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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 2, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Tine 2, 1924 Albuquerque morning journal Page five designer says women Active interest in politics is cause of demand for special clothes Cal Piffl .tut1 1 a a women a f intern in polities la creating Nav Oce too tor special clothe,., according to a Michigan Avenue designer who new i engaged Ink Trig gowns and wrap and hats for Tho National convention Iii Citee land and Nev York this Hummer Winton who of or or a irs and Thorn to of Quot interested on look r re he a explains Quot Nhi All Wolfli to stay in til ton Venlon Hall la tim i Nari y ill to Little or no Lim to it to Nee cock us. And j i everyone k o o Quot a by this 11mc, to Fra aril a to Lins in no w a v i a i in women interest in clothes Tho most successful women poll i Taclan a til Hest dry red the National com cation Call Tot a pm a jailed Type of gown it must a simple enough to be appropriate at breakfast and still not Long oui. Of Pine at dinner on lit Clave Hen Polit to was exciting that no r an h ice for a moment i a i am milking a Little Mark coat Cire in Freer i a i a Lea for one of Tov a tis Tomera who ii con aple oui in Nitt enit polities. It is made in straight line with a a Riel of vet. There Are Whit Linen coloured Linen and on figured crepe. To go with it she has i Small Light leghorn hat with a hand of Bli a a calve the sort of hat a woman can Wear All Day without a headache. I am giving her with this costume a dozen mile and Fibre Burson Dollar Hose to that she ran vary her costume around her ankle every Day. They Are in powder Blue peach Bloom cinder Grey. Fog. Blush. Sombrero Sunset and three shades of nude. Color in hosiery this v a arc entirely Independent of the rest of the costume. She will have a pair of Patent leather co tonight and a pair of Dull leather Oxford and by alternating Bersh is and wearing different Hooy every Day. She will keep her feet Friendly toward her. Quot for the d in when us May is e time to Changa Fco a dinner she will take two dinner gown one formal and one informal hut the Biti k Trench Alpaca Nill Ber in oat Imp rant gown. Coff clothes that May he forgotten As r.,on a tin a Are put on will to a Long Way Tow ird making efficient Eta team Omen. Be woman educator to practice Law Fly silts mint i cd Mim Iii r Bronk of a it co d Cere ii with in i Sina or nates and top milk. Baked Melet buttered Toast Foffo. Of onion juice and one beaten egg. Turn into greased cups and steam a bout thre quarters of an hour it cry with caper Nice. Or. Elizabeth Lorraine in sulfa or. Elizabeth Lorraine Wood str of Ken Bas received permission from the state supremo court to practice Law. Until recently chg held the position of state superintendent of Public instruction. So is the author of several text Book for Grade schools internationals Romp on til Dillos. 7 to i luncheon fret r oils. I on the left the coat shown is freon with a Collar and sleeve banding of Cocoa Squirrel and a wide band of embroil by near the hot in. Grey Luella cloth makes the one in the Center with a Dye-1 Squirrel trimming. A Penny a a new Reddish Brown Shade is used author of go Vii a amp Irin Irr in ii i a Lutali by Jane Phelps my husband and i. Quot i lie Rev coition. Of a Bald it my Salon Quot a the doctor Stor it a Etc. For the Cost on the right Lur findings of baby Fox and Cartridge tucks combined with Gold stitching form the trimming. World Are you Cit-., for in be but r cookies. Milk. Tee. Dinner Bouillon with Spaghetti braided Hamburg Bleak with it Mien. Creamed a Dato a buttered a a Arret. Fruit a kid with whipped Cream to it a it Slop. To i Cir it flee. The Suttera Abovia adm no to a a _________7 to i defeat to the Tell Lilos m of to who nil Glover Field bund a afternoon if fit or tigers on rip Der 7 Iii i the foul h the inter Ira the i Loae of frying clean Ai Natter a a have v a t f five played on o with log one to Tokay. Batter Lee a turn atonal a Tofoya and Bac amp pc told Lilos Victor and Lewi. Bree by inning International .4�x�?-7 til Dlallo Ltd too oooo i the International wish to accept tech henge published by Tho spark plug and will play them it Stover Field neat sunday afternoon of the it ii to i. A a Cabin to Tho introducing Beth Stehling i to. A struggling handsome. Who she knee Joy d a f although in i Chap or i. I work of had passed his lip n Harter lovable but weak. At it Iru Cajon hid in some cd become one. Harried with and pm o Haven t he by Sterling sit on a log be a. Side a Small Stream. She t t Vry a r p quietly utter relaxed. A t in of Only it Knickerbocker encased her Imp tier shapely legs her virile Cotton a us the shirt a open at the neck Boh shoe. I j hair addled to her Boyish Apatan e. A tue a oat match the far my her trousers Lay on the ground a Rovniy beside her. Topped by a Aport hat a Rich. Of Gray Felt. The a