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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 17, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pit four Albuquerque morning journal it is something great to be loved As i love Bernhardt wrote affection and thy youth and How can any one say that i am a Lightheart Edness and the eym a jewess my Mother was be. Mainly Pat by. It to of ensure thy body not on it la Tut of Tat try to a turn and not thy soul which captive Widt a circulated the report that a we Tea three Iona years i a a jewess hat become my have been Beautiful Hac aute of enem a Art forever at word cd a a thee. There have been break waa there. He in a it Quot i atreus a id naturally. We have Bern on the codger Hie Brilliant Cater t a am very threshold Ltd apparition in a Aamador at Al Odrid made up a fail Many occasions i have always part of the conversation of the had my Way thou Hast nearly Al evening he talks charmingly. No Way had Fhone. And the say was has volume upon volume of the not an easy a a hut those three Moat absorbing Reml Ninever yes an it tears Ward full of thee during they Are do Ubly interest no rom All that time the world a Greet in As chef do from a Roan who is and Blue and Gold just because of to thee the lilacs had never Bee Fily to purple nor an odorous before of and thou Wert dear to me Prier Hith a the last three years have existed for me 517 Zyx l 2�k? a simply on thy account and now when a j in 4 i to link of the idea of parting and living Quot a i i. Til train i. He. Away from thee my heart beats faintly a he a a is and my breath comes irregular and Ner Lily or on # a f the Herp in Eit. I a thou Art the Only one whom 11 and told i a v or tor k into my full Confidence of it in i and i have Aln re been jealous Abed a Tai that reason vow i atm right we of bal Rel. In 112 th7 a Quot a h a a i think that All women who verify Salt a i have men More admirable than a it inn Memoir writing kind. I bin old Devil he is am of i years a Light Burn j or Whit it prvs it him that i which Tau be Road in i tie Home continual research is carried on by experts of the Bureau. Let to the notebook tube should a Ina it a be Well aet i in the tube sockets a aes log machine Motif will j Crest noises in a radio act the average life of a Standard a a a Quot Battery to about nine months a Vari Ometer and a variable Eou-1 denser make an easily operated aet for beginners him Vous a actress stated following i the fifth went of the love letter of a Rah lout in the Yard Bernhardt lev precious Angel god Blea thee my tweet things j will Bot write very much the Young stupid Locking ape who trough this where on Earth didst thou find him Quot it is Down Ste is Locking St an illustrated paper gaping Tike the la a g Las do in the in leafed i la tropical Forest it Day i can do nothing when i am cenacle us of having someone Armit for Nae t Al Noah Deng it and yet i like to my to people Ria enter thou gone and picked up All the thing i threw out of the window i the Ordinary Are Jeal to of they found both of the shoe and the Rater t know hat the rest a. Not damaged in any of a a of for to ship docs not a Way i put it on its hangar and Job tween Man and and p he a t sold amid to Jonathan in it . Now what i want Tov of thee to do is to com immediate i pee Long the lov7 of women. Tile if Back Hgt a and Brog Hack with in five ten atle not dead j looked to set in hone t i pore quite a when her. Of. Cai so he old b practical Point re t a in it run Lorg so Rob m in i it lieu or fax Quality urine Lac Snulli t Taw of read the announcement a of Catli Tomii i famous hots health Beach and Mountain resorts and Soh a the . And full information to. Writing direct or at Fri a information Bureau at of to of this paper. Faulty atrial inns Nti in tuning in Gere native aet it first pick up the Verlo couplers Are cheap enough do net pay to t item time to Vari Ometer that it realty the me was wonderful. He Tovo of women. F Jonathan for David in j.�?