church. Fireman it Glah amp it of Las Vega a killed a j fire Man lied j leg of the a in place was badly injured near Cerrillos yesterday Whin Santa i # freight too busily engrossed in the building of its no a collided with a work train. Mighty Temple to bother with sweeping a a _ a a a j. A. J i. J i Delegate Rodey of naw Mexico at a Shingler Avay the Alist and shavings anti the a a Terdy introduced to president Roosevelt nah and financial. San orow a in # Randy and a at partnership with bid Hunt Law j week but t re he my if kid dont hurry up and some Cantil Ami cake to Divide with him instead of j eat keeping on taking half of i he say he going to Brake the i contract. Taro Adlai a Feirda san races Vav i j at Mem minority i a intr Al when the j to cd 9 of thu or me Feurt Vot to 4 that an net of Comer Ltd transcends on or a be Twenty Nln Ittel Talona fixed in the for the pro or ton of the r a or the state Why should the minority Contr the majority a Law tvs govern a i in America beginning at the tim of the first English Colony the charter of which made dads Ive in St matters a the Vole of the greater part of the sat i company a and continuing Dona to the last charter to Georgia which i ear 1 id the very method prevailing in each Hon of Congreve today for it mad 8 of Tho if member of the common Council necessary to do business a quorum Quot and the major pan of the to consenting thereto dosed All controversy on any question. Thos charter go Cerumen administered judicial at Well a legislative Matts a. Therefore when the father wrote in the Constitution tha a a the jul run Power of the untied state shall be vested in on supreme court and in such inferior courts As the Congreve May from time to time ordain and establish it framed the sentence in the Light of Mer than a Century and Thiee Quarter of priv pm v 1th majority Rule. With that Canon it i interpretation most be read one oven More compelling namely i that of practice adopted it the beginning and it and ii maintained Ever Vinca. The first so Aalon j of the first Congress giving af-1 feet to the forego Hig language of the Constitution provided for a he prime court with a a chief jul Taco and five Assoc Hafg Juratic four a f whom a Tiou Cor statute a quorum. Congo then is i not attempt to Chang Thrul of majority which had always 5 a re i id in America. Had such a proposal been made it would has o be j Defeated. Jato Madison and Many others who had St in Tho constitutional convention Tho deliberations of which were con trolled a5 a id Aas Tho of on arcs Are by a majority it v h. To n fret the j cd f of a a -#4 Piatt am re the Hatonen 1l�kr m pc Yll arly Amor of the work Don i Slit Itti Onil convention a is to i Quot Cav c acadian mde a nine the a it Iid Dan legislation it t a in regarded m Vantage by the Etc. Tor As it la not my a corrective Check upon a a ask la thut be ##4 by the it it a a a trenching upon Doh in and. Vieve. Up a Laws parked by the it my no on affecting i tto Nalty the right of the pro Van few but it Alen tend towards greater car being sex Erc Laed generally by the lawmakers entrusted t it the. Elector u 11h the duty of for string a Awa for the welfare of the people. Doubt Jena. But for the corrective pow a Potter cd i it the k Prie court of the United Blate Well a it in it or Canadian courts Many Iii Itu tonal Law n to a a Freak Laws would inv found a permanent place upon i stat Tea in both Conn trp a. Just a bal in a have found a lied Piloo upon the English statute isl t Ltd Pas largely bemused of their ii halted of y Slit ii r Paw or of 1 the British parliament restrained by the moral a ens of us Naron Aav grassed through it elected representative hut even of it word six. It a to permit Congress to meddle in judicial matters by in up g its opinion pres. D in a j to pm a the minor v vote of the Siren e a it Urt outweigh the majority de Olsion and even if it were desirable to i it full judicial authority to item u mine for Rad whether any limitation upon it Power exists still u would be a question whether either of Charig should a mad at a time when Cotter is ii the Low ebb of a Gai Etal constitutional learning. To you know of soy Man to splashed mortar and sifted Sand at the end of each Days work. The melting pot of the world Peoples of All nationalities have been permitted to pour into it faster than they have had time to fuse so that there is today a con mail spark mayor of Santa be Ani major fria Muller # to called to ask the president to deed to the City of Leanta f e the old fort Marcy military i reservation to be used for school purposes a a a contracts for the construction of the new Simco building for the Menaul my Ion school were let yesterday in the office of e. To. Christy architect # of Iii Aam n i in. A. A. Being a nation of United Peoples we Are a divided country of different nationalities. In a word there Are too Many people living under and deriving the Benefit of our institutions who do not respect them and from we Hom we do not exact that allegiance which alone will make a nation of Law abiding citizens. We need to take the riot out of patriotism. Filet of National traditions and inherit-1to Mulaz its a Ana aus fan of the Albuquerque ances in the process of which our own planner my con3pan rational character and traditions Are be judge a s. Baker delivered the a Idrees to the ing submerged