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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 3, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico Be Mexico s leading newspaper roil i v i Oil t la it i my vol i i we no a Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico tuesday june 3, 1924. New Mexico a leading advertising medium Faire five Cicitt future country says Hulsey trial expected to be Haro fight several Days probably will be used to get jury in Case against wife and others for death Man High and Low meet on common plane at this Little Church passage new Revenue Bill required for two reasons reduction taxation and Reform taxation president declares is not Only lacking in Reform but actually add some undesirable features to present Law i Cath c Lere Thi Hari Ltd i a signing neat in eng Ini a or tax part june 2.�? president Coolidge after i m Hill today i used this state Fly Tho passage a now Revenue Bill wa5 required for reason the reduction taxation and Tho Reform taxation. The Bill us passed provides a certain amount tan a reduction. It improves Rome the features no administration. Put it i. Not Only lacking in tax Reform to. Actually ail some undesirable features to the present a a \ a permanent expression government fiscal policy Thi Bill contains provisions which in my opinion Are not oui unsatisfactory but Are harmful to the future Thi country. Clan payments Are begun quietly Albuquerque National in location closed institution reports that deposits increased the Albuquerque nation. Bank opened for business monday morn Trig in i he room formerly Orocu plod by the Cit limn National Bank and Begall paying to the depositors that institution to per cant their claim. Tilt banking room War ailed All Day with c ast Omar. At Tho Clote banking hour id Cowan National Bink examiner Aret receiver for the flt rens National Hank who a approval Given by Congress to child labor amendment Kwh Ngoa sum 2.�?ap urn his a Eta in by the Senate t might to Jami it Tutu Titial Ain i inn it we Alrh a a oui Power tim Federal government to limit regulate or prohibit tim tailor it did in under is veers age it previously had sctt b approved by the House and Ion goes to tim states for rat meat Ion i la Vole a ii is to 23, or five More than the temp two Init i rider Ile amendment Congress Mould Ivo tin Pirr cd regulation but tim enforcing put a would la a ted in the Federal and Muir a eminent. I be vote to Bra a Foi Irtoli tim stoles i n in for Mil fica lion. Legal fight to free Youthful a bring with i Ald thai Rhth i a t a p. Actu t Mali Trout the que que to much by i Pip to hearing on writ Hareas Corpus for release Leopold and Loeb continued until june 6 boys Are remanded to Cook county sheriff defense succeeds in secur j tag an order taking con fessed murderers from custody police i Chic ago june 2. A Tho Legal Battle millions to free Nathan Leopold jr., incl Richard Loeb scholarly i sons t w o Chicago Mil a lion Aires and confessed kid levies on messages soft Napers and slayers in drinks. Candy. Theater Ye�r-o1d Robert frank.,. On admissions 50 cents Quot a pm ther Milho Nair. Open gut in excise Tir. B in or less wiped out Quot the utile Church around the in i mild be and vie ii retie the tax strikes arts to a Sext a 5lof it n to de or. <1 the t Iki c i set ail i11 or Ltd to in tire j a Iii i v hip fit my Irr 11 no n it Tho Doc i i cd Albu Quer both c charge o state Trivo Ca Tad in it Ink an and d i cd i d in Dis and g. Mrs. 11 c n the Jedi Ald p it in h ii in i a or Lucy v. Isy i dint Tad been Low i a the or i a a a St inti tin w i1 1 i Lei id or. I lied i r Ros try opinion and rim \ Houghton in a Rector j 6 .00< wed i a in the cod that or. Noughts again arsons and ring couple that a t i til Mittun the. I Reiver in Bsho Ai d h ,.f room handling let a Don k. 1�, a state Tri also a nation ulnar and a it cat i lit stat a Tlona and savings have the Albuquerqu Vrscik a Ltd harm Barge the stat k. Kidd that now a Aal Anta has t which to wort Quot the Hank s affair for rapidly. Tirsa that Leafy the Vav ill Ddll be Quai id in my Bani the Bufi Din i to be fought w isl Notor i in co Oahu # i Quot Drai t unction Bill but. Declaring it in Peen j Natl factory announced a would Bend All in unruly to obtain enactment a better measure at the next. A Loti Congreve. I to legislation a approved by the president reduces the taxes almost i r Federal taxpayer and Cut Down the Federal Revenue by a us in a mount estimated it a 3$ i 1000 for the next fiscal year this reduction