the Quot Hole out puffy. Fit waa shabby detracted not on hoi i a Whit from the Ness. Rot a sign it ? for Tho orca Alo Bird and the to Brook the Sib it i is the visit to the j Tano Normand. Been churns in int the tenderness in m it a Way to indecision win a re More a my thou 1 the dug at the foil i it of her Low heeled to i Rudd it by that i but the t a. Well ton i a hoi k off a drool i fanned herself lie creature a is Dirk daintily of a thin stuff of termed Rollnick Hal Rod Black inking girl she yet to to >11.11 baked omd Yolk and Whit heat the form rid la i Ltd. Separate of four eggs until Lemon then it Vang acid fruit put a piece of in in the dish with the j fruit and pour the Cream Over Al. Then the Cream will not curdle to we Chiffon Squer it Ften-1 try in warm soapy water until i clean then thoroughly rims it in Virtu water in which a Lump of no r i i dissolved a in his i will give a rim m nines after be ii born i cd it to i to dry the Chiffon of fore ironing. Add to Mio re in i the a aka a scant half f Silt two Tablespoon. U hav want to iou found the but go Beth. R month. Learn Until we tire i i p re Zittra a Fie i f i j in who or in j v a visible Impi Ibi tex tur. The Fie of i in 11 jut. Hive 1 Nian Quot h a t in i Ion have i twin a ring 41 a him Chr Tifuh a v pm Iii Minim lip a of t by Iii Alif ii ult of to the goal i v lift unhook a had to for h is of Day of John n a a Ling it in 1ov#d a co Lugo of wired h rid Jane had Ria ration a. And after to act rut nod in h i of nor h a f .1 got to Sod to give an War. And Leon you be m me Jane. Limit a i have i must go Quot d to marry d not bet Jane a mar a t o le1 Norm to it i Jack that Octant for a Ila a v de or my keep of his Coffee Ida orchids. I tired Busi to to he in scr i wan to Isis feet on they had kept up the 8 Intima it v. Vow i or t to wee a of 1�1b i Quot Beth happen of won Over. A Lover of i aft the Quot Rittir on tiling of i Cire a Mer stirred in Beth had in lived the to la i in Yam # full. Away Frain her problem a it nod up for she had p Roble no this courts. Tall. Ainu Hgt a Alful a she had a i Moat far i it i pm p gotten them. I a her i now on this 4 Llu to Cli a they ha1 i Brook in a i ital d tiled Beth h tip to get. Ill look of i v but my i know with do anything. To a a in a Amli i hid been poor a i am Chance a i Don t dare out of the r salary j of Over by the husky void returned a far lied r to Rah Ion i hey in p i net gtd n came Hefner her the of j Tarter Man incr. Harter. R it tit h k 11 Hil maid old luncheon it Waffle pc them. Of mins Rie of x i c i i be Quarter of a to a spoonful of la a of a. On and it. Hell f i by it Koonfu is of Hopp d Tarsi / a table tax r if it if flour Aud one Quarter of a Lea spoonful of baking 4 �?~>14 Uci i if \ met lit i is Nyht i or i a of bed tread r it a i 4 Hool i r a Popsie or the o get economize on the Matts f 5h no buy to go with it. A go a d in i Tress will 1ftste a life tim xvii ii Cire my is therefore a Rood investment sir tiled with Cor husks sri Umi # eid Hay Quot it of r ration Felt it i hair. Friton Felt make a Rood and Ine Vuen f a n the Felt is Usu. Tip a fun ily in 5 or by for arum milk a a. I cry com fart ibis null Tress but in ti4 it quite us a a a a shy made it it a a As i ionic other kind Hong a r a ism been con a dered to inward Lur a me tire a of Good Quality. Inc a to t a. J in Dei Atean in huge r i i pea a fixture Ami coiled to produce the curled lift m or pm de pro it. The to a a i it us f Ca 111 hot to my Are of icily a died that b. In my vis 8 Tai i be t hem. They May h Bough it Standard sues. Dut covers k Cep the mattress free Frow % do. It and May Alfa i Purcha sed i to Home from unbleached mus hip a Ano b companies win Drill contest at Indian school fire Hazard not High in Gila and Datil Forest area companies a an-1 b won the a a a a banners offered for Beys com Lim fit a in ird a not Pant in that competitive Molitar Bic Forest is is j. W. Mullen of the compe Lee b end f Quot h til i. in the Urb context a a distr t Forest office Xhon has j Pron d saw the contest. Company b of the girl waft presented with a Sib or Loving cup by the Mindlin return a from a trip through those Forest in Cen Ere i Road Trull and i fire fighting facility inspection. On redeem for the Scarcity of fires when a is the fact that at the tim in visited the forests school had i of i in dismissed As Lien a the school term is Over lie my. People fuck loth Forest to pie. Nolc and Tunny fire a rattled the Rev a old j to Ghat nn-1 to of new Gate in the for be har both helping to keep fit is j from starting. Or Pitrat Ionut a being made in the Apt Quot he and Tonto Forest for Tho of a bushmen of boy scout i buy Afi it tin c i in a he said the Camp in the Quot just i onto being established by the Phoenix a it a out or Anglia Hon. Jewelry company. The i Tom it. Weber Dell # ered the Haen inure it Addrene at the school sunday evening. \ Elfi latib w ish Quot i wish i had a baby Brot i to wheel in my go cart Mamma a Ald amal Elsie. A my dolls a a always getting broken when it tips transcript. Inf lithic sign Quot Tho ladles Are rot to a 11 Iii of Sii it of k detective a Quot you can to remember what night this happened Quot lad i a Quot i i eel smiled ripping Quot jus shopping. The keep i nuking to a something More a Louis die courier j journal. That wot in 81 i Tow it �?