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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - September 11, 1884, Albion, Indiana mm. » Ii-' lis rm DOLORS A YE:iíR. ^^SC«*^ to ILAaa-e; X-^mt ISxa Fa.ll -wlxere tlxesr /.Y VOL XII NO. 51. ALBION. NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA. SEPTEMBER ii. 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX NO 38. GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. HATS, CAPS. TRUNKS, VALISB. ETC. DRUGS. MEDICINES. MACHINE OILS. ETC. í SSUT TICTOSI!Maine Gives 15,000 Majority for the Republican Ticket -0- ALL THE CONGRESS-MENREPUBLIGAN.All the State Senators Republican. DEMOCRATS GET A FEW COUNTY OFFICERS. Ksus Spo3cezi. The following dispatches toll the story: Augusta, Me., Sept 8.—Hon. John C. New: The homo of James G. Blaine gives the largest Republican majority ever given. We have elected every congressmen and carried the State by 12,000 majority. J. H. Manly, Chairman Bepoblican Central Committee. 12:25 A. M.—The Republicans claim 16,000 plurality for Robie, and the Democrats concede 12,000 All the Republican congressmen are reelected, and the State Legislature is strongly Republican. It is impossible to give the Congressional result in figures, but estimates based upon the returns give Reed, Republican, majority of 600 in the First district, with Dingley Milliken and Boutelle re-elected in the Second, Third and Fonrth districts ^respectively—Boutelle by an increased majority. PoBTLAKB, Sept 9—2:30 a. m.— Bobie will have over sixteen thousand plurality. The total vote is about 140,000. The vote in 1880 gave a total plurality of 169, so the gain this year will be 16,000 on the gnbern^orial vote of 1880. VERMONT SPEAKS. Despite all Local PactioiiB, and any Effort to Keep the Party in Une, fithe StepB to the Front with 22, 000 Republican Majority. Then had be^ no systematic can of the state of Termont before Imt raomt election, republicans rely ¡ngnp(m the political integrity of the Oreen Mountain boys to Ireep the ■tete in hue, and in this th^ wwe not disai^xHnted. Hot election of Toeadayof last week resulted in majOTity of about 22,600 for the re-pahlkan ticket. Good «loa^ Wnx, there is Blaine, and Cknre land, and Bntler, ai^ St and BeHa Iiockwood, and periiaps othen alnadyiathei^eaidflntialhonL The fRxld at laige ialookii^ toaee Blaine mmrffB from the hoger end of Uw horn, M are in preat doabt aa to yhH* one of wiU firat ap- PMr frotti tiiB iBU^ ^ GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. HATS, CAPS. TRUNKS, VALISB. ETC. 01 PH im Something New for Everybody! We are receiving this week the Consisting Exclusively of P ents' ents' ents furnishing Jurnishing; lurnishinp^ - urnishing ^oods, oods, oods, L; oods, " ats ats ats Hats i "^japs. aps aps vaps, Trunks, Valises, &c. l^We will sell them 25 PER CENT LESS than ever before sold in Albion. You are all invited to come and ex-amine goods before purchasing elsewhere. We are always ready to mm at pleasure whether you buy or not. ÜOÜÑT'O? IFOie/CB-ET THIJB KITTLE ^OE AND OBLIGE, Hirschfield & Peritz. THE KIND OF MAN HE IS. What His Pastor ttt LaPorte Says About Major Calkins. A few liars have been going throngh the State saying that Hon. W. H. CaUdns, the Bepnblican candidate for Qovemor, was a man of drinking habits. We say liars, because any man who knows anything weU enongh to warrant him in asserting it, knows that snch a ^tem^t is a willfnl and malidons lie, while, if he does not mow it, and still asserts it, he utters an ignorant but no less malicious lie. Among the liars circulating this report, is an alleged "temperance" ^pMker whose eoo«itridtiee of language have been alluded to heretofore. The following letter should be a complete and final answer to the slandrar against Mr. Oalkins: Lapobte, Aug. 13, 1884. Rev. H. M. Herrick: "Dbab Bbothbb—Yours of the 11th inst and also a letter of the same date from Bev. R F. Brewington, a supemumary member of your con-fwence and a dtazen of your place, both addng information concerning B^ W. H. GaUdns, are at hand. As yon seek substantially the same infcMmation, I