however "111 not result in any deficit according to treasure expert. Rile principal Chi Law Quot ill not be year the fifth per in income i pc be Cable to it payable Lief. To Quot com tax crease i income t Oil today at Tho end tin Legal skirmish the state and him. President id e e n be attorneys each inned the tax a claimed vict fits. Hearing on a writ Lia Beas Corpus for release the two youths we continued to june 6, but the defense succeeded in securing an order taking Tho boys from Tho custody the police and remanding them to the care the sheriff Cook county. m a they Wert taken to the front to cd a Tom county jail tonight avg mad apply i the inquest int in in path i a i Laid by it in t til it Quot i turned to a As a i Quot tilt Mil pain in it i t. Arf House approves postal salary increase Bill measure St Tsoo states to meet fur d Vav r to to itt. The noun fed to it in pm. I in Cit my s e in Way Uli plans Are being made to receive president Oregon when he arrives at Nogales on june 7 Nogales an., jul e 2.�?gover a re int the i it i i pc till mad it in or former City clerk Omaha neb., bound Over for trial at november term District court in 250 to 14 diff Many respects Senate proposal by vote ers in my i or la Pir a a 2? per cent Daunter d in the ens exes for the Curt it year wow due Persona Quot Hoar Trig Thea v. In a income axes on inst Willment plan rim Cut the to m<1 payment tin Dun Aby a a a a on half and their other two in concurrent Resolution a a a a passed by House but la in tax in full will St a Follette in Senate proposes month s recess w a Hington. Jim 2 a a concur i ant Resolution approved by the Hovis l�?T-1 to i a providing tut adjournment. Eon Gymn at. P. No. I next saturday. V a placed before the Senate today but with the 1 Promise a filth to prevent it adoption through lha introduction i a substitute in ablution by in a a tor int Follett the Republican in a urgent Lead a providing or a re com for Olin la iou tit. Tho Wisconsin senator offered his Abs Titus after he had conferred with Republican and democratic Leader Quot to worn said to have Given his Bill Usu encouragement. Conditions Iii the agricultural state impelled him to offer the Resolution however in explained i proposals being for july 7 to the inquest into Young fix Nix tuts year but i death was reopened today Quot till tim immediate re confessed Slayer in attendance but ranted every in waa again eight tuned to jun#. Robert a. Crowe Eta attorn. Said a Quot in take the cos before the june grand jury tomorrow an i will probably take the to Ltd present lits evidence. He said a expected to i a for and Ctm Nta for murder and for kidnapping for Ransom Ach Crim punishable by death letter i on lid in weeper the Moat important Avld a n fund without applying fat a it. Unearthed today a a letter Quot i h Kotlier i . I Iii Quot i or. I Row said a written to to Alioth a beet that soon \ ill be cob i ranks father Ltd the Al in i appreciable to the provision the j boy. By Leo and i be and tin repealing Quot it Hiti thirty dais which was found in a Michigan Manx t a it Amil a the Ltd on Tele a Antral Sleeper at new Turk. Mph and Telephone message1 when Young Franks soft drink ,. Ital. C Trupet. Rugs. May 21 Ivo pudd and och. Acc re trunks find theater admissions inc to or. Crow it ill a us cents or less. J Franks Home by Telephone and no the revision income in the parents their son wag affected under the new Law brings held for Ransom. Next Day their rut la fill my. Ii levies. This confession Sefild they sent or. A mounts to a per cent reduction j Franks a Fetter asking #10,00-1 on in omes and under i Ransom and in the afternoon on amounts ii ova that the Normal shortly before the body the rate la a it from eight to Quot six per Hay. Found in a South Hole swamp Coit w Hll tit surtax rates or re bad been identified they made a Vised on a similar basis Aeron Cost to the father who la new Uita schedule starts had the Nona or waiting telling him with Quot tie per. Int on $10,000 and j to go to a nearby drug store. To graduates up to it to per cent on failed to understand tile address i and Over. And did not go. Had he proceeded \ new feature written into the to the store the boy said to legislation at la recommendation i would have been instructed to buy Secretary Mellon who initiated a Michigan Central Railroad ticket the move for tax revision last Hep j to Gary into and to Alt in a car to a c s. No the tigress to voc Enven _ take up a legislative Relief a it Rog a in j temper. Prov Ldee for an additions j Fain rear car sent where the let reduction income it t $5,000 and under classed earned. W a Cie Oft cd by i tit too at to do n a w ted to i s a or ill ii federals capture last stronghold rebels in Mexico t slate iliac in Inicis i i Iii Mil it i i slim win parole violator is on his Way Back to prison in Colorado Tho House cover big agricultural u i Matton trying Sal and transportation questions. Similar motives led to that a scorn in Pitlon votes in the Hou to the adjournment Resolution which was offered by representative Long-1 Worth Tho Republican Leader 95 j democrats. 