and forgotten. Instead 0f graduate a of St Vincents Academy at til annual commencement last night. Those receiving diplomas were misses Ethel i Gatlin mums i Tierney and Marie h. Win Check. A a a mrs. Sidney of ban martial la in the City to visit friends. A a a miss a Sogla Kellogg who has Ben in Europe for some time studying music has returned to her Home Here. A a a or. And or. A. W. Pollard of do or were her yesterday on their Way to Wisconsin where they will spend the summer. A a a James Sutherland a prominent Stockman of the Pecos Valley is a gut of the Alvarado with his wife and daughter. A Little laughter j the Young editor i and j Jet founded ii new to in but econ of the highbrow thing with re Gray covers Ani uncut Page a uni w rut Enger f r a plane rent 1 the Arneri it an legion weekly. A what do you think of it a he asked the celebrated Antic to whom he t of a copy for sex. Amen so Ion. A wll a replied the other err. Fly Bot warily a a the stuff you rejected must certainly Hove Boon l ii to congregational cd Torch George j. Weber pastor 16 00 a. school 11 00 a. worship. I Sermon theme. A the message of a. The ? a it p. P a Christian Endeavor. 8 go p. . Sermon theme a the old testament nod m Derris a quorum that a a majority of the ,. To Iel Gatea of seven of the thirteen a us la it to were in the first Congreve a or Jinn j to by doubtless knew that f a ? v Quot a Al k u lawyer who is know n in a Ajir Luttin Endeavor it nature win in Centra i Avenue methodist. C. C. Higbee pastor. 9 30 a. school. 11 00 a wot ship. Branon eur beet a hindrances to communion with t of p. In Epworth league. Min a sol Fri it. President 8 00 p. In. Worship. Sermon # but a Tho a at Chi 8 43 p o by fee Mort to consider topic Low can we win friends a 7 is per a i i ship. I a to a to re a Orsag on a reflector of special music. Curl Etlan Rel inc society woman a club building Oil wept Gold Avenue in a. be Hoot 11 00 a be vice. Tended to act in the Ristori Ary american was by a n nor y of a quorum majority was the intent of the con Titu Aal c Ventson As both history and practice show that it wee. Congress could not have hanged it then end cannot Chang it sow. Lugi list in in arts throughout to country is tor ice ii Riand Ltd t us recently a was f r Campb n t to go la recollection a senator Hailey of Texas was a senator Root of new York was group nominate Congress a Congress d laminated by Syrl cultural and Industrial groups Chimot in expected to ror,.�dvr moreover the pre posit i that St a a r a a f get a i a a is Jug 2l Isis amps Hen the i not to whole Only a proposal that the minority j a Dale Quot Pua nor or control but it is also an attempt a. Of a a f j1 organize charge of murder to give judicial fore to Loci Quot a 9 powerful line ---mwnucni4ti opinion really to rive to mj1jmk>1, tort a in a Quot 1 b attic. A ah., june 2.?, a a von Tbs legislative no of the i 1 Quot Varn Tiit u runt in 11 a i a in in blot Quot i supreme court fund sex Deputy sheriff is arrested on a a a a cd v i a Van nut i i Gui a 1 Mvi # _ a. _ _ Oren to Tho opinion of Congress. J. Tax not be held invalid when the vote or Ala. I. A a. I _ a Benefit the nation As a of the justices in amp to 4, is Noti Tare you an inventor today a Best tiodg1t the world apparently Bas committed itself to an orgy of lists. It is hardly a month since americans twelve greatest women have been selected and the obscure personalities of Many of them projected in the Public Eye. We continue to be entertained with the ten favorite books of various persons of varying import including lately a South sea Island dancer with or. Ziegfeld s follies. Sir William Bell a London scientist paves the Way now for another influx of lists. He has called on the inventors of Britain to Supply twelve things which he Lites As dire necessities to human Progress and Comfort. They Are flexible Glass a smooth Road surface providing traction in All weather a heat conserving Furnace an a shrinkable flannel a plane which May be managed by a child a motor neighing j <0 f an of neither the time North manner of one Pound per horse Power methods to he death i Ara to die i am not at nil solicitous reduce friction utilization of tides a pro about it because i run it ure that he knows them i cps for reconversion of vulcanized rub both and that lie win not fan to Comfort to i Sypher an easily cleaned pipe Temperance i Iran me under the cd pm Addison it la a a a pleasant moment for us when Nome new opnnmt1 swim into cur midst and we can Tell our readers about him says the Boston Tram Ripe. In re la the latest specimen of the Genius Ile had purchased a new Home in the suburb Quot and within a week after he and hts wife had moved in they received nasal evidence that to the West of them Lay a glue fact git to the South a a work and to the East a highly odoriferous mfg a gory. To bus complaining spouse i said Tho Optimist soothingly a of i course dear it is a Little unpleasant at times hut you must admit our location is not without Ilad Vantage. At least we Don t have to buy a weather vane to toll j which Way til wind is blowing Quot Ehud and 43 p. In add on to Book May 12, a a a sat Quot Law Quot nrav#�t#d�?T1vrvbf� of a Century and h of judges by Carl armerding. A b. Boos with whom mad outrage of in he a at _r._of.vi111&Quot,_ boarded on Mercet Washington Here it sol h a hot and choked 1 of thrice in jeopardy. Ltd a a death at the Home of or in in Rev an in Ihn Ironto n r Filo of o weighty a grow til of object a a Othniel slip mar. A tramp knocked at a Kitchen door and Aid a a plea kind lady in a a sick Man. The doctor Gimme the Medicine but i need something to take it with firer method t episcopal Borch. Rev f. E. Mcguire fast or. 9 4 j a school. 