will answer both letlflCB in one. In Ber. Brewington's l^ler definite queslkiis we pco|wnBd-edt and I will answer aooordingto the tenor of iheea **Libe regarded at home as a man of good moral standingr' Yea. "What are his ^riews on the tem penyaoe qneetionf I don't know. I never heard him vsgmm himself. I saw a Isfcter that be wrote a ahort timedDwtotftakBMler, of Biob- me ÔDW Baxl< ^ÜÜSBL- mond, in which be did not differ from Mr. Baxter except, perhaps, as to methods. From all I know of him, ~ judge that to be correct "What are his personal habits as to drinking?" I judge he is in the habit of drinking a good deal, but do not think he drinks anything iger than water or coffee. He is strictly temperate as |ar as I know or have ever heard. His bitterest ene mies have never charged him with intemperate habits, or even tippling. I think his record is dean on that score. I "Is he a member of the M K church f Yes; he is a member of the duuqge of whidi I have been pas tor for nearly three years. He has been here but little, however, since my connedion with the charge, and I have had but little opportunity to know him as a religious man. In deed, I do not know that he is religious man, or that he would daim to But &ere is no stain on his moral character. Anything to the contrary youmay set down as a campaign lie, either willfully orignor antly put forth. What his attitude toward prohibi ti(m is I do not know. He is, too much of a politician to define positi<M). I should be very mucb appointed if, as Govwnor, he should v^ any judidous temperance legislation. I think the temperance interests of the state will be safe in his hands if he should be dected Governor. I have no objedion to y<Hir making any use of this letter yon may thiu jaoper. Please show this to Bra Brewingtcm. Yours fraternally, O. k. Baooxx, PaalorM E. Chiirdi, FaPorte, Ind.** ->TlM)Bennhapp7 peraons vHm» so ! fer from nervoueness and dfspepda dMQld use Gavltc'fl Little N«nre PSUs, wli^sxemid» expready tor deep-less, nervous, dyspep^ safferecB. Fkie»2&fr,aUdn«gi8ls. 88ml DRUGS. MEDICINES. MACHINE OILS. ETC. HARDI0 TIMESEQ FARMERS! If you re to buy Drugs and Medicines go toÚ Iri^ Store! Ci CO à CD AND BUY THE SEASONABLE GOODSAgnew'.s Cough Balsam! THE BEST REMEDY KNOWN.rion's Tonic iters! THE BEST AND THE CHEAPEST. OUR OWN MAKE. NO AGENTS TO PAY. t^YOU GET YOUR MONEY S WORTH 0F_^ABSOLUTELY PURE DRUGS! I'.AJIlsrTS AND Bie/TJSHES. Zfcvi-Ä^CmifcTB OIILiS CUESTE». i^CORRliCT WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.*^ HCTJSTOisr & :M:oLEisr, HARDWARE, TINWARE, STOVES, ETC. HILLED PLOWS! « for y> RED JAGKEL TIFFIN. enlMp Ufp Curtis And others Constantly on Hand. J. ID. BBEO-BI^. GROCERIES. CANNED GOODS, FINE CANDIES. ETC. OBTTHIE <D 0 0 0GIRIOiCiEIRlY ^««MianSVO®"' Albion,CANNEDGOODS, ELKHART FLOUR IFIIJE OAJiTIDIES, ETC.All Brands of TOBACCO on Hand. Give me a Call when wanting Groceries of any kind. S. 1. •W.A.K33. Democratic leaders, not content with the attempt to blacken the reputation of Maria Halpin, the mother of Gleveland's son, wwe cqnboldened to strike at the character of Mrs. Blain«. The former had no defender frcNm whom she could daim {»oteo-tion, but in thc> latter case things were different, and the Indianapol^ Sentinel haiB oome to grief. In their warfm lipoti woipe« ibe deinocsatio maaagen now wish Ihfl^ ~ ^idministratof s Sale. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned administrator ol the estate of Peter McMean^ late of Noble county, deceased, will sell at put^ lie sale, at his late residence, sjbout two and one half miles 80uth-«a8t ot Wolf Lalie, on SATfJBDAY, SKFTKMBKR 20,18^ all the pergonal property of said decedent (not taken by the widow,) consisting In part of, l 3-yesur old mate, l yearling colt, S cows, l bull, 1 s^r, " calves. I cider mill, 1 two-horse coni plow, mowing machine, and other fann Inwlements, « staiwu of bees, and various other articles not lier«ln mentioned. Side to oMnmence at 10 o'clock a. m. . j..^ ... .„ TXBMB or Saue.