~1 Here it re y on v v to Mai 4 the time i Only remember i was i aviation Safe. In to i nth Quot by a what the Iii my i detect t inc i a life. At Quot Bay no More. Lady a a have Dom Vood 11 Ary erg pro 4 v. To Situ Day that the Law of gravitation la in i record. W mid that it. W Tol Type calf Tel i. J j Are air of. To orc. I fact. I be. A the i vie. It tut Cost suggested change in a Jung rules by h i Phi. I Lumm a fac r of tin it la ii s.,. Join Mon a Par it r that Rij Mirrl 0 him what v Havi in badly her n and he if w it ii her. 0 and prevent d told in he a knew Ulicy 1 e kept still a band i gob d la going to a by in Oft to by will tie Tyk lard tin band t a i d plan i Dis i the kind a g a Odani tax to time Well what Lily you my it a the other vow to Jou i w Ell suited id would be or. After an cml month it to to Able it item because i no cd v and q cd to too but i just d watched. My bus to Cli a Ani shr Neps leave for Imperial Council a gun other d thin Woi item her a a it to d i d h Etli the i. Please i him poll to Quot or. Mig until smooth fold in the go Quot hit the o have been Whipp d until dry and turn 1 info it greased souffle dish Ila the Difidi univ i f filled and blk in a moderate oven about to min it serve immediately a it co 11 tax Tulc Kly who removed Lorn us Chat of the oven. Fish the Quot left i Over fish from yesterday dinner and after removing them and been chop finely. For one Large cupful of Tho fish add halt a teaspoonful of Lemon juice half cupful of soft Hie id crumbs Salt and paprika to taste a few drop gum chewing aids the Teeth a on Sipat Ign 4 in i 154 pm i the l of Foley cathar Trig Tahiti my net on John la. I come. 1�?~olodo Ohio. Quot fit i Quot lev Ca i Hal b d Ai w Halcu i to in h of i a a i a 0 it a cd lion if Tab a purely % car in liver. Or. Cur o. Home j a i ii used a Jable to in oust a Hon to Rind found Foley 4 a Jaru Elv i i in a j by miss o. S. Alien tested recipes Romance of Gay Duke of Westminster and a meat Stoke wife goes on Kocks i Mai to Home Quot Bak Sao the. A. I a-1 a us w on in f id ver i Sha i by wife even a of Grans �9 a i �?11-tin i a a Miniri Wra it cow li4m Loti o clan Are Rrada Pind. Nor4 club or Cooch a Bath a Jubi ii is h the air Job. A ne4y i n i its Zajk Iiga widow i 6ir mr3, Amu in months and marred to has ask Chi v. Ill i i i Loi c problem j Horn Pion i a in Ani widow of f ourt ten have t i it Hilt pen. I of near Nav Lone Lily of mine who is ii Friend. To ii Man or to mar y him. A Quot no a a first Duchess of Westminster Cleft and the second the former hrs. George Rowley. Inset is the Duke of Westminster again Tho Gay Duke of Westminster one of the richest men in England la facing a divorce suit. His of anti wife the former mrs. George Rowley owner of a Chain of retail meat Tores is seeking a decree. The off in their marital Lute was not us sorted As they Are Reb Orange Short cake to of trip Tiivi ii of delicious at a recent bunnies men luncheon j cupful Frisco a he Paula flour 3 teaspoonfuls baking of a order teaspoonful Salt milk i egg sift dry ingredients four time. Work it i Ift in with a knife. Add milk to make a soft dough. add Well Beati a egg. Spread Well a ripcord layer cake pan evenly. Bake in hot oven about Sjo minutes. Peel oranges with knife. Take out loaves Sprinkle with plenty powdered sugar and let stand until sugar melts. Split cake. Butter. Dover one half with Flange put on other half of cake spread with Orang a i. Over Oil pour sweetened whipped Cream. Risco for Light tender cake for digestible and Flaky pastry for Crisp digestible Brisa pc Nils a Steps Sweet and fresh for months summer or Winter you have the authority of Doc tors and dentists for this statement your own experience will prove it if you will use Wrigley after every the follow ing quotations from a recent work on Teeth and health Are Worth remembering a dentists have found that the exercise of gum chewing brings about a better nutrition or the Teeth. A the cleansing action of the gum Between the Teeth helps to keep them free from the particles which Lodge in the crevices and cause decay the Busy Many or woman either rarely has rime to clean the Teeth after eating yet they should be cleaned and Wrigley after every meal will do it. Also it will Aid digestion and furnish Welcome refreshment to Mouth and Throat. Sealed in its purity package bringing All its original goodness and flavor to you get your Wrigley Benefit today try Wrigley a after smoking ev1 the flavor lasts

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