11 06 a. In. S. Vice and or ton a a Good 7 66 put. Haworth Tararui service. A a today a cd Tunge to tilt Christian citizen Quot 5 r,0 p. , a yes ept the a Quot eat i at Ute Home of boo or i property and on the who writ w my Rudec a in Matthews after \ visit to the Tau in be most Din Graceful legs Elatov Der Irum it a Oouida no offered a tide in his car to or. It of English history. To permit d to invade the Judi jams who was come to g from an in and til twin proposal that the department to cast its pres or to with her bust my. Getting Constitution be amended so that Ike i Ito f e scale and thereby some hints from her fan with a Quot Hen the supreme court holds Anima a Hie minority vote the Law. I know but one Way of fortifying n y soul against that be gloomy presages and terrors of mind end that is by securing to oyied the Friendship Sud Protection of that being who disposes of a and governs futurity. He sees at one View the whole thread of my existence not Only that part of it which i Bai already passed through but that which runs Forward into All Depths of eternity. When i Lay me Down to sleep i recommend myself to his care when i awake i give myself up to hts direction. Amidst All the evils that Thi eaten me i will look to him for heir., and question not but he will Avert them or turn them to my advantage. Firs to Church Hugh a. Cooper pastor services at 11 66 s. M. And is p. M. _ i at morning hour Sermon both woman a Reedy to help the pastor poor fellow ail said a do Yon 9.u a Rny sunday school. Want a spoon amt a Glass of a k4. P. M.--4? Endeavor. F 6 43 p Chris i a Tnp mum. T wouldst trouble than let Deaver. Iou but the Medicine Baster be took after meals have you got a meal Handy a a judge. I Malcolm the Rae is and the . , was that r. Hey to the the kaisers were of theirs and writ a. K hug and then frightened Fiona enable it to trample Down any into declaring the he bul done. A who or All of Tho 29 barriers rat i it in self defense. Boos Caid that n the Constitution against its Waya with a Pis d i bus pocket. Activities w hich too often have Bailey Hod visit i him several been pernicious tin # in jail. B the proposals Ard stg so to �?1�?a a a a i increase the Power of Congress to t hops 1 Gok Good e Vecie legislative body a for flyer killed when his plane collapses Damere court France. June 23 by the associated pro s the noted French aviator to Iii Casal was killed and his i wha tile but Aliet injured w Hen their plane suddenly collapsed Over Tho ii Iago of St. John Cathedral to. It. Ai on Rector heavy rain foil hero wednesday t convention denied m m to tit in charge aft noon which Quot til Provo of in to it and to undermine a. Judicial a 11 holy communion. I est Imbt value to Farmers Aud system which in both plan and intention of Frame the framers of the a Onset to Tion did not intend that Congress should to a body Learned in constitutional Law he Why a court nor do the voter today or cd their candidate for Congo Chi he cause of constitutional learning 9 48 a. sunday a Bool. 11 00 morning prayer and err Mon. No evening Ervn. Arthur m. Kim i Quot of. Pastor 0 4t> a. school 11 00 a. worship Bola do Ville near hero this after message by the pastor on Quot doing 1 noon. They were returning from i gods will. Children a rom i be Rob where they took a Putty off in his ice per a Quot i passengers this morning when the i r top m Munday to Quot Accident Nanri cd. Workers cot tis in d Hagerman it. Of Jui a 28 a in Tho judicial Field Quot which the a Quot tuft Farmer or a Farmer who farms Farmer or a Lender of labor or of rom other Stoup or a bloc a can outrun a Constitution Al scholar so far a to make him wonder Why he Ever spent time in thought and study. It was in the beginning Tho expectation that members of Congreve would re per event All Tho varied activities and interest of the people of stockmen. Farm work a us operation has not Only called out Pended for a Day on account Chi Tho praises of constitutional writhe mud. The second cutting offers throughout the world hut a Hay a now being or hut Quot my i it in Lino Bren adopted by con a ii it to. A a j hem damaged by the ruin. The i framers in Many lands St. Paul English Iai the. Church Price being paid for Green Dundam j i. S. Scheme copied aged to v at the in Iii a 11peri it is in the highest degree Sis ton. The for Anent Shower which i Elf cant that the two greatest of a greatly diversified country and a visiting this a l Unity is doing j British dependencies Canada much Good to Tho Cotton crop 1847 and Australia. 1900 which to making wonderful pro Rhoid have copied in their con to i a w cd it much it i j t rut ions the judicial scheme of Ping has been done and the on us United Staten instead of Tho p,., could Ica Tvrdy a better. Fth Mother country whirl the no it has been and so it to. And set should always be every in Crest had its pokes Nutt in la. Constitutional cd sent Kra i Law / ont Iund a Gnu Page 1 in

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