—▲ credit ot ten months will l)e given on all sums (rf95.oo and apwwds, by purabaaer riving ni^ with good freehold se-^ty. wal^g vd^on Mrf appnasmen» laws ■witl^dx per eent. interest from maturity unt KITT, Admluistratw. DANiRL KAOAM, AueUooeOT. ADg.3S.188t. as-« BOOMS OF THK Kkpublioan StateCkntralCommitteb, Indianapolis, Sept. l, 1884. To the Bepublicans of Indiana: The election will be held Tuesday, November 4, 1884 No one can vote at that election who is not then twenty-one years of age, and who was not a resident of the State on the 4th day of May, 1884, and continnonsly a resident of the state from that time on to the time of voting. In addition, he must have been a resident of the townshin on and after the 5th day of September, 1884, and a resident of the voting precinct on and after October 5th, 1884. Do not forget these dates. There will be many changes of residence in this State after the 5th day September. "We recommend to the Bopnblicans to report these moves to the Chairman of the County Committee, giving name, politics, and residence, both past and present Let every republican be on the alert, and we will win the victory. Jno. C. New, Chairman. L. T. Michener, Secretary. We learn that Hon. Robert Lowry, in his speech at the courthouse, to break the force of the damaging charges that have been made against Mr. Cleveland, stated that Washington and others of the early statesmen of the country were charged similarly. We cannot better answer this than by reproducing the following which we find in the Warsaw Indianian-Re-publican of last week: We sometimes wonder if those Democrats who cite cases of violations of law and libertinism on the part of others in order to defend Cleveland are not aware of the fact that they are using a thin argument ? Suppose this man, that man, or the other fellow, were as guilty as Cleveland, and may have secured an office at some time or other. What has that to do with Cleveland's case ? We are aware that democrats in order to defend the libertinism of Cleveland are making the statement that Washington, Hamilton, and others were guilty of the same offense. If they ever were —as we nor no one else can point to any fact sustaining the story—no such charge was made at the time they held office, at any rate. What, however, has this to do with the case ? It is Cleveland who is running for President now, and no one else, on the Democratic ticket He stands guilty before the country of the truthfulness of the charges mada Can the American people afford to place such a man in the Presidential chair ? That's the question now. Bones as Barometers. "By George! I knew that raw snap was coming the other day; felt it in my bones. Rheumatism beats all the barometers," he said. But barometers are the cheapest in the end. Mercury in a glass tube is safer and more scientific than acid in the veins. Get rid of your rheumatism by using Parker's Tonic, and trust the Signal Service men to predict changes in the weather. The Tonic has restored the limbs of many a rheumatic sufferer to their natural uses. It is pleasant, purvasive and powerful Mr. Heiwricks has written a let-under date of Aug. 21, in which he gives it as hii? opinion that the dem> ocratic party cannot afford to acc^e to the demand that is being made for Cleveland's removal from the ticket Probably the wily Thomas thinks that if removals should be once commenced, he also might be requested to step down and out He cannot consider with favor any change in the national ticket It shows a bad state of afhon in the democratic ranks when the oandi-date for vice-president finds it neoea-sary to write a letter advising the party managers not to remove the head of the ticket at this stage of the canvass. He thinks Cleveland i^oold be judged by his public record, whidi is an admission that judgmenti on his private recrd, would be fataL Hon. Charles J. Folqkr, secretary of the treasury, died at his home at Geneva, New Ytnrk, on Thursday of last week, of lung troahleB. Mr. Mr. Folgar was bom in Massachusetts, April 6, 1818. He was a man of marked ability, and the pecqçde goii^ orally will regret his death. " 'If - r: ;

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