�. Surpasses any of the gifts he i Ptah i a our representative to to court of Spain having. Hot Lurf quaintly entertained under to Nan. Name roof and simultaneously i his a a ulv and future in tear a sur the re w in a too bleat a cancer Clag a u Baile should be mph is using a pop late the a a ill la >111 t i Stag. Audion of the same make re tires different Elsm voltage for a St operation therefore it is a in i plats to Esperitu much of the Iron Hies to Quot a Lal cd t. He avoided during the Aumer month if the right Treuh la Frau had i. Grunts has the Large Etti a Raul w ire pen from that vile plan Ai name of the Street Fop unfree Peter. Pink and ill re. And Frier my Quot a Dree. Talked about thirds. If re the the thing of thin. That thou the he great love the lev that no hot heat carried away. Come away j ago never die or Lessen la love re. The. That in not prostituted at it were Mutt icon by ref a a Nee to sexuality. A love Fuji hour time and abiding a this a in. I. Sort a it in has raspe never existed Between 7?, to. At 1 to l a it a e Alft 7 2 ill a a and woman. I am no 17 r. Thin about it. I remember j number Lei is the Side of the. Model Lover to be Aura hut i7 playing in in to fed mates 1 h Street and confirms whatever they know How one should love i in h 1 mayor of tit town had pm i i might think. Thou Art going to term to write a Book setting nut Oun in with hotel where a went the firm j make a of All the thou All my convictions on the so me is it and asked vhf a the show Doest until thou Heel Learned to Zena Daw i will a a smog Thorn their cigarette Tho would begin and Ben it a in veil Peter Kofity s who my h the Young things that i have always i told them to say that it love Well can do other things better us and when i ,m,7 Fivi the a Happy natures Fin r 1 8m 1 moralizing of fir Nam that jul i whom a i re cigarette More a Seari but thou at Ile Hight Whit fire i new Ranee after a radio set is installed it wit to Call or write the insurer ii Topany which holds the fire ii a in arc Quot policy in the House in i Lent and most poem Pill mint in farce. It is a violation of a City urls Lance of . I erect an Antenna without a permit t Hirago leads All other Citie with a Tot is of 2?3t Amateur broadcasting stations Tho Detroit Sifflet Filiti 2 to of inf the x to yes in indent. D a f a of a urn Ere Bing abject i will put into it in ,. Much that has passed her things Between a. And when i think a Quot re a Quot in a a Dif a inn. .n4 . It in imm. Not a tic id o running oat it thine Pimont bus Public print and a Lam. The House in such a i the at four in what for us was personal a it Terv Wom a were of course the. If la morning lust be due i called t need hardly to a he How mss a or 0&Quot a Bill of him Keement thee a few name and threw thy Erable i Wiki be be i if Ell american clothes Are ilk clothes out of the window i ans that it All must be. When i first the met of the 1 wih to 1 sorry that it All happened Al read thy Lefter i threw myself car in us Derstad Why so mat y need tingly sorry but i can not Serosa n y bed and rept for an of Hgt won n rom the p pointing out very clearly i hour it a terrible torrid a a in to a Quot in tit or a of is where thou Hrin geat me into a Frame and no apology the. In a or i to a at a. It Abd that i can net admit. She truth never. The truth is always a right reserved acad. Is conspicuously twice thy age terrible for a a reality and re or a rate torn. So a n continued next Munday it and the world la not a time reality is horrible. When i had is a 0wr conclusion put it All aside and reflected so about the motive of such an As Rlou sly about the whole master social on. Thou i _. A re would begin at eight and shortly re r eleven. It a in mini Small town in a state called Indian where there ass nothing but Short sighted and Shorter minded protestants. The mayor threw up his hands in horror. A aying. A that will never do every Ort Here go to bed every night at ten o clock at the latest. Do arrange to have the show begin before Sev a and let it Doe at ten at the i told them to fell him that it would be done. At fifteen minute to seven then the show began and the theatre a full. We had had no rehearsals for the change of the programme that waa due a few Deva later and so for amusement we rehearsed several plays and parts