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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 1, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico s leading newspaper olm Mill i ii \ eat. My a \ sin h2 Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico sunday june i 1924 Nev Mexico a leading advertising medium 22 r Mort today or two sections Price Uve Cert Chicago boys murdered Franks Tomo protests roust in to it sex in entire disregard of spirit of treaty depositors of citizens Ori to get Monet seventy per cent available through Albuquerque National monday under court approved plan f knew John Brown. Voted twice for Abraham Lincoln in my or v hex a i a f guilt verdict found series retired Bishop doctrines of religion set Forth in William m. Browne a Book not in Harmony with Church s colossal task is Given this Man by new Bonus measure i in i fixers credited Nati xxx it 1 Oka i t a 4 e n b ave it of i on d a is or. It n a a a \ 11 in by o Coli that to la in in la i a Similt fire f r to la u Jyh i u no la. Santa pc grand Canyon route association formed to promote National Ole trails Highway use i it i \ a i i \ la i 111 i i i Mon it it i it 11 do Purl men a of be of acl Miti a off a it can la Sal d ii., to mat state s Pueblo be advertised North Carolina visitor suggests formation of association to Tell Story of Scenic attractions to All i a lipped Heads for Arizona freshmen not to be allowed arum to h a Ai i pit i if of a is or. N t Blo i jute if la a to. I Brut re to t. Ill Gatior 11 in n t e b world of its c of tin in Ai of u i no t of colonel j. I tile. North enrol Inlang Engineer it tin Vav. A n a joint Ion an of i a a for the. I what tin prot to Roul i do tills Opelc fit com tins it Tho a so a i tie a int i a a a Tift j it a a i in to j p in t pro ton i Call la to Llu weather Pratt i Iii i i t Pil i to. I with to Witt Tho i it a he do All he St. Paul Boxer decisively defeats Frenchman latter was in distress a dozen times mar is i pre ural i a to t in Ash nod la i non. I Paul minn., the Only j o Atar the limit with j a a r. J be red himself i it to As amp fun tender for a has j till Abt c Nathan Leopold jr., and Richard Loeb both University students admit committing murder concealing body and demanding $10,000 Ransom from parents in kit isl it pm rat at sex d hit hts Waller s. Kino a in Washington Freud Cik Ami Froggy half i Arpen tier i iut Al arpent Ler a Kedah Mouth and 1.1 Oddi a u t i ver it la rigid e y it too fat f i lift i at foe at after Dos t times. I rum huts from the Ping from til i Imp d it of n i i tin pm it. It to Gilt a to of the the Elution motion rut will have St the fir Al a is s redb sons Vith those on tar Tho Fren Hie right it Hen he Between to rot if in Defeated t Tiu claimed he xxx e her words treated by Sotero de Bubp. R v lit it popped on the ring during a i at i lose Quarter. To v. I Tibia to walk to hts if Ner of the ring Uro of. Hut toll limply into the Anna of a police Mutt v Hen he attempt of to descend from t in ring. To a carried up Tho ado and oat f to crowd it .0 his Breeding room carpet Lei withstood of i it Hooka and right smashes that wore meant to end the c n i Kago. May 31.�?youthful sons of two Chicago i millionaires toil a confessed the kidnapping and slaying Niten Days ago of Robert Franks 13-year-old son of Jacob Franks another millionaire according to Robert e. A St Crowe attorney. J the boys who confessed Ara Nathan Leopold or. And Toj Richard Loeb. Loth University students and both residing within a few blocks of the Franks Home in a fashionable South Side residential District. I Hay kidnapped the boy a he the afternoon Telephone Call walked Home from reboot a a Meta Franks from Johnson in strangled him in their automobile meting him to take the Money. Ronal ruled j body and demanded Quot a. A la. Is a the Par the Quot amp a of which Franks Enta Accord no to or. A a Row. A Piir of spectacles led to their arrest an the Cham a remark of a chauffeur resulted in their breakdown and confession when Tho i Lith of tie a after hours of questioning were Tutu airy con a need the youths had a Stabl had Allbia ii id v. Re leasing them. Heir Mollie a punic their motive Mas a Puzzle la to of understand. A few minutes afterwards the nude body of a boy found stuffed into a Eul xes a in a South Side swamp was identified a his Ann. A of chafed la inn in it member. According to Tho suites Atter nay Leopold Loci said they a on tiring Rol Attoh celled the plan to Kidnap Tom one and Hob them for a in som of >1 <.000 last november. They picked the Franks