68 republicans on Farmer labor in Independent and on soda list Priti cd Patty from nil Del and far Western stat a joining in the Toto against it. Indication in the sen i at were however that he in the hour where 13 a Republic Quot a mid , do Moi rats supported the resorted Elution i no partisan line up would up # sufficient votes for t adoption Tho adjournment pro-posfi.1. Associates senator a Bol lotto who Hay participate d in the conferences Bald since his return j from Atlantic City were the opinion that there would to no or j go nixed Effort to delay passage Quot it the concurrent Resolution. In ac-1 mordant # with custom this was j it. N Iii charge t Hal Man to or i t in Wyoming Tho apr optic j tons committee who said a did not Intel i to Call it up until Tho �?~arg-1 t deficiency i ii providing funds for the Bonus Law has been enact a this May delay Senate action until a in Day. T the ii Follette Resolution Wilh come up a tit a Init tally Tomori j the regular order is followed. I my a Osti Ojo i Lite Bill ? >5,000,00 Laj Rinon a i Iii it Der Atis ated Del i am in Aster proceed the Sion in to de do ire an a Soo a per cent. On earned j tar had be a placed. The letter $1."oo with All in instructed him to watch for a. Large sign after passing a certain Atrz end to count four and the toss the Money out the window Tho Box a said. Plot ire fully rehearsed this smrt their Dot Accord Ling to or Crowe had been carefully rehearsed the boys havln.? made the trill the meshes an i tossed to bundle papers representing til Money from the Cor window at the specified place to determine whether the plan was feasible. Tho to is in id according to or Crown Iii Quot the elaborate plan t were taken so the fit or. Frank i would b i end it tim to notify Iii know authorities after re calving bus final instructions and could not get off the train w Lien he delivered the Money. The youths said they or ended to it it hat an automobile waiting to peed away with the Cash and expected to use the Aaltio rented machine in which they kidnapped their victim and to wine they killed him according to their statements. I be letter is Well tile car in which it was found a both bring returned Here. M -. It Root said. Tho Pullman car by which the letter was found left Here the Day the kidnapping. Youths silent a Busi Bay re accused youths spent a by. Sent to crud health office Albuquerque May within 30 Days whether this City will get valuable demonstration Hai Arizona s foot and Mouth disease ban rigidly enforced or. James it. Scott Public health officer who has just re turned from Bint be mid Mon Day thai i 3o-Page quest Onolre for the child health let Emo Naira a Ion b id been approx cd both stat health officer in Bauta be and Hadj been sent to the proper officials in new York i Pun the in orca j a Don made by the question Zaire de-1 a pends mostly whether Bernalillo Ann. Ill. A a demonstration. It it by being rushed Bon pulic or a. It lid that it probably will station to states attorney it it a a in fit or do weeks to go Hee. From there to the court heat a tji Zionair a and ins then to tin inquest and Buck to let int ii Lem i. In Bald the state s attorney s office where ii i j or Tione that to a inference by tween the prison the demonstration located Here j cr., attorney and a Ltd we Ather 2 fort Bayard women injured by explosion Hiti p Bai Iii it i it it 111 a i a w provision for Cut in income taxes to be effective at once i a h to Al it i in is one i a 2the 0 re be in t i r # june 15, by last two inst lib i Ach those tax on March a soon ass R.J Tho Sulli r it try n. M Ann 2 a a word reached Lier today Iii Proba do fatal injury Sun a j it a two women. Met. I la in or Temh Imti mid mr1, b. I i Lollor h Uli i Ort Bava re while on ii Dirig trip to Lim dry or. Al. Til Mil North we to Ltd Here. It til mho Kin. But it aul the ii in to it i x by i in i tit St for a i u Quot a old Quot i in an a by Tiff do my minors i nip with flu