of Pisa a until it was nit they did not know that it a not the regular programme of course and were highly attentive. Then at nine we began the performance and it ended at two a minutes after twelve. The curtain fell and there were the wild a St cheers for a Quarter of an hour after which the mayor in the name of All present asked of the whole performance could not be repeated Arain. They a id that it had been done in great haste and that we had not taken a much time As they had counted upon spending at the theatre hither they had now ache or they had them and did not look at them i called the company together and asked what Thev thought of the idea the manager implored us to do so. Then i said that we would repeat the performance of tiny would All pay for it and buy. Sec d tick i1. To _ v <1. Rejall my heart that she a ��?T7 bad will not put Down her re it will Abs at right other Atu Energy it j an a tip radio fan. A it fit w i being install d in tim Pun pee Cav it. Secretary de a Huerta has or i dared a set installed in Hie Home i near the Lake in Chapultepee dark. Believing that radio concert wire in the receding worm diminish the necessity of it i or Short and turns j riving narcotic and sleeping p t right Argle if two fire to egg to ease patients minds and a to each other the i help recovery a Complete radio current but of placed outfit with mors than Hoh and tale they Opo each pc Ltd Bel g installed in be her i no Transfer of 1,1 Hospital. In new York City. N Roe to the other. For thus of each Parent in the i Ward. A fat i first to eliminate ail firs Hazard when constructing outdoor aerials. Make sure that the wire do not Crons Over or under any High tenon lines such As railway Felt la in trolley circuit Etc. it a o net a a a a be Inch that in Ca either the Ila or the car so i wrecked by wind or storm no Cen a tact Between them shall is Pons i bus. must to 1 a dearly that thy solution #h.xm5 a mat Arna i waa the Only one. I know now Friendship. These maternal that thou West take the path and friendships a the very most that i will take another and that rsuanv�ut#7if of no a lbs they where during three immortal have la 5 maternity. I years there a but one off ill. A w ? Lam in my a to wl11 now two. And to i own life and am in a position to that Are mid and lonely with pc a Well understand that Only mom by for their Friend i it could be to thy advantage to feel things too deep to be a i2ttn. Up but with on did pressed in a letter i would have to th�7t it to Tom 11 looks preferred that thou Earnest dict to thoroughly respectable and in to me with the Story rather unquestionably inspire than charge dead sheets of Vul. N. In. Lauded by ii. B. Bies it Highway meet Fadlo and it advancement the Bureau of Standard in Washington d. C., la a Dearie to for All kinds of information about radio Progress publishing a Erh Lea and scientific Raper and la Aurig bulletins describing the or St auction and opera ton of Many Typ a of simple receiving a Harvard school for Royby military Angelia t for Gat sad to it it que Ejad a rss a a Tot in is West prepare of higher it a but no it a Melfia by Gwen a a Campus in Sadar fully Fco a a Ufuti to catalan. Re it a 1 the War a a in a off Rara train leg c cps snit Jon or Pima Lon. Twenty Ntreh i a of Ana Ikot tent Jln Tell a of it session opens Jura nth. Fer of mat in and it re a Hee k. H. Fimm of. A him Alai ter. I a in a i Arn at Tai Agar or. Cost. A my would to Diu but Hlf up i with 90 �?ocr4 of. Las vegan depicts the Iii a tics out Tbs old lady should be. Whatever la said to 1. A a a i i a Hoff elegant and re disagreeable than what la written beauties of state at Hugoton Kan. New Highway association formed a mrs the no disagreeable it la Hora and 2er h Whu to wlm a it it 4,0,r a heh so k or of a War m a a the Quot Ord once they Hay j not be hoil�2lp t 8h hould by Quot ult Ltd re 1 h0 i h the minutes or a Ntim a a f. I a i and and the wind but the written word i non Kitt Enish and remains on the spot to Harras you in Onmi ouf 5 at 5"�?Tjn� with a mocking Finger Imd is buc pc Quot a 1 w a a a a a Quot a a mss Armbis a. Up uni to the journal Hugoton kans. Juno i