boy whom they is that there i a f Bishop i s it tempt to j ii g his rights Ember of the Iii a half a dozen times because optionally retreated Hung Oft Al term it on., declaring i new is a victim on tha Spur of Bhat the wanted excitement and the whar they saw him she Ner i,,o00 Ransom while friend"1&Quot Home from Schwert i sorted the could it need Tho inviting him tut a rented sit it hid , the truth of toned bile in which they were rid i t o t flt to conf f a a of it la it ton. Doth Southe have Fig the Aal according to or. Brilliant mild i it Ansi. That they struck him Over quota i rom Hook i i xxi 8 Crip. A i it to a at of prominent san Ysidro rancher dead from it 1 a off tit to. S Bein a the Oil i Jurf a aver graduated i hts head with a chisel when Hase i i. Barm in xxx in fron the a literal v College of n Lead it to and then strangled Bim. Quot rat. Tuition to in in t a Ltd i Tern University and a chisel tossed from their a to to \ nth re a i. Poling my. Nuy. Other doing ape in i work at Iii Mottle. Wag found later and to a from solid h owe to Tho a Jln. To University her Leopold i the i Art or the evidence against them. Out. T nut in. M Leopold hr., ius Robed tit dlr victim a a it Iltha papa i hex manufacturer re a hours they drove about the an 1 Loch is the son of Albert Watt of their Flottm huddled or 1 a. I o Lurer id it of in Chicago i a Tonneau of the car and covered Ord r House tone time Accord -1 by a Robe night they s tit a Tux to or. Crown the boys said or lot Ding sir. Brown they Dis Atiar i ii bled from Tho Cornet t of the ring just out std feet of shot fired tues Day night by unknowns r i it it a the r g i Ila ins it tenth rounds. i might Lurf a t i Ilii to fight he it d Art tag. Ii i t fight j d Berain j they consider i kidnapping a Tela Tilv of Lullus uhf Tiwald Multi Imph Cual bad of tills Wall order the id Quot by it commissions in 103rd division organized reserves announced 1 in 111 if t i of i if <1 it to before a i a by v or re i. M Ilion unwed cd Are ii Wilh a to to i. N three ugh the a Nti Yah id j uht la night fray for tarted a i mow and ii by i Ait a neatly tit body and lied left ring 41 i Ltd a in xxx i f h a Ossa to a the chm. N j it of it i defense famous i Gilt ban i which a Host Laid o a tint. Id to Clr a Jackson it in a tic a Lohr Vav. A he Bou i it Jna tit a a a a . Bar d. Larne. I t Tou Croft infantry i rim Tkv i in a f n e n de b Quot i Lei St i ii cd clites cd Idee in on All i in to done it of if lift Iliou whether to i i Rte ii Mills. \ it j. J v m. Recoil m Puet infantry to Lutton it. Colt., Ca pts to n a a re hic it. Moot Captain medical i i ult. A Holmen shut y Phi beat his 1 ,.ce Tichtl a every punch by d him j Borny retreating i ranch to Iak-1 Well covered always in t hot t. W a and would not i in Naji finishing blow. the or Bald Boxer tie a it Orbe waft it Cryn tiers in Aid in fori they had finished Tho fit Tina to Ftp id no difficulty in c s. The i w whenever he ii was reached Tho 1 Idaj head with Peri i Hooka it Fen olt cur a jolting Tiht but to lab Bofird h a i for Carpentz i of blow a Pun at the Jack dem Pic y Low in the in Baj a Buttle of the Century a in i 11. E a step j carpet r tried to connect the House with it and Only succeeded in land awakened Ling with it effectively once during Nee. Or i the 10 rounds. T his was lit the ? saying i fourth when he flashed i Over Lave in the j with Tho Speed of a Serpent it the Money Tongue it caught Gibbons flush through the j on til Civ. He vent Back on his according to i heels id it / Burt but to at pen tied to tier did not follow it up. Gibbons fired i abet quickly recovered however in at frighten him no other time during the i cuiling j at know and to rounds win he in danger. Iti ionic to Ilia Rob a there did not teens to be a pee a sible Chin a that in Montler would f after Strug survive the p nth round. Me was i walked two thoroughly beaten Root Tyr and to rut. Xix cd iou it rim a Lea my i p Washington. March r i j he boys a off a on to states attorn v to it a lick is dears up one of tuft most Nix Merlon crime in Chicago s history Robert Franks the afternoon of Alay it As be was Bing from a private school to bus Home a few blocks Distant. Thru night a Man posing us a Vileo a ,m telephoned the boys Mother that her a a to was held for Ian oth and Trio neat i a v the fat received a let it r demanding $10,000 for the boy s release Rel input Rte Ting him fill ther of dvrs would follow. In far us Cit to Ike new Effort to get Hospit Fil hic med i a ii dim but m ado supporters Defeated at every turn in Minnesota f