Tel. To up in it Stoio m which in do melt had Ben stored v to la up it it the women repelled o a rutile injuries. I r. I i j. Nodhy chief surgeon i i it i Ort Bayard who was a fishing Pear the scene the Accident rendered Citter gent a treatment to the injury who in firing brought to it Blo a Bere 60.000 booked from British Isles for passage to America London dime 2, by the a sold to ted press it a \ in e r i it a i Nill ppm a companies Liao a1-i.civ chg Ikid Tai non Enir rants Iron the Brit i a Isles for Sago to Lite nit cd states during tim coming veer according to Rei lets which Luis a Ouk lot on a i Frieml to tier t i. Skit Iier to i idled stat lunar a 11 Hunt a besieged the Mert an consulate Olav ii ii to Glt to rail i Quot i Ravel in til i Nihil stat s under the new Vive re Ait immigration quota. It on a Are were Kepi Busy through out the Day explaining they bad instruction not to Grant visas until they were authorized to do i under Tho i i is the new regulation e Kingman art., zones foot and 11 qua ranting Rezuk disinfection All gees from Aii fori j in Raj a n j do Ifo till captives released by chinese bandits # it. Ated r i Titi j frat thas bowl Mii a n a or a rued Biri scuba n Quot fir i i pm idly travellers a a inc proc est in Thi t Canyon a travelling i National is mrs City is infection t certain the the Diana a. Fruit carried h to on from san in a was Eon it aril i tag i in i Rig pc i d a i i relative Laud in for two hour was held. T5ia j prisoner a lawyer and relatives Tisu h de Toonstra a at the end thee conference Cen de states now and tinted the new policy saying i is a Foti Fth j nothing which i nut Chara liter teed he mountains re the defense tactic today Ainee Athold to Tate. The Torney reached the but a three a i he Demotis a j Hareas Corpus proceedings tide great work i Clarence i Arrow chief coms Ltd so Fornof Vik in a to ii Rii itt Uci v Tho a mention at b liked throne ii Dis Here to make t carry the germs a Large legs in Cisco last week i by quarantine intl., state order bar ifs Ilia soil prod a station were i the m i it h t us to n r e r a j advices which were Fri Chamberlain Fin Arn. Aular officer w to has but a to ii a the party reset j Bay an american an. Britishers named Carne i held in to a pirate a a today fruits in Carload too. Hoes Carer j tied by the travellers in heir bag a a. To i j Fig were removed and dipped into cd Quot to the solution Aud their in said j baggage was fumigated As is Cus cuber Tomary under the regulation. In a my i Lin i n b Duj skin i Rex j Pittsburgh pa., june 2.�? kiddie a Ither j Shevkun Boston won the judge Mill Are s decisions Over eld die Burn Brock Ltd Quot army welterweight irs a ten round should Send in their recommend tons at once. Them Are to tons in the to it is or. Or to or Gifu. Including it practical value o ton in making to in behalf children a health j make t much sought ofter. Fro j tic Aily Quot la the states in the re Gion Are making an Effort to get the demonstration. Or Scott said that the i a. Cen us Bureau n in Quot to has been checking up vital statistics in new Mexico has found that Bernalillo county has made a record too per cent Iii reporting deaths and or cent n j. Port incr births this admits the City Albuquerque to the regulation Aret in deaths a the units recognized Are cities Ai j St i is. In birth statistics Only entire states Are admitted to the for the defense said during the Hareas Corpus proceedings that the action Quot As not brought much with a View to having Tho prisoners freed As to allow their attorneys to consult with Tiem and to prevent the state from making an examination is to the sanity. While the defense in los argument. Did not indicate that the boy had suffered bodily harm at the hands Quot Fth police. There a an intimate a a that the Confer Quot Ion not repudiated would be attacked or the ground that Tho mad the statements a tributes to them after they had a Kcf , a it at u. In a u. J subjected to Long Lions or exp Tel a Good records report j questioning and had been forced to Ink birth Quot Are turned in the state jp0 wit Hoiu sleep and endure other will not be admitted to the Regia hardships traction ire i. In Scott is Endeavor another in it be a tarted no to secure the cooperation authorities also started an Parent physician Quot and midwives. I possible connection to thai Hie report births May 0j a boys with in attack and a to be benight up to too per cent in i a a a a a a a Cut laced a Page i it a

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