a the organisation of the California it Lon was wit i Wir Meadins the Essahk upon the of fun a in Quot who leading the a that la my own idea Phi no r tray. They Maui i a difference Between Asp no j now it a Hou canst not say that i said the t not to be anything terrible after All. Come so Tho right Back her an4 w j it my. And if Pateh St a1, up at once. Iii worker of the late at r world astray thou like that Story dear As i said the i any epistle i am a Folio carefully Wrappe the boy to As intelligent aah certainly Doe not lock thou Wilst have them in Good shape. I have been keeping them Amor the Hooks that i treasure most and they Are quite in the condition la which Thev were who thou gravest them to me. I a slightly rearranged the Library Smies by the Way sine the last pledge nor concern of my had excluded me from. Will be Happy to see us en., no i hit is Quot a a Quot a Quot no to Quot la 1 it forever me Hundred lied to me in spend upon h. R. Reil Ford county a a. W. P. Ell att Orav 0 my i i a Abb in. I ta�k�1 count j j o. M Vvhs it Hee met county r in 1 sir. Fib. St a county of Star Bradford Mortor county to tier l. Job non Cimarron hot la. Ion awful Romen the it in in he in Andy str a he Quot a a we re 1 a a Rke a for Woad in Felt air arf1�?Tr r heart All on 1 to or no 1 div in a Tho Jha to nearly i a Lar qty ors son de. Ran beloved thee. Ruined men Mere occasions than �?�"cue1 county in Allah Mya a 1 in in Quot int that Host always Homer l i in we d ted a kids n a Tara ure per lived far beyond thy Means As i Are Sidcot for Brad i a a men ., by Olhs a re for it have and thou Art quit Young and president a i a b c Whf Rdse Friend a he a their Tulc hat Huftle. If any understanding Ert Arv treasurer. .7,1 an in Quot a that r big in of Money matters i can forget i tile High was v la he we a in you Art wrong in ver Thiac i hot old nothing Avail ted a a advertised throng but to my perfect Lover the moment thou left me today tirely of a of Ald a 1101 them. It la something i began erring ilk a child i am Varias .1 a a Quot f1 a it to be loved a i love thee so sorry for All that i said to that 1 he a a appreciation and of thou throw est aside the Al it. A. 1 a a esteem d 1 1 a a a. H a a perspiring auditors. This vegas Pinta of a que que were pointed Rrt St famous rec Wentlo Leal and health Cei la Southwest there were d�2 in at Scarlet fever weakens kidneys Iii talk no. La 1 by Doi Glas b. Wood. I of Arlet for invariably Lead a its victim the after effect that a Lien in sinful but More to be a i cd i Quot a a of their Weiken ing Effs t on the ovary Day hot Aith of the victim. N cant a of the kidneys frequently develops after a Ariot fever. If when it functions la per cent in any Organ of the body Means health and vigor. It tax he nervous system radiating from a he brain out through the open of the spine that keeps the body in healthful balance. When there a weakness in the kidneys a i d in to Ira Feren a with the transmission mental i nil Ulasea a wishing Navvy looks like a harmless Pas time but 11 in to ifs a i Mas of love and to Aeling a Dongs of this Art in nees h f Are heating up gradually the while however and finally vim Little encouragement they Bell Over and make a fearful me. That la Juat what happened Peter my precious thing. I know that men hate Acone nod i Haver make them in 1 places for lit and of it took thirty year to of mow v r i pm a of to i will take the the any urgent purpose thou Kro Vei thirty 10 and a other and love at that thou canst alway s to it Tut is of a Lxi is Len Ltd at al1�?T t san to a thee u in v a re Vita that could allow a person of that age to think of such a thing. My dear i an perfectly serious hut i do not want 507� in Mir tum for Over 50 years we have been making overalls. The kind made for Bonest to Good Beas Wear. Law irs upon me. I known by the very or in it Creme of thy wonderful self \ criticism is Leas beneficial to a author or his Reader it an a Tiehao appear so in a la tto a being of tagged with favour and to laced f t Funk with Courtesy the gratification Blu Sau undressing <0 a a of our Humours s rot the right r Kuc. Both belong to to i i intent and Acop of Crl Chiam a a a d f on n room s"1 they Are in it a red when treated Bair stays Gnu to Ion a win indulge in it or such occasions Are fools and Ali honest. Besides or us diff Renty. I must go to i Imp now h it Wilt be d this around in two horse Brand Copper riveted Waist overalls1 Are made up for the most parti my at a a 1 w 51 a har#1 ton it of people w t o have failed where after to a hirer a wit by Here they first took hold and begin ail afternoon let me criticising when they find that1�?