Mill. Cry turn old be a a a a i a aft at 11 r x xxx Ere j a t to younger in d of More Siab r i. And paper it he could a a disc x xxx hut Kami in a Nim of Earth a a were d tic ii my. Bons xxx a j by i a a cd 1 Rug by Tai a xxx it con la. A i of Kloof j n up re into a with i bile about on hts Wax is a thong men May to it f Quot la. Ii j of. T Jun i by r a 1111 e cd Vale whet ii Iio. I hour of b la mix up Tow j staggering around Tho Rit of but. Son i Clung so desperately to Gibbons to his i the a inches my Debbera t y a Fin a 1 lr-1 away in the open. That they Paul with the War mothers memo. I Shiv r was i mils to a ship aver s j rial to rpt >1 a certainty following til organisation of n National As mfr citation in Washington in april i by a chances of timing be 11to i a Tho location will be Doss no. To at i meeting tuesday night a jut 8 of clock in the chamber of a a n menu it j finishing i Low if lie a was i t Bider Hie jaw of Indiana no it 4�> years of traion was permitted at the end i feel re toil bout but Lex Rule at the ringside a a ins in the opinion that cd a very one of the Ding the fourth it Omen Talv dazed Rig i a t to Ben v i i j o a it a Ark a a do fisheries treaty is ratified by Senate a. La up i Quot Baca 11 u i re Ilia j be Chi. Llu xxx Fth ail Umici a of h according to h a Nephew non i rets no mat to a for the Asea ult her than rebbe by could in i Masr a j. I Uia As id. Bud t a the per to i u. S. Around world flyers at Kusumoto i Duclo. Fill i i a soc lie sex a i Sun to a St. Tipit. At 6 p. A iou. To or Pratt said colonel Pratt was 5 i fib i i. A a t a i amp 1 62 press d xxx it Loie d a ? Quot r a a to o is. Ina reason 31 tween the Albu query a of t n ii n v than i not p it and the Albuquerque tie visit cd in a Vyr an to i flf�6 when he was enc Hugert in Minfu t ugh to avas and no j. So t it Road a n a d Downer attorney for receiver of state National i x irn Man receiver for i he stat x at Loos Bank re tax d word from the comp troller of the currency Ait Daj of the a of oink Tiff it cd George s. Dow ii Ras att Nief for thru Iver. Mfr. Downer i a member of the Law firm a i i xxii r a i ii l 1�?o r. My d f a o 11 n i on Pic rung woman Haags 111 i t Zurich. . Eel it rid May 31 t the associated Kat Erin Gray to in or of new a a today committed suicide by ban jog herself in the Zurich fld a my cd in a t de a w. Arpent or dropped to the the ring in the Middle of round after on exciting it pointed to his handlers and injured Tbs right Fink i Gam by struggled to Bis flt it xxv a motioning to Gibbons to one on. While the i a one la in an rated i Zbik. I Row ii in skin aint v ill d Bibbons Exi Dontly thought that r pen Hep v if attempting to snip to i in a a t. Paul in a e Bruke into a Coni is and in it fit a of tuft distance for a xxv ands. Refusing to give his net a it rapport laity to a or another punch with Vod a old it i yell d Taler to fight but the Man merely i inked to him a i Corner for and Var. Even Van hoi resp coded for the Eiith round gib., a i bans fought , Axer sus a. A a a that arpent Ier was feign hug Li-t.irs�?T, the int i round was. R. Slaughter. Gibbons binding when and wherever he pleased i gild s did the r by today Xei Ghir a itt pounds. �?~1111 scaled to flit i n a in the a Repe Tuan sir pounds heavier join when to fought Jack to my icy. And go Bercis xxx is two pounds Leavier a a when be met Tho heavyweight Hampl ii at Shelby. I ror a. A f.,i j it in a m Fie a re i to it to r xxx a a 1 Lek til f a Antra r. O the Batter i xxx i by. I limping Freij Ehman Xiv o departed Nome forty minutes later. A ten tier a f Tran to a tiers Sirri i a a o in a f iof cheer greeting his a Lver a it. With much gladness a two Long departed Buddles would show u a reunion almost. Embraced Tommy at a i a i he a of a 11 in i f a i 1 i a issued us us.$9 Jeu Robed Tom to a Mclim. Applied acid to til fax m a of It a t to it it male lds a Tif Catlon . And drove Thi swamp where they Une Eale he body in the Culvert then they burned the a a clothing or to i s Horn according to their confession disposed of his shoes and Belt on a Prairie and rods about Hie try for a time finally returning Home v hers Loeb Nett lied Tho Franks family that Robert. Xmas held for Ransom while Lam paid prepared Hie Ransom letter. Then they threw the typewriter on which the Ransom letter xxii prepare into a Lagoon and when their plans to collect Ransom Tacar t red because i ranks did not under stand their inst motion a Loeb pre. Tended to assist the police in finding the drug store from which be made one of the Calls to Franks. So cracks Only t inc the Only Cine on Xvi sch the authorities had to work was a pal of with Tortoise she1 Lima and of Peculiar m Ike. Identification of flux owner of the glasses in a City of three millions assumed the proportions of looking for a Needle in a buy stack but the poll a a raft lazing that their Only Hope of solving the mystery Lay in finding the owner of the Gla uses set to xxx Ark canvassing every optician optical Supply and manufacturing no i nit i House in Chicago eventually sex important meeting Al Lect tending their search to Ether Lites. Inn i or tinn of War aft Quot a a Quot Elk a Hunt a Brooklyn my la Caiyun Oiwa i form was of in 1 which said it made mothers memorial will ithe an a a Chicago _ i agencies xxx re then canvass. By held tuesday night i thousands of records w Ere careful in scrutinized until one xvii found which tallied exactly with Ilia description of the glasses a question. I Rati led to Leopold s Home but a a record was found by an optician wednesday night and Tho Trail led direct to the Leopold in Ftp a few blocks from that of Franks. Avo paid and Loeb Hii bosom Friend were arrested a once. The n Carn the Surprise Lee pout readily admitted d ownership of Tho spectacles explaining that in is in ornithologist and in hts study of Birds lie bad visited the swamp xxx Here the body was found Manx tim and probably a St Bis Glass-1 on one of Tho trips. The boys told Tho event it Quot be Raj j a straightforward Story of their a Antin cd in Active j to Vitus on the Day Robert Franks n i Commerce the meeting w As in o.illc.1 by the War Mathers Maut Moi la committe of the chamber i of i Commerce. It will be open to i a crib Quot in and xvii be addressed by major jul. Toulouse who will i port both on the National Prog i of the plan and what Albuquerque can i Peel As the location of th1 memorial. I rom in Angion crimes the re port that i Pershing is n Fra h it by Peel. I act of Congress j disappeared declaring they spent i. Joti d 11be Xxiii consent to i the Day Riding about in Leopold a nation i to ident of Hie t a and Atter a Day and most of a v. I mat bet memorial of Sola night of questioning their Story reef the famous German reparation and give ins entire time to us a a to Rob. Uni a. General Charles it o i Dawes nut to Quot i Dawes report right. Lions Baa in sen i cd to act As treasurer. Among the vice presidents who met in Washington and took an Active part in formulating the Natl n a i a r a i n i z a t i i n Rah c a i a Brett. Main us hat in in any detail. The ii it Bori ties were about ready to admit that to their statements Vero Correct. Mean who in a outer room of the state a attorney s office Man had been waiting patiently for four hours to have same not a taken of Bim. Ii a As the Leopold faintly chauffeur and had been Hamster to. Called in Alang with a dozen othe j major put-1 to substantiate the details of the Nam to 1st Ria n of the american j boys statements. I a. I tis r of the in in on 3 1 Ltha to f four culled in ugh hum firm. M Igor to ult use i finally the chauffeur was called it. Elect d seer try of the execu-1 in and asked a few pet fun tors a it a run Lite of tim National As questions. He chanced to remark Latten xxx us Lull vote. A promo that the Leopold car was in Tho ii pm rags throughout the Day of May pm. Questioners rushed t it the two boys with this information and a. Few minutes later As the Dawn the fight he streaked through the windows of rho states attorney s office the. X of Tbs admitted the sit lug. Voluntary petitions of bankruptcy filed the clerk of the United states District court As follows Irene Czarlinsky. Gallup dry John k Gibson Raton a a. I in Cut r John a. Smith lords i i urfi qc.vupauv4 jut a Loffl ii to Mak Quot major Toulouse a paid member of the committee was turned Down by him in that it would make him a paid hired Man he i lie Nee him to Xxiii stage to have Albuquerque se-1 in i d a til location for the Gigantic Hospital the meeting tuesday night will be Tho most important on yet held so far As Ailt a Querques a Hopes for i the Hospital ate concerned Hith-1. A a a to a i s bees a Case of a App it Aling major Toulouse until the idea j Santa be May 31 a a three vol j could a put across nationally j unitary petitions of bankruptcy i now it becomes necessary to begin were filed today to the office of the fight to have Albuquerque selected As that location. Aside from a he fact that the idea originated Albu a it us the City is Felt to Good i in pm ca1 in Stetu itch for Tho i i of the hop

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