�&Quot Quot a a up it 1 1h� and a they can not create Juan a Ber full or h it that the u Sal test pm who find themselves inca devotedly Sarah. I Pable of learning generally take 1 ver 11 v Ovet it teaching. Those who has these two Days have been a failed As Painter turn picture-1�?�trttlty. I wonder since a it by of thou a Caners those who hat failed baht thought half a much of me a writers turn reviewers some have thought of thee i 0 let Ane whom i heard speak in pub a implore thee to but a Eft i Ile somewhere in Paris when j there work a hard As thou canal was a Young girl taught that. The and do a it offs fluent any restau a readiest made shoes were boots hints or other Pla let of huh a but Down. There Are Manv to it who re attractive a area turn a nowadays to teach a Cep that ruin men May b hiding t a itally and abundantly that the Pap out and seize thee. Thou As i. T Leaf made critic Are Cut Sarah and Sarah alone Ana she ack de and i make for Down poets. Would have thee remember Thi a to Couick Toji you ail i the no until the o a i a. A. A a a a Ltd a Tot pc get the prom Grev haired a is Liat to iou mad. To or Ala Rah. Hast off Cal t several time dear Peter and thou Buat be a Luigi yen for i have thy Long letter written1 inpae. But now thou must yesterday and am pained pro a Quot nil a Loyal to the word. There foundry by every word of it Ese Mill to Tell thee. A Rich Ameri serially pained by my absolute can Quot Oman in the Avenue Klebar Reahr Atlon of the great tragic a or Quot a Benjamin gae a dinner to reality and truth behind All that in find had some fascinating thou Hast put Down on paper. A americans the re last night. Fascia in we w in a j i he inst three years have existed rating As the Ani i i u a go. I vent Lapel a a a a a for me simply on thy account. I there thinking that Aho was a jew of tia take to other Prana. I and now when i think of lha Ess she received me thinking that i was one. Yve women Are always suspecting each other of scandalous things. We were astonished a a hair Groom a keeps hair combed Well groomed health follows chiropractic corrects pressure of spinal nerves in diseases of the following organs he to then / a v j / / i l. W Viz nose a vt->c->tmr0 7, 7 re a a a we us Lui their Good Points and How they a Well made out when we ask you to buy a pair at our risk giving you a new pair free if they rip you Are protected in every Way. Look fori this two horse protected it every Way. My made by lev Strauss amp co., san Francisco is a7? ji1."�, away a a i no a myth hair Groom to aet Hama a keeps half combed �?n3 million use it Fine for hair a not Sticky Greasy or smelly Kero fat keep Obi Klean j Ped nervous. I Mutt not aay that later in the evening to find the Foi the a i As been a purr we had both been mistaken i net. A. J a spiritual love i have loved or knew who my father was and shampooed hair stay combed All a he for the tender Ness and thy my nyc it he i did of in or her Dav in any my. adv a few cents buys Jar of Quot it nor a room at at y or. Torn which makes Eten i lib it a. Unruly o Throat a arms heart lungs liver my stomach i v pancreas spleen Kion evs \ bowels x. Appendix bladder spinal a Colasu Mohtar us the lower nerve under the magnifying Glass is pinched by a misaligned joint. Pinched nerves cannot transmit healthful impulses. Chiropractic adjusting re moves the pressure. The upper nerve is free As nature intfnp5. Ver spinal nerve lines to the kid Neja. Chiropractic spinal a Justn Anta remove this inference and rest Ore the condition of health. Mem t it pm it Nti uns to la i i i a a. Regular physician whom t Consu it cd Abr it 1 a in it Callet it a breaking Down of the kidney cells. In time they ? id i would Hae no kidneys. Thie condition a Hown by a Alfis of urine. I began chiropractic spinal adjustments and to tent results h d s urine analysis mad one Ari l found All for us a of in Buffin and Colden a of tissue decay had roared up. Today t an by a. Sie chiropractic let a a arc h re a stat Omant n it 109711. Yah for la in to \ i a an he is do now by Telep boning ups a. Examination free drs. Wood amp Wood chiropractors office�?317 i Welt Gold hour�?9 to 12, 2 to 5 sunday 9 toll a. In. In vacation land near at hand to Venty Ivy mile out in the Ocean from 1 Angelet Harbor readied by palatial steam f hip Avalon affording a delightful trip of two and a Quarter hour on one of the finest Pat Sager ship afloat. Orchestra for dancing. Catalina offers you ii it the apartments Camps cottage a a Woldt Sari Sty of Acron Noda tent St Price to Tuit Al Lovely 11 Quot land Villa and a Villa Park Quot Are great open air bowl i to rope plan Fate $1 to $2 pee Day health and pleasure a Tait Jon Ort the a magi. beating bathing Only tilt water Ocean bathing in Southern Call form tubing hiking Gilf Tennia dancing Etc. I Ammi Cit Slina Marine band in Creek theatre it it a by a Tome to boat hawing wonderful submarine Garden. Heat of All the i not i Small round trip Only s3.10 from Ixo Angle >2.2.1 from in a a. Harbor a a 60-Day limit to Stu inf Tratton Nett tit ont Santa Catalina Island company j. N. Sit Are traffic manager filth Aid main St. T of of a. Of. Pm omit to a the world no trip like this \ \ a % j is King Edward hotel fifth near main los angles a room and a hath for a Tiol Lai and a half rates $1.50 to $3.00. Every room a Cool out i Ltd Roon n 1 California schools los Angeles Hart Bros Huon Ollar a Iii Vii ii Imi la Vii Ibio i i Iii Vii. 1 in i la i i m it i it in a los Angeles Elliott school for girls Stirk plan Day. Rate or too room too room sins la Daub sir Quot ii to too Illo 13 of 200 rooms Tol get .12re 13 of -13.50 40 room Bah .$3.00 $3 5 -$5.00 it of twi not Corner i ites Mgla i to Dou by a it <�0 to Koo. For of. Mio rissi.8 Xii i t i i trains Reh Den i re pen to in of All age receive d at a time for any length of Titue Superior Edt a Ca Tjon a Adan tasks Chara Tek by i Pix of to Dur exec Leif i she Sal he enter Heesoon j b. To aug i it la the. air. M re c Horn envy i Kwh food Milln Weaver firs n Terry i Vard. To in phys m a Meta Mdllel Tow Ocean or u hrs thai Quot Umi Quot Iii mrs ill i a f c Cit \ 1 a is. N or find of the land Only it mud 1-. In i l no a a 1 1 y 1 Ilia a �plen�1t,i a i Waltl. It a sign of in and Row. a or let into r Aster Heaters ass. Of pm Viilu re Salt to a a r a f h us a. Spur tent his snit a my a St in it St Ltd f w Miles to mrijiywih�1. Fussi us in a a p a tars Ltd nth a. Write f r t u to in 1 f. Informs Tutor a \ Momot Kan in Mth Hambur of Tom Mart rants Van Nora California schools colleges Lite Raturi at Psyk information huhs a at or ice of this w6wpapei� go Cumnock school lurch t Al form founded i i i expression school for whose courses College credit is give offers courses in literary interpretation Story telling Public a it a King dramatic Art. Vole mid diction Mort Story w riling vat and literary appreciation. Academy of if i i school dept a in c Lue a on t accredited list. All the usual High school subjects wit up Aein a in 1 in Ahi in o in i aug treas on. .1 a a it us in Grade a a a a h spa Wjk in eci h and expression >�?�111 Amer it a tool Dane Irth to Lui 2stb. Lait tor Quot opens it uth year october 2nd. For Ca Talog address la Klen x. Rookh \. M. Director. 200 Vermont Avenue is Angelea t Uli Forn business College Eon Lmohr Tuta Xor re a Kau our famous Arcuro gite a com As give it on 1 the training Duaim a men require and 01 a Clu it i a incl Vidal instruction increase >0 efficiency and shortens time. Ail a Urr expert teachers. Delightful new Quarte begin any time open All summer. Position sect i red. I to Sanction or Money Hack. 1 interesting Catalon. &08 i Mon Rwy 111 ii. A Roh course r a v t-?1 a a it a for Quick results try a want Al Jujj